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Reminder: Win a BlackBerry 10 Phone, Porsche Design BlackBerry or other awesome Prize in CrackBerry's Birthday Contest!

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CrackBerry Turns 5 Years Old Today and You Can Win Your Birthday BlackBerry Wish!

We're FIVE Years Old!!
By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Feb 2012 12:59 pm EST

CrackBerry Birthday Contest: Leave a comment to this post making your "BlackBerry Wish" and we'll make it come true for one lucky winner! 

Happy Birthday CrackBerry Nation! That's right... Sunday, February 26th, 2012 marks FIVE years to the day that we fired off our Hello World Press Release and officially opened our doors to And what an *amazing* five years it has been.

To our longtime readers and members who have been here for the whole journey, you know what we've achieved together over the years and we thank you for the ongoing love and support. To those who have discovered CrackBerry more recently, we hope you continue to visit for years to come. It's funny, you'd think after five years we'd be a little tired, but we're more energized than ever. With BlackBerry 10 phones on the horizon and a lot of great plans for the site in the works, it's an exciting time to be part of CrackBerry Nation. Heck, we even set a record this week in our forums for the most people online at one time!

BIRTHDAY CONTEST - Make a BlackBerry Wish and you could Win It! 

In true CrackBerry birthday fashion, we're celebrating with a contest. We couldn't decide what to give away as a prize, so we're leaving it up to you. All you need to do is leave a comment to this post with your "CrackBerry BlackBerry Wish" and we're going to make it come true for one lucky winner. Want a BlackBerry 10 phone when it becomes available? Or maybe a Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry? How about a trip to BlackBerry World in Orlando this year? Close your eyes, pick that BB thing you want most, and make that wish!! Good Luck!


Happy Birthday I would love a BB10 phone !!


Happy B Day crackberry, may you continue to rock the blackberry world.
My blackberry wish is to go to CES with you next year.



A new BB10 device with physical keyboard will do just fine.

Keep up the great work!


I would love to win a Verizon 9930 for my wife


I would love a white 9900... I don't plan to jump on BB10 phones upon launch. Going to wait a year or so until I'm sure they're usable. So a backup 9900 would be perfect once this one falls apart (already on my 3rd one)


Happy Birthday Crackberry!!!
I wish for a white Bold9900.


Happy Birthday Crackberry!


Happy Birthday!
My wish is for a BB110 device.


A 10" PlayBook (or whatever the new wifi variant will be).


Happy birthday CrackBerry! My wish would have to be a BlackBerry 10 phone


What I'd wish for is an otterbox defender case and holster combo for my torch 9860


Happy birthday Crackberry

I want a Blackberry 10 phone with keyboard

BlackBerry Guy

Happy 5th CrackBerry!! You're all grown up now :)

My wish would be getting the new BB10 phone when it comes out.


Happy birthday!!
Would love a Porsche Design P'9981 !!!


A trip to BlackBerry World with a BlackBerry 10 when available :) hihi

Happy birthday CB!!


I would love a Blackberry 10 phone with a playbook 2 to boot and all the fixings (accessories like docks/charging pods screen protectors and cases etc)!


Happy Birthday CrackBerry

Wooohoooo ... Party Time... Wooooohooooooo

well Even though its Crackberry who'll be wishing.. but as for my wish

i'll be more than satisfied to have a 16GB Playbook.

Once again Happy Birthday Crackberry and many happy returns of the day.


5 years! Time does fly and you guys have done an amazing job with this site. Thanks!
I would like a trip to blackberry world in orlando w/ my hubby :)


I would love to win a Blackberry 10 device at launch!
Count me in!


Happy bday cb already 5 wow as much as I love the playbook I can't wait for the first bb 10


Happy Birthday Crackberry!!!!!!

My wish is a BB Playbook 2


Happy birthday CB and may there be many more in the decades to come! I just wish upon a shooting CrackBerry star that I get a white Bold 9900 :D Here's to very many more Berry years! Cheers!!


If I could wish for anything I'd wish for a P'9981. That would be the ultimate birthday gift.


Happy Birthday CrackBerry!
I would love a Bold 9900
Never won a single thing from here :P
Hope i win this time oh and the day this contest ends is my birthday :P :D


Happy birthday. Crackberry my wish would be an all touch screen blackberry 10 device once available


Happy 5th birthday Crackberry! My wish is for an IOU for a Playbook 2 (64GB or 128GB if they make it for the 2nd gen playbooks). Thanks for a wonderful site, all the info you provide, and contest like these.


Happy Birthday CrackBerry!!! My birthday wish would be for a 64GB Playbook.


Happy Birthday Crackberry!!!

I wish for a BB10 phone for Sprint when they come out.

Please keep up the amazing service that you provide for us Blackbery Geeks. :)


Happy Birthday and thanks for all the help apps and stories over the last 5 years

My wish would be a torch 9810 (or what ever it is this year) with V10 on it.

Thanks Phil


Happy birthday CB !!!

My wish is getting a playbook 64gb, it would be interesting to try something nice and different :D

long live crackberry!


Awesome Crackberry keep GOING. We certainly enjoy the latest and greatest news from RIM. Great platform social spot for us BB users. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK AND ANOTHER 5 YEARS


My wish is to get back on the blackberry train. With one of the os7 devices because my pearl 9100 decided to stop working


Happy Birthday Mr. CrackBerry, Happy Birthday Mr. CrackBerry, Happy Birthday Mr. CrackBerry, I want a BlackBerry BBX(10) phone so bad, Happy Birthday to you! :)


I would love to have a brand new BB10 phone with a keyboard when it comes out! It just so happens that my phone contract ends in Q4 to coincide with the BB10 release!


An IOU for a BlackBerry 10 is definitely my top wish. I won't be due for an update for a couple of years so this could save me paying outright.


Happy 5th Birthday Crackberry!

I would love to win a new Blackberry 10 phone when it comes out.

Thank you for all the up-to-date news and all the hard work you guys put in to get all of us addicts our fix.


Happyyy Birthdayyy

I wish for the first Blackberry 10 device when it is released later this year


Happy Birthay Crackberry !
My wish ? Getting knowledge for native language development and rock da thing !


Congrats CrackBerry for your 5 years celebration.
A 9981 would be my number one wish.

I hardly wait to participate in your 10 years anniversary.


Happy Birthday CB!!! I would be thrilled to have a new BB10 phone when they come out.


Happy Birthday (EN), Feliz Cumpleaños (SP), Joyeux Anniversaire (FR), CrackBerry!!! The addiction to this website became very similar to the one I have for facebook and twitter! I'm very happy to be here!!! Not leaving anytime soon! BlackBerry or Die!


Happy Birthday Crackberry! Its been awesome watching you guys grow. I'm on the site everyday!
My wish is for CB Kevin to hand deliver a BB10 phone when it comes out. (If he can't, I'm fine with just a bb10!)


Paid trip to CES 2013 would be awesome!


Well I have been hanging around here for a while now, and I will say now what I said when I joined. This is the best online community to date, with the best and most informative people in the industry.

I have always appreciated the users here, because they are so willing to help someone in need as are the staff. These are the reasons I have always liked being apart of this community

in short CB Rocks! Happy Birthday all, and all the very best!

Thank you

" O lemme see a white BB 9900" or a BB 10 device would be cool lol


Hi CB! Happy birthday. I love the work you do and I would love a BB10 when it becomes available!


Happy 5th birthday Crackberry! . Top of my wish list is a BB10 phone


happy birthday crackberry still up and running and more to come for crackberry and blackberry ii believe wish is the new bb 10 device when they come available


Happy birthday CRACKBERRY,
May you continue to give us all the latest updates from RIM :D
My wish is to get the PLAYBOOK..!! :D


Congrats to!!! I would wish to have a bb10 when available or the blackberry porche design which i find AMAZING!


Happy Birthday Crackberry!
I would wish for a new Blackberry 15 device when crackberry turns 10!



Happy Birthday Crackberry,
My BlackBerry wish is that, I would like to have BB10 BlackBerry.


I wish for a BB 10 device.

mohawk apple

I wiss cb could pay all my bills off lol


Any bb10 device would be amazing to win!


HAPPY BDAY!!! BOOM! My wish is a BB10 device!


I'd love to go to blackberry world in Orlando this year. It's the return to the top for RIM and it's blackberry products.


Happy birthday to my favorite site on the planet!

I would love to have the first BB10 slider model to replace my Torch 9800 please!

Go RIM! Go CB!!


Happy Birthday Crackberry :)

I would love to have one Blackberry Torch 9810! Thanks.


Happy Birthday Crack Berry! Congrats! I would love to get the new BB10 Bold. I have a sucky Palm Pre, and if I get the BB10 Bold I can hook it up to my Playbook!


Happy Birthday CB, thank you for this best platform, i wish an Playbook, or an 9900 in white, or an trip to the CES and at least an BB10 Device?

Lyzard King

First of all...happy birthday CB.
In my wish list I'd have to put the Playbook, or even a BB 10 if it's not too long from now...


What I'd really like is a QNX Porsche ;) Bein a little more realistic... How bout the first BB10 device? Thanks for the chance, you guys are awesome! Stick around for a while :D


Happy birthday crackberry!


Awesome idea for a contest! I want a Blackberry 10 phone!!


Happy birthday crackberry! Other than meeting kevin in person, my biggest wish would be a bb10 of course!


Happy Birthday Crackberry! And congratulations Kevin! You have built a useful environment that serves such a great purpose and continues to grow in every aspect. Keep up the great work!

As for a wish: I would love to see RIM surpass iOS and Android in sales driving their stock right back up where it belongs.


Happy Birthday Crackberry ! I wish for a Rogers Blackberry Bold 9900 :) !


I would wish for a white 9900! I think I made a boo boo going to the Samsung galaxy s2

Happy birthday!!


I wish that Blackberry gets back on track with the public. I wish that they can and will produce new and exciting technology.

Red Rooster

Happy B-Day CB! I would love a BB10 Phone with a 9930esk keyboard for your


Happy birthday to the best blackberry website there is out there!

What I wish for? One of those sexy looking new BB10's that will be coming out here soon! I cant wait! Long live craaaackberry!!!


Happy birthday a cdma porches phone for sprint


Happy Birthday CB!! I'm wishing for a 64G Playbook


Happy Birthday CrackBerry, I wish you the best, hope to continue enjoying the best site dedicated to Blackberry, thumbs up for CB. MY WISH is a BB 9900. CB ROCKS


Happy Birthday Crackberry, I wish that CB5 keeps breaking the best BB news first and keeps going for another great 5 years to reach CB 10. Oh and for a BB PlayBook and a white 9900 wouldn't go amiss?

Go team CB


Happy Birthday CB! Best berry site around the globe~
I wish for a BlackBerry Playbook, loaded with the newest OS 2.0 update.
Keep on having birthdays, best of luck as always!


Happy Birthday CrackBerry!! Here's to another five! (and obviously more!)
All I would wish for, on your birthday, is a BlackBerry Bold 9900!!
That would be amazing.. Happy birthday again!

Sent from my BlackBerry Curve 9300..


My needs are simple, PlayBook :)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRACKBERRY!!!!. Hope you have a great one.

Seriously? A Porsche Design P'9981 can be wished for? Would love one of those but I'd settle for a white 9900 as well.


happy birthday and am going to be greedy and wish for a Porsche Design P'9981 ^_^


Happy Birthday CB!!! Thanks for giving us everything blackberry 24/7, 365 days a year!! I wish for a blackberry playbook!!!

thank youu!!!


Happy Birthday CrackBerry nation!

My wish is for a BB10 device with a keyboard (the bold model if you will.)


Happy 5Th CB! My wish would be for a BB10. Thanks for being around for BB owners.


I wish Crackberry has many many more sweet birthdays :D


Happy Birthday! Great website with a great community.

I wouldn't mind a BB10 device, and I don't even need a I'm sure it would be no problem ;)


I would love a BB10 device to go with my awesome Playbook!


Happy birthday guys!

I would love a BB10 device! Xoxoxo


I'd love to win a "top of the line" (64GB +) PlayBook!


Happy Birthday, a used 16GB PlayBook for my daughter to play her games on and video chat with me would be nice!


Happy Birthday CBerry! To many more years to come! My wish a BB10 smartphone preferably the bold version.


The 1st Black berry 10 phone! Happy bday crackberry! I had my first blackberry 4 years ago! It all started from the pearl! Then pearl 2, then pearl flip, then curve 8900, then bold 9700, then the bold 9780,then I got me my playbook! :D, then torch 9800 then the 9810 and then the 9900! I will never us anything else but a blackberry!!!!


ill take a playbook please!


I want a BlackBerry 10 phone when it becomes available!!!




Happy birthday to crackberry!
Feliz cumpleaños!
Joyeux anniversiare!
I wish you all the best for the years to come (if the world doesn't stop on december 2012)! keep up the good work guys, you're my bible when it comes to blackberry!
What i would like most is a Blackberry 10! well when it becomes available!
Lot of love from Paris!


Happy birthday! And many, many more...
I'd love a PlayBook 64! The extra room would come in handy and I would share with my awesome nephew! Thanks CB gang!


Happy Birthday Crackberry!!
I would love to have one of the new BB10 phones paired with a New PlayBook!!

Thank you for always keeping us in the loop with all things Blackberry!


Happy happy birthday!!! I would love to have a BB10 Bold but will settle for a 9930


Happy happy birthday Crackberry! You've grown to be an awesome site where it's trully a pleasure to be a member of said. My wish is a BB10 phone that I can hardly wait for. Cheers!

Steven Friedmann

Happy B-Day CB!

My wish is to win the BB10 device of my choice.


My CrackBerry BlackBerry Wish is for the most high end BB 10 handset available!
Oh... and Happy Birthday CB, you ROCK!!!!


Happy Birthday CrackBerry!
I hope your birthday is filled with joy and lots of delicious cake & ice cream (I mean seriously, who doesn't like cake and ice cream?). And I raise my glass to another awesome 5 years of CrackBerry success!

As for my wish, I keep seeing positive things about the new PlayBook 2.0 OS and I'm really excited to see the new BBX....I mean BB10 phones so if I win, then I would like a full touch screen BB10 Phone! Woot!

Good luck everyone, and keep that CrackBerry Spirit going!


I wish that I would get a BlackBerry PlayBook. It would be so cool to get one after many failed attempts.


Happy 5th Birthday CrackBerry!!! Good to see this community keep growing strong. Would certainly be nice to get a BB 10 when they come out. All the best.


Congratulations to the whole gang on five great years. My gift will be a BB10 and a 64Gb PlayBook to keep it busy.


Happy Birthday!!!!!
I would like a BB10 phone.


My wish is for a BlackBerry 10 phone when it is released. I can't wait to get some of that QNX greatness in a phone. Let's Rock and Roll This.


Happy Birthday Crackberry! I wish for a BB10 phone!


Hmm. Could I have two 32GB Playbooks?


Happy Birthday Crackberry!!!!

I wish for a 64gb Blackberry Playbook!!!! :)


Happy b'day CB!!!! U guys shud be gettin the gifts!... But if ur still givin... I'd love a BB 10 device!.... Or a new playbook!... Or both!! :P .... But either of wij would be amazin!!!


I would wish to win a blackberry playbook :D , and also wish for kevin to become blackberry CEO and save this company :(


WOW 5 years well happy birthday to CB the best site in the world :)


Happy Birthday Crackberry! You're my one and only favorite for all things Blackberry.
I just got my new 9930 Bold. So I wish for $100 to spend on apps for my new Bold.


If I could find my old 8700g, which was the first blackberry I used to access this site, I'd find it and leave a comment from it. If I get picked, I'll take a torch 9850/60 with Tmobile US bands.

Good luck to everyone!!!


Happy birthday Crackberry! I would love a Bold 9930. To replace my tired 9670.


Happy Birthday, CrackBerry! More blessings to come! :)

I'm wishing a BlackBerry 9930 (for Sprint) and a 32GB PlayBook, I'm ok with 16GB, though.

Again, Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday CrackBerry! My CrackBerry wish is for a sweet new BlackBerry 10 phone when it is released! Thank you for all the juicy BB details every morning.


HappyBerry for CrackBerry ;D Be BOLD for the next 100 years ;D

Well, to make my dreams come true I would like to have brand new, shiny BlackBerry Bold 9900 with all CB Team signatures on his carton ;D

Swaggberry, Swaggberry I’m thinking on my baby...


happy birthday crackberry! I just wish a success to RIM ! and of course when it comes to material stuff id really like that BB10 superphone when it comes out!! cheers


Happy Birthday Crackberry!

I Wish for Blackberry to reign supreme in the Superphone Market!! Make it happen Crackberry ;-)
Besides that I wish for a Brand New Bold 9900 for Bell Mobility or a BB10 phone when they are released!
Also since its my birthday tomorrow I will have extra wishing powers MWHAHAHAHA!!!!!


Happy birthday Crackberry team! I just recently got a 9810 through work, but would love a Playbook to go along with it. Unfortunately my wife and I cannot spend the money, for us it's a choice, we can pay a fortune to our fertility doctor so that we can make our dreams of a family come true, or a playbook.......the choice is obvious.
Thanks for your support!


happy birthday. the blackberry 10 phone is at the top of my list.


Happy Birthday Crackberry! I may not have been here from the start, but I got here as fast as I could!

My Birthday wish is for a BB10 Slider with a real keyboard.


Happy Birthday CrackBerry :) A BlackBerry Bold 9900 would be great. Thanks in advance.


Happy birthday and i wish for a bb10 device.


I would love to attend just one BlackBerry event in my life. Having been a BlackBerry fanboy since my first 7100g I've never had the chance. BlackBerry World in Orlando would be my wish.


BlackBerry 10 device with a keyboard would be my wish!

Keep rockin CrackBerry!


Well, I would really like a BB10 phone with a keyboard, but I don't want to wait another year to get my prize if I'm chosen. So I'll take a BlackBerry 10 device keyboard or not, when I'm chosen. :D


Happy birthday Crackberry! My wish is a 64Gb Blackberry Playbook!


Happy 5th birthday! There will be many more prosperous ones to come as well!
my wish is a bb bold 9900 pleasee thanks
enjoy your day


Happy Birthday Crackberry for 5 years of proper reviews


Happy Birthday Crackberry team.

I would wish for a BB10 phone when they start releasing. Beats the hell out of an old 9700.


Happy birthday, CrackBerry! :) I know you guys will be around for much, much longer.

My one BlackBerry wish would be for a 64 GB BlackBerry PlayBook!


Pick me! :-)

I wish for a BB10 + keybd


Happy Birthday Crackberry. in the next 5 years crackberry will take RIMM to no.2.

CrackBerry BlackBerry Wish : A Blackberry 9900 would be nice.


I wish for a touchscreen BB10 Phone !!!

Nascar Dog

I wish for a BlackBerry PlayBook 64GB


Happy birthday CB
i would love a trip to CES 2013
keep up the great work



I would like to win a Playbook!!! I hope I win, but good luck to everyone else as well!


Happy Birthday Crackberry!!!

You guys to an amazing job at updating us with info, helping us thru new adventures with you phones and playbooks, and lets not forget the awesome awesome giveaways. I've been a fan of you guys since I picked up my first Blackberry, the Storm 9530. Thanks for all that you guys do!

As for closing my eyes and making a wish, All I can see is a new phone spinning in my head. Definitely a device available today would be awesome. I can't afford it but I'd pick the Torch 9860. A full touch device, and after using the playbook, I think I can be happy without the clicking screen, lol. Let me tell you though having the Porsche P'9981 would be bad ass too, but lets not get greedy here, lol. Ok, maybe I would like the P'9981. Not sure I'd go for a BB10 device yet. I just wanna leave the 5.0 platform finally.

Thanks again and Happy 5th Birthday!!! 5 is my lucky number


Happy Birthday CB. I would like a BB 10 device! Thanks.


I would Love to have World Peace and a 64GB Playbook!


Awesome, Happy Birthday CrackBerry :D !
I wish a BlackBerry 10 Device, If I won that would be my first time ever … XD !


Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear CrackBerry,
I'm addicted to you!

Although you guys should be ones getting a present, this contest is to give one of us a present! If I happen to be the lucky guy, I would wish to receive a BB10 Device, whenever it comes out. It'd be most appreciated! Hope you continue in your success! ;)


Like everyone else, I'll take a BB10 device (on Verizon) as soon as it's available!


Happy Birthday Crackberry!. I would love to have a Blackberry Playbook.


Happy Birthday Crackberry!!!, wishing you all the Best for the year and Beyond.
I'm wishing for a Blackberry Playbook 64GB :)


Since I already have a PB and a brand new 9900, I wish for $500 to spend in the Crackberry store :)



My Birthday wish is to get a blackberry 10 phone!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRACKBERRY! May you enjoy many many many more!

My wish would be for a complete set of accessories for both of my 9810s and my Playbook..
(2 OtterBox Commuter Series Cases for BlackBerry Torch 9810, 2 Ten One Design Pogo Sketches for BlackBerry Torch 9810, 2 BlackBerry Premium Stereo Headsets (3.5mm) for Torch 9810, one OtterBox Defender Series Case for BlackBerry PlayBook)

**crossing fingers**


Happy Birthday CrackBerry!!!!

I'd love to get a PlayBook pleaseee!!!

Thats all I'm wishing for!

Fingers Crossed :)

Tater Tots

Grats CB nation! For my wish I'd like the full ine of BB10 devices!


Wish you a very Happy Birthday..its just the begining for crackberry and I am sure CB is ageless so hope to see many more CB birthdays in future. BB fan for wish on this birthday is for blackberry (not just to get a device though a bold 9900 would do for now) to be the best and top smartphone maker in the world and I wish that they innovate and innovate hard and rock the smartphone world so that everyone wants to own a blackberry.


Happy birthday to
Next month is my birthday so i wish i can get Bold 9900 White :D.


Happy birthday crackberry!! :D

I WISH FOR ......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

...BB10 device please :)


Happy Birthday CrackBerry! My wish would be to hang out with Kevin for a day at BB World in Orlando.


Happy Birthday Crackberry!! I've become addicted to this site...thanks for that! My birthday wish...for you and from you.. is to get my hands on the Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry...that is if it'll work on T-mobile..haha If not, then the amazing Bold 9900 is my second favorite phone :-)



Happy Birthday CRACKBERRY........Let's Rock N Roll This........


I wish for a Blackberry Playbook. Any size. I'm not picky. Thanks!


Happy Birthday CrackBerry. I would like a 64GB BlackBerry Playbook. Thanks.


Hey happy birthday Crackberry.
My wish for this day is to have a brand new BB10 smartphone when it comes out.

Wish you a long life.


Happy Birthday Crackberry!
I wish to go to Blackberry World in Orlando!


Happy B-Day CB ! My wish would be an iou for a BB10 device. Keep up the outstanding work folks, great site.


Dear Santa-CrackBerry,

For this year my greatest wish is a new BB10 phone! I know, it's a wish of so many people, but what can I say? I've been a good BlackBerry user, in a few months it will be 5 years that I use BB phones, Pearl, Curve and 2 Bold phones (9900 the latest)... All of them I enjoyed, but my greatest hope is in the new OS! :)
Happy Birthday CrackBerry and I hope to receive a gift as well :)


Congrats CB!

My wish is for the first BB10 phone that has a Bold, keyboard style, design.


I wish for the top of the line all touchscreen LTE BB10 phone.


Happy Birthday CrackBerry!
I wish for a BlackBerry Playbook, too.


Happy Birthday, CrackBerry! As a long time member I'd like to thank Kevin and the guys for keeping CB as great and infomative as it is. It's one reason I stay with the BlackBerry brand.

I traded my Android for a 9650 so I would love a VZW 9930 to replace this and try out OS7.



Happy Birthday CrackBerry!!! I'm still a newbie to this site as I've just discovered y'all... but it's been fun so far and i'm sure it'll be fun and informative always! ;)

Given the tradition of "wishes" - of them being usually something that one believes to be out of their reach/grasp completely... I'm tempted to thus wish as follows:

I wish from thee, to give to me;
an item free, delivered over the sea;
a "Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry", from my dreams!

A tough wish to be fulfilled given the device is quite exquisite, but hey! Who says you can't be the best genie out there, eh!?! ;)

Anyways... Happy Birthday again! Here's to growing old together! :)


Happy birthday Crackberry :)

I hope i'll see you guys around for many many years from now.
My wish would be to have a BlackBerry OS7 device, I know BB10 is coming but I really like the new Bold 9900 and the Torch 9810, so my wish would be to have one of them.


Happy Birthday CrackBerry!

Keep on the good work !

I really wish for is a Blackberry 10 phone with a keyboard and TAT stuff ! ( I really like OS 2.0 on my playbook).
If there is no plans for such a phone in 2012 then a P9981 will be my awesome lifetime unforgettable gift from CB !

Best Wishes to All !


Happy B-Day CrackBerry!!! 64gb Playbook for me please?


Happy birthday CrackBerry!!! My BlackBerry wish is for a BlackBerry 10 smartphone once they come out. :)


My wish would be to win a BlackBerry 10 phone whose origin was based on the current Bold 9900. Or even better a Porsche designed BlackBerry 10 phone! (One can only dream)


I would love a BB10 phone when they are out! Long live CrackBerry!


One Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry!


Happy Birthday Crackberry. I would love a porsche design p'9981 and don't care what people say cause it is one sexy phone.


Happy Birthday CB!! :-) Wow.. It's already been that long.. Love it!!!

I wish for a BlackBerry Bold 9900!! Please make it come true!! :-D


Happy birthday ya'll!
My crackberry birthday wish is a playbook!


Happy 5th Birthday!! I hope CB gets many more. But I really wish for a BlackBerry PlayBook 16 GB!!!


Happy Birthday CrackBerry!
Thank you for all the news, and amazing prices! I remember last year when CB turned 4 and all the prizes!!

Hope I win a P'9981!!!!!!!!!!!


Happy birthday Crackberry and congrats Kevin! I wish for a Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry or a Bold 9790 if I'm chosen. Good luck, keep marching ahead. :D


Happy Birthday Crackberry!!
Without you guys god knows where I woulda ended up on my transition to the smartphone world(BBwas my first) Thanks for all the help and support over the years, this is the best forum I've ever seen or been a part of. My wish is for a 64GB Playbook and for you guys to be even more successful over the years to come!

HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY CRACKBEERY !! My Wish would be for a Playbook 64GB. . I am a CrackBerry addict.


Happy Birthday Crackberry!!

I wish the site the very best and hoping and wishing I will be doing this very thing 10 years from now................

Great Site...... Keep up the good work!


I Wish for the 64gb Playbook and assist it with the Blackberry 9900 =)


Happy birthday CrackBerry!
I already had a Bold 9900 and PlayBook (Perfect Match)
If I win, I want a BB 10 device or PlayBook2 (the next gen PlayBook) when it's available. Whichever comes first, I will take it!

Once again, Happy Birthday CB!


I'd love a BB10 device!!!


Happy birthday Crackberry!
I wish for a BB10 device!


Happy Birthday Crackberry! I got a year before I can upgrade my 9780 ,but I'd love a 9900!


Happy Birthday Crackberry!! I'd wish for a BB 10 phone when they hit.



This is an awesome contest. I would go for a Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry.


Happy Birthday CB!!!

If theres one wish I could make, it would be to get a BBX phone for sure! (Side wish would be to have it branded as BBX and not BB10 lol)

Looking forward to the next 5 years!


Happy Birthday Crackberry!

I wish for a 64GB Blackberry Playbook or a Blackberry 10 phone when its release. Either one would be great. Keep on chugging and great work. :)

Good luck everyone! ^_^


I wish I had a play book with lots of free accessories :)


Happy Birthday CrackBerry! I would like to own a brand new BB10 phone!


Happy Birthday CrackBerry!! Hopefully a lot of great things are coming!!
I would like the first all-touch BB10 SUPER Phone :D


Happy Birthday CrackBerry!!! By far the best tech blog out there, my ultimate CrackBerry wish would be for a BB10 phone when it becomes available!


Happy 5-Year Anniversary, CB!!! Look forward to many more anniversaries and many more Blackberries down the road. Like many others, would love to have a fresh shiny BB10 touchscreen phone tricked out with all the cool accessories!


Happy Birthday Crackberry!

My blackberry wish would be to win a blackberry playbook 64gb, this would go so well with my blackberry bold 9900 :) hope I win and good luck to everyone else :)

Thank you crackberry


Happy Anniversary and many more to come!

If i was to wish a BB it would be a BB10.

Keep up the great work! CB is certainly a wealth of knowledge, the forums certainly keep you up to date!



WOW! 5 Years!... great! Happy BirthDay!

My wish?... Simple!... I wish I could work in RIM!... Love the company and love their products!



Happy Birthday!

I would love a new BB10 phone.

Thank you!


My BlackBerry Wish!

I want to trade my 9360 for a 9900!

Happy Birthday Crackberry!


Happy Birthday!! I would love to have a new BB10 phone and do a review on it! :)


My wish is to be able to do something for CrackBerry. My wish for CrackBerry is that it will always be the #1 place to go for BlackBerry.

Oh and if I get picked I be choosing a BB10 device.


Happy Birthday Crackberry!!!

GOD Bless!!!

I already have a playbook and its amazing. I would wish for one more playbook for my lil sister.
Also some information on when's the new playbook will be present in the market.


Happy Birthday Crackberry!

I want a BBTEN Device and a Playbook to pair it with.

Thanks again!


Happy Birthday CrackBerry!

What would I like? (Other than for CB to stay around forever?) A BB10 Bold WITH a Querty Keyboard. That's what I want most. :)


Bonne Fete Crackberry...!!!

I would really love to get a BB10.! =D

Merci Beaucoup!


Happy Birthday, CrackBerry!

My wish is for a Bold 9900!


Happy Birthday Crackberry!
Wishing you continued success... and wishing me a new BB 10 phone :)
Here's to many more CB years!


Happy Birthday to all CrackBerry members!!! I'm dreaming to have a BB 10 Bold!!! Please get one for me!!! THANKS YOU CB!


Happy Birthday CrackBerry!

Even tho your B-Day, how about a gift for me instead? A shiny new BB10 device to play with (Smiley Face)

jesus marion joseph

I would love one of those Jawbone bluetooth speakers.


first i want to congratulate you for all these years by far your are the best web page provider for a cellphone brand and if i won these contest my wish would be to get the blackberry porsche design for free!! ;D, want to thank you for all your effort during these years and all the professionalism in everything. keep it up that way! :D


Happy Birthday Crackberry! I wish You all the best! Hope you'll continue doing great job at this website. What would I wish for me? I would like to try BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9981 , but since I am huge Blackberry mark, every gadget which was created by this brand would be awesome :)


My wish would be a BlackBerry 10 phone when it comes out.


Happy Birthday Crackberry! I would an all touch BB10 phone...and to see CB still here in another 5 year!!


What a cool contest! My birthday wish is for a 64GB PlayBook with a charging dock on the side.


Happy Bday I want the slickest and newest BB Bold when it comes out :D


I wish Jerry Jones would name me CEO of the Dallas Cowboys, and I would have Cowboy's Stadium all decked out in CrackBerry EVERYTHING! The ginormous TV that hangs in there would be replaced by the WORLDS LARGEST PLAYBOOK! It would be awesome.....

Happy Birthday friend.....


Happy Birthday CB
wish u all the Success in the whole world
I would love a porsche design blackberry or BB10


I would like a BB X if I won. :)


Happy B-day!!! :D well my wish is a bb 10 with gorilla glass and "siri" jeje :P


I've got to say. You guys at CrackBerry definitely keep me smiling. I have BlackBerry News Feed on my BB Bold 9780.

My first blackberry ever was a Curve 9300. I got it and had it for about a month and had to upgrade. I loved BlackBerry so much that I couldn't get enough. I went to the one I have now. CrackBerry was also my source for information to find out about the BlackBerry 7 devices. I was going to go out and by the new Bold or Torch, but decided to hold out for a new BB10 device.

Happy Birthday CrackBerry, I'm glad that I was able to follow alongside with you guys throughout the last 2 years. I do wish you the best of luck in the future.

Team BlackBerry will live on, we have nothing to worry about.

My birthday wish would be to either own one of the Porsche Design P'9981 or one of the new BB10 devices upon their release.



My CrackBerry BlackBerry Wish is for a BlackBerry 10 smartphone on release day!


be chosen at random that's sooo no cool i think the best story and reason should win LOL. kind of like the make a wish foundation the kid that is closet to death gets his wish....sorry if that was insensitive it was the only analogy I could think of.

What my wish from CB would be would be a real birthday wish. I wish I could get an all inclusive trip to BB World in May with my fiance. It is being hosted on my Birthday, May 3rd. Reasons why I think I should be chosen, even though it has no baring, are plenty.
1)its the big 25 for me, ill be a quarter WOOT!
2)its on my B-Day...i think Ive already said that LOL.
3)i am the most northerly CBer here, GO NUNAVUT!!!
4) i have been a supporter defender and seller of BBs a
5) I am a CRACKberry!! seriously Im going to school this September so that i can work for RIM
6) my fiance isnt a big tech/BB person and i hope this would educate her so love it as much as i do

thanks guys and I wish you all a very Happy Birthday and keep up the great work you do!!! CB for life!!!!!


Happy Birthday Crackberry! I would like to have that Porsche Design P'9981 Blackberry :D


Happy Bithday CB! A 64/g PlayBook would be cool!


I joined CB when I got my storm 9530. I held onto that until the 9860 came out and now I'm eagerly awaiting the release of the bb10 touchscreen berry.

Happy birthday Crackberry!!!!

My wish is for a new BB10 touchscreen berry....


Happy birthday, keep the faith! I would love to win a BB10 bold! :-)


I want a BlackBerry 10 phone when it becomes available!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Happy Birthday Crackberry!! Congratulations on 5 years!

My Crackberry Blackberry wish is to have a Blackberry 10 phone when they become available!


Happy Birthday Crackberry. If I win, I will probably get a BB10 phone for my wife.


Happy bday crackberry. Thanks for the services you provided us.
A 9900 aws version is greatly appreciated.


Happy birthday Crackberry. I wish for a Bold 9900 white berry


Happy 5th Birthday CrackBerry!!!!! My wish is for a PlayBook.


My CrackBerry BlackBerry Wish is for the first and best BlackBerry 10 device! I'm so excited for the future of this website and BlackBerry. P.S. This was sent from my PlayBook!!!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U,HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRACKBEFRY AND MANY MORE :). My Birthday wish would be a blackberry 10 ... CB you all rock! Congratulations towards another 5 years to come...


Happy bday crackberry if I'm the lucky winner. I wish a bb10 superpower


I'm a new CrackBerry reader! So, this is my first comment. Happy Birthday! I wish all the best for you. To me the best would be a 9900 Bold, or a 9360 curve! I don't wish a BB10 device, it's better to look to the present lol Happy happy bday, i wish i could eat one of your cupcakes lol


Happy Birthday Crackberry!! Seeing as my Birthday is Wednesday the 29th - and it being Leap Year I only get an official one every 4 years. So I would love a new Porsche Designed P'9981. Officially I am turning 8 but technically 32 - and 3 + 2 = 5 - I think the numbers are in my favour that you should just pick me.

Happy Birthday Crackberry and thanks for all that you do.


Happy BirthDay CrackBerry!!! May you be around for many many more!!!!!
I'd love a Blackberry playbook..


Happy Bday!
Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry please! :D

the brother

What up!!!!!! Happy birthday. I can't believe it's only been 5 years!

I wish for a new BB10 phone! ALL THE BEST

the brother