CrackBerry Turns 5 Years Old Today and You Can Win Your Birthday BlackBerry Wish!

We're FIVE Years Old!!
By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Feb 2012 12:59 pm EST

CrackBerry Birthday Contest: Leave a comment to this post making your "BlackBerry Wish" and we'll make it come true for one lucky winner! 

Happy Birthday CrackBerry Nation! That's right... Sunday, February 26th, 2012 marks FIVE years to the day that we fired off our Hello World Press Release and officially opened our doors to And what an *amazing* five years it has been.

To our longtime readers and members who have been here for the whole journey, you know what we've achieved together over the years and we thank you for the ongoing love and support. To those who have discovered CrackBerry more recently, we hope you continue to visit for years to come. It's funny, you'd think after five years we'd be a little tired, but we're more energized than ever. With BlackBerry 10 phones on the horizon and a lot of great plans for the site in the works, it's an exciting time to be part of CrackBerry Nation. Heck, we even set a record this week in our forums for the most people online at one time!

BIRTHDAY CONTEST - Make a BlackBerry Wish and you could Win It! 

In true CrackBerry birthday fashion, we're celebrating with a contest. We couldn't decide what to give away as a prize, so we're leaving it up to you. All you need to do is leave a comment to this post with your "CrackBerry BlackBerry Wish" and we're going to make it come true for one lucky winner. Want a BlackBerry 10 phone when it becomes available? Or maybe a Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry? How about a trip to BlackBerry World in Orlando this year? Close your eyes, pick that BB thing you want most, and make that wish!! Good Luck!

Reader comments

CrackBerry Turns 5 Years Old Today and You Can Win Your Birthday BlackBerry Wish!



My Crackberry Birthday wish is to have either a 4G LTE PB or the company altering BB10 phone! Man so many choices!

Happy Birthday Crackberry and Crackberry members!! My wish..A 64G BlackBerry Playbook so I can video chat with my son in Colorado seeing there is no skype app currently available.

I wish for a BlackBerry 10 device. After convincing over 30 people to get a Playbook over an iPad, and even converting some hardcore iOS fans to come to Blackberry Smartphones and Tablets, having a BBOS10 would help me convince even more peeps... And they would have a product that would fit their needs. Always ask you what can i do with it and not what it can do. Why buy a Hummer when you live on an island... Get a boat!

I could wish for a new device or a PlayBook,but all I would wish for is to is simply meet up will all the crackberry team, buy them all a beer and sit back and find out what makes them tick.

Nothing more simple than meeting new people and making new friends, all though a common interest.

We would all have to have party hats on though. what's a birthday without a party hat.

Happy birthday crackberry.

I'm proud of CB, thank you all so much!
I had to think on this a while, interesting contest this time. At any rate, the one RIM product I would never otherwise get to lay hands on would have to be the P'9981, so if I had to pick an anything, especially as contented with OS 7 as I happen to be, I'd go for that. Best of luck all.

Happy birthday crackberry!!!! It is also my daughter's birthday today!!!

I would have to go with a PlayBook! (that way I can get to use mine instead of the kids swiping it all the time)

My Birthday is March 10th. It would be awesome to receive a BB10 device(when it comes out in fall 2012). March 10 = BB10 for me!! Thanks in advance!

Can't make up my mind so either a 32gb playbook, porshe design P9981 blackberry or the first BB10 phone.

Were I the lucky one to be chosen, my wish would be to have a 64 GB Playbook! It would also be cool to have some pimp accessories with it, like a keyboard case and bluetooth headphones, but beggers^H^H^H^H^H^H^H wishers can't be choosers. :)

Happy Birthday!! I am dying for our Canadian version of the London that I have read about, I have a Torch right now and I don't know if its going to make it as i dropped it and now its acting funny. I would love to have the new touchscreen BB10 phone.

My CrackBerry BlackBerry wish is for a new BlackBerry 10 Bold. But, I want it with a lifetime of all-expenses paid, full data plan with every possible perk!
Oh and of course I wish CrackBerry many more birthdays!! :)

Happy Birthday Crackberry, only 5yrs and so wise and well informed.
Blackberry 10 is what I would like and I will thank you ahead of time. :)

I see you're taking the 5th. Happy 5th!

For me, a new Verizon-based BB10 prefer with touchscreen. And a trip to Hawaii to take tons of super pix and video to share with you at CB. I'm still high on CRACK-berry! ;-) even after all these years. Here's to many, many more. Continued success!

Happy Birthday CrackBerry! My wish would be to have an all expenses paid trip to visit and tour RIM. I live in South Louisiana so this would be a vacation dream come true.

Happy Birthday Crackberry and thank you for what you guys do for all of us.

Now my wish list...

Porsche design P'9981 bridged with a 64 gig Playbook.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CrackBerry, since I discover you guys last year you've make my BB-adiction go nuts... xD

My "CrackBerry BlackBerry Wish" will be a BB10 device (the London perhaps)

Happy Birthday CB! :D What I'd really like is a Blackberry 10 device :) hehe. I can't wait to see what RIM has to offer this year! I hope they make a killer come back! :D

Happy Freaking Bday CrackBerry!!!!!!!!!!!!!I wish for a white bold 9900 its my ideal wish..thank you for spreading the blackberry love and continue to do so this is the only reliable blackberry source and forum in my books i dont go anywhere else for info on RIM once again happy bdayy!!!!!!!

Happy birthday! I wish for a new Bold 9900 with accessories, case, extra battery, car dock... I miss my Bold, I had the 9700 and when the screen quit I switched to a torch 9800 and now 9810. I love the big screen but miss the Bold setup. Here's to another 5 Crackberry!!

Happy Birthday CB! I don't know what I'd have done without you!

My wish? I'd love a BB10 ...

Happy Birthday Crackberry and Happy Birthday to me. While you guys turn 5, I'm now 32.

My wish is for a shiny new Blackberry 9900


Happy Birthday CB!! Can't wait to see what the next five years have in store.. BB10 device would be awesome!

I check everyday and LOVE reading the articles and checking out all of the cool videos you guys post! I tell everyone I know that RIM is a great company and they make GREAT phones! The other day my friend asked me is he should get an iPad and I told him he should get a Playbook! He said he would check it out and he ended up getting it! Today is my birthday too which is pretty cool and ironic! If I could chose anything in the world for my birthday it would be a Blackberry Porsche Design because I think it looks awesome and I could really use a new phone! I love you guys and I hope I win! Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRACKBERRY!! :D

Happy Birthday Crackberry! Love you guys for all the great info you provide! My birthday wish? A Blackberry 10 Slider!

Happy Birthday CrackBerry!!! :D Love you guys, best deals around for accessories/apps, nice tricks and information on the site as well!

Would love a BB10, either a Bold or a Torch! I'm on my 4th Torch 9860 right now, issues after issues :(

Happy Birthday CrackBerry!

keep the good work. The blackberry world it's better thanks to you guys.

I'll take the trip to Orlando for BlackBerry World.

I would like a trip to visit the BB booth at the next CES (Las Vegas FTW).

Or it that's not Do-able, a BB10 phone would be awesome.

Happy Birthday CrackBerry Nation!
i wish there will be a blackberry shop in all major countries.
as for the contest i wish an exclusive Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry.

My BlackBerry wish is for a 64 GB PlayBook. I'm currently in the market for an accomplice to my BlackBerry Bold 9900 and a PlayBook would fit perfectly. If I could win one that would make it even more perfect!

Happy birthday, CrackBerry! I've been a fan for a few years now, but just recently started to read your posts daily (actually, more like hourly). I'm very happy with my current 32GB PlayBook, so my wish would be for a 3G version of the 64GB PlayBook when it comes out. My current one is about 75% full and I delete shows and movies as soon as I finish them, so an upgrade would be pretty sweet!

Happy Birthday CB! Nice to see such a great place with enthusiastic prepared content! And this through the whole timespan. Nice!

So if i win, i think, it is not to bad to just get the actual flagship, a nice BBB9900.



Theres no better Joy than to celebrate the ones in charge of me being a Blackberry/crackberry Addict ! All I know is thanks to you guys! I am eternally thankful.

What would I wish for, Well that would be any of the following things I have being wishing for since I knew about them! thanks to

an early BB10 phone, or a ultra expensive Porche Design P'9981 BlackBerry, or a BB 9900.


Happy birthday crackberry . Thanks for all the wonderful support and articles.
Wishes to all the crackberry fans too as they make me come to crackberry.
I would love to have a blackberry 10 device

TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY! That is so ironic! I love Crackberry! If I could have one wish it would be a Porsche Design Blackberry!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRACKBERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Bday crackberry! you guys are effing awesome! I'm wishing for a Porsche Design P'9981! with much love from germany! cheers

Happy Burday CB, thank you for providing me the insight and distracting me from doing any work online with all your updates and constant mind blowing information.

I would french kiss Hillary Clinton to get my hands on the Porsche Design P'9981.

that would be my wish.


Thanks for being there these past years to answer many,many questions and to bring insights into our BB lives! Just got the Bold 9930 and can't wait until the BB10 comes out so I can give it to my wife and allow her to see what a real phone is!! Happy Birthday Crackberry and MANY more

CrackBerry BlackBerry Wish i wish i could get the blackberry torch 9810, my birthday was just yesterday & even though its late itd be the best present ever :D

Happy Birthday CrackBerry!! If it was not for finding this place I would have never known how great it would be to own a Black Berry, and also now the Black Berry Playbook. For my birthday wish I would like to sport around a BB10 phone. So many of other family members sport other phones, so this would be a great time way to show it off and convince them to join us here. If the BB10 device is out of the question, I would gladly accept a Black Berry 9900. Happy Birthday once again and thank you for making this all possible.

Happy Birthday CrackBerry...and many, many more!

My CrackBerry birthday wish is for a BlackBerry 10 smartphone of my choice!

Happy Birthday Crackberry!
I wish for a BB10 phone for Verizon. I love the Bold keyboard and would want it to have a similar keyboard. It is the best keyboard that I've ever had on a phone.

well Happy Birthday Crackberry!!!!
for your birthday please send me a birthday wish of a Blackberry Playbook

I am using the blackberry remote for typing for the 1st time from my bold 9780.
HaPpY BiRtHdAy CrAcKbErRy, MaNy MaNy HaPpY ReTuRnS Of ThE DaY. MaY AlMiGhTy BlEsS YoU MaNy MaNy MoRe YeArS Of SuCcEsS.

I would love a porsche P9981 as a gift.

Love you crackberry.


BB 9780 white os 6

BB Playbook 32gb os

Happy birthday, CrackBerry!

I feel like I should be giving you all a gift.



What I would like?

A sweet BB 10 phone?


That's it.

*eats cupcake*

Any BB 10 phone would do.

Hello and Happy Birthday CrackBerry!

It’s been an awesome Journey over the years, and there is still many more to come. I really just want to keep the journey going. I love my BlackBerry Devices, and I love coming here reading all the posts, and hearing all the comments. It’s definitely a good thing we all have going on here, and I don’t know if others notice but everyone here really as a whole has a passion for BlackBerries, and RIM and Our beloved Crackberry Team. Whereas with the other sites (part of mobile nations) it’s just not as together as a team (don’t get me wrong there are some users and the people behind those teams are really passionate about their devices), but I think everyone here at CrackBerry is just more so.

Thinking of a wish is really hard, because while I would love a device (Blackberry 10), I think there is something more that could be wished for that would help the entire community. So I thought Hmm what would help the entire community. The only thing I could come up with is this. I wish for an APP to be made (at the voting of the CB users as to what we don’t have, and what we could use), and this APP would be made for BlackBerries, and Playbooks Only! It also can’t be an App that is already on Apple o Android (Or another OS).

Im sure this sounds like a really long process, but it would end up being something everyone would be a part of, and it would have the pride of the CrackBerry, and Blackberries, and all the Staff and users around the world!

So that is my wish. I want to not only be a part of the contest, but at the same time give back to everyone!

Please feel free to leave a comment also if you like the Idea/wish!

Even if I don’t win we should DO THIS!!

If apple and Nike can have a Training/Workout App that people are willing to purchase an IPhone (Just for that app) then why don’t we do something that sends a positive message.



Happy Birthday CB!

I wish for a BB Porsche Design Phone (for U.S. Verizon if it exists at the time). If not the 9930 for Verizon would be more than enough :).


I'd like a voice.

I have some great, practical ideas for improvement of the platform. I'd like the opportunity to share those ideas with someone who is willing to listen to them and has the power to implement them. I'd like to be in some sort of brainstorming session.

Maybe it can start out as a long-winded blog post or a series, but I'd like my ideas to ultimately be shared with RIM in a serious and active way.

If we're talking material things, then a trip to the next large scale BB event would be pretty sweet. Heck, maybe it's related to my first wish in a way.

Happy bday!!

Happy Birthday Crackberry! I'd love to get a WHITE Bold 9930. Probably have to do that through Colorware cause I don't think RIM has them yet.

Happy birthday!!!!! <-Five exclamation points for each year :D

I wish for a BB10 device of my choice once released! Please, oh please make it so! :D:D

Happy Birthday and to many many more!

I will make this simple by wishing for a blackberry playbook with 2.0.

The PlayBook has been a revelation. Smooth OS that combined power and ease of use without dumbing down. So...

As a long time iPhone user, I can honestly say that if you grant my wish for a BlackBerry 10 phone when they are released I will make the switch to a fully BB mobile experience :)

Happy birthday, hope yall stay around much longer, I would love to have a bb10, don't care which one. Best wishes from Mexico.

This is the contest of all contests, and as much as I would want a tour of RIM or hack CEO for a day, maybe a tour of CrackBerry, or even dinner with Mr & Mrs CrackBerry (:D)
I want to wish CB a very Happy Birthday and more years to come!
If you have Bless me with anything let it be a decked-out 64GB PlayBook (naked would be cool too) and that is a good present for me!
Thanks in advance CrackBerry & Kevin for supplying us with some of the greatest contest on the planet!

Happy Birthday CrackBerry!

Thanks for being one of the best sites around to help me get used to the BB ecosystem and devices! I hope that you'll be around for years to come (when RIM gets back to the top) so that you can help others the way you have helped me!

What do I want for my birthday wish?

I know you said only ONE item, but I work at a community center and I really think that using a few Playbooks in our Computer and Homework Programs would make a huge difference... So how about 2 or 3 16gb playbooks? I could ask for a 64GB for myself, but this 'wish' would be going to help A LOT of kids!

Hey! It's my leap-lear birthday this Wednesday! For my Crackberry Blackberry Wish I would love a new BB10 device when they get released! Thanks!

Happy birthday crackberry, my CrackBerry BlackBerry Wish would be for a BB10 phone when they are released!

Happy Birthday CB! Keep up the great work in bringing us closer and closer to RIM and Blackberry.

As for the wish.... I wish I had a Playbook to control with my 9900 :)

Happy Birthday Crackberry,

I wish I could have an leather bold 9900 case with an flap. I also wish when RIM launches BB10 I can just upgrade my bold instead of upgrading the whole device.

I would love the first BlackBerry 10 device with a keyboard! Thanks for the contests, keep up the good work CrackBerry!

Happy Birthday Crackberry! I wish for the first Blackberry 10 Device that has a keyboard. Pretty Please. Anyway Thanks for hosting this contest for us we all really appreciate all the hard work and effort you put into making this community great for all of us.

FELIZ CUMPLEÑOS CRACKBERRY!!!!!! My choise would be a Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry!!!!!

TYVM for this contest!!!!!

Happy birthday Crackberry! Its my birthday to today what are the odds? I just recently got a my first Blackberry a Curve 9360 and I absolutely love it. So my wish today is to receive any Blackberry 10 smartphone that works on the AWS frequency (Wind Mobile) if Crackberry gives it a good review. Once again happy birthday Crackberry and I hope to use your site for years to come :)

Happy Birthday Crackberry!! Thank Gad for CrackBerry, you have helped me so many times with all my blackberry needs from updating to helping unbrick my devices. My birthday wish would be a BlackBerry playbook for my wife. She home schools the kids and a playbook would help her be more mobile. Thanks and many more Birthdays!!!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRACKBERRY!!!! Thank you for being there for us:). Thank you to ALL the people creating Crackberry and helping us on the site. I have learned so much from the site. What a great way to celebrate for us....wooohoooo :D I choose a Playbook to Birthday Rock with :D. CrackBerryAddict

Congratulations CrackBerry for all those years you'been giving us the latest tips, info and news to get the most of our BlackBerry devices.
I remember the moment I registered in the community. I didn't have any device, but I would always spend my time reading the blogs, forums and watching your videos.
Later, after years of saving money, i got my first BB device: a Torch 9800.
It was more than I expected. Touch screen+Revamped OS6+Physical keyboard=WIN
And then, just 3 days before my warranty ended, it had a hardware problem. My cellphone house told me that they've discontinued it and that they would instead give me a 9810. The one I own now.
Now, after so many amazingo contests, you are giving us the opportunity to ask for a wish.
There are many things I could ask for: a trip to the next BlackBerry World, a P'9981, any device signed by the CB team, or maybe a BB10 device!
But I'm happy now with my current Torch 9810, it really rocks!
And with all the news, videos and amazing stuff you are saying about Playbook OS 2.0, I really fell in love with it.
I've even dreamed with having the tablet in my hands, but I can't afford to get one.
I'm already in your contest for the chance to win a PlayBook, but if I don't win there, I hope to be able to get one here, or maybe even wait for the +HSPA version to roll out.
Thanks again for being there for 5 years and i know you'll stay for many years more.
Now that RIM is said to be in such a bad position, it's when we need to be stronger than ever!
Congratulations Kevin!
Congratulations Adam!
Congratulations Bla1ze!
Congratulations Michelle!
Congratulations Joseph!
Congratulations Ryan!
Congratulations Craig!
Congratulations Isaac!
Congratulations CrackBerry!!

Happy Birthday, CrackBerry! For your birthday, I would like a 16GB PlayBook and world peace. Thanks in advance. Cheers!

Happy Birthday CrackBerry!

My CrackBerry Birthday wish is for a Blackberry Bold 9930 on the Verizon network so I can retire my Blackberry Bold 9650. Thanks Crackberry, I'm looking forward to another STRONG 5 years from you and all the Great info you give us.

Happy Birthday, CB.

It's a good reason to register as a member to post my good wishes.

Way to go, CB......

5 YEARS!!! I Can't believe it! Boy, time flies so fast... March 8th will be my own birthday. I'll be turning a little older than five, but there is a five in it though.

I would love a BB phone. That Porsche one is just superb. Besides, my PlayBook needs a stylish companion....


Happy birthday CrackBerry! Its been great following you guys these few years. I'd like a playbook 64 gb. It'd really be helpful to me as a student.

Happy Birthday, CrackBerry. And many happy returns.

A BB10 device would be very welcome around my household. Thanks.

Happy birthday Crackberry. Your b day is exactly a week after mine (feb19). I wish for a blackberry 10 device because my bold 9650 is on it last leg

Thank you from the UK for all your hard work, and for all the love for the BB!

If I had a wish it would be to fly over 'the pond' to meet CRACKBERRYS Kevin!
And if that was not possible, a BB P'9981.

From Mark Matthews. UK

Niceeee, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRACKBERRY!!! Congrats on this succesful and amazing site!
I wish i'd win a BB10 phone when it becomes available!!

Happy B-day CrackBerry! I'm new to BB but thanks to Crackberry I know how to use my products and have made a few friends in the forums. My wish would be to get a new bb10 phone. I have a 5 year old phone!!! My friends laugh at me because of this... I am scared of phone shop sales people.

My first desired BB was the 8820. My first obtained BB was the 8100. My first update was 4.5, thanks to! Congrats on 5 years and here's to so many more! I wish for a trip to BB World Orlando with the CrackTeam. That would be a fantastic CB birthday present! Many thanks to you all for many contests, much info, and so much more!

Happy Birthday to CrackBerry and all BlackBerry users(including me),wish Crackberry eternal life and immortality.
I wish to have a BB Bold 9900.I'd do anything to have one.
And thanks for all the help you've been providing to all BB users.
!!!!!!!!!!!!BLACKBERRY ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday CB,

My wish is for a Powerbag filled with a Jawbone Jambox, Beats by Dre the wireless jawns, A promisory note for a 10 inch Blackberry tablet, a Porsche Design P'9981, a Promisory note for the Next Bold Line BB10 phone, a Seagate Go Flex Satelite, and 50% off coupon for the HP Envy Spectre. along with some green Chucks and Masters open Green Sports jacket so I can wear on my new traveling correspondant gig with and one of those cupcakes. I've probably clicked enough in the last year to buy all of that except for the cupcake.....

Thanks for the addiction, although this addiction isnt like a crack addiction, because I hear that with crack you are always chasing that first high and its never as good, with this every time I upgrade its better than the last! Yet i still want more!

From the 8830 World edition to the Storm to the Storm2 to the Bold 9650 to the Playbook to the 9930 Im hooked I swear....And you've been right there the entire time.

Happy Birthday and Thanks!

Happy birthday Crackberry!!!)))
You guys doing a really great job here!!!
Wish you more anniversary like this!

And I wish to get a trip to US, never been there... it's a pretty far from russia)

Happy birthday Crackberry!!!

I would love a BB 10 phone and upgrade from my curve. Which is falling apart lol

Well first of all Happy Birthday,..I hope you guys stay around for a lot longer!
I am very tented by the BB 10 device when it´s released,..that would be my wish!,..A BB 10! the way...thanks a lot !..Cheers!

Happy birthday CrackBerry! I don't normally wish for things because they never happen and I never seem to win competitions like this *sad panda* but I would love to get one of the new BB10 phones end of the year!! Pick me Kevin and the gang!

Well Happy Number 5 Birthday Crackberry! Lets keeeeeeep many more coming! Your doing all the right stuff! Now "LETS ROCK & ROLL THIS!

Happy Birthday.
My Blackberry wish would be for RIM to use some of their advertising budget and subsidize some of the major companies to develop apps that work on Blackberry. Skype, Xfinity, Team Viewer, Sling Box, Kindle, to name just a few. If RIM announced that they were going to do something about the lack of apps from some of the majors, I’ll bet their sales would jump.

Happy Birthday CB!!!! my place for all my bb info. if i win i just want a brand new Bold 9930. my screan is cracked and i've only had the phone for three months, so sad

Happy Birthday CrackBerry, wishing many more to come. I always go to CrackBerry for the latest information..

Loving the new OS2. My wish for your birthday would be a new PlayBook 2.

I would be thrilled to own a BB10 device (one with a keyboard) once they're available. That's what I want if I win!!!

Happy birthday CrackBerry, I wish for the flagship BB10 device when it comes out in Canada. Woohoo! Everyday I'm on CB forums haha...

what amazing happy birthday 5 th crackberry, keep going strong for the next 5 yrs to make it 10 years. my dream is getting Blackberry 10 device.

way to go! way to go ! 2 thumbs way up !!

I give a shout " Kevin ... keep it up and be smile on your face today !!"

Alright I am rocking a Curve 9360 right now and am just lovin it, but I need something to show off and play the latest and greatest games on (I was really disappointed when I couldn't get nova 2 HD on my bb when it was free after the outage) I admit to loving the keyboard but I just have to wish for the all-touch BB10 phone when it comes out!

Happy Birthday and best wishes for you!
The Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry is my BB dream for now.

Happy Birthday to Crackberry!

For a Crackberry, BlackBerry birthday gift, I'd like to have a BB10 bold or the porshe design P9981....please please pretty pleaseeee =D

Happy Birthday, CB!!

I totally love this site and BB!

I would love to have the first model of BB10 device that comes out...


Big happy bday to crackberry, been here going on 3 yrs now.
thanks for everything and all the great contests.

crackberry blackberry wish

i wish i had a p'9981 porsche design blackberry like kevin. i love bb and i love porsche.

As U can tell my my user name i have been following CB since the beginning of 2010. and im talking about every day 2-3 times a day consistently checking up for updates, apps new devices and just fun BB news love Crackberry hope u guys stay on forever. so the thing that im asking for is nothing to crazy no trip no cash prize non of that crazy stuff just one simple thing which is a Blackberry Playbook!!!! i dont even care if it's just the 16gb one as long as i have it that would be great thanks guy for this opportunity and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! WOAH!!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRACKBERRY. MY ONE WITH IS TO GET A BLACKBERRY TORCH OR BOLD for Tmobile to go with my BlackBerry playbook and my leather case and Holla case for my storm. I love you crackberry.

My wish would be a BlackBerry Milan paired with a 64g PlayBook to replace the 9810 and 16g PlayBook. And / Or a MTI 48' go fast cat.


I'm going to have to wish for the Mrs. to leave my 9930 alone!....or a shiny white one to distract her with!

Happy birthday Crackberry. I'm a fairly new recruit and I can't believe that I've missed 5 years of this. I hope for the next 5 years to be just as and even more successful, congratulations on your success thus far, and I would love to win a P'9981 Porsche Design phone please.

I would wish to go to Blackberry world I have never been to any of the big electronic shows or really any major show before and would love to go and see what is it like not just event wise but just the atmosphere of all the Blackberry Fans.

An IOU for a BB10 with physical keyboard and touchscreen would be great, with all the accessories! *-*

My birthday wish is actually quite simple; two 64Gb PlayBooks please.

My wife had gotten me a PlayBook for Christmas because she knew that I had been wanting one for some time but the prices were a bit steep for our budget; however, thanks to bad hardware (happens to even the best) and a retail store who didn't have an exchage units available, coupled with not being able to work due to having to take care of my wife (she fractured her ankle in four places requiring extensive surgery to correct)...long story short, we have not been able to replace the defective Christmas PlayBook. The reason for two is simple, the PlayBook may have been her gift to me but she used it most of the time and I would like for her to have one of her own.

Please make this combination of a Christmas and Birthday wish come true for my family.

Happy 5th B-Day CrackBerry! You don't look a day over 3!

It's so hard to choose between a BB10 phone or Playbook! I guess I'd go with the playbook since I've never had one or anything like it.

Happy Birthday Crackberry. Your my favorite web site. I spend way too much time here. For the cantest you should give away a new BB 10 device.

Happy Birthday Crackberry!

As for a wish, I wish that BlackBerry gets back to the top where they belong and that the Playbook (my favorite piece of technology, by MILES) whoppes some [half eaten] Apple ass!

As for a wish you could actually get me, I'll go with a BB10 phone as soon as it gets released, please. =)


First of all, happy birthday Crackberry! Your always the first and last site I check every day!

I've been with blackberry ever since my first curve, through my bolds and my torch! And am happily resting in luxury with my playbook!

My dream would be to have a Blackberry Porsche P'9981, that's my paradise. Or to personally meet all of the wonderful people here at crackberry! Either way, I'm sure you'll make someone's decade with the gift you'll give them!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday CB nation!

Entering medical school in the fall and my old BB 9700 is reliable but I would really like a more powerful BB and I think a new Blackberry 10 device would be the perfect start to a new stage in life for me.

happy birthday crackberry nation!!!!from what i've heard bold 9900 is a pretty good phone so i think i will ask for a bold 9900 :)

Happy Birthday Crackberry!!! Today is my birthday too. I would love to win a BlackBerry 10 device when it is released. Thanks CB don't ever change :)

Happy Birthday Crackberry, may your wishes come true! Without you all Blackberry life would not be the same.

As for mine, QNXing my Ford King Ranch F150 would be killer....But will settle for a BB10 one day.

Happy Birthday to youuuuuu, Happy Birthday to youuuuu, Happy Birthday dear CrackBerry, Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! And many moreeeeeeeeeeeeee! Congrats to you Kevin and the whole Crackberry Team! Tough decision between a new BB10 device or the trip to Orlando!

Happy birthday CrackBerry! You're a Pisces like me!

I would love to win a trip to BlackBerry World in Orlando. That would just be SO cool!

Good luck everyone! :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRACKBERRY! I've been here since 2008 I believe and being a member here is great. I would find myself dropping in and reading the blog and cruising around the forums even when I didn't have an active BlackBerry. Now that I have a PlayBook, I'm here even more and posting once again. I've never won a contest, here or on any other site, but that's not going to deter me from making a CB Birthday wish. I wish I could win a contest, and the prize of said contest would be a BBX device, when they become available. I would love an all touchscreen device, however, if one isn't available right out of the gate the Bold with BBX would be absolutely fabulous! An Otterbox case for my PlayBook would be my second wish if the first one isn't doable. Again Happy Birthday, and much love to CB and CB Nation!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRACKBERRY! I have enjoyed this site for a long time. It is one place I try to spend time everyday!. I would love to have a new BB10 phone when they come out.

Happy birthday Crackberry! Congrats!

I'm thinking more and more that I should make the switch from Android land to Crackberry nation, in large part because of the information and community your site provides.

While I'm certainly not an app developer or IT professional, to learn more about that community and Blackberry products I hope to start using, If I could have a wish granted it would be a trip to Blackberry World in Orlando. I don't imagine ever having that experience otherwise.

Happy Birthday CB!

When I go to the International Space Station in late-2013 (seriously), I'd like to use a Blackberry. But to take it a step further, I'd make the first cellphone call in Space over UMA with T-Mobile USA. So


Happy birthday cb!!

For me...I was going to say a trip to orlando for the show...but I live in orlando!
So I would have to say the porsche design bb :-)

HBD CrackBerry! Thanks for all the useful BB info! I would wish for two full conference passes to BlackBerry World 2012 in Orlando, FL!

Happy Birthday Crackberry!!!! I check you guys on a daily basis, my favorite rss feeds, always stick up for blackberry during friendly fights of smartphone, and is defitnitly one of my top favorite websites. So pick me Crackberry times are rough, so i truly wish someone how i can get my hands on a blackberry playbook, before i finally have enough money which by then they might have a playbook 2 :(


Keep up the charismatic blogging and great website!

Happy Birthday to Crackberry, this has to be the first competition I am entering on this site. I just couldn't refuse the offer of coming to blackberry in orlando. What you have done in south africa is amazing and I'm very happy with my trusty 8520.

Congratz CrackBerry!!

The best gift for me would be a new BB 10 device! (A Bold one if they will still use that name) Would love an updated version of my 9700!

Happy Birthday to Crackberry, this has to be the first competition I am entering on this site. I just couldn't refuse the offer of coming to blackberry in orlando. What you have done in south africa is amazing and I'm very happy with my trusty 8520.

Wow, 5 years! Quite an impressive run.

I would love both a Playbook and a BB10 device when they come out. But beggars can't be choosers, so I would go for a BB10 Device if I were to be selected!

Hi happy birthday,..congrats!
I would like to celebrate it with a Blackberry 10 device!...that´s my wish!,..I hope I am the lucky one!

Happy Birthday Crackberry!

Well I was thinking about a 5 day trip to New York or something or maybe push it to a Month in Asia somewhere but I don't have time, with my job and all so I will ask for a BB10 Bold/London device (when it comes out) and a mini hdmi to hdmi and dock for my Playbook. I'm rocking a Bold 9000 and would happily buy a 9900 but ever since the BB10 news, I've put it off until then. That would be an awesome present for me...even though I should really be getting Crackberry one!

Happy Birthday CB! Thanks for keeping us all posted with the World of RIM. A Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry you say? Dont mind if I do!

Hi CB! Happy 5th birthday! I wish for a Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry if I win! Or a franchise of for the Philippines =]