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CrackBerry Vodcast 001: Sell Like Hell!

Talking BlackBerry Z10 AT&T Launch, our interview with Thorsten Heins, first impressions of the Z10 by first time BlackBerry owners and more!

By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Mar 2013 10:34 pm EDT

We've been meaning to record a proper CrackBerry Podcast for a while now, but as always seems to happen (despite our promises), we fell off the bandwagon yet again. 

To make up for it we tried something new today. We recorded a vodcast. Apparently that just means video podcast. Which I guess isn't really new since we have been recording our podcasts in video for a while now. But instead of all of us calling in over Skype and mixing streams, we did this one with Adam, Bla1ze and I all sitting in a room together. We also aimed to keep it concise - it clocks in at 23 minutes of pure Cracktastic action. Short and sweet, and we even talk to a special guest at the end (not a mind blowing guest.. a special guest).

So sit back, relax and take a listen. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. And if not, hey, at least it's free :)



Sell like Hell is catchy. Love it!


First! You guys are awesome! Blackberry Z10 rocks!

Se!! like He!! :)




Next time...:)
Go CrackBerry team!
My goal is to show off my Z10 at least to one new person everyday, contribute to the 'Sell like Hell Campaign' .....Lets do this :)


Well no need to put first in your comment... We will know if you are first... just makes you look very retarded.


Good thing nobody can see me then....:)

Se!! like He!!


LMAO! That was funny.

Incidentally, isn't it a tad bit unwittingly insulting to say "not a mind blowing guest..."?


I like the you tube version - thanks

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Sell like hell!!!

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Lol how does it feel to not be first this time

Posted via CB10 on my Z10


Aww... you're down to 14th... sorry, you still didn't get it... ;P


Vodcast I love it! Great job boys!


It was nice seeing all three colors in one place. Great job guys as always

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Great job Guys! Time flew.


Yes Direct Sales from BlackBerry... I always wanted that. I even said that to a employee of BlackBerry. I want OS updates directly from BlackBerry versus from carriers - will that ever happen? How does apple do it?


I really want to know how the Crack team feels about Verizon launching. I think they will do a much better job. Plus thats when I get mine! OH BABY


CNBC hires MARKET MANIPULATORS !!!! Please read this !!!!
On March 22, Mike reports ( at 00:29 ) that he went into a VERIZON store, and he saw that NOBODY was buying the New Z10 phone.
Well guess what ? VERIZON hasn't even started to sell the Z10 in their stores as of yet.
Mike is a JOKE of a reporter and is a manipulator of the worse kind.
See for yourself
Don't believe CNBC staff. They don't verify reports.


What about all the other bad reports? You must be having a bad day!


Wow, you know the quality of the message (cnbc) when they in bed all the sound and visual effects in a news piece... sad that we as a society have virtually eliminated dignified journalism.

Via Z10


Amazing job guys! This format was tremendously engaging, and it feels much more professional than the typical podcasts. This was the first podcast I've heard/watched from CrackBerry that felt like a real living discussion between the whole team instead of a series of monologues and rebuttals. Keep it up!


BlackBerry now listens to their communities because the people in them drive the excitement. Corporate RIM ( the former co-leadership) never really understood this. People, not ads make the magic...

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FINALLY. Thanks guys, I was having some withdrawals. This will hold me up for about a (cough) week (cough). Adam, so now the truth comes out... You're the one to blame for the lack of podcasts. I respect the reason though, family first!

Really exciting times.


Great podcast. Keep them coming.


PS- i just figured out that I can't watch the videos on on my 9810 or on my PlayBook when I'm bridged on my playbook. I can only seem to be able to play videos while connected to wifi. Weird since I have not changed any settings on the phone or tablet.


BlackBerry selling their own devices would be so ideal. They could use the money, and I just like dealing with them. I've never had a bad customer service experience with them in my dealings with an issue on my PlayBook, and to help with some provisioning on my mom's Bold 9780 a few weeks ago.

I bought my PlayBook from Best Buy back in 2011, but had I waited until 2012, I definitely would have bought it from BlackBerry directly online.


Well, the reasoning i got from rim at the time regarding selling the devices directly was essentially one of respect for the carriers, carriers made the successful rim of 2000s... If rim started selling directly, they would alienate their biggest retailers and loose their special relationship... well, seems the landscape has changed and perhaps those soulless carriers no longer deserve respect from BlackBerry.

I paid 600+tax for each of my 2 Z10 s from Rogers - it wasn't easy to buy them full out and will most likely have another couple months of whack credits and fixes to my bill since the vast majority of people must sign contracts... i avoid them in principle (even at a cost).
I can see the subsidized purchased via carrier and full price purchases from BlackBerry directly to be a compromise which would keep carriers reasonable happy and also start BlackBerry in thé mas direct to customer sales!

Via Z10


Good Pod Cast..... Looking forward to next one already.


Yes, direct sales from BB would be awesome.


Ya, I just saw the CNBC video breifly... What a joke!! and they actually get paid to do their job? YOU'RE FIRED, thats what Donald Trump would say ... LOL


Even though this is a marathon, not a sprint, why is it that everybody but AT&T and Blackberry felt it was important to get out of the gate running? What exactly was AT&T focusing their attention on since it wasn't the Z10? What are these other" commitments" you speak of? Who is responsible for signage and product display? Isn't it the Blackberry Sales Reps? Did Blackberry not offer to set up the signage and displays, or did AT&T reject it? Who is responsible for training the AT&T employees to sell Z10? Again, wouldn't this be Blackberry staff? Did Blackberry not offer the training in time, or did AT&T reject the offer? Is selling excuses for Blackberry part of "Sell Like Hell?"


No need for direct blackberry sales for me. Theres a telus store every 2 blocks. In and out in a couple minutes. If it was cheaper or something then ya ok. But this would probably cause too much carrier tension with Blackberry. And not enough benefits to make it worth the tension.


Kevin your comments about AT&T were true and right on point. I would likely blame the huge amount of money AT&T put into the Nokia Lumia 900 marketing for naught, though I don't believe this will be the failure that was. Nice Vodcast(saw the beer but thought Vodka was involved)!!!


"next podcast" ~ lets hope it's really 'soon this time ..


Was cool to be able to see you all! Hopefully T-mobile delivers tomorrow!


I find it funny to hear this because I was in an AT&T store the day before their launch and I (thanks to CrackBerry) was teaching the "SALES PERSON" how to use the Z10!
Don't know how much training AT&T has done on the Z10 by it did not look like they were really ready for the release.
We will see how prepared T-Mobile is tomorrow.


Good stuff. Can't wait to get delivery of my pre-ordered VZW Z10 this week! I went and played with one at an AT&T store Saturday, the manager of the store let me use his that wasn't tethered to the wall, he had a lot of good to say about it but also voiced his concern that it might be too little, too late. He put together a quick video with Story Maker and everything, he knew the phone well, which was nice to see. I found myself hopelessly distracted while watching this vodcast with the fact that Bla1ze was downing Magner's, it made me wonder why Kevin and Adam were drinking majorly inferior Stella Artois, ha ha. Maybe that's just my jealousy talking, because I can't get Magner's in bottles in New Mexico, we have only recently been able to get it at all, but I have to go to my favorite Irish bar to get it on tap. Great first vodcast, I liked the shorter length and having everyone together in the same room, gave it a whole different feeling. Nice job.


David should bread, he talks too fast, no pause and gets really low when the air is running out of his longs lol !! nice guys, keep it up !!

David Lundblad

ha ha, point taken. Also, I think we'll roll with 2 mics next time


That's awesome that he is so passionate about his product. I just wish there was more advertising. When I show my Z10 to my friends they fall in love with it, but they never heard of it before. This phone is awesome people need to be made aware of it.

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The thing is that the only ones that are fired up about the Z10 in the US are the BB loyalists! Ordinary people couldn't care less ! Playbook deja vu !


Does anyone know where Phil's Z10 review is? I didn't see it when I looked on Android Central. I'm sure it's there somewhere, but can someone please post the link.


Vodcast? I felt a bit cheated, I thought you would all be filling yourselves with Smirnoff...

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NICE. Keep the Vodcasts coming!


24 Minute video..and i have an upcoming 27 minute train ride to work. Nice...


STELLA!!!! Atta boy Kevin.


Good vodcast. I hung around all the way to the end because your referenced some Sprint bashing at the beginning I was hoping to see. Sprint has disappointed me not coming out with the Z10.

I want to add something that probably would go in about 5 different forums right now and that is this. First, I watch NCAA basketball, almost every game, and all four channels. The Z10 ad was everywhere on that coverage. It is one of the most highly anticipated and watched sporting events in the US and the Z10 ad was everywhere. Maybe there weren't banners and balloons and such at the stores which may come but as mentioned many times, the US carriers obviously have taken a wait and see attitude. I think any dinging of the stock or poor press as a result of a perceived lack of advertising is unfair shortsighted and unwarranted.

Second, most of the folks who are putting out questionable reviews or comments or reporting poorly about the Z10 launch, and even the sales people in general in stores across the country have been walking around with Android and IOS for years now, even as their personal devices. They are not going to all of a sudden jump on the Blackberry bandwagon. Slow uptake from these folks should not be a surprise. I think it will happen though. People always want a different and new experience, and the phone no one else has.

The important thing is, build a better product that people want and they will come, and Sell Like Hell. I think BB has done this and as you referenced in the vodcast, this is just the start.


Nice to see that Belgium spirit is involved, we saw your Stella Artois Kevin ^^


Personally wish blackberry the best I'm sure they will do well. Its just one of those will take time to get back the ground lost


Great vodcast with a very nice "flow"


Why are all of crackberry's videos, blogs etc like excuses for why Z10 launch was soft? Why do you spend 20 mins making excuse after excuse? Kevin will be saying things will pick up in the next 2-3 weeks a year from now. Q10 is the phone that it going to make the noise. Z10 is just another touchscreen. Q10 is going to be the icing on the cake.


Geller and his cronies are enemies of the BlackBerry community. The crap they spew isn't "opinion", because there is evidence to the contrary of their claims. I'm actually shaking my head, Kevin.


Thanks guys! Looking forward to the next one!

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There is only one "r" in "BlackBerry" in the subheadline and topics section.

Also, lowercase "i"s look like short lowercase "l"s without me zooming in the browser (i.e., the separation between the line and the dot is not visible).


what's up with the Sony experia add below your video? :-p


Dang! I really wanted to hear about the battery life! Good/bad?


I have to disagree with a lot that was being said. The whole point of launching in February/March was that there was no other devices launching. Carriers and Blackberry should have had a much better launch in the States with a lot more advertising. I guess we'll see in the next week.


I love Bla1ze's Red phone!


Kevin, How can you possibly like Geller. He is a freaking tool and BB hater.


Fantastic vodcast teamcrackberry!!