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CrackBerry Turns 5 Years Old Today and You Can Win Your Birthday BlackBerry Wish!

We're FIVE Years Old!!
By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Feb 2012 12:59 pm EST

CrackBerry Birthday Contest: Leave a comment to this post making your "BlackBerry Wish" and we'll make it come true for one lucky winner! 

Happy Birthday CrackBerry Nation! That's right... Sunday, February 26th, 2012 marks FIVE years to the day that we fired off our Hello World Press Release and officially opened our doors to And what an *amazing* five years it has been.

To our longtime readers and members who have been here for the whole journey, you know what we've achieved together over the years and we thank you for the ongoing love and support. To those who have discovered CrackBerry more recently, we hope you continue to visit for years to come. It's funny, you'd think after five years we'd be a little tired, but we're more energized than ever. With BlackBerry 10 phones on the horizon and a lot of great plans for the site in the works, it's an exciting time to be part of CrackBerry Nation. Heck, we even set a record this week in our forums for the most people online at one time!

BIRTHDAY CONTEST - Make a BlackBerry Wish and you could Win It! 

In true CrackBerry birthday fashion, we're celebrating with a contest. We couldn't decide what to give away as a prize, so we're leaving it up to you. All you need to do is leave a comment to this post with your "CrackBerry BlackBerry Wish" and we're going to make it come true for one lucky winner. Want a BlackBerry 10 phone when it becomes available? Or maybe a Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry? How about a trip to BlackBerry World in Orlando this year? Close your eyes, pick that BB thing you want most, and make that wish!! Good Luck!


I'd love a 64GB Playbook.

Happy Bday CB!


hi crackberry i hope i win your contest . may i please get a bb 10 phone a blackberry playbook v2 and a bb 9810 but if the 9810 is part of bb10 device fleet you can just get me the 9810 i hope i win and happy fifth bday .
keep up the good work
by arjun please choose me
contact me at


hi crackberry i hope i win your contest . may i please get a bb 10 phone a blackberry playbook v2 and a bb 9810 but if the 9810 is part of bb10 device fleet you can just get me the 9810 i hope i win and happy fifth bday .
keep up the good work
by arjun please choose me
contact me at


happy birthday crackberry!!!! I would love to be one of the first with a bb10 bold!!!


My "Crackberry BlackBerry Wish" would be the p9981, but I honestly think that is pushing it! So Kevin, I'm gonna be reasonable and ask for a shopping spree for accessories for my bold 9900 and playbook. Let's just say give me the 1st Crackberry gift card! How about that! The day crackberry has gift cards, I'll stop going to best buys! $500 would be nice. Anyways Happy Anniversary Crackberry!


happy birthday CB! my bday wish is an all inclusive trip to blackberry devcon 2012 in usa.

blackberry love

_H_ my blackberry wish is that this is blackberry's year and I hope netflix gets its head out from their ass's and show some BBLove.


Happy B-Day Crackberry! I can't believe you are celebrating your 5th, today. That mean's you will be starting kindergarden in the fall (at least in the US :) ) . To celebrate, I would love to receive a Porsche Design P'9981 blackberry to go along with my little Blackberry collection. I have been salavating over that one for a while.

Hoping you many more years ahead.


Happy BBday....what a great contest...For such a monentous occaision, you need a bigggg about updated top of the line BBery's for the next 10 years or life, say every 2 years? eg: A new playbook when it comes out, new porsch BB or 9900, and new BB10 phone when it comes out, etc.


Happy Birthday Crackberry!! Five years old!! Blackberry 9900 phone would be nice! Thank You


Grats crackberry on your birthday. My birthday wish is a bold 9900. Good luck to everyone.


For you Birthday I think we should celebrate with a new Blackberry 10 phoneM I think that would be a great wish!


Happy Crackberry Day! I wish for 5 more years of CB, a new BB10 presented by Bla1ze right here in Halifax.


Happy 5th Birthday CrackBerry. Congrats on coming this far. My CrackBerry BlackBerry Wish is to win a BlackBerry Phone when it comes out.



Happy birthday CB! Thanks for all you've done for BB users.

I'd love a Verizon 9930 to give to my best friend (who still uses a feature phone) so that we can BBM.


Happy Birthday CrackBerry! I Would love a new Blackberry Bold 9900 to celebrate.


Happy Birthday Crackberry....!!!

Would be happy if I can have a 64GB Playbook 2
But if they done exist yet, a BB10 phone would be very interested too...



Happy birthday crackberry!!!! I would love to have a bb10 phone.


My BlackBerry birthday wish is to obtain a free new BlackBerry each year the rest of my life! BlackBerry forever as long as RIM stays in business! Let's rally BB users!!!


I would like a brand new unlocked BB10 phone no contract!!!

Happy birthday Crackberry!!!


Happy birthday CrackBerry!!
I wish for BlackBerry success, and an I.O.U. for a BlackBerry 10 phone!!


My dream wish as far as Blackberry is concerned would be a Playbook first, and second a BB10 device, assuming it had a keyboard. I have been dreaming of a playbook since it was released, but for whatever reason can't convince the better half that it is a necessity. Absolutely love the 9930. Best phone on the market.


A New BB 10 bold or torch style.


My contract has just ended and I decided to get the iPhone 4s.. If BB10 will be released, then my wish is a new BB with OS10! Thank you Crackberry! Happy Birthday!... More power to come


Happy Birthday, CB!! Just one thing? OK, a BB10 phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You guys share your birthday with my daughter and we would love a BB10 when they hit the market.
Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday crackberry.

To celebrate how about a BB10 phone that I can show off to everyone.


I wish I could win a new BB 10 phone when it becomes available.


Happy Birthday CrackBerry! And how about a BB Porsche P'9981 for me hehe ;))


Happy Birthday Crackberry! I would love to have the PlayBook 2 64gb version. Thanks again.


My wish is for an unlocked BlackBerry OS 10 phone - IF they produce a nice slider similar to the Torch 9810. If not, the next generation PlayBook would be awesome instead.


I live in Orlando and am a HUGE Blackberry fan. I want to go Blackberry world and have dinner with the Crackbbery team!


happy bday!
i would love to have a BB10 Bold.

it would be AMAZING! my 9700 is getting old :(


Happy birthday!!
A blackberry 9900 for my new playbook would be awesome!
thanks crackberry!


PLAYBOOK, playbook, playbook, or maybe a BB10 phone too much to decide.


Hey it's my birthcay too!
If I would win I would like BB10 slider (milian if it is not canceled) or london.
Happy Birthday


I would love a BB10 device when they become available. Happy Birthday to my homepage and to my favorite daily website. Keep up the great stories and I can't wait for what is in store for all of us this year!


Happy birthday, Crackberry, and many many more! I wish I had a Bold 9900. You have made the best videos about it. And about everything really. I have learned so much from you all. Long live RIM!


Happy Birthday!

I wish for an all touch screen BB 10 and a 64GB Playbook! YAY!

Thanks in advance :P



bb10 phone (one with keyboard) oh i wish i wish


My wish it would be for a Blackberry Porsche Design P'9981.


Happy bday Crackberry!

As for my wish, I wish for 2 Blackberry 10 Bold (AWS), one for me and one for my SO!


HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY CRACKBERRY! Here's to many many more! My CrackBerry Birthday Wish would be the BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9981. What a dream BlackBerry! :)


I wish for the new bold 9900 , i cant afford an expensive cellphone because of college tuition, i would be so productive with a bold


Because today's so special
it really wouldn't do,
to send one simple birthday wish
to last the whole year through...
So this wishes happy moments,
a day when dreams come true,
and a year that's filled with all the things
that mean the most to you.

P.S I would love a new BB OS 10 smartphone!


Trip to Waterloo or Argentina factory would be nice.. or settle for a BB10 Device would suffice


5 years,,,,Its hard to beleive for me as well. I discovered you late(2+ years) Its seems only yesterday when I saw the post you were 3. Here's to many more years to come!

If I had to pick one device/trip/accessory..... It would have to be the Playbook. It's all of the above and more. Would be perfect for home and work. Thanks as always CB.


Happy Birthday Crackberry!!!

I wish for a BlackBerry 10 phone!

But I'll settle for a stronger and thriving RIM!

Thank you,



Happy Birthday CrackBerry!
We wish all the best.
Devcellent Solutions Inc.


I wish Blackberry 10 is simply awesome :D


Happy Birthday CrackBerry,

My wish would be for a new BB10 phone.


I wish I wish I wish i had a 9900 for my AT&T phone plan to use.


Hi Kevin and CB Team!
Happy Birthday! Please pick me, my blackberry is soooooo sloooooww and I can totally used a new Bold 9900!!! :)




Happy birthday, a 64 gb would be great!


Is there really a choice? BB10 for Me!

Mr. Spacely

Congrats CB. It's been a long road. Hopefully more to come. I'd like a playbook. Congrats again.


Happy Birthday Crackberry!!!! I've been following the website for 2 years now but wished I got on it way earlier.
As a college student, it's a pain paying my monthly phone bills so I'm just gonna take a shot in the dark with high hopes on this wish--
2 yr. BIS phone service on any US Carrier that I can use my Bold 9900 on :-P
Again, Happy Birthday and good luck to all entries!

Alberta Blue

Happy birthday Crackberry!

My birthday wish is for a shiny new QWERTY BB10 device!


Happy Birthday CB,

If I had one wish, I would love to get the BlackBerry Torch 9860!

Keep up the good work!


i would love a blackberry bold 9900





Happy Birthday Crackberry,

On this special day, I close my eyes and make a wish for a Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry.
I love Crackberry!


Happy B-Day Crackberry! I would wish for the newest iteration of the Playbook but I have a feeling that might never happen so would be incredibly thrilled when the new Blackberry 10 phones come out.


Happy Birthday CrackBerry, heres to another 5 years!

I wish for the P'9981 blackberry haha


I would love to win a trip to RIM headquarters in Canada. Help me make use of this passport!!!


I have a 64GB PlayBook and a Torch 9810.... And love them both. So a new BB10 when they come out would be my wish.

EDIT: Actually, after thinking about it... I live in Florida and my parents live in Orlando... The BB World sounds pretty awesome to experience, so that would be my wish!

Thanks CrackBerry! Happy birthday!


Happy birthday crackberry nation! I wish you the best in the future


Happy 5 th Birthday CrackBerry!! What I would like is a new BB 10 touch screen phone with the works and a 64 gig Playbook to match.


I would try to differentiate myself from everyone here, but I guess we're all looking for the same thing. So I'd love a BB10 phone, when its released!

Happy birthday CB.


One of the first Blackberry 10 phones would be an amazing addition to my blackberry playbook....
Happy Birthday Guys!!


Happy B-day!

My wish would be either a playbook (since I still haven't gotten one) or a Bold 9930 to replace my aging 9650!


Happy birthday. I have been an avid reader for the last few years, great work to keep us informed. I would love to have a BB 10 device. I used predictive text on the playbook to type this.
Keep up the good work.


Happy birthday CB!!!! Porshe design please


Happy Birthday CB!

I wish for a BB10 phone when they come out! That would be awesome to go with my 9930 and 64gb PB!



Happy Birthday to you! I want a?BB10 phone with BB's best ever qwerty keyboard!


Happy Birthday, CrackBerry! I've been getting great info from CB for all five of the past years, and I'm looking forward to getting more BlackBerry info from here for many more! I'm thinking that the best BlackBerry smartphone would make the greatest birthday present, so I'd be happy to received a Bold 9900... so happy I'd go to Coveroo and see if they could make me a battery door with the CB logo!


Happy birthday CB!
If I get picked I'd definitely have to go with a BB10 phone.



Happy 5th Anniversary CrackBerry.
My CrackBerry BlackBerry Wish is to have a BlackBerry 10 phone when it becomes available.
˚Ʈ♓ªƞƘ ♧ ƔoƱ˚ CrackBerry.


Happiest birthday Crackberry!

I would love the first BlackBerry 10 in WHITE when it comes out!



Happy birthday crackberry! My birthday wish would be to have any updated model bb phone I currently have a curve 9300.


Happy birthday Crackberry! My bday is on the 27th so a gift would be so sweet!


Happy Birthday CrackBerry!!! I'd love to win a Porsche Design P'9981 please! :)


Happy B Day
I Wish for a Bold 9930 Flexi case


Would love to own BB10 with physical keys...if it really does exist someday!

And Happy Birthday CrackBerry - I couldn't be a BlackBerry owner without you <3


Happy Birthday CB!!!

If I get a wish, I'd like to wish to have someone killed... Or have that someone fall of in love with me... Or bring someone back from the dead.... Oh? What? Stipulations? You genies aren't that all powerful after all? AW man!

Make me a prince, then? Not even that? I guess I'll have to settle for a Bold 9900. Can't really type all that well on the company's 9860. .. and it won't have their limitations on it.

Don't make me go down the cat statue's throat again, flying carpet or no. And that monkey on my back is a liability, not a help.


Happy birthday!
I'd love a new BB 10 qwerty phone!


Happy Birthday CrackBerry!!!

My birthday wish is a 64 GB Playbook to use while I'm in Afghanistan paired up with a new BB10 phone when they are released later this year. This is perfect because a Playbook would allow me to ditch my laptop while I'm traveling around Afghanistan and when I get home later this fall I can be sporting the newest BB10 phone!


I wish for world peace - and a lifetime supply of awesome BlackBerry products!


Happy birthday to you CB.

On this special occassion I hope the CB Santa whispers into the stork's ears to deliver a bundle of BB10 baby to my house and all the baby care paraphernalia for upbringing and nourishing the new born.

Wishing you a great year ahead for this and the those around the corner.



Happy Birthday CrackBerry,
all i want is a Playbook


Would like a new 4G PlayBook...


Wow!! Happy birthday Crackberry!
You guys are awesome!!!
I've never won anything online before so if i win this, i will totally leave it to you to choose my prize.
Thanks again, it gives me great honor to be part of this community.
Go CB!!!


Happy birthday Crackberry,

I wish for a new Blackberry 10 phone! hope to win this



Happy Birthday for a unique site Crackberry for Blackberry.

Wish you all team and user's to be a front line support for Blackberry (RIM) at all time.



I wish for a job at CrackBerry!

If that's not possible, then a BB10 phone with a qwerty keyboard please!

Thanks CB!


A new porsche design would be incredible!!!!!


Hey, Happy Birthday CB. A new BB10 device would be the greatest gift of all


I just got the 9900 so my wish would be a playbook because due to financial issues to to injuries on the job I would also love to attend blackberry world since I am a crackberry addict and on here everyday! I would finally have that pure dose of a crackberry experience LOL! good luck to everyone!


Oh happy birthday Crackberry!!

My Blackberry wish is a very little one just a BlackBerry Bold 9300... I will die for one of those!

Thx for this chance!


Happy 5th Birthday Crackberry!!!

If I win I would love a BB10 phone since my contract won't be up until Dec 2013!! =/

I've stuck with my BB since the beginning and as much as people made fun of me, I stood by my BB phones. Would love to flaunt a BB10 phone in their faces! =)


All I would want is a new 9900 since the one bought died and I was unable to either repair or return it... :(


Cheers for the 5 strong years!

To the whole Crackberry team, thank you.
Thanks for keeping us updated about everything Blackberry.

I have only recently bought my first Blackberry(Curve 9360).
The first thing I noticed was how clear calls are on a blackberry.

I am eager to see what RIM has in store for us.
Winning a new BB10 device will be my wish for 2012.

Happy Birthday Crackberry!


Wow this is such a generous and unique idea for a contest. Thank you Crackberry!

For my wish I'd like a BB10 device of my choice when they are available.

Hope I win! Thanks again!


Happy 5th Birthday CrackBerry Nation and may you have many more years. For a Birthday wish I would like to go to BlackBerry World in Orlando where you would present me with my Grand prize package of a Porsche Designed P'9981, and a gift certificate for a new BlackBerry 10 phone when released. That would be a great way to celebrate, thanks for the chance.


I wish for a blackberry bold 9900. Happy B'day!


You have been active for 2,628,000 seconds.............................may the Crackberry Clock keep ticking for many years to come!

As for wishes,,,, that Crackberry win an Oscar for best website and that I win a Porche design dude for best comment!


Happy birthday to the greatest website ever!!!! I discovered crackberry like three years ago. I check it every day. Hopefully you guys won't shut down the website. I don't believe in wishes but I really wish for the Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry so bad. Hopefully it comes true :D


happy birthday crackberry, i love you! I wish to have a BlackBerry Playbook :)


Happy birthday, you guys are awesome!!!

I wish for a 64GB Blackberry PlayBook so I can use Blackberry Bridge with my new and awesome Blackberry Bold 9900! Rock on guys!(:

A fan of Blackberry and always be one!


Ill have an order of BB10 or just a 64GB Playbook...................BB10 IOU


My wildest BB Wish would be a Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry


A wish for a 64gb Playbook


My birthday is 22 march so if I had a wish,I'd wish for Blackberry porshe P9981 not a brand new but a Blackberry kevin 9981 I will be proud because my blackberry is second hand from kevin..


happy birthday!! i would love a blackberry 10 phone once they are available. one that works on sprint please!!!!!


Happy birthday. Bb10 phone please.


Happy Birthday Crackberry,

My wish is A torch 9810 .. ...


Andy Alcala


Would love a 64GB PlayBook :)
Keep up the good stuff.


I want to meet CrackBerry Kevin for a beer in Winnipeg where he'll hand deliver me a BB10 device!


Woohoo! Happy birthday CrackBerry!! =)

I would love to get my hands on the full qwerty bb10 device.

thanks cb for another great contest


id like a official blackberry bluetooth keyboard case, or a BB10 phone whichever comes first :)


Happy Birthday fellow Pisces (or is that Pisceian) - mine is March 3rd.

Decided that I needed to become part of the BB craze about 4 months ago. Have a PlayBook and a Bold 9790. Love them both and you are a wealth of information and apps for a newbie. Keep up the excellent work - love your site.

If I were to win a BB10 phone wud be great.

Thanks CB


happy birthday crackberry i wish a playbook 64 gb thanks


Happy Birthday CrackBerry.

While I know it's your birthday, I'd love to receive a BB10 Bold phone when they are released.



I'll take a bb10 bold that would be great


a BB10 phone when it becomes available.

Happy Bday CB, wishing you sucess for many years to come.

btw can i wish for a new PB version (hardware upgrade)whenever that will be available( maybe my wish for 6th bday ) :P


I wish, I wish, I wish I had a new BlackBerry Bold 9900........................................................

Happy CrackBerry Day xoxo


Happy Birthday Crackberry!

My Crackberry wish is a P9981.



Happy Birthday and many, many more to come. Best wishes for the future. Very much a Crackberry addict and proud of it. Happy Birthday again.


Happy B-Day!!

A BB10 phone is on my wish list...



Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry!


Happy birthday crackberry.

I wish for a new BB10 phone when they come out!


Happy birthday crackberry.


Happy Birthday CrackBerry. Hope you are around for a long time helping those in need. For me I would love the new BB10 to go with my PlayBook.


Happy Birthday CB!!! My wish is a BB10 phone.


My wish would be to get a Blackberry 10 phone when they release, instead of all the waiting we have to do out here.


Happy Birthday I love the site. I would love a BB 10 device with a key board.


YAY you guys! Spent years with you in Waterloo but now make Ottawa home. Work right beside the newest RIM offices. Suffice to say I would love to celebrate your big achievement with a new BB10 phone once they hit the streets. Even cooler would be to be able to pick which one. Congrats on five great years. Love what you do everyday.


Happy Birthday to my favorite web site !! My wish would be for a playbook and world peace :-P


Happy Birthday! As I have 3 sons, I wish for a PlayBook for each of them.


Happy 5th birthday CB!

I wasn't there for your first few years but my recent two years have been great and I expect more great tips, articles, news, reviews, insights in the future.

I would like a BB 9900 for AT&T.


Happy Birthday! A BB10 phone would be wonderful!


Happy birthday crackberry

I would like a bb10 bold (front facing camera for video chat and bold style keyboard) and if your feeling generous then also the next generation playbook(when it comes out).

Thanks and best wishes


Kevin's Range Rover.


Happy Birthday Crackberry... and yes, a BB10 Bold would be fantastic for my wish list.


Would love to win a new bb10 phone and maybe they can pay my phone bill for a year...that would be awesome :)


Happy birthday to my crackberry fix!

I'd love a next gen playbook connected to a BB10 phone (with a QWERTY keyboard of course!)


First choice, would like to own part of the crackberry stock! You've done so well-- would love to own part of it!

Second choice-- a bb10 phone of choice when released.


Happy 5th birthday,!

Hoping I can win a white Torch 9810 to go with my 16GB Playbook (2.0 of course!). Thanks and congratulations and happy birthday once again!



Congratulations. You are my main source of info for Blackberries so keep up the good work. And I would love a BB10 when they come out. I am quote looking forward to them.


Happy Birthday CrackBerry!

What would I like? I would really like a BB10 Bold.


Woot, woot! Happy birthday, CrackBerry! I wish I had a 64 GB BlackBerry PlayBook so I can give my 16 GB PlayBook to my partner so we can Video Chat when he goes on trips.


Happy Birthday CrackBerry,

This is my go to website for all things BlackBerry! Thank you for being there. Anything you want to know about your BlackBerry, you will find here!! Someone here will know the answer!

I would love to have a Bold 9900 or a 64GB PlayBook.

.Wish you continued success!


Would luv BB10 phone when it is available. Make this wish a reality.


A BB10 phone in the 9800/10 form factor... although a Bold style one would do in a pinch ;)


I'd love to have a BB10 device! Thanks CB xD


I'd wish for one of the blackberry 10 phones when they come out.

Happy bday!


Happy Birthday Crackberry, absolutely love this site and hope there are many years to come. I would love to have a BB10 device... Loving OS2 on my playbook and while my 9860 is nice I'm longing for this layout and some features on the upcoming BB10... Thanks again for providing such a wonderful sites. Cheers!


Happy 5th!

64gb Playbook


Salivating at the chance to get a BB10 device. The start of RIM's comeback!


Happy 5th CB!

I'd love a custom ColorWare BB10 device!


Happy Happy Happy Birthday Crackberry,
I must say that i'm addicted to the Crackbery & Blackberry.
I wish for a BB10 Full Touch screen Phone.


Happy Birthday CB! Would love to celebrate with a 64GB playbook:).


Happy Birthday Crackberry....:) Five years have been berry fun!!! Looking forward to many more years.... I would love to have the BB10 phone.


Happy Birthday CrackBerry!
How about a new BB10 phone that has a physical keyboard when they come out?


I wish for a BB10 version of the BB 9900. Looking foreword to another great 5 years of crackberry kevin


Happy Birthday Crackberry!!!

i'd love to get a BB10 blackberry


CrackBerry rocks.
That super rare clock would be nice, but since Kevin already claimed that one for Canada, I'd love a bb10 when they come out. Preferably a Bold with bb10. Wouldn't you want that?
To expensive to travel. Why travel when my contacts are on my BlackBerry?


CrackBerry rocks.
That super rare clock would be nice, but since Kevin already claimed that one for Canada, I'd love a bb10 when they come out. Preferably a Bold with bb10. Wouldn't you want that?
To expensive to travel. Why travel when my contacts are on my BlackBerry?


Happy birthday CrackBerry!! Don't you normally receive gifts on your birthday? Anyways, since you offered, I'd love to head to CES 2013!!


Happy birthday crackberry.,
I wish I had a BB torch 9860


Happy Birthday CrackBerry! My wish is for RIM's stock to jump up significantly! But my wish from CrackBerry is for a BlackBerry Bold 9900...or if I can delay my prize, a BB10 device.


Happy 5th Birthday CrackBerry!

I would love a 64 GB Playbook or a BB10 version of the BB 9900.


Happy birthday CrackBerry. Been with you from nearly the beginning! So glad to see how you have grown.

My Blackberry wish is a new BB10 phone with a full qwerty keyboard!

Have a great birthday and an even better next year!



I wish I could have the first free BB10 phone from Crackberry.


Happy Birthday!

For your special day id like you to make mine extra special by giving me a 64 gb playbook, been meaning to get one dont have the grub to do so!



Happy Birsday CrackBerry! I think this Blackberry wish idea is phenomenal. Here is to another five awesome years my friends. As well as the possibility of receiving a bb10 device upon release. Keep rockin and rolling this my friends (:


Happy Birthday Crackberry and to many years more

My bb wish would be for the one and only awesome Blackberry Playbook.



Happy Birthday Crackberry ! Thanks for all your help in the past 5 years! My birthday wish would be for a Playbook. Hopefully my wish comes true ....


i would love a BB10 device!


HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRACKBERRY!!! I honestly can say I would know a lot less about my Berries and not be near the BlackBerry fan I am without all I learn from you and the CB Nation.

My CrackBerry wish? I was thinking either world peace or to be able to sync my PlayBook with Outlook, but guess I need to wish for something more realistic. I would love a BB10 when they hit. I think the PlayBook OS2 puts RIM back in the game and can't wait to see how the phones develops.



Happy Birthday! This site has improved my blackberry experience tremendously! You have bricked my phones since i joined :)

My Wish: To be the only stylin' student at my campus to have the new blackberry 10 first :)

Lets make it another wonderful 5 years!


Happy Birthday CrackBerry !! I wish you many more to come...
I would love a 64GB Playbook loaded with all the best Apps..

Everyone loves having you here, we are all celebrating along with you.


Happy 5th Birthday!

My wish: Sprint 9930 :-)


Nice! Happy Birth Day!

Well for this day i want to have a playbook that's all. thank you


Just your average Canadian stuck on a cellular contract.

I'd love a Blackberry Bold 9900.

Thanks for the opportunity :).


I would like to get a BB10 when it gets avaible, also a 9900 and a trip to Orlando :p, Thankss


A Blackberry Torch for Sprint!


A happy five years and here's to another five more! [drink in hand]

I would like a 32 GB PlayBook!

Cameron MacDonald

Happy birthday! Love the forum, love the information. Here's hoping for many more years of great advice and information. It's a hard decision but I think a BB 10 device would be the choice for me.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRACKBERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MY BDAY WAS ON THE 20TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Still rockin my white Bold 9700 on Rogers! My wish is a new blackberry 10 phone, forget android and apple. BB FO LIFE. GO CANADA GO



I wish for a BB10 Bold (with qwerty hopefully)!

Thank you!


Happy birthday to the crackberry team. You guys have done excellent work from your inception five years ago, and I do hope that you guys not only keep up the good work, but definitely take it to the next level in bringing blackberry news to the public.

As a birthday wish, however, I would actually like the a Bold BB 10, assuming that it will come under that name.

Keep up the good work guys, improve all the way.


Congratulations CB!! I would really really love a bold 9900 thanks.


Happy Birthday CrackBerry!

I wish for a rain check for whatever the flagship BlackBerry 10 device is that will work on my network.



I ya wanna make me happy, set me up with a Bold 9900!!!


Happy birthday!

My main wish would be lunch with RIM's new CEO.
If that doesn't work, a new BB10 would rock too.


Happy Birthday CrackBerry,

I wish for a PlayBook


Cool contest, bb10 device please.


Cool contest, bb10 device please.


Happy Birthday CrackBerry,
CrackBerry BlackBerry Wish :
All I need is BB10.
Thank you.


Happy Birthday CrackBerry!!!
And when CrackBerry blow the candles and made a wish.

CrackBerry BlackBerry Wish that mrjYnX gets a BlackBerry 10 and smiles.


It's a tough choice, but I would have to say one of the new BB10 phones!

My 8530 is getting rather tired...


I wish, I wish, I wish for BB10 phones for my wife and I and an extra playbook for my kids. Happy birthday crackberry!


Happy B-day Crackberry,

Happy to be part of this online community.
More power to you and best wishes!

Wish to have a new 9900 to go with my brand new playbook. = )



Would love a 64 gb playbook!


Happy Birthday Crackberry!!

I wish for a 9930 to accompany my PB. Thank you!


Happy Birthday CrackBerry and a big thank you to the CB team for all the great articles, candid feedback and just plain valuable information. I have recommended this site to any and all of my business and personal contacts as the place to go for solid info on Blackberry and RIM. With another great giveaway, I would have to go for a BB10 Bold type phone. It may be a few months away, but it would be worth the wait.


Happy birthday CrackBerry #TeamBlackBerry

I'm thinking I would love a brand new BlackBerry 10 device. Thanks!


Happy Birthday Crackberry! P9981 please!


Happy Birthday !!! I really want a BB10 !!!


Happy Birthday CrackBerry,

I would love to have a BB10 device when it is launched.


Happy Birthday :)
My CrackBerry wish: A new Blackberry 10 phone and the newest Playbook out by that time :D


Happy Birthday!!!!
A BB10 device would be nice.


Thanks for all the RIM insight, BB tips, tricks and just general forum for community bonding! Keep it up!

I'd honestly just love to upgrade to a 9900 and get the benefits of a beefier processor and bigger keys compared to my original Torch.

All the best!


Happy Birthday - Crackberry!!!
I would love to get the Playbook 2 or 4G version which is expected along with the new BB10 phone the day it is released. That will be height of awesomeness :)
And it will be great to have group picture of Crackberry team with autographs on the back.


I wish you a very berry happy 5th birthday Crackberry! I'm a neophyte and this site is a temple. A BB10 phone would be like manna. Many thanks!


Happy BDay CB Nation..
Birthday wish ha.. Would like to have BB10 phone...



i love you guys!!

I wish for a Blackberry 10 device when it is released. The highest end smartphone, best specs (most expensive) hehe!.



My current old 9700 is dying more each day ... I so want a new 9900 but my contract isn't over!

Contest appart, I truly wish Crackberry, Rim and Blackberry Fans many many more years of success and fun.



Happy birthday! I would love a new BB 10 phone when it comes available! orPorsche Design P'9981....either one is fine w me!


Happy Birthday CB
my wish is for a new BB 10 device
all the best



I would like to have a WHITE BB 9900!!


Happy birthday CB. I just got to know you guys more than a year, since the first time I owned a BlackBerry (the troublesome 9630). I wish I could got the ticket to see you guys face-to-face and getting to know how you actually do the awesome job there :)


Happy birthday crackberry

I wish for a new upcoming blackberry 10 device


Happy birthday Crackberry :D and my wish would be a trip to BlackBerry World in Orlando.


Happy Birfday! I would love a Blackberry playbook!


Congratulations! My wish would be a BB 10, and for 2012 to be the year of BB and RIM success!


I wish a BlackBerry 10 phonr when available.
I would sell my soul to CrackBerry for that!



lolz, kinna seems weird asking for something on your special day but all I'd like is a nice shinny Bold 990 Black!!! ^_^


Happy Bday CB!!!! Sincerly, using the site since 2010 and...let me say: the best platform for BB users. All I want now is, of course, a BB10 but also I would love to try and to use the Porsche desing BB. Happy birthday once again, best wishes and more users everyday!! Cheers from the Republic of Moldova!!!!


For me it's simple...a new BlackBerry 10 phone when it comes out. Also would be cool to hang with Kevin at a blackberry event.

Happy Birthday CrackBerry!


Happy Birthday! I would love to have a Playbook.


I wish for a BB10 Bold. Qwerty keyboard is a must.


My CrackBerry Blackberry wish would definitely be a BB10 when it's released! *fingers crossed* I hope I win this time. :)

Happy Birthday CrackBerry! :D


I want too many BlackBerry Awesomenes umm let's think.....
Now I would go with a Torch 9810 or a 64gb Playbook or maybe a future BB10 but I can settle for some Playbook accessories.
Thanks and Happy Birthday. Good luck on lots more years.


Happy Birthday Crackberry. I wouldn't expect anything from you on your Birthday. if you get too many gifts and you decide you want to share. A new Bold 9900 would be appreciated but it's up to you whether you want to part with it or not. All the best!!


Happy Birthday CB!

A lifetime paid Verizon wireless unlimited phone and data plan for me and my family with free BlackBerry phone upgrades! Hey, its a wish right?


Happy birthday crack berry!

I wish i can get the newest blackberry that will come out!


I wish for a blackberry 10 device when it comes out.


I would really like a Playbook to go with my Bold 9900


Happy Birthday CrackBerry!
Thanks for helping me get well acquainted with my device. I go to you before I even attempt Google. For my wish, I would wish for a PlayBook. My 9900 is great, all I'm missing is a great tablet.
Thank you


Happy Birthday CrackBerry! I`m honoured to be a member here.

My Crackberry wish would be to own the Porsche Design P'9981!

It is such a funky looking phone and to be able to rock that baby would make my life!


BlackBerry World ticket for me. I live in Florida so transportation isn't an issue. Just saying :-)

And here's to a great 5 years with many more to come!!!


I wish a blackberry 10 device. A full qwerty(bold).


A BB10 Slider when they are available (something similar to the Torch) would be great! Thank you!


Happy Happy Birthday, CrackBerry!!!

You're doing a great job enabling my habit and those of other BlackBerry addicts. I would love to have a Bold 9900 or a BB10 (touch + physical keyboard) handset (which ever is the most current at the time of the gifting).




a qwerty BB10 phone please


I wish I wish upon my berry for a new BB10 device when it comes out because my Curve 8530 is on suicide watch