CrackBerry was on site as Rogers and CIBC made the first mobile payment in Canada with a BlackBerry smartphone

By Zach Gilbert on 2 Nov 2012 04:39 pm EDT

For Canadians who are anxiously waiting to get in on the mobile payment action, that day just got a little closer. Today at a Toronto Tim Hortons restaurant, CIBC and Rogers demonstrated the first ever Canadian mobile payment using their SecureTap system. We learned a few weeks back that Canadian carriers would be using RIM’s secure element manager on their mobile payment applications, and that is definitely where some of the magic is coming from here. This software will be on BlackBerry smartphones as well as Android and Windows 8 in the coming months.

At the Toronto Tim Horton’s location Rogers and CIBC used none other than a BlackBerry Bold 9900 to demonstrate this leap in mobile payment technology. The service will only be available at select locations, but more will be rolling out as time progresses.

Current list of locations:

  • Subway
  • Second Cup
  • Harvey’s
  • Green P Parking
  • Swiss Chalet
  • Quizno’s
  • Shopper’s Drugmart
  • Tim Horton’s
  • Timothy’s Coffee
  • Indigo (Manulife center)
  • Cineplex Odeon (Manulife Centre)
  • McDonald’s
  • Toronto Parking Authority
  • Hero Burg
  • as well as Visa payWave and MasterCard PayPass locations

So, some of you Canadians out there may be asking just when you can get your hands on this, and that’s simple. The BlackBerry application will be made available on the BlackBerry Bold 9900, BlackBerry Curve 9360, but only for Rogers Wireless and CIBC banking customers. The application will be available for download in BlackBerry App World starting on November 16th.

Get more information on the Rogers SecureTap system

Reader comments

CrackBerry was on site as Rogers and CIBC made the first mobile payment in Canada with a BlackBerry smartphone


Very good first step... But looks like 4 factors need to perfectly align to for someone to take advantage of this:

(1) Be a Rogers customer
(2) Be a CIBC customer
(3) Has a BlackBerry phone
(4) Shop at a place that accepts this

Not hating as this is definitely a good step forward - hopefully it'll become much more prevalent in the future!

Look into a company called Enstream. It's a collaborative between Rogers, bell, and telus using blackberry security encryption to power the coming 'mobile wallet'.

It's coming to everyone and everywhere, Rogers and CIBC just happen to be the first to launch. So don't worry.

A side note to gloat about, Apple's iPhones will NOT BE SUPPORTED as they lack NFC, and as long as they stick with the all glass and aluminum casing, will not be able to. :D

I can see one specific bank demo this but why limit it to one carrier and only a couple of models of BB? With credit card info I would hope all the bugs have been fixed before starting this and not using one carrier as a ginnypig.

If this is NFC based payment why is the carrier even involved? As I understand it NFC is not network dependant. I get that Rogers wants a piece of the action, I just don't see what they contribute.

*A bit of sarcasm here*
Great, the largest carrier with the largest bank base in Canada. More headaches for me. I work for a processing company that pretty much covers roughly 70% of the above list of companies.

Don't get me wrong, it's great we are seeing progress like this and BB being there are launch, kudos for them. But when I say there will be teething pains I am not joking.

CIBC is currently the 5th largest bank in Canada, 43rd in the world.

1. RBC (11th in the world)
2. TD (13th in the world)
3. Scotiabank (20th in the world)
4. BMO (34th in the world)
5. CIBC (43rd in the world)

The above list is based on market cap.

Still can't seem to get my hands on one of those NFC sim cards.. if you hit the link above to the rogers suretap page, it shows a picture of it, and says it can be purchased from Rogers online.. has a link to their online store where you can buy an LTE sim.. but the NFC sim is not present.. hopefully it appears enough before the 16th, so we can account for mail and still have it for launch day...

Also I hope the NFC sim is LTE capable so I don't need ANOTHER new NFC +LTE sim for BB10 launch?

Good start bug I'd like to see it expand to other banks (Royal, TD, BMO, etc) and other carriers (Bell, etc).