CrackBerry Vodcast 002: Better than expected!

Things could have went south today. But they didn't. BBRY's earnings held up, and it's looking like Verizon is going to be giving the BlackBerry Z10 some love. All in all, a good day.

By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Mar 2013 11:05 pm EDT

It was a BUSY day for BlackBerry, so we felt another CrackBerry Vodcast was in order.

Hit play on the video above as Chris Umiastowski, Bla1ze and myself sound off on today's BlackBerry Q4 Earnings and Investor Call. We also relay our thoughts around our Verizon BlackBerry Z10 launch day experience.

We hit a little audio glitch halfway through the vodcast (batteries died on our good microphone - blame Adam, since he wasn't there), but it still holds up ok with our standard audio recording. Thx for the patience.

Props also go to the folks who have generously been hooking us up with perks in our NYC digs. Vita CoCo is keeping us hydrated with their tasty beverages and Victoria and John dropped by HQ to feed us an amazing lunch today. Totally awesome. You all rock!

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CrackBerry Vodcast 002: Better than expected!


I love my z10. Oh I just saw a video on you tube for an android app called time shift camera hahaha I laughed hard that they had an epic fail copy the awesome goodness on my z10

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Great video! Very excited to see the future of BBRY unfold. Doesn't knowing that there is so much pressure from the bears give a good reason to buy for those who are on the fence? I ask because I imagine that all those short positions would be artificially keeping the stock price down wouldn't they? Or would I be wrong because the the fact that there are so many shorts not affect price discovery?

Hey Kevin, if you guys ever make it out to the Seattle area, look me up. I'll hook you up with some good bbq

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I have a friend whose aunt and uncle were thinking of investing some money, so since I'm the one who has been looking into it, she asked what she should recommend to them. I, of course, said BBRY! So they did. This was when stock was hovering at around $6.00, so at this point they more than doubled their investment. I was unable to get stocks until recently, but I expect the stock to hit $30 at some point, so I will make some money (BBRY Longs baby!), but for them, I stand a genius! Lol. I love old people, hahaha.

What about BlackBerry World revenue? I know there isn't a huge number of Z10 devices in the market, but just as Apple App World and Google Play are key revenue generators, how are paid apps in BBWorld doing?

I'm super excited. So far I got two people to buy(vzw) and more to come! I'm selling like hell!

Edit: Forgot to mention we did some BBM video chatting, sweet screen sharing wow! I'm turning people into crack addicts, berry ones!

Where have you been all my life, life life life!

careful's 10% not 20%....check the insider reports... a lot of misinformation being bandied about...
a subsidiary's holdings are included in it's parent...therefore a parent reports TOTAL holdings...I'll leave it to you to verify...

Guess another thing re CB: none of ur vids show up on my 9900, and the youtube link asks for save or download ?!
Still a checkerboard nightmare on any wi-fi