Need BlackBerry Help? Ask a CrackBerry Twelper on Twitter!

Need BlackBerry Help? Ask an @crackberry Twelper!
By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Sep 2009 01:10 pm EDT

For a long time now we've had a twitter account for this site, but to date if you have been a follower of about the only thing that gets tweeted are the article titles/links that are posted here in the blogs. The other week when I logged into the account I saw that in addition to a ton of people re-tweeting those headlines, that many people ask questions to @crackberry which to date have gone largely ignored.... that is until now.

Introducing @crackberry twelpers! Borrowing from Best Buy's idea of a TwelpForce, we've given access to our @crackberry twitter account to some active and knowledgeable (and willing!) members of the CrackBerry community. Their mission? To answer all those BlackBerry-related questions that come to us on twitter. As best as they can, they'll either answer directly (in as few characters as possible) or find the link on CrackBerry that has the answer you're looking for.

We had an overwhelming amount of members offer to be a @crackberrry twelper (thank you!) and plan to grow the team with time, but in the beginning will be starting with the core group below. They'll sign off their @crackberry twelp tweets with a short signature so you know who's helping you, and can also find them on the forums and follow their own accounts on twitter:

@crackberry Twelpers starting lineup...

CrackBerry Username
Personal Twitter ID
@crackberry twelper signature
@obigeorge  - obi
Jared DiPane
@drm2blv  - jared
shao128 @Shao128  - shao
 and sometimes you'll find the blog team on there as well twelping out...
Kevin Michaluk
@crackberrykevin  - kevin
Adam Zeis
@azeis  - adam
Bla1ze @bla1ze  - bla1ze

Once we work out the initial kinks that are bound to happen on this kind of endeavor and gauge the demand, we plan to increase the twelper team in size - so please keep posting on the forums and express your interest to twelp here. And if you have questions, be sure to follow @crackberry on twitter and ask!

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Reader comments

Need BlackBerry Help? Ask a CrackBerry Twelper on Twitter!


but sadly I am too late to be a twelper

If anyone needs to know anything storm-related, i'm also here to help


I don't twitter so no help to me, but I can usually find my answers quickly on crackberry so no worries.

Just use the crackberry forums. That way other people who have the same problem can find an answer quickly if there is one.

Decent enough idea guys and gals....but the name please for the love of Pete change it. There are already a sickening amount apps, ideas, etc that take the tw thing too far. It sounds like the geek world has been taken over by freaking Tweetie Bird...Suffer Succotash is all I have to say.

Give the crackberry world help....they dont and wont ever need twelp.

Good job on the program, great idea. I'd suggest you shave down the signatures in order to squeeze out as many characters of advice as possible. I think the official BlackBerry Forum twitter account does that. So, for Kevin, ^KM, Adam, ^AZ etc.

The Twitterberry app for my storm is sticking when I JUST installed it...... I need help!!! Is their a better way to get Twitter on the storm?


I've just created a twitter account and started following @crackberry.

How do I ask a question? this twitter thing is all new to me...


I am not able to refresh my friends timeline on twitterberry. I can send tweets. When my friends put tweets on, my friends timeline won't update. It hasn't updated for 2 days. Any answers. Everything else is fine.

This will be it, good thing I don't know how to twitter or whatever the term is, my wife says "ever since you got that damn phone you won't put it down".

Hi. I have a BlackBerry 8830 World Edition and I need help with my media player in playing music. Some songs work but when I try to play others it says "Device media processor is busy."
Could someone help me fix this problem? Thanks.