CrackBerry Turns 5 Years Old Today and You Can Win Your Birthday BlackBerry Wish!

We're FIVE Years Old!!
By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Feb 2012 12:59 pm EST

CrackBerry Birthday Contest: Leave a comment to this post making your "BlackBerry Wish" and we'll make it come true for one lucky winner! 

Happy Birthday CrackBerry Nation! That's right... Sunday, February 26th, 2012 marks FIVE years to the day that we fired off our Hello World Press Release and officially opened our doors to And what an *amazing* five years it has been.

To our longtime readers and members who have been here for the whole journey, you know what we've achieved together over the years and we thank you for the ongoing love and support. To those who have discovered CrackBerry more recently, we hope you continue to visit for years to come. It's funny, you'd think after five years we'd be a little tired, but we're more energized than ever. With BlackBerry 10 phones on the horizon and a lot of great plans for the site in the works, it's an exciting time to be part of CrackBerry Nation. Heck, we even set a record this week in our forums for the most people online at one time!

BIRTHDAY CONTEST - Make a BlackBerry Wish and you could Win It! 

In true CrackBerry birthday fashion, we're celebrating with a contest. We couldn't decide what to give away as a prize, so we're leaving it up to you. All you need to do is leave a comment to this post with your "CrackBerry BlackBerry Wish" and we're going to make it come true for one lucky winner. Want a BlackBerry 10 phone when it becomes available? Or maybe a Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry? How about a trip to BlackBerry World in Orlando this year? Close your eyes, pick that BB thing you want most, and make that wish!! Good Luck!

Reader comments

CrackBerry Turns 5 Years Old Today and You Can Win Your Birthday BlackBerry Wish!



I know it's nothing creative but my wish would be an IOU to a new Blackberry 10 Phone.
I've never won anything bigger then free coffee at Tim's during Roll-Up so it would be a real wish to win something big from Crackberry like this

Happy Birthday CB. lets hope the next 5 years are as blessed as the last 5.

For my wish, I would love a BB10 touchscreen phone when they come out.

Happy Birthday CrackBerry!!!

...and congrats to all the hard-working folks who've kept this forum running for five years. BB newb here who just joined yesterday because I'm trying to get kindle books on my new Playbook. So my wish is that the PB would come with a kindle app preloaded, or at least that it would be readily available without all this sideloading trickery. While I 'm at it, I wish the PB had access to the whole Android market :)

Happy B-day CB Nation!

My birthday wish for you and me: an awesome BB experience that doesn't just catch up with current smart phone standards but exceeds them and makes RIM the standard bearer once again. Please RIM, bring this Android using back to the Dark Side!

Well February 26th is my birthday also so I guess this birthday wish is fitting. I wish that CB would auction off its first BB10 phone to its followers, match the winning bid, and give the money to a children's charity.



Happy Birthday to you and the crew! I wish for all at Crackberry to have a happy and healthy year ahead. For me, I would like a BB 10 device once available, and $100 App World credit....since we are wishing :)

Happy Birthday Crackberry ! Helped me a lot with some BB issues ! Glad this forum exists !

I would love to get hold of the Blackberry P'9981 - Porsche Design

Happy Birthday CrackBerry
I hope to win a Blackberry Bold 9900 because it's still not available in my country
Thank you

my blackberry wish ? to get a blackberry bold 9930 to replace my curve 8520 :D . that would make my year :)

I would love a BB10 phone when it comes out because I know it would be awesome!! However since I've just started developing apps for Tablet OS I wish for some books on C/C++ programming for mobile devices so I can utilize the TAT cascades when RIM finally release it baked into the NDK haha

Happy Birthday, Crackberry!

There are a gazillion things I would really like to have. But, narrowing it down, my Crackberry BlackBerry wish is for a 64GB Playbook running OS 2.0.


Happy Birthday Crackberry. It's been an exciting year as far as RIM and the future of blackberry goes... hope this year turns out to be Crackberry's best year so far.

If I was to wish for a gift, it would be a black bold 9900 along with a white bold 9900. That way I could switch between the two depending on my mood/outfit.

Hey Crackberry A huge Happy Birthday and hopefully another happy 5+ to come.

My Dream wish would be to meet up with you guys at the launch of the BB10 range and for us to receive a shiny new phone

Happy day CrackBerry!! Yesterday it turns out is my 3rd anniversary with CrackBerry. The 8330 turned my life around. If I had a wish it would a BB10 phone, or the next version of the Playbook, whatever thats going to be called. Thanks for everything, many more years to come!!

So looks like chances to win will be 1/5000 but i'll throw my hat in the rink anyway: BB10 phone!!!

My first choice would be a BlackBerry Playbook, second choice would be a BB10 superphone

Happy Birthday Crackberry!

Happy Birthday Crackberry. It has been a pleasure seeing the site grow and I am always amazed as to how this site and its sister sites have become a force to be reckoned with. Keep up the good work and I look forward to winning a 10" Playbook whenever it comes out! Thanks!

Happy Birthday and congratulations on all of your success! Blackberry wouldn't be the same for me if it was not for this website. So with almost 900 comments in an hour 30 proves it and if there is some small chance that my comment is chosen at random I'd go gaga for the Porsche Designed P'9981 BlackBerry! Thanks for everything you guys are awesome!

Ah yes, I would like a voucher for the first OS10 device with a keyboard. That'd be sick, and if that can't be done I'll take the porsche blackberry for rogers.

Happy Birthday! Impressive the way you have continued to grow this distractable audience!
For your birthday, I'd iike world peace and to end hunger, but if that's a bit much, I'd love BB10 phones for my wife and I and a Playbook for her. It may be the only way to get her luddite hands on a BB10!

Happy birthday Crackberry

I would love a blackberry 10 smartphone when it comes out (with keyboard )
Or 100 PlayBook accessories from your store.

Happy birthday Crackberry

I would love a blackberry 10 smartphone when it comes out (with keyboard )
Or 100 PlayBook accessories from your store.

Happy birthday Crackberry

I would love a blackberry 10 smartphone when it comes out (with keyboard )
Or 100 PlayBook accessories from your store.

I want to not only be the owner of the first BB 10 phone but I ALSO want to do the review for! Sorry to steal your thunder Kevin, but make my dream come true!

My wish would be the continued success of RIM and CB! Along with a BB10 phone when they're available :)

Happy Birthday CrackBerry!

Happy Birthday for fifth anniversary Crackberry!

I'm glad that this contest is worldwide, so that European can be involved too.
I would wish a trip to bb offices in Ontario or at least offices in Britain. :)

All the best :)

i wish i could win one crackberry contest that i've entered. (and if it's this one, i would LOVE a bb10 device).

Happy Birthday & many, many, many more! This site is amazing and I go through withdraw when I am not able to check out the site daily! I wish you the best of luck and much success in the future!
Thank you for a great site and wall the wonderful contests you give to us users!

My birthday wish would be the P9981. I have dreams about that sexy beast! hahaha Thanks again!

Happy Birthday for fifth anniversary Crackberry!

I'm glad that this contest is worldwide, so that European can be involved too.
I would wish a trip to bb offices in Ontario or at least offices in Britain. :)

All the best :)

Happy birthday CB! I would wish for a Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry because I need a new BlackBerry, my 9670 is getting too slow.

I'd say $200 dollars worth of apps but I don't know if it's allowed so maybe I'll just ask for a white 9900 :-)

Happy Birthday Crackberry!!! May your success continue. Thank you for all the information that a newbie like me needs. Everyday I come here for updates ans news and you guys don't disappoint.

If I could wish for something? It would be a BB10 phone. Last blackberry phone I had was the first generation Storm. I am still hanging on to that phone that someday I'll be able to afford to turn it back on. Chances of me being picked? Slim........but again I just want to congratulate CRACKBERRY for a job well done now and into the future.

You guys definitely give new meaning to BE BOLD!!! SMILE!!!

Happy birthday crackberry!!! Without you I wouldn't know half the stuff my PlayBook or my 9900 can do.... Big thanks and keep it up for another five years! And my wish??? Put me in line for one of those bb10 phones!

happy birthday Crackberry!!!... my blackberry wish is to have one of the new blackberry 10 phones when dey become relay looking forward to it...blackberry rocks and crackberry 4ever \\m// :)


To all crackberrynians, more powerful to all of us and keep our fighting spirits high!

I wish to have 'Blackberry Porsche P'9981'

Thanks Crackberry!

Happy Birthday Crackberry, Your like the little brother I never had that was borm with unlimited smartphone wisdom at the age of 5 lol. I would wish for a trip for two to Blackberry World in Orlando.

Happy 5th Birthday Crackberry. I now fully understand what the "crack" stands for! Addicting devices and addicting website. Id wish for a BBX phone.

Wow, so many choices.......what to wish for?????? Well, I would have to say a full touch screen BB10 phone, as soon as it is available.

Thanks Crackberry, and happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Crackberry!

I guess my wish would have to be for a new BB10 phone once it is released. I'd really love to have one with a keyboard, more Bold style than Torch.

Here's to another 5 years of being our source for every Blackberry!

Happy b-day CB. I came on board when you were 2 years old and have learned a lot about my blackberries from this site. My wish list includes a 64 gig playbook. What a treat that would be.

Happy Brithday If it wasn't for you pushing RIM to step their came up we wouldn't have our beloved Blackberry.

My wish is rather small....Just a BB 10 phone when it comes out.

Happy Happy Birthday, Happy Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to Crackberry (sings) ..Hmm Birthday wish, Tons of Playbook Accessories, or the ultimate a Porsche P' 9981....

Happy 5th birthday Crackberrry.
I would love a Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry for my main wish. It would be especially awesome if it came with one of those playbook mini bluetooth keyboard / leather notebook for the playbook that I purchased on go live day. I have been impatiently waiting RIM to release this.

Wow, 5 years! Happy Birthday Crackberry!
I joined around a year ago and was always thinking, what is the big idea? Nothing special, a phone is a phone. Now I can't go a day without visiting to checkup on the latest news. I've also got a Blackberry curve 8900, and just recently a new playbook.

Well, given that my phone is likely needing an upgrade soon, what better to wish for than a new BB10 phone when it comes out. It'd also be nice if it also comes with all of the essential accessories like a dock charger, holster, bluetooth headset, and such, but honestly, I'd be happy to just get my hands on that new BB10 phone.

Wishing all the best to and the community!

First - congrats on 5 years and thanks for all that Crackberry does.

As for my wish - since I am saving my upgrade for a BB10 device I would say that either a Porche Design P'9981 BlackBerry or a Bold 9930 (if the Porche Design P'9981 BlackBerry won't work on Verizon) to tide me over will do.

Congrats Crackberry! So proud of you all!

I would love to be the winner of a BB10 Blackberry! I would wait all the time to be needed!

That would be my "Crackberry Blackberry wish"!

Greetings from Venezuela!

Thanks to you all!

Happy Birthday CrackBerry!!

My wish is to get the FIRST BB10 phone (torch like) released by RIM signed by ex-CEO's Jim and Mike and CB's CEO Kevin pre-loaded with top 10 games and top 10 apps of my choice presented to me by a hot female model !!

What? You asked me for my wish! lol

.. And if that's not possible, then a plain simple BB10 torch phone is fine too lol

Happy birthday Crackberry!!! I wish you all the best! May the next 5 years be as happy and successful as the first 5!

My personal Crackberry Blackberry wish would have to be a BB10 phone when it is released, hands down. Or hands up with a blackberry in hand, either way that would be a good Crackberry/Blackberry day!

Thank you and again, all the best!

What would I do without my daily dose of Happy birthday, y'all! Would love a Sprint BB Bold to go with my 16GB Playbook.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRACKBERRY!!! i recently got my first blackberry (9930, BOLD) and ever since then i visited this site everyday. i love this site so much!! what i would like is an extra blackberry bold 9930 JM1 battery. the one i got with my phone sucks and other ones online i read were horrible thats why they were cheap. i would love that from this site.

Thank you so much,

Happy bday crackberry! you guys have helped me become the 'addict' that I am today! My birthday wish would be to be able to give my girlfriend a brand new blackberry 10 phone when they come out. Her birthday is July 28th and will hopefully be around when the new devices show up. Thanks crackberry!

I wish, I wish for my crackberry wish for a Blackberry Bold, with that amazing keyboard that makes me smile, and that beautiful touch screen that I just can't resist, but most all I wish I wish for the new for that Blackberry Bold to have Blackberry 10 working as fast it can making my life as easy as a crackberry cupcake.

Ps: Happy Bday Crackberry.

And if you can't read my wish, I want a blackberry 10 phone that is equavalent to the bold. Thank you.

I need a new 9900...I need a new 9900... I need a new 9900...I need a new 9900....Please Kevin I just bought a 9860 and I miss my keyboard sooooooo much :(

Happy Birthday Crackberry!

I, like many others, wish for a BB10 phone when they are available.

Thanks for all of the informative articles and the ever-helpful forums!

Happy Birthday Kevin/ !!

My birthday wish is for a Big Beautiful Bold 9930 in white, Thats the phone for me!!!


Happy Birthday congratulations on your success. My birthday wish would be for RIMM to reverse course in the US and enjoy major success with BB10. I would wish for a new BB10 phone for sprint. Thank you.

I wish a Happy Birthday for sure and more years to come . For sure i will continue to read Crackberry,com everyday. Even i never win something but i wish to win for sure a BB10 phone when it is available

Thank you

Happy BDay Crackberry!

My wish is for BB10 to be so good that it puts BB back at the forefront of mobile phones and puts all the BB haters in their place!

Not a lot of Blogs and sites stay relevant after 5 years, so good job and happy birthday! My BB wish would be a BB10 phone with a keyboard and a pocket sleeve.

Crackberry forever!!! Blackberry forever!! Its because of crackberry that I fell in love with blackberry! I love my playbook and I love the way it works with my 9670. But my 9670 has seen better days. It currently is cracked at the hinge and is only held together because of the case (protector) I have on it. Its truly a "CRACKEDBERRY!!" lol. It would be wonderful to have a new blackberry 7 device to go with my playbook! Or even a 9981! Or maybe even a BB10 device! I really can't decide right now. But what I do know is Crackberry is my favorite site and I'm glad I found my way here! Happy birthday Crackberry!!!*EDIT* In true addict form i have narrowed it down to a 9930 or a 9981!! i need that wonderful keyboard!!!

make mine a bb10 device. First one that gets released with a full touch screen and no physical keypad slider or otherwise.

A very warm happy birthday to crackberry and the wonderful team behind it...more Greece to your elbow or however that saying goes....My wish is for a shiny new BB10 phone whenever they are out. WELL DONE Kevin and the team!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Crackberry!!!!!

I wish for a BB10 keyboard phone when they are released!

Keep the great work team Crackberry!!!!

First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I count on you guys for information, updates...and you guys always help me decide on what phone I want. =)

I want a 10" PlayBook bundled with every accessories possible! But to hold me over until that dream becomes a reality, I would like a 7" PlayPook with all the lovely accessories possible!!! =)

Wish big or go home. =P

My CrackBerry BlackBerry Wish is for a Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry. . .and a Blackberry store in the US. . .(maybe the last one was a bit much??? lol)

Happy Fifth Birthday CrackBerry!!!

What an amazing five years THEY HAVE BEEN!!!

Here's a toast to many more!!!

Happy Birthday CrackBerry. You've been my most visited website/forum ever since i've joined late last year. Keep up the good work!!!

A BB10 Nevada would be brilliant. :D

Happy birthday!
Been with you for 3 of the 5 years! Have had a bb the last 4 years.

The first bb10 with keyboard would rock

Congrats to you, CB! Where would we be without you?

My BlackBerry wish is for world peace but, barring that, a BB10 phone would be a nice gadget to have.

Happy Birthday, Crackberry! Thank you for all you've done for me, for all of us! I'd love a 9900, or a Porche Design ... but honestly just a 9900 to replace my Curve 9330 would be quite awesome. Here's hoping for many, many more years for Crackberry and for Blackberry!

Would love a new shiny White Bold 9900 pleasee! Happy birthday crackberry, my 2 year anniversary for reading you five times a day and never won a competition, I think its time I deserve this!

Happy 5th!!!

I wish for the new BB10 Slider.

But since a BlackBerry and a Playbook work well together, can I also have a next gen hardware Playbook too? Pretty please? ....with sugar on top? :)

I wish for a playbook 2 if available.

If not, I wish for one of those playbook cases with the BT keyboard and trackpad for my 16GB playbook.


I would like a 9900/9930, whichever one works for Rogers in Canada. YEEEEEEEEAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Happy 60th Month Birthday Crackberry! :D

Thank you always for keeping all of us happy and updated with our addiction to our beloved Blackberries!

I would quit smoking if I get a Porsche Design P'9981; could only afford to buy the pen! x.x


Happy birthday Crackberry!!!! My best wishes to you all here at cb that keep this site running so awesomely :)... If I had a wish though it would be to just have a BB bold 9930 mostly because I never even owned a blackberry of my own :( but yea I still support you guys :) so that's my wish... Don't get to wasted today CB since your only 5!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRACKBERRY :) i visit your site everyday as im a huge blackberry fan and this site always keeps me informed about what's going on in the blackberry world . i want a bold 9900/9930 or any other blackberry os7 device. thanks

Happy Birthday Crackberry......Id like us all to have Blackberry10 Phones.... :) specifically one with a keyboard thanks

Happy 5th, CB! Nice gesture, I tend to give a gift on my bday as well. A berry10 device, when available, would be fab. Continued success to you guys!

Happy Birthday Crackberry and hopefully many, many more.

My wish would be a BB10 device.

Happy birthday Crackberry!! My wish from you is a 9900 because I missed getting one by 31 days (one day past the 30 day gaurantee here in the states)

Happy Birthday Crackberry!

What I wish for is a PlayBook 2.0.

Thanks to everyone who puts in all the hard work to make this such a great website. I now understand why they call the phones Crackberries :) Blackberries have been the only smart phones I have used and I haven't been disappointed.

I'll so with a simple wish :P a 64GB playbook, that way my gf wouldn't be on my nerves anymore when i look at them in a store :P

Thanks for the nice contest !

Blackberry 10 phone would be nice. but another 10 years that RIM would still be around would be even nicer

happy birthday Crackberry and hope you will have a long long live

i wish a brand new 64g Playbook (i will give my 16g playbook to my wife so)

thx for all the contest you offer ;)

I wish for a BB 10 device when released. This is good timing seeing how my birthday is March 7th!

Happy Birthday Crackberry..My birthday wish is a porsche
designed BB phone. Not sure if I spelled that correctly but I am sure you know what I mean....Thanks!
Love my Playbook and Crackberry!

Happy Birthday!!! I would love a BB10 device!!!! Not sure which kind as there's not much about models but we'll wait and see! :)

Well Crackberry I want to congratulate you on your website and for the awesome feat of 5 years!! About as long as I've had my own blackberry! Enjoy your birthday and of course there must be cake and if you don’t get the presents you want…. I'm sure you all will sulk until the problem is fixed.  All joking aside I would like to wish very Happy Birthday to you all, I wish you the best and many more to come!!!!

Happy Birthday Crackberry! Great website and community for all kinds of blackberry help.
I wouldnt mind winning a BB10 phone :)

Happy birthday Crackberry! Ever since I got my 9850, I've been reading this site daily. Once I got a Playbook, it was an exciting adventure of ups and downs following the Playbook news on Thanks for keeping me engaged!

Crackberry Blackberry Wish: BB10 phone, of course.

My Wish is to get a top of the line Blackberry 10 device....the next blackberry Bold running this new OS as the Bold is the best device family within the Blackberry devices.

I'm closing my eyes, and making a wish for a Blackberry Playbook! I've been on the Crackberry journey since 2007, and wish you all the best :) Happy Birthday!!!

Have a blessed 5th birthday dearest Crackberry admin and users! Thanks for all the help and ease you bring and help me bring to others.

I wish I had a faster phone, so bridge browsing would be faster; my lemon 8520 has been trouble since day one, falling to pieces, killing a sdcard, rubber falling to pieces, speaker/mic failing, screen busted (because of he BB case thats supposed to protect it), keys sticking and locking the phone, battery expanding, cover warping, power slot warping, headset falling apart in first month. All that I can think of right now, but I stuck with it; thankfully a playbook is cheaper than a new phone making most of these issues obsolete and the phone 15x more functional! Go BB and CB!

What do I really want? How about an OS for my PlayBook that doesn't suck? Of course, that's not within CB's ability to grant, so I'll choose the option suggested in the article: a CDMA BB10 phone when available.

I wish all peaple and of course myself could have this perfect 10 with BlackBerry 10 comming to us very soon... These are exciting times for BlackBerry!

Congratulations and well done for all the hard work that has gone into the site (from concept to completion to now being up and running for 5 years!). I would love an IOU BB10 device (of course the one with the keyboard, I just can't get used to touch screen devices). Blessings!

Happy birthday CB! Ive also got a birthday coming up so I'd love a PlayBook 2! Thanks for the should have a birthday more often!

Happy Birthday and thanks for being the best BlackBerry site around! I'd love to get my hands on a BB10 devices whenever it comes out!

Happy Birthday CrackBerry!!! Keep up the amazing work!!! My Blackberry wish...definitely one of the upcoming BB10 phones, that would awesome! :)

Happy Birthday Crackberry! Thank you for having wonderful news and contests for the past few years! If I was to MAGICALLY win, I'd love a BB10 smartphone! Long live RIM and Crackberry!!


Id like to wish you many more years of berry bliss.
And my only wish would be for a 64gb playbook.

Happy Birthday CB!

Love to have a P'9981 Porsche Design.

As allways, thanks for all the contest.

Happy Birthday CB!

Love to have a P'9981 Porsche Design.

As allways, thanks for all the contest.

First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRACKBERRY ! You guys are a site that I check more often than my facebook account ! Hahaa
Secondly, my Crackberry Blackberry Wish is a Blackberry Bold 9900 !!!
Good luck in the future !

Happy birthday CB, my wish is for a bb10 bold, unless the full touch screen impresses me enough to abandon the keyboard, but that's not likely

Happy BDay CB!!! May you have another great five years ahead.

I would love a BB Playbook 2.0 fully loaded with accessories.

Have a good one

Happy Birthday CB!!! Keep up the great work!

I would be thrilled with a trip to Blackberry DevCon Asia 2012!!

once again.. Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday Crackberry! I've said this before but when I stumbled upon this website back in July I discovered all the benefits to having a BB and i got myself a 9930 right when it came out. It literally did change my life because I can do everything I want WAY more efficiently on my 9930 then on my iPhone and Android and i never plan to leave the BB platform. If I won I would love a BB 10 phone when they come out this year otherwise I would have to wait till my 2 year contract renews to buy another phone. SO PLEASE CRACKBERRY DON'T LET BE A YEAR LATE TO THE BB10 PARTY!

Happy 5th Birthday Crackberry.. Woaaah It has been 4 Year i'm stay here getting news and Info about blackberry, Learned about Blackberry, and Meeting With New Friends.. " :)
thanks You :) wish You all Best, Many Blackberries' happy return lol.. :)

i"d Love to wish for Porsche Design P'9981, :) i"d Like the Design, silver color, it feels so Exclusive, wth OS 7, and :) slim, thin design...
it would be really fun, and Pleasure when I can Hold it on my Hand,
since This Blackberry Doesnt Launch yet Overhere..

Thanks for Help making my Dream Come true.. :)
Hope I can win One on This chance.. :)

Happy Birthday CrackBerry!

I for one probably would not be a BlackBerry user if it wasn't for this site. When I got my first BB in 2007 I knew nothing and called T-Mobile almost daily asking them what I know now to be simple questions. Now that I have a pretty good handle on things I find their tech support very poor to the point that I go to them only when I want to talk directly to BB support.

My first stop for all things BlackBerry is right here.

I don't know where we all would be if there wasn't any CrackBerry.

I guess I should have read Kevin's first post.

Having a 9900 & PlayBook already I guess my wish would be for a BB Bold with BB10.

Happy Birthday Crackberry!

Found this site when I purchased my playbook, and since I've been addicted like a user on crack! Loving this place. So much so that you convinced me to buy a Bold 9900 on launch day. Have been happy since!

A wish I would like is a BB10 device that will have the physical keyboard that would replace my Bold 9900 device quite nicely...

Happy Birthday Crackberry!!

My CrackBerry BlackBerry Wish would be the first BB10 phone WITH our beloved keyboard. It wouldn't be a crackberry without the keyboard.


Happy Birthday CrackBerry! I'd wish for a BB10 phone/refreshed PB combo. That or an awesome RIM Monopoly set like Kevin got a while back...

I have a Bold 9930 and a Playbook? What more could I ask for?! I guess if you twisted my arm, I'd want a White Bold 9930 for Sprint. I've considered to taking the guts of my Black Bold and putting it the caseing for a white one but am too chicken to try it, but maybe CrackBerry can make this happen!

happy birthday crackberry, be nice if you guys stayed around for awhile.

a blackberry 10 device would be sweet, have to see how the new os goes, kind of torn between keyboard and full touch

Crackberry provides an amazing array of advice, tips, and points of view reguarding some of our favorite tech. Here is to several more years!! Thanks Crackberry!!

Happy Birthday Crackberry and congratulations on be 5 years strong!

I would like shares in RIM :) and if that's not possible, I'll settle for the first BB10 phone with a keyboard.



Thank you for offering me a chance to make a wish. Happy Birthday Crackberry!
My wish is for a BB10 phone but if that isn't possible then a Porche Design P'9981 BlackBerry .

Happy Birthday Crackberry team!!! More power and keep up the good work! You rock guys!

Would love to get a Porsche Design P'9981 or BB10 superphone! Thanks!!!

Happy Birthday Crackberry!

I seriously love this web page.

I would be so happy to get a Playbook, that's the only thing i wish

What can I say to the most informed bunch of people on the web about the most important piece of equipment I kepp with me every day, my BlackBerry. Thank you for being there with all my daily news fix, updates and most of all the positive feed back about our Canadian tech company north of the boarder. If it wasn't for CrackBerry we all wouldn't know the power behind the BlackBerry and they were always there keeping BlacBerry alive when there was and still so much negative press. Thank you all and I'm whishing you all a many more Happy Birthdays for the future.
P.S I would love a white 9900.

Thanks Again you guys and girls are the best.

Happy 5th Birthday CB - Team BlackBerry is still going strong. My wish is to to win a BB10 device when released.

2012 is the year of the BlackBerry!

HB Crackberry. Been following you guys 4 years, i visit your page like 10times a day for the newest leaks and upcoming products

i would love a blackberry 10 phone all touch screen.

You make the Blackberry experience Complete.

I wish for You to be around for perpetuity and I wish You could get me Curve 9360 to make my life a little more joyous one in these times of fading hopes and broken dreams

first of happy birthday! :)
my wish would be to get blackberry playbook 64gb together with docking station for keyboard :)


all the best for the future!

i'd choose either the P9881 or a new BB10 Phone :)

Happy birthday CrackBerry......I would like to have an expenses paid trip to ces2013 or a bb10 device....ill decide if I win.

Feliz cumpleaños CrackBerry! My wish would be for a next generation Playbook when they become available! That would be sweet!!! Thank you!

I'm really lovin' the PlayBook (using it now) especially with OS2.0
All I really want now is a new BB10 phone when they come out. :)

I'm really lovin' the PlayBook (using it now) especially with OS2.0
All I really want now is a new BB10 phone when they come out. :)

HappyBirthday !

And thanks for the opportunity. A 32gb Playbook (w/ appropriate travel accessories), would be nice to own /use/replace my aging 1stG80MSZune that I presently use on my roadtrips.

Happy Birthday Crackberry.

Without your help, i would never be able to appreciate my phone as much as I do. So much help, and tons of amazing tips that have made me a very happy BB owner.

My one wish is that RIM gets its act together and starts pumping out the next gen of BB super-smartphones. RIM needs it's mojo back!

All the best and I look forward to your 10th birthday celebration.


P.S. A new BB10 phone

Happy birthday crackberry, you're awesome!

I wish for a bb 10 phone and / or a limited edition P'9981

in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

Happy B-Day!! -- Crackberry is simply greatness in what it provides to us the simple and not so simple posters!
My winning wish if it does come to pass would be a family pack of BB's or perhaps a vacation with Crackberry to an expo or some fun location that I could share in your celebrations with.
Yea for birthday wishes~

Happy 5th birthday CrackBerry... All the milk & cookies your lil heart desires on me! My "BlackBerry Wish" is for a PlayBook for myself, to compliment my 9930 & a Sprint Torch 9850 for my beautiful fiancee! A BB 10 device would always be nice too! Again, HBD & many, many more...

My Torch 9800 is one of my favorite BB's of all time (& bold9000). If I could have 1 Blackberry wish it would be a next generation BB10 "slider or Torch-like" device when it comes out..
With Luv from PAP, HT ..