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It's official - CrackBerry users want charging docks for their BlackBerry 10 smartphones

By James Richardson on 24 Mar 2014 10:49 am EDT

A short while ago we ran a poll asking if you would like to see the return of official desktop charging docks for BlackBerry 10 devices and the results were rather conclusive - with 80% choosing the yes option. 

Prior to BlackBerry 10 we had charging docks for a whole host of BlackBerry's. I think my first one was for the Bold 9700 and then I had one for all the Bolds and all Torch models too. To date there has not been a BlackBerry 10 device with the docking connectors built into the hardware and thinking about it more and more I'm quite surprised. 

What looks better than a BlackBerry standing loud and proud in a desktop dock? It's not only perfect for beside the bed, but also for users that sit at a desk as you can not only display your BlackBerry for all to see, but keep the battery topped up too. 

Will we see a desktop dock reintroduced with the BlackBerry Q20 I wonder? At this stage I doubt it but watch out for future models as I'm pretty sure BlackBerry CEO John Chen will see the below results. You listening John? 

Only time will tell with this one but it's one feature I would love to have back with my BlackBerry. 


Reader comments

It's official - CrackBerry users want charging docks for their BlackBerry 10 smartphones

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I would definitely buy one if it were available....i'm always plugging it in and leaning it against my lamp it's getting very annoying !!

Z10 still going strong!!!

Ok, let's be clear though... Charging dock = good for sure but use the wireless standard, not some lame charging contacts approach like in the past.

Disagree, I want the "lame charging contacts" back, I actually prefer the USB on the bottom of the device, including the HDMI port.

Why? They were finicky to get aligned properly and will force an orientation. What advantage do they hold over wireless charging? Wait, you're not talking about the phones and docks that only charged via usb are you? That is different tech. I liked my phones with charging contacts (bold 9000, 9700, 9780 and 9900) but each of them after 9000 you had to be very careful with how you placed your phone in the pod or it would not charge. Wireless is better. It has the advantages of charging contacts without the disadvantages.

I don't disagree with having a wireless format of charging within a dock but for those who don't have wireless tech like DLNA or Mircast within their television, HDMI connectivity from the dock is a must.

I'm fine with what BlackBerry had put out as a dock early on in BB10. However, they need to correct the landscape orientation problems for some applications.

Posted via CB10

Can you get a dock that will charge the Q10 and also act as a high quality speaker phone? Just want it to sit on my desk next to computer and act like a handsfree but with better quality sound than the phone

Posted via CB10

Most definitely, we do! Although I'd like to make it clear that I don't want just a charging dock, but media/charging dock. I want to drop my phone into a dock and have it show up on a bigger screen while being charged at the same time.

Without Landscape mode in the media player, the home screens or the active frames - BB is not going to produce these - at least for the Z line of devices. Seeing as landscape is not yet in 10.3 either, my guess is we are going to wait for a BB dock for a looong, loong time.

Docks for older BlackBerry models like the Bold and Tour had docks where the phone is docked vertically. I'm sure this would be the same for other qwerty phones like the q20 et al

Posted via CB10

It wouldn't because these new phones don't have the charging prong thingys on the bottom like BBOS phone. So it's not possible until it's on its side.

Posted via CB10

This is true for the Q10...but we don't know if future phones like the Q20 will have the prongs included, since we haven't seen confirmed photos of the devices....if they do, I expect it to resemble BBOS phones that I previously referenced

Posted via CB10

I'm speaking specifically about qwerty phones, as this is what Eduardoen was referring to with the Q10 comment

Posted via CB10

Yeah. My wife and I both have one on our night stands. They serve as clock, alarm, and overnight charger.

They also charge our spare batteries. Not sure the point of this post. There is a Z10 charging dock!

Posted via CB10

Yes that's the one I use. I just drop it in then swipe to bedside mode and it charges. The only difference I can figure out is that it doesn't go into bedside mode automatically - no big deal really!

Posted via CB10

I was lucky enough to obtain an OEM dock for my Z10 as well.
One of the things that has held me back from upping to a Z30 is that there isn't a dock for it.

I would just like the next BB10 phones to be released with a dock at the same time for all the charging dock lovers.

Posted via CB10

I am using a CB dock for my Z10. It holds the device horizontally, plugging in (with little ease) to the mini-USB port on the side.

+1. That's what I was gonna say. Lol. I bought one right after I got my Z10, but it really should come bundled, at least as an option. I think most would grab it.

Posted via CB10

if you still have to use the USB port, is it really a "dock?"
To me it needs to be wireless or specific charging contacts/magnets or something that is simple to put the phone into, not having to make sure the USB port is lined up just right - not to mention having separate charging option saves the wear and tear on the usb

So do a lot of people apparently. Was looking online for 'bedside mode' for my friends samsung because she was really impressed with the way BlackBerry did it. There were loads of posts from droid users saying they really missed bedside mode from BlackBerry as none of Samsung apps could do it as flawlessly as BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

I use my bold 9900 charging dock to rest my Z10 on flat. So it's just laying above on my desk, so it's easier to pick up, but we really need charging docks in the next models of BB10

Fully agree, the official dock for my Z10 is excellent. If only I could get something similar for my Z30. I would buy that in a heartbeat..

Posted via CB10 on my sexy white Z30 rocking

The best charging dock I owned was for my old Palm Pre in my "pre" BlackBerry days as it were.

Always need two. One for the office and one for the bedside.


Posted via CB10

Touchstones! I had one in the office, one in the car, one in the bedroom and one in the living room. Still use a Veer as Radio Alarm clock sitting on a touchstone on the nightstand and to listen to podcasts in bed. I MISS WIRELESS CHARGING. :'(

Posted via CB10

My Bold 9900 looks like a jewel in its charge dock.

BlackBerry really needs to bring this practical method back. It's obvious that this is required.

PS - please don't forget the programmable convenience key! I really miss that in my bb10 devices.

I use the aftermarket Z10 for my Z30, pain in the but when it's dark, but works great. Put it on at bedtime easy to find and shut off alarm, and fully charged for the day. Usually 45% or more left when I go to bed, so became my only charger. I did switch out the end of the power cables as I wanted to use the oem one.

Posted via CB10

For my Z30 i would want a charging dock that not only fits with my Otter Box but has the HDMI plug included. I live on my boat all summer and hook my phone to my flat screen and watch netflix and am always bumping my phone and knocking the hdmi out. It would be nice to be stationary in a dock. But removing the otter box is a pain. I know i know I'm whining lol.

Posted via CB10

Charging contacts, as they are a primitive zero maintenance technique that doesn't break!!

And extremely reliable for quick put and remove!

Back to the roots!

Wireless ain't so bad but am sure has lower efficiency and a higher cost than charging contacts.

As for hdmi out in the dock, BlackBerry should sell fox con made cheap miracast/hdmi adaptors.

One would have bundles, wiress keyboard and mouse with miracst adaptor (business bundle)

Gamepad wireless headsets and miracast adaptor (gaming bundle)


Posted via CB10


Now all you need to do is get it over to John Chen ;-)!

BlackBerry Z10 on Telenor Sweden network

Posted via CB10

With hdmi please !!! Where's this elusive dock for the z10 and please have it for a good price and not overly inflated!!!! Please Mr Chen! :-)

Posted via CB10

Have a check on amazon, they seem to have surfaced for around $10. A must have for a Z10.

Posted via CB10 on my sexy white Z30 rocking

Absofreakinlutely!!! I can live without the trackpad, and the hard phone buttons, but a simple stand up dock is essential! I'm ready to resurrect my old Bold to get it back!

Posted via CB10

It might be time for BlackBerry to consider creating a universal dock/charging stand that could be used horizontally or vertically and support both USB charging and syncing and also Qi wireless charging. The charging by USB or Qi could be switch selectable. The USB and HDMI ports would need to "float" in order to allow use by multiple BB models. Designed and produced by Foxconn such a device could be sold at a good price point for BB and users alike.

I want an official Blackberry dock with the BB identification. My Z10 needs one bad. I've been hesitant to spring for a third party one.

I bought a 3rd party landscape mode charging dock for my Z30, but it uses the USB port only. Makes great nite stand charger with alarm clock in bedside mode. It was only $10 and fits with or without my case on the phone.

Posted via CB10

I had 3 for my storm 2, work, end table, nightstand. , 3 for my 9900. And only 1 for my nightstand. For my Z10. A USB stand is a pain , need to use both hands. Needs to be contacts / contactless charging option for a charging.

Posted via CB10

I've hacked the guts from the Palm Touchstone into my Incipio case and now charge my Q10 wirelessly at my desk, nightstand, and in my car. Amazing how much I missed it.

Why don't I ever see these polls until it's "official" :S.. They don't show up in the crackberry homepage feed

Posted via CB10

Not really wireless tho. I've had a few phones fail because the USB port starts to loosen up and good contacts because a exercise in placement geometry.

While I miss the dock from my 9930, I would probably rather have wireless charging instead of/in addition to a dock that I can't use with a case installed.

Posted via CB10

I want to see something different. A) maybe something similar to those charging pads. B) the nature of the phone changes so the UI can have a clock display with the current weather running in the background.

Posted via CB10

Or hopefully doesn't need to go blank (and require the company mandated 4 digit PIN) after 5 minutes if it is on the charger.

I use this Universal charging dock for my Z30: and I've not had any problems. Did take a bit of getting used to as the USB port can move along the unit, but I'm very pleased with it. Would still prefer a "proper" BB dock though!

I can't believe we needed a poll to learn this is wanted.

However this is an opportunity for BlackBerry to take docks to the next level. Make it a dock that charges, and can connect to TV or computer screen or act as a USB-on-the-go hub. Or all the above.

Also wireless charging would be awesome!!!!

Posted via CB10

Wow. Holy old school batman. Usually I'm with the crackberry crowd but this stat I do not get.

Posted via CB10

Yes, I would like a charging dock, preferably one that works while my Q10 is wrapped in its Otterbox. It may be a dream I know but.......

So people would like to charge their device in a dock versus having it just sit on your desk charging?What if you have case, which everyone should since they can break fairly easily? I'd much prefer wireless charging like Androids have then you can "dock" it into anything you want.

I just grab my phone off the Palm Touchstone without having to worry about any wires or USB connectors. Pretty nice first thing in the morning. Or just setting it on something while in the car for charging, but disconnecting any wires if I get a call.

I want the doc back but not to use the micro usb port. The whole point is to have less wear and tear on the port.

Posted via CB10

Yes, I would appreciate charging docks with the next gen devices. With proper alignment.

Looks like it might be a little too late for this gen..

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I want a 10" tablet screen where I can plug my z30 into.... with keyboard and trackpad... come on, that should be pretty cheap to build.... just a dumb screen with micro hdmi and use ports...

I would plug my z30 into it sideways... optionally, the device would charge my z30

Posted via CB10

It's loooooooong over due. Would even be better if it had built in speaks.. & an alarm clock (for those of us who need dual alarms to get up in the morning lol) with automatic adjustment for daylight savings. An all in one type thing :)

Would be awesome!

Posted via CB10

Actually. A dock with keyboard, mouse and HDMI monitor synced and ready. I don't want a tablet, I don't want a laptop and I don't want a desktop. I want a Z30 size phone that can dock and work.

Posted via CB10

Charging docks or wireless charging is the way to go I hate having to plug the usb cord in at night

Posted via CB10

I thought our beloved BlackBerry took a step back when they got rid of it. Its interesting because they had this option when no one else did. Now the idea of inductive charging and charging pads has caught on. Now they don't have it smh

Posted via CB10

YES, I would like a proper charging stand for my BlackBerry Z30 !! I had the stand for the Torch2, and that was great, particularly since the Torch2 doubled as a bed side clock with alarm. It would be great if there was a stand available for the Z30 as well!! It should integrate the HDMI port as well....

Posted via CB10

I dock my z10 every night.
I was lucky to get a blackberry dock, and I use it every night.

Posted via my Vic20

I loved my charging dock for the time that it worked. Now it will not charge. It's a month old. I used it at night, listening to podcasts while I slept.... now it's just a holder... charging mechanism no longer works

Posted via CB10

I bought an after market dock for $7 on ebay. It works great. Charges an extra battery at the same time too.

Posted via CB10

It should, just look up blackberry q5 charging dock. Usb port should be in the correct position or same as Q10. It also fits the bold 9900 too, by chance..

Posted via CrackBerry 10 (CB10) application using my BlackBerry Q10.

I have a charging dock I got from ebay for my Q10, it works as intended and has a battery charger for a spare too. Got it for $5, took a month to arrive.

Posted via CrackBerry 10 (CB10) application using my BlackBerry Q10.

I didn't vote on the poll because I still had my trusty 9810 Torch when it came out, but I was reading the comments on that day and I was unsure of what some people were saying. They kept mentioning the charging contacts on BBOS devices, so I pulled out my Torch and didn't see them anywhere on the phone. So I was even more confused. Then I had an idea, so I went and got out my 9000 Bold to check it out too, lo and behold there they were! All the time I used my Bold and I had NO idea what those two little silver non functioning "buttons" were. Makes my wish I was still using it so I could get a charging dock for it. But yeah, that would be nice to have on a BB10 device as it would keep me from having to use the micro USB port to charge it all the time, (I have a Z10 with the 10.1.0 update because AT&T hasn't released the 10.2.1 yet, and I've read that battery life is better with the newer update), and use it only if I needed a physical connection to my PC.