CrackBerry Turns 6 Years Old Today! Here's where it all began...

Original CrackBerry Mockup
By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Feb 2013 02:49 am EST
 Click Here to See the "Original CrackBerry Concept" Full Size Mockup!

The team is up late tonight, working hard to prep the The New CrackBerry. We'll be rolling out our awesome new website later this week and we'll be doing so during a meaningful time in CrackBerry history. As the clock struck midnight tonight, CrackBerry turned six years old!

Every year on our birthday I go back and read the Hello World Press Release we fired off on February 26, 2007. Reading it again today, I'm proud to say we achieved our objective - to establish CrackBerry as the premier resource for anything and everything BlackBerry. It's always a fun trip down memory lane to think about those early days - when I really did not know what the heck I was doing or what the future would hold. I just knew I loved my BlackBerry and that the world needed a place to go called CrackBerry! 

While working on our next generation site on CB's birthday, I started thinking about the original concept for Digging into the archives a few minutes ago, I stumbled upon something I have never shared with the world before... THE ORIGINAL CRACKBERRY WIREFRAME MOCKUPS. Be sure to click on the link under the image above to get a close-up look at it. I hacked this rough mockup together back in November, 2006. This is before James Falconer came up with the CB logo and polished up the site graphics, or Tom Kaminski coded it all up (you can read the CB story here). Ultimately we went live in 2007 with a more traditional blog format on the homepage, but my original vision was more portal-like and all-encompassing of the different BlackBerry-related services we set out to provide. One thing you'll notice from the original mockup that didn't change is our cracky and fun-loving attitudes... just read those fake headlines! :)

It's been a crazy six years and my passion for BlackBerry and CrackBerry is greater than ever as is my excitement for Mobile Nations. It's been a great success story. With over 13 million readers and 60 million page views per month, we have the broadest and deepest footprint in mobile. I consider myself blessed to work with such an amazing team of people every day. The individuals on our editorial, design, tech, e-commerce and forums teams are simply the BEST and I can't wait to see just how much more we'll accomplish over the next six years.

Of course, the real success of CrackBerry lies in the strength of our community. Our loyal and passionate member base has and always will make CrackBerry the go to resource for BlackBerry users that it is. And in true CrackBerry fashion, we'll be doing up a CrackBerry Birthday contest soon as a thank you to our members. Stay tuned for that!! It's coming up later in the day!  

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CrackBerry Turns 6 Years Old Today! Here's where it all began...


Happy Birthday CrackBerry. Been doing an amazing job all these years, I remember when you got excited for 1 million members but now 13 million wow!

That's awesome!! Happy birthday Crackberry. I've been following you all since day one. Man how time flies!!

Streaming porn avaiable on Black Berry and CrackBerry giving away 10million $ to RIM- BBRY lol, you guys has a ehem, dark mind lol

I was thinking you guys should write up a post that collects a bunch of the best archive articles throughout the years leading up to BB10.

It would be a Crackberry timeline, neat to see the road to BB10 all the way from the beginning. See how far we have come.

'Of course, the real success of CrackBerry lies in the strength of our community.' For me, the strength of the community is in large part down to the continued genuine enthusiasm of the leaders of that community - the CB team, with Kev the playa president.

Happy birthday CrackBerry, here's to many more successful years ahead!

Happy f* Birthday guys!! Thank you for the great work you have been doing and helping out thousands of "crackheads" over the years. Finally getting my Z10 this week (maybe tomorrow) so I will be here even more ;-) Keep it up!

Happy birthday and congratulations. As a relative newcomer to the BB world (first with a PlayBook and lately with a Z10), I can tell you that your site was greatly influential in my decision to move from the iOS universe. My thanks for that :)

Wishing you many more successful years.

Happy Birthday CrackBerry. Congrats on adding another year under your belt of providing current and in-depth material for us, the CrackBerry Nation and fans.

Happy Birthday, CrackBerry!
Only 6 yrs old? For some reason, I thought you'd been around longer. Wow, so same age as the iPhone. Looking forward to the new website and enjoying the CB BB10 app!

Happy birthday, CrackBerry. This website is kinda a big part of my life haha. I'm on here more often than I watch tv, and more than any other site. I'm on it at work, at home, and even when I'm out with friends. You've really created a nice community and I think we all appreciate your passion, and we are lucky that we get to reap the benefits of you doing what you love.

Can't wait to see the new's like we are all moving into a new place together...A bigger, better, deeper red/orange place.

wow HBD crackberry! see the mock up remembering me the old times using my 8700f :D , the first BB that i have, sturdy and cool device. thanks keep online and spread the BB love ! :D

Happy Birthday Crackberry, we should have a founder's night as well, where we celebrate Kevin's awesomeness.

The problems you have helped me solve, The things you showed me that I never knew existed, The addiction and knowing I'm not the only one....For all this and more I'd like to thank you and wish you a very special day.


Blackberry and Crackberry are stronger than ever! Thank you for your dedication to Blackberry and continuing to be the premier site for all things Blackberry. Happy anniversary and here's to another successful year ahead.

Congratulations - I've been a follower/reader since day one your articles and moved me along through 8800, 9000, 9700, 9810. Your coverage of BB10 is a large contributor to my NOT going to iphone 5 but waiting for Z10.. Although I am getting sick of waiting! Thanks and keep up the informative content.

Here here to six more years! Happy Birthday...but....really....?..."streaming p0rn now available on BlackBerry"? SMH - LOL

Since the day that I bought my first BlackBerry I have followed and enjoyed your site which made those meetings tolerable as I scanned your site as the hours dragged on! Its been an enjoyable six years and am looking foward to six++++ more!

Wow crazy how one small idea with huge ambitions is six years old today and has become the go to place for blackberry news. This is awesome

Happy Birthday Crackberry. Been an awesome 6 years with you as part of my daily reading. Thank you for being the leader in BlackBerry news and reviews.

The Happiest of Birthdays to CrackBerry!!!!! Often imitated and attempts at duplication. Well, others are gone and you're still here rockin' it. No. #1 site for "ALL THINGS BLACKBERRY".

Happy BD CB and many more! I probably would have moved to another brand if it wasn't for CB. For sure I have gotten way more out of my devices and it is what made me such a big fan. Here's to all the hard work that brought such credibility RIM reached out to you and listens.

Happy Birthday many more. Turning your passion into a business that you love is getting rare, very happy for you Kevin, wish I was part of the team....Rock on Bitches

Happy Birthday and many more as I have been following you since 2008 with my BB 8830 as it was my first Crackberry. As many others I have graduated up to the new Z10!

Happy Birthday CB. I have been here for 5 of those 6 years and looking forward to a lot more years of CrackBerry to come.

When my friends come to me (I am the tech guy) with questions or how do I do this and if I don’t have the answer, then here is the first place I go for details. I have steered countless contacts and friends to this site for info on their BlackBerry and now I send all my other contacts to Mobile Nations for those needs. If I only had a $1 for each of the referrals, I could pay for a couple of Z10's.

Happy Birthday Crackberry. keep up the great reporting, great forums and great contests. i still make this site a "must view" site every day, and multiple times a day at that. 6 years and counting!!

I felt emotional when I read this post. I remember my love for BlackBerry that started back in 2009 with my first Curve World edition. Yes, I did check out other phones, but my heart was always, and will always be with BlackBerry.

My BlackBerry is still the last thing I touch before I sleep, and first thing I touch when I wake up. And I'm damn proud.

Love you BB.

Happy Birthday CRACKBERRY!!
Love the site and all the information you provide to the BB Lovers/Community!
And many many more.

Happy Birthday CrackBerry. Can't wait to look at all the tutorials when I get my Verison Z10.
This is the number 1 site for BB.

Happy Birthday to you all at Crackberry......looking at your first page it is where i started also with my Pearl.....wishing you the best year yet!!!!

Happy Birthday Crackberry. I joined in 2008 and have had 5 Blackberry's since. I literally learned how to make the most out of each one on this site and am looking forward to Verizon launching the BB10 in March.

There is no better site than Crackberry, I love it cos everything I need to find out about my fone I just have to login and it is there, so yes people, I am a Crack addict, a Crackberry addict and I'm not ashamed to say it and I will spread the word as I think everybody should become addicts (CRACKBERRY ADDICTS). So happy birthday to the whole team and thank you for such an awesome App.

Happy Birthday Crackberry Nation!!!! You guys have been wonderful and I thank you for your work! Cheers!