CrackBerry Turns 5 Years Old Today and You Can Win Your Birthday BlackBerry Wish!

We're FIVE Years Old!!
By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Feb 2012 12:59 pm EST

CrackBerry Birthday Contest: Leave a comment to this post making your "BlackBerry Wish" and we'll make it come true for one lucky winner! 

Happy Birthday CrackBerry Nation! That's right... Sunday, February 26th, 2012 marks FIVE years to the day that we fired off our Hello World Press Release and officially opened our doors to And what an *amazing* five years it has been.

To our longtime readers and members who have been here for the whole journey, you know what we've achieved together over the years and we thank you for the ongoing love and support. To those who have discovered CrackBerry more recently, we hope you continue to visit for years to come. It's funny, you'd think after five years we'd be a little tired, but we're more energized than ever. With BlackBerry 10 phones on the horizon and a lot of great plans for the site in the works, it's an exciting time to be part of CrackBerry Nation. Heck, we even set a record this week in our forums for the most people online at one time!

BIRTHDAY CONTEST - Make a BlackBerry Wish and you could Win It! 

In true CrackBerry birthday fashion, we're celebrating with a contest. We couldn't decide what to give away as a prize, so we're leaving it up to you. All you need to do is leave a comment to this post with your "CrackBerry BlackBerry Wish" and we're going to make it come true for one lucky winner. Want a BlackBerry 10 phone when it becomes available? Or maybe a Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry? How about a trip to BlackBerry World in Orlando this year? Close your eyes, pick that BB thing you want most, and make that wish!! Good Luck!

Reader comments

CrackBerry Turns 5 Years Old Today and You Can Win Your Birthday BlackBerry Wish!



Happy Birthday CrackBerry.... Your PlayBook app is my favourite! ... A 9900 series BlackBerry or that Porsche designed BlackBerry would be a dream come true.

Thanks for keeping all of us in the loop!

Congrats CrackBerry.

Well done, cheers!!
I just wish for a great BlackBerry Playbook 64GB.

Keep up the good work.

Happy Bold Birthday,

Today are 5 years since your start a revolutionary idea, become the leader of information for all the blackberry junkies like I millons how readers worldwide get your news in all the different ways, rss, videos, going web browsing, making the Curve of information that we all wanted, fueling the Torch of more information in our day to day basis, when you start you wre teh Pearl of the information, and now you are the Bold master of it.

So keep playbook on the information you always send to our fingers directly to our touch screen devices. So Crackberry go crack the party, start the super Bold fiesta, couse you are Worldwide.

So if I can make a trip to crackberry Nation, and Blackberry Nation, it will so amazing, to know the places where everything begun!!!

So Happy Birthday, keep sending the information, cuase we will keep reading it.

So if I can go to Crackberry and Blackberry nation to know how everything started will be awesome!!!!

Happy Birthday Crackberry!!! Thank you for all you do....exceptional!!! Thank you for this contest, and your generosity!!!

Blessings and well wishes to Crackberry for present and future endeavors! ;-))

My wish is for a Blackberry Playbook 64GB. Seems too much to wish for, even a little greedy....but you asked, and It would be put to good use for my 15yr. old in high school, and all the challenging homework she brings home.

Good luck to all!

Congrats to CrackBerry. Congrats to Kevin for going so far.

My CrackBerry BlackBerry Wish is a Porsche P'9981.

Dear Crackbery;

Happy Birthday! Thank you for everything you've shared with the world. Even though I'm new to the community, I have learned a lot in a short time!!! Here's to many more years!!!


Happy Birthday CB !!!

Thanks for everything and keep up the good work.
I wish to own any new blackberry phone.
Once again Happy Birthday and thank you.

I am a loyal black/crackberry. I have posted many times and never won anything. If I had a crack/black wish, it would be to win a Bold 9900 or a Porsche Edition Bold. I would parade my trophy prize with particular pride and obligatory snobbery on the Tech guys at both MSNBC and CNET. They have been unrelenting in harsh criticisms to all things Blackberry and RIM. I cannot but hope the OS10 will finally silence the naysayers who forget....WE WERE THE FIRST SMARTPHONE!!!!!!

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to you!
I wish for a blackberry 10 phone...and a million dollars...ok just the phone.

Happy 5th Birthday Crackberry!

I would like either the BB10 follow on to the 9810 or a 64GB Playbook.

I have learned a great deal over the years reading the forums. Thanks

My CrackBerry BlackBerry Wish is for a Porsche Design P'9981 :)
Happy 5th Birthday CrackBerry! Wishing you all the best and a great year for BlackBerry.
2012: The year the RIMpire Strikes Back!

Happy Birthday Crackberry for now and may more! I think the first BB10 phone that rolls off the line would be an awesome prize.

Happy Birthday CrackBerry. I wish I may I wish I might if I could have my wish tonight it would be a BB10 phone. Keep up the awesome job CrackBerry Team!!

Happy Birthday Crackberry!

They say you shouldn't say what you wish for, or else it won't come true!

So, if I were to win, I would tell you guys what I wished for :)

Thank you so much Crackberry for all your hard work you do each day, giving all us "addicts" our fix. Enjoy your birthday!

Definitely a day to celebrate - of course I would like a new BB10 handset to boost me into the 21st century.

Curve 8330 CDMA (eww, I know, u/g to Torch soon!)
Winner of EA Mobile SE Playbook - rockin' it!

Happy Bday CrackBerry! You are number one in the blackberry world, I wish for the duo, blackberry Porche phone and the playbook, like a batman and robin.... And don't forget keep the great job that you doing for bb maniacs and fanatics in the world....

Happy birthday BlackBerry. Greeting from tiny Malaysia. Here everywhere Apple and Android. I want BlackBerry 9900 to show citizens here how good BlackBerry phones!

Happy birthday Crackberry, I would wish for a BB10 device and RIM's prosperity, congrats and best wishes to all that helped bring this website to the world 5 years and counting.

Happy Birthday CB! Thanks for all the memories, and here's to another 5 years. Heck, here's to another 100 years, Berry for life!

I'd love to win the P'9981. I'm a big fan of Porsche Design (and obviously BlackBerry), the two of them together in my hands would be awesome.

Happy Birthday Crackberry!!!

Crackberry, you have been a weath of knowlege, you have given me laughs and almost tears. You have been a true friend (in a weird sort of way. Success and Prosperity to you!!

Even though its your birthday, If I could wish for anything it would be an IOU for a Blackberry 10 device.

Happy 5th year birthday Crackberry team.

I would only wish I had the new Blackberry 9900 and a playbook. I only had one phone for 8 Years now which is the sony ericsson w810i which is my first every phone. All my mates have the latest iphone or blackberry. I CAN only wish right...

I wish for a new model of the 64GB Playbook, with twice the CPU Ram, so that it can smoothly run the native mail, contacts, and calendars apps.

My second wish, which CB can't control, is for a Playbook OS update including DLNA, USB on-the-go, and universal search.

HaPpY BiRtHdAy CrAcKBErRy*!*!*!*!
Since I'm in the US and can't get a white 9900, that would be my wish, a white BlackBerry Bold 9900.

Happy birthday crackberry.

If things. I would like include Kevin getting a spot on the board of directors, great reviews for the new os, and an early release for bb10,

But my Wish is a RIM PlayBook Keyboard Case....they look sooooo good.

I am pretty confident that the new "London" could "cure" me of my current iPhone habit. Talk about sexiness in a phone!


Happy 5th Birthday Crackberry! My wish would be for a BB10 Bold phone when they become available. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Happy birthday CrackBerry.

My wish: A blackberry 10 device when it comes out (with or without keyboard, simply the one that comes out first)

Thanks CB !

Happy Birthday CB nation been an honor and privileged to be one of the 3 million + just need a playbook to go along with my 9900 and 9700 4 other bench-warmer BB's

Happy Birthday Crackberry!! You don't look a day over 4 yrs old. Anywho... I would love a 10 inch, 64 gig BB Playbook as it becomes available. Cheers to many more celebrations!

Happy Birthday to I have been a member since 2009 but I started reading this site back in 2008. I remember the old CrackBerry theme and I must say the site has grown IMMENSELY. This site takes away from my life way to much. I am constantly refreshing the page every 15 minutes at home, on my Bold & at work. CrackBerry has given me so much. BlackBerry isnt just a device for me its a passion. Thank YOU for the latest news, for the late nights reading blogs and waiting for releases. From 8800 to BB10. Thank you for showing me exactly what i want to do with my life. What is my birthday wish from CrackBerry? Keep it going. Congrats on your P'9981 Kevin. I would love one too.

For the 5th Anniversary of I would love to have a Porche Design Blackberry Bol 9981! Blackberry is in my blood!

Happy baby for you, hapy baby for you happy baby 45 years more to the 50 for CB today,
if i can bring you guys a cold beer, but if you make my wish true, hmmmmm
i nice new os2.0 playbook or bb10 will make my live grazy. thanks to CB

happy good night to you all.

Enjoy DelftEo

Mine is simple, a new OS 10 device when they come out! Or if you have any power over RIM I wish for them to ship the OS 10 devices early! ;-)

Happy Birthday CB! Good job on keeping with it, even when there's so many other tantalizing options out there. :)

My Blackberry wish?
As a gay man, I want a fashion phone. Porsche design please!

Happy Birthday Crackberry,

If I could wish for anything it would be for a Porche Design P'9981 BlackBerry to give to my girlfriend, her blackberry is falling apart its soo old!


Front Facing camera on a BB....please..)

Congrats CB. You have become very important to the users, and I believe also to RIM.

Ahhh I hope i can upgrade my 'wish' .... from a 32gb to the 64gb version of the Playbook !! ? Did not realize that there was one closer in storage cap. as my present 1Gen80Zune ! ;)

Coincedentally 26th is my birthday but a diff month. I just want to say Crackberry makes life easier,I started as a layman but with you guys I've become a fone/blackberry addict and I can convincingly say it was all ur doing,ur team and dedicated fan base. Thanks. What I'd really wish for is a porsche phone seeing as I already have the 9900

Happy Birthday CrackBerry. I've been hanging out here for two years or so and have learned lots. I am currently using a Curve 8530 because of where I travel. Not a lot of 3G in northern Ontario. So,if I am fortunate enough to win this contest I would love a new BB10 device when they become available, preferably one with a real keyboard but I won't quibble.

Keep up the good work,

Happy Birthday CrackBerry. I've been hanging out here for two years or so and have learned lots. I am currently using a Curve 8530 because of where I travel. Not a lot of 3G in northern Ontario. So,if I am fortunate enough to win this contest I would love a new BB10 device when they become available, preferably one with a real keyboard but I won't quibble.

Keep up the good work,

Happy Birthday CrackBerry!

May I please get a BB10?

Although, it wouldn't be such a bad idea if you guys collected old Blackberry phones from all of your users and donated them.. I'm sure there lots of people who can't afford one :)

Happy birthday crackberry! Loves your website! Always keeps me informed. My crackberry blackberry wish is a bb10 bold phone preferably a white one. Please and thank you.

A trip to a BB conference in Europe - it might be the only way I get there.

If that is too overboard, okay, the first bb10 phone with a physical keyboard - I may have live long and prosper for that one.

(closing eyes, making wish and blowing our your candles)

Happy BD Crackberry! Thank you for providing 5 years of great tips and advice to enjoy our BB vices. For your birthday, I would like the B10 version of the Torch Slider.

Happy, happy birthday, Crackberry, and many happy returns. It's been a pleasure!

My wish, besides wishing you another great 5 years, is for a BB10 phone when they become available.

Thanks for all the fun and the information!

Happy Birthday CrackBerry!!! And my wish is to be the first person in Latin America to have a BB10!!!! This 5th year its gonna be great!!!!

My "CrackBerry BlackBerry Wish", is for Kevin to be selected on the board of RIM. Happy Birthday Crackberry friends!

Happy Birthday Crackberry,

My Crackberry BlackBerry Wish is to be the first to get the new Playbook 2. If you're gonna make a wish, make it a GREAT one!


Happy 5th Birthday Crackberry, you have answered a ton of my questions, you are always there for me to research and share what news you have dug up for us, never think its not appreciated.
My wish is very simple I would love a blackberry that is full screen touch and can play my games on FB and easier for me to read than the Curve I have.
Wish good luck to everyone entering.

Happy Birthday CrackBerry!

I wish to get the BlackBerry Bold 9900!

Thank you for the contest!
Hope I win!
Good luck to all! :)

My Crackberry Blackberry Wish will be win ones in a life time anything, i mean win anything in this kind of contest, cause im in all most contest and nothing LOL i think i just have a very bad luck.
Anyway my first thing, 64gb Playbook or simply a blackberry 9900...

thanks CB...

Happy birthday crackberry!!! My Crackberry birthday wish is for a blackberry 10 smartphone!! One with a keyboard preferably!!

Happy birthday crackberry!!! My Crackberry birthday wish is for a blackberry 10 smartphone!! One with a keyboard preferably!!

Congratulations on 5 years! This is truly the premier site for everything Blackberry.

If I had to choose one thing, it would likely be a BlackBerry 10 device when available. It can't happen soon enough after the OS 2.0 release wet my appetite.

Here's to at least 5 more years for!!!

Happy Birthday Crackberry!
My Blackberry wish is for a BB10 phone when they come out :)

Happy Birthday CrackBerry!!!!!

How are the Wife and Kids? I'm going to make this simple for you. All I want for your birthday is a Blackberry X Device.

Happy B'day

Best of wishes


Happy Birthday Crackberry & many more to come with a, hopefully, resurgent RIM who can give the players a run for their money.

My personal wish - health, happiness, and maybe a shiny new BBX ;-)

HBD CrackBerry!!! :D :D

My only wish would be a BB10 phone with full qwerty keyboard.

If I win I would donate my BB to someone that couldn´t afford it, to expand the BB community.

Happy Birthday CrackBerry! It Has Been 5 Years & You've Been Kicking Since Forever! Way To Go CB Team!!

Although I know the chance of me gettin' the prize is extremely thin (so I'm doin' this for real, not really eyein' for the prize LOL), I'm proud to say I'm one of those who will browse up first thing in the morning. Really! I see exciting stuff everyday here. Now it's 730am here in Malaysia, & I'm writing this (really, once again, with me aware that the prize will definitely won't be mine hahahaha..)...

Attractive web designs (& sometimes dare I say it, crrrraaazzzzzyyyyy!!!), cool contests ;). & of course, cool reviews on cool stuff & supercool Berrys!!!

You've been the source of reliable information for us Crackheads that are proud to be alive rocking & abusing Berrys. (& of course the Crackheads too) rocks!!!!! Wishing for your continued success & RIM's continued success,& a job opportunity at RIM :D

I've spent hours, trying to find good reasons to stay with you, "it works for me", "you ppl just don't understand it",
But as time passes it gets harder and harder, I keep looking for excuses for what's going on, "you're busy with new projects", "you will put a lil more effort in the future"
"this will pass", and as I look forward to the promise of better things to come,
I start to wonder about our future together or if we even have one......
I really want to stay with you, but you're not making it easy to have faith in you...

And with no flash support on your headsets or BB 10 devices with out a define date on the horizon, I'm not 100% sure you will be my choice for my next phone.....
Blackberry SNAP OUT OF IT!!!!!!! I want a badass functional phone!!!!

And that, ladies and gents, it's my wish!!!

p.s. a BB10 device with a Playbook to go along a tour of the BB or Crackberry headquarters would be nice too!!! lols

My wish that i would like on Crackberry's bday is to have a T-Mobile BLackberry Bold 9900 I THink I may get lucky and be the one to win.

Dear Crackberry-
I'd love a Blackberry 10 phone from your birthday party! Selfish, I know.
Happy Birthday Crackberry!!!

OOH OOH I know! a New Audi A6 with a blackberry Playbook integrated into the dash! Bam! That's my dream car right there

Without crackberry there wouldnt be as much loyalty in blackberry users! I always check this site daily on news and BB specs. Blackberry 4 Lyfe!

Blackberry bold 9900 would be the obvious prize as it is the best phone out. Id love to upgrade from my already awesome bold 9000. Rogers company plzzz...

Happy Birthday Crackberry and thank you for all your wisdom over the last five years. If I were to win, I would love the trip to BlackBerry World in Orlando. That would be super cool!

happy birthday crackberry! i wish for a white 9900 with a matching playbook to come with it! thanks guys, you deserve this success

I want to talk to RIM's marketing Team. The product is great but no one knows about it, I want to find a way to help them with that.

I suppose I also really want a BB 10 phone, just to show off how cool it is.

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday! I wish for Crackberry's continued growth, because I wouldn't know what to do for my all day fixation to your site. You are awesome!! I wish for a white Bold 9900!


If I'm going to wish then I will wish big: Porsche Design P'9981 Design.

Crackberry, thank you for making a difference to my BlackBerry experience.

Happpppppppy Biiiiiiiirthday!!!!!! My crackberry blackberry wish would be for a BB10 phone and a cupcake!

Happy B-day, CrackBerry! Been reading pretty much daily since '08. Would love to win the Porsche-designed BB! To 5 more crack years!

Happy 5th Birthday, and what better way to celebrate than giving me a 64gb Playbook. That would be freaking awesome!

Happy birthday crackberry! Lets hope blackberry makes it through the next 5 years for you guys to enjoy! Keep up the good work!

My birthday wish would be for a new bb10 phone with keyboard with a bluetooth connection to any aston martin you choose. Not fussy really. Or maybe just a 'trip' in one!

Happy 5th Birthday CrackBerry Nation + All Staff Members!
As a user and a HUGE fan, I'd like to say, thank you very much for all the hard work, and making this site possible. I've always wanted a "BlackBerry® Torch™ 9860", it'll be nice if my wish can come true some day.
Keep up the good work, and good luck on the upcoming years.

I wish for a BB 10 similar to the torch (all display with slide keyboard) or the first that comes to market, but most important with both Thorsten Heins and Kevin signatures.

Happy Birthday, CrackBerry!!! Here's to another 5 years. I'm easy. I want another CrackBerry......a BB10. I'm not picky! :)

Happy Birthday Crackberry!!

My Ultimate Crackberry Birthday Wish would be the past present, and future
A Blackberry 850 - Past
A P'9981 - Present
A BB10 Phone - Future

If it came down to picking just one though, it would have to be the P'9981, can't beat exclusivity!

Tough choice but I think if the trip to Florida is paid for too bb world I would take that. If not then I'd be happy with a bb10 phone

Happy Birthday Crackberry!
I would like if possible a look into the Research in motion Headquarters possibly talk with Throstein Heins and thats pretty much it if not possible probably just 2 items from the crackberry store.

congrats crackberry keep up the great job.

I would love a BB10 full touch 4g phone.
or a Playbook 2 (once their out of course not 2.0) largest size.

Happy birthday

If possible, I'd take a rain check for a bb10 device. If not, then a new bold would be sweet.
HBD crackberry!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday! On my first post ever, I would like a BB9900 to be with my lonely Playbook 64

Happy BD CB


Happy birthday Crackberry :)

I would like to thank you for providing me with the most up to date news about my BlackBerry and for providing a great forum of users.

I would like a Torch 9810 please :3

Thanks a lot and I hope you stay around for many years to come :)


Would Like A Blackberry 10 Device when available!


Best Wishes into the future.

Happy Birthday Crackberry!

I would like a 64gb Playbook!!

Also Congrats again on 5 years of giving the best information on the net about Blackberry's!

Happy Birthday Crackberry!!

I'd love to show off the great new features that RIM has built in to the PB OS 2.0 by wishing my way into receiving a MicroVision SHOWWX+ HDMI Laser Pocket Projector.

What fun it would be to use in my training seminars.......but even more fun to be able to go back to the office and serve up some humble 'Apple pie' to my iPad loving peers as I pull the projector out of my jacket pocket, then use my PB to take a picture of their stunned faces and plaster it all over the lunch room wall!

Cost of prize to Crackberry $369.00.
Value of prize for me to 'project' those stunned looks of my peers 'big screen style' on the wall........PRICELESS!!


I love it when its my birthday :) Thanks so much for offering a gift. Although it should be the other way around ;D Well since your offering, I would love to experience all the wonders of the Blackberry World in Orlando (like Willy Wonkas Chocolate Factory) lol BUT thinking more of something that would help out my personal business would be the latest/future Playbook. That would be so very helpful. Thanks!

-Loyal blogger / customer (Matt)

Happy Birthday Crackberry, I've only been here a short time on the forum but been here since I got my 9700 a little over year ago and it's been awesome and you guys look like you had a great ride too, keep it up. I've been wishing for a 9900 ever since it came out, it is the ultimate BlackBerry.

Happy Birthday CrackBerry!

If warmer weather wasn't just around the corner, I'd go for the trip. haha But what I would truly love is an all-touch BB10 phone when released. This would save me several hundred dollars in early upgrade fees since my Torch 9860 will only be 1 year into a 3 year contract when BB10 launches... and I will get a BB10 phone one way or another... hopefully from you though! :-D

Happy birthday Crackberry. Less than a year ago I hated cell phones. Now I have a Bold 9780 and can't put it down. And I got alot of info from this Site.

I would like a new Bold 9790, love the size.

Happy Birthday CrackBerry! I love my 9860 but would love a White 9900, to help tide me over until we get BB10 devices

Happy Birthday

Thank you for helping me support my users for the past 5 years!

I would love a BlackBerry Bold

I wish I wish with all my heart, to be able to attend the 2012 North America DevCon. It would be my geekiest dream come true

I couldnt wait for a BB10 phone and had to get the Bold 9900 when my contract was up. I love the phone but am so excited for the BB10 phones that I will have to have one when it is available. But I will be in a contract so the price will be too high. Winning one from Crackberry would be so amazing. Love this contest.

Happy Birthday, hoping that the Rimpire will strike back and expose the ifraud for what it is!

What better way to celebrate than with a couple of Plabook2s to keep company on an Alaska cruise? These three things would make the Mrs and me verry happy on our anniversary.

The porsche design phone is the only thing I really want right now!! Make it happen Crackberry please and happy birthday. I hope ull be around for ever

The porsche design phone is the only thing I really want right now!! Make it happen Crackberry please and happy birthday. I hope ull be around for ever

HB CrackBerry! Your site is THE definitive source for helpful and insightful BlackBerry news and discussions. I love reading articles and forum comments from passionate BB users.

My birthday wish is to have an all-touch BB10 smartphone.

Congrats CB for your tireless works over d years.May your zeal continue. BB has been my ONLY smartphone some 4years now and I plan to stick with it, however I learned of CB some time after and it's been gr8! I expect gr8 things from RIMs slate of future products...I've neva used a big all-touch device (cause I like the efficiency of physical keyboard) so I'd be more than grateful for a future BB10 device upon 1st release as I'm now less apprehensive about the touch UI since experiencing the 9900!

Happy Birthday CrackBerry !!!

I would love a 20 foot HDMI cable so that I can hook my PlayBook to The TV and play with it from the couch !

For my CrackBerry wish, I would love to have a BlackBerry 10 phone once it becomes available!
Hope I win this one!

I wish for a full screen BB10 phone...and for RIM to finally shut up the critics with some bitching devices and a great new QNX OS.


Pray for More Succuess & God continues to enpower u guys with what u do for both blackberry and EX- iphone users (LIKE ME)

Il wish i could get a Blackberry 9900 or a Playbook!
That would be toooooooooooooo Sweet for me this year :) :) :)

Happy birthday CB! I have won a bunch of apps as well as a bunch of themes and I am very grateful for that. You have provided a lot for all of us. So I really appreciate it. As to the answer to your question, I would like one of those business class backpacks that I did not win as well as one of those Porche 9981 BB's to upgrade to. That would make my year! Thanks for this awesome contest.

Happy birthday CB!!!

My wish would be for the community of BlackBerry users and abusers to stick around forever and for me to win an upcoming BB10 BB. Patience is of the essence :)

Happy birthday CrackBerry!!

A new BlackBerry 10 phone is what's on my wish list!!
Thanks, and here's to many more years for CrackBerry + BlackBerry!!

Happy Birthday, Crackberry!!! CB has helped me thru a many issues and questions I've had with my Berrys over the years. Thanks for being there for me when I needed you(sniff sniff). I'd love to have the new Playbook when it hits. Preferably the 64GB(or highest GB version).

Happy Birthday Crackberry!

May you have many, many more.

I would wish for a new 64gb playbook 2 as my birthday wish.
I thank all the knowledgeable users here on the forums that have helped me make the most out of my mobile devices. Have a great day.

Happy Birthday Crackberry!! May you celebrate many more. I would like a PlayBook, if you please.

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birrrthday, CBeeeee,
Happy birthday to youuuuu!

(and I hope I wiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnn!)

Thanks Crackberry for your support and love! Continued success!

Happy anniversary Crackberry :)!!

I wish for a new blackberry10 phone. Wish you more success in the future!!!!!



Happy anniversary Crackberry :)!!

I wish for a new blackberry10 phone. Wish you more success in the future!!!!!



Happy Birthday Crackberry.. Oh I do hope I win this so i can get a Blackberry 10 Smartphone of my choice when they come out. Was going to say playbook but was already promised one for MY birthday :D .. As u can see I worked my answer perfectly so as not to miss out or end up getting the equivalent of an 8520 Blackberry 10 smartphone :P

Love crackberry! My bday is Mar 3 so my wish is for the new bb10 when it comes out, hopefully they will have them in white:)

Hey crackberry, congrats!! Happy birthday! I've been with crackberry for just over a year now. Great work!!

Hmmm... Orlando trip sounds nice! Or a 64GB playbook!!!

Or maybe the porsche phone!!! Beautiful!

Happy 5th CrackBerry's Birhtday, I wish the best to you and I wish to win a trip to Blackberry World!

Best Wishes to you all!!!

Happy Birthday CrackBerry!! I would love an OS10 phone (given to me in a pub, having beers with CrackBerry Kevin, after a tour of RIM!!!)

Happy Birthday Crackberry. Thank you the hardwork and time in providing us guides, tips, updates and more. Wish all the team mates keep up the good job and continue to prosper and bolder! Blackberry10 is my only wish. Thx a bunch

Happy, happy birthday
I wish you many more!

Happy, happy birthday
please pick what I wish for!

Thanks for the love! Keep it up!

Happy 5th Natal Day CrackBerry. I am still a neophyte in this site as I just recently discovered (and become addicted) to the BlackBerry device. In fact, Feb 25th is my 1st discovery of the CrackBerry site so cheers to our shared anniversary (though I officially joined around June 2011). I have a BB 9300 as my first device and I am really salivating for an immaculate White BlackBerry Bold 9900.

I wanted to take this opportunity as well to thank the great and talented writers of this site for guiding me on how to enjoy and maximize my first ever BB device. From recommending what functional apps to use, what themes would beautify BB, games to keep boredom at bay to basically making me comfortable using my beloved BB. Yes, I am addicted to the CrackBerry Nation and I love it!

Cheers to more more years of CrackBerry blogging and lovin'!


First of all happy b-day :) Ever since I played with my friends Bold 9900 i wish one for myself. Unfortunately I am stuck with my iPhone 4 bday present. So get my out of my misery and make me happy with a BlackBerry Bold 9900 :)


Happy Birthday Crackberry and congrats for all these years of major success. 5 more years are ahead of you guys.

For your special day, I wish for a T-Mobile Blackberry Bold 9900. My trustee Blackberry 9700 has been with me for years. I would like a new companion with the Blackberry 9900

Happy Birthday, CrackBerry! Wow, another amazing contest... My BlackBerry wish would be to get a P9981. Fingers crossed!

Happy Birthday Crackberry! My birthday wish is to have a 64GB Blackberry Playbook and a Blackberry 10 phone as soon as they can make it available. Hope you have many more birthdays! :D

Happy birthday!!!! Thanks for all of helpful advice and products. I would wish for a new BB 10 phone or 10 " playbook!!!!

Happy B-Day Crackberry! I remember coming here from the BBForums(rude place) and this site rocked from the beginning! Thanks for everything!!

If I could have one thing I think it would be a PlayBook! :)

Again, thank you for everything!