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CrackBerry Turns 5 Years Old Today and You Can Win Your Birthday BlackBerry Wish!

We're FIVE Years Old!!
By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Feb 2012 12:59 pm EST

CrackBerry Birthday Contest: Leave a comment to this post making your "BlackBerry Wish" and we'll make it come true for one lucky winner! 

Happy Birthday CrackBerry Nation! That's right... Sunday, February 26th, 2012 marks FIVE years to the day that we fired off our Hello World Press Release and officially opened our doors to And what an *amazing* five years it has been.

To our longtime readers and members who have been here for the whole journey, you know what we've achieved together over the years and we thank you for the ongoing love and support. To those who have discovered CrackBerry more recently, we hope you continue to visit for years to come. It's funny, you'd think after five years we'd be a little tired, but we're more energized than ever. With BlackBerry 10 phones on the horizon and a lot of great plans for the site in the works, it's an exciting time to be part of CrackBerry Nation. Heck, we even set a record this week in our forums for the most people online at one time!

BIRTHDAY CONTEST - Make a BlackBerry Wish and you could Win It! 

In true CrackBerry birthday fashion, we're celebrating with a contest. We couldn't decide what to give away as a prize, so we're leaving it up to you. All you need to do is leave a comment to this post with your "CrackBerry BlackBerry Wish" and we're going to make it come true for one lucky winner. Want a BlackBerry 10 phone when it becomes available? Or maybe a Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry? How about a trip to BlackBerry World in Orlando this year? Close your eyes, pick that BB thing you want most, and make that wish!! Good Luck!


Happy bday to you crackberry....Lets hope next quarter for rim is Gold the I Want a BlackBerry 10 phone when it becomes available and maybe a Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry anything is better then my old 9000 lol Go rim go canada


A perfectly weighted keypad for the Blackberry 10 would be sheer bliss.


I'd love a Porsche Design Blackberry


Happy birthday crackberry! I have been a fan since my first blackberry 4 years ago. I would love a new bb 10 when its available!


I would like the porche bb, thx


Happy Birthday CB!

Greetings from Guatemala.

Im a newcomer to the BB world, and I love it. CB has been my guide through this new adventury and i wish you the very best.

My wish would be to attend the BlackBerry world.


Happy birthday CrackBerry!!!
I would love a bb 10 device when they are released
Fingers crossed lol


Wish for a qwerty Blackberry 10 Bold!


Happy Birthday Crackberry! All I wish for is a Bold 9900. . .


Happy Birth Day CB,

I wish for a BB Porsche design P'9981. Thank you.


Happy Birthday Crackberry! Hope you have many more like this!

I love these kind of birthdays where I could potentially get a gift for wishing you a Happy Birthday! How about a 9900? Thanks!

Good luck everyone! :)


Happy Birthday CrackBerry from Germany!
CB is a great website with a lot of informations for our beloved Blackberries.

I would really like to see that the way RIM is going today will succeed and will not be pushed out of business by Android, Windows 8 or Apple.

A trip to Blackberry world sounds great but I would also be happe with a BB10 device to replace my Bold 9000 that is slowly getting old.


Happy Birthday CrackBerry.

It is so nice to see a BB forum still active despite RIM having a bit despair.

Anyway, it is funny to be given a present while u r the one whom having birthday. Anywaaay, my wish would be a BB10 device :) Dont know it would come or not, but I definitely want and wait one (I dont change my BB 9700 despite a little bored with this phone).

PS: I still need BB device since I'm living in country which having quite majority in BB users. Guess where!

Anyway, keep up for this forum :) I always give daily visit anyway to this website


Happy Birthday CB!!!
I would wish a BB 10 Device


I hope I'll be around to celebrate CB's 50th B-Day!!!!!!!!!!

The BB Porsche looks so darn good too


I wish to have a BlackBerry Bold 9900 Black as a replacement for my 3G Curve. :D - I can do a nose-to-nose with Voldemort if you want me to. I can even make Edward Cullen turn black so I can stop his shining.


Happy Birthday, Would love the new BB 10


Good job guys!!

My wish is BB10 phone with full-sized keyboard.


sh*t! I wanted that phone!


Happy birthday and good luck ;-)


Happy birthday crackberry!!! My wish is to have the P9981 phone. If I can have that it will be AWESOME!


It would be awesome to have the porche p'9981 !!!


Happy birthday!!! would love a blackberry 10 phone to celebrate :).


Happy 5th birthday crackberry!! For the wish I would really love the P9981 phone. My current phone is the blackberry bold 9000 and I've been using it for 3 years now and it because I can't afford to buy a new one :( Thanks!


Happy Birthday CrackBerry !
For my wish ... replace my aging phone by a BB10 phone to pair it with my PlayBook and finally enjoy Blackberry Bridge application.


Id love to get a BB10 for my birthday with a laseredged back with all the BB types.


Happy birthday CB!!!!! My wish is to have the P9981. Thanks for the contest! PICK ME PLEASE!!!! XD


If I had one wish it would be for a Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry


I would love me one of them new fangled BlackBerry 10 devices once they become available.


Happy Birthday CrackBerry!!!!

A wish for my gift on your birthday would be a BB10 device plz !

Thanks :)


A blackberry 10 device when it becomes available!

Erik L

I dont think i entered this one yet:O

Happy birthday!:D:D Keep up the good work:)
My wish would be a Blackberry 10 phone, the full qwerty bold equivalent;)


Oh, I wish upon wish and hope upon hope to get a BB10 device. :D


Happy 5th Birthday, Crackberry! Blackberry 10 phone will be wonderful.


Happy Birthday Crackberry!

Keep up the great work in providing us crackberry addicts with all the information you get a hold of on a daily basis.
My wish would be a Bold 9900 to continue my now 8 years of Blackberry devices.


Happy Birthday Crackberry!!!

I'd love to get my hands on a BB10 phone.


i have....a bold 9780 again!!


From the day I first laid eyes on it (the P'9981 it was love at first sight . My wish is for RIM to keep up the good work and gift me my very own P'9981 so that we could both celebrate.


happy birthday CB! being a loyal reader since almost you started. great life saver you've been along my journey of BB experience.

If i could wish, i'd wish for a customised Porsche Design p'9981 blackberry with champagne coloured rim and QWERTY. that'd be my dream phone =D


Happy Birthday Crack Berry... My wish is for a Bold 9900.. I need an upgrade from my Curve 8520 :)


I wish for a BB10 all touch device! Preferably the most powerful BB10 I can get my hands on! I love all of my BB devices!


I would love to have a BB10 Bold when it becomes available with a docking station and car charger and a pocket sleeve.


Happy Birthday CrackBERRY! I wish for a Porsche Blackberry!


Happy birthday CB, and I would love the BB10 device that is the successor to the Torch, I love my sliding keyboard!


Happy Birthday CB! Love, Love, Love my CB and BB and gotta get my fix everyday - without it, I'd be lost!

I would looooooooooooove some BB10 love! :)


Happy B'day!
My wish is a Porsche Design P'9981, as BlackBerry + Porsche is a high-tech combination!


Happy Birthday. Because of you, I'm addicted to Its the first place i go for help and info for my Blackberry. Cant wait for OS 10 and NFC (and Skype for my Playbook). I wish my torch 9860 had it.


CrackBerry, now 5, but to the fifth power. Information is the power of CrackBerry!


I would've wished for a 32 GB PlayBook if I'd been able to login sooner! I'm so sad I couldn't before the deadline :-(


Happy 5th b'day Crackberry!

My wish would be for the Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry. That thing is sweet!


Happy birthday!
p9981 please


Sawweeeeeettt! Happy Birthday Crackberry!


What a great website! Wonderful information and now on your 5th birthday your giving away the gifts! Crackberry is great! A BB/CB addict that wishes for a BB10. :)



I read the articles on crackberry daily. Like all those people that need there daily fix for coffee I NEED Crackberry. I find myself visiting the site multiple times during the day. This site has truly become a part of my life.........I wish for a blackberry 10 device with all the great features coming with blackberry 10 who wouldnt want one...... THANKS FOR BEING SO AWESOME!


Happy Birthday Crackberry.

Can't wait to have a new BB10 phone in my hands.


Happy Birthday CrackBerry!

My wish is for a BBX phone!


My wish would be a BB10 phone that was a slider like the 9810.


Biggest happy bday!

Now, how about a Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry as a present?


Happy Birthday CrackBerry! Been a bunch of good years together.

Hope I win, Cheers CrackBerry!


Happy Birthday Crackberry! There aren't many things I wouldn't do for a shot at that Porche Design BlackBerry. It would be a lot easier if you just give to me :D


Happy Birthday Crackberry!

My wish would be for a BlackBerry 10 device (phone with physical keyboard) that could sync seamlessly with the powerful native apps on my Playbook. Hopefully I can be patient enough with my Torch and not upgrade prematurely.

Good luck everyone


Happy Birthday Cb!!!

I wish for a Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry :)


Happy 5th Birthday Crackberry!
My wish is for a BB10 phone!! Please make it come true! :)


I wish I could have a new BB10 phone. Happy Birthday Crackberry!!!


Happy fif birthday. Lol! I wish to be blessed with a BB10 phone!


HappyBirthday Gang :) Since my first introduction to bb 1 1/2 years ago with a curve 8520 to my 9360 and playbook, "love it btw", you have been here with me to help, encourage and reveal the secrets of these very cool gadgets. Thanks for all the yummy geeky goodness and All the very best in the many, many coming years.
Ps all i would wish for is a redrider bbgun, ok not really, the next gen, unlocked bb10 touch screen phone or qwerty style would reallllly rock.
Thanks all :)


Happy birthday folks!

I would love a BB10 device (no new lately on codename Nevada eh?)


Happy Birthday CrackBerry!
My CrackBerry BlackBerry wish is a BB10 device whenever it becomes available. Maybe that will spark back the BlackBerry love i am beginning to lose. Good luck to everyone who entered the contest.


Best Wishes CB - hope the years ahead are even better for you!

My wish is for a new BB10 phone - hoping they release a white one :)


Happy Birthday Crackberry!

I hope you guys are enjoying it, you deserve it. Ive been a fan of Crackberry ever since it came out and im a loyal follower till this day. My ultimate wish would be for a Porsche Design P'9981 :)


Happy Birthday and I love your website which has been quite helpful in mastering my BB 9800

I would truely love the new porche inspired Blackberry


My wish would be a BB10 full qwerty phone but I'll take any other if a full querty isn't available ;-)


My CrackBerry BlackBerry wish is for a BlackBerry 10 phone when it becomes available!!! It's gonna be so pro! Thanks CrackBerry!


Happy Birthday CB!!... my wish would be to switch over to a new BB10 device when they come out and show the iPhonies what a real device can do



(Just to make sure I am in the contest!)

-BB10 Bold
-Playbook keyboard



Happy Birthday CB. I love love a new BB10 phone. I had to leave BB but want to come back.


Happy #5,
glad that you're alive
keeping all our berrys
quite contemporary
giving us the inside scoop
might I say the straight poop
on what the RIM folks are doing
not only with our current tools
but also what is brewing!
-Here's to being able to wish you this again
and the chance to replace my 9850 with a 10!


Happy Bday!

I would love to win a new blackberry10 phone when released, considering the fact Im locked into a contract on this Bold 9900. :-)

Good luck everyone.


Porsche Design BB, please. :)


Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday CrackBerry I wish for a 64 gig PlayBook from you ;-) looking forward to many more years of CrackBerry!!


BlackBerry 10 phone please. Thank you!!!!!!!

Happy birthday Crackberry


dear crackberry,
happy birthday. thanks for all the info on everything blackberry related. for my wish i would like a OS7 bold 9900. please make my wish come true.



Happy Birthday Vrackberry-and many more!I'd like a torch 9850, playbook and tether!


would love to get rid of this samsung galaxy S and trade up for a 9900 (:


Happy birthday CB! I'd love a Blackberry 10 phone as soon as theyre out!!


The trip to Blackberry Orlando would be really nice. I'd love the travel and seeing how everything at blackberry ticks.


Happy Birthday to Crackberry, my wish would be a BB10 phone as soon as they are out to replace my iphone 4, it's getting old already!


Thanks for all of your efforts in supporting the BlackBerry Community.

I think the BB10 phone would be at the top of my wish list, and the best thing for BlackBerry in general.


I would like a Blackberry 10 phone when it is available.


Happy Birthday Crackberry. Thank you for your faithful service to us BB users.
I would really like a BB10 cell phone to replace my tired Storm.


Happy B-day

Would wish for a 64GB playbook


Happy birthday Crackberry.

I would like a P9981 to celebrate.

The Gaffer

Happy Birthday Crackberry!
I can hardly wait for the BB10 phones to come out and it would be awesome to get one for free!


I would love a Blackberry Bold 9900!!!!!!!!!!!


Happy birthday and toast =D
And i wish a BB10 phone =)

wes werkman

Happy Birthday Crackberry.

All I want is a shiny new 9900.


Happy Birthday Crackberry!
I wish for a Blackberry 10 wohoo!!!


Wow five years :) congrats!

I wish for a Blackberry Playbook :D!!


I want a BlackBerry 10 phone!


Happy Birthday Crackberry!!

My wish would be a BB10 phone! and i do hope my wish comes true.... oh no, will it not come true now that I have said it out loud? :S


Happy Birthday Crackberry...!!!

bb10 or porsche bb would be great replacement for my old torch... :)


My wish? For a crispy White Bold 9900 with White accessories...WOOOO!!!! I'd really love to give my trusty 8520 a restm she has done alot for me..HAPPY BDAY CB!!!


Please select me to win a BlackBerry 10 smartphone! I love showing my phone off to other people. lol


Happy Birthday Crackberry. The guy who sold me my first storm introduced me to you a few years back, and I have been coming back ever since. If I won...gotta have the BB10:)


Happy 5th Bithday CrackBerry,

Would love a Porsche Design P'9981!

I'd probably be the only owner of one in Australia



Happy Birthday CrackBerry!!!

BB10 Phone is my wish. *Finger's Crossed!!


I would sure love to join that exclusive club of Porsche BlackBerry owners. Thanks again for another great contest CrackBerry!


nooooo you ended! Happy Birthday!! I wish you many many more years and my only wish in the whole world would be the Porsche Design P'9981 ,....oh and world peace ;)


Happy birthday CB, we love you so much ;)

I'll try for a bb 9981 but. Im so unlucky, so, just. Have a nice birthday guys!


Happy Birthday Crackberry!
What I really would like is a Blackberry 10 phone.



Happy Birthday!
My wish would be a 9900, or a 9981!


H-B-D CB. Need another Playbook for my 21 month son. He loves Need for Speed. I can't seem to get enough time with my PB.


BB 10 and a trip to orlando for sure :)


happy bday, many many years for u with all this fantastic bb info and reviews!

Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry


Happy birthday crackberry, my wish is for a playbook


Blackberry 10 phone please! :)


Happy Birthday! These forums have been a lifesaver on answering questions and solving problems.


Happy Birthday! These forums have been a lifesaver on answering questions and solving problems.


Awesome job Crackberry! ! !
I wish for a Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry! ! ! :)


Happy Birthday Crackberry!
I wish a Blackberry 10


Happy 5th Crackberry!!
My wish is to obviously have a Blackberry 10 devices. But, If I had another I'd wish for wind mobile to make it to winnipeg already, so I can leave rogers :(.


Happy Birthday!! Would love a BB10 Device :)


I want the Blackberry 10 phone to be my FIRST Blackberry phone. :)


I want a BlackBerry 10 phone!!


Would love to have a round trip ticket to south Africa, but lol a BB 10 device would be good too haha


Since BB 10 is not out yet at Bold 9900 would be nice.


Happy Birthday Crackberry , What I really would like is a Porsche BlackBerry phone thanks

no expert

Happy bday, Crackberry! Looks like I was too late for the contest, though, darn it!


i wish you the best of luck in the future! i would LOVE a p9981!!
thanks you xxxxxx
<3 <3 <3


I wish BB10 phone as my first blackberry phone, in fact my first black berry device

And I wish happy birthday to crack berry & wish it to continue to be a best community among blackberry communities catering all the needs of the people with blackberry devices


Happy Birthday! I'd wish for a BB 10 device!


Happy birthday CB i love your content i ve been tracking you for 2 yrs but i thinks you get the best of the blackberry review and i wish to get a bb 10 phone

even if i dont win i wated to thank you for your content and wish you happy birthday


Yea baby...5 years old and already has the respect of RIM. Way to go.
If I'm selected a winner, I'd love a BB10, who wouldn't???


I would love a full touch bb10 phone. That's my wish. :)

Keep up the good work guys and keep up the awesome contests!!!!


Greetings from Brazil!
Congratulations on the existence and quality! My point of reference and support.
My wish ... The Blackberry bundle with BB10 phone and playbook2!
My PB and 9800 was stolen on 1/25 :(
Cheers! FM7


Happy birthday CrackBerry. Hope you guys stick around for many years more!
I'd love to have a BlackBerry 10
Thank you for this great opportunity


Wish CB get growing & become popular more & more...
Would love to have Bold 9900.


I wish for a Q10. I don't want any of the rest, I want the best. And I want Blackberry to do well and keep the rest honest.