CrackBerry Turns 5 Years Old Today and You Can Win Your Birthday BlackBerry Wish!

We're FIVE Years Old!!
By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Feb 2012 12:59 pm EST

CrackBerry Birthday Contest: Leave a comment to this post making your "BlackBerry Wish" and we'll make it come true for one lucky winner! 

Happy Birthday CrackBerry Nation! That's right... Sunday, February 26th, 2012 marks FIVE years to the day that we fired off our Hello World Press Release and officially opened our doors to And what an *amazing* five years it has been.

To our longtime readers and members who have been here for the whole journey, you know what we've achieved together over the years and we thank you for the ongoing love and support. To those who have discovered CrackBerry more recently, we hope you continue to visit for years to come. It's funny, you'd think after five years we'd be a little tired, but we're more energized than ever. With BlackBerry 10 phones on the horizon and a lot of great plans for the site in the works, it's an exciting time to be part of CrackBerry Nation. Heck, we even set a record this week in our forums for the most people online at one time!

BIRTHDAY CONTEST - Make a BlackBerry Wish and you could Win It! 

In true CrackBerry birthday fashion, we're celebrating with a contest. We couldn't decide what to give away as a prize, so we're leaving it up to you. All you need to do is leave a comment to this post with your "CrackBerry BlackBerry Wish" and we're going to make it come true for one lucky winner. Want a BlackBerry 10 phone when it becomes available? Or maybe a Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry? How about a trip to BlackBerry World in Orlando this year? Close your eyes, pick that BB thing you want most, and make that wish!! Good Luck!

Reader comments

CrackBerry Turns 5 Years Old Today and You Can Win Your Birthday BlackBerry Wish!



Congratulations and Happy Birthday Crackberry. I'm happy and content with OS 7 and really can't wait for the new BlackBerry 10. My Blakberry wish would be to have a BlackBerry PlayBook. I feel incomplete with only a BlackBerry phone.

Happy Birthday CB!!

I would like to win a Bold 9790, preferably a Rogers branded one so I could use it fully on AT&T.


My wish is to have a BB10 because It's going to be the iphone's demise. I have been stuck without a BB since my 8700!!!! Then my Playbook will be complete.

Happy Birthday CrackBerry! i check your site daily and always enjoy.
My wish would be a Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry! Good luck to me. THX!

Happy Birthday, CB!

My BB wish would definitely be for a highly successful BB10 launch and to have have a BB10 device in my hands when they hit the market.

Wow it has been already 5 years, can't believe time goes by so fast.

I'd like to take my friend to BlackBerry World tour in Orlando. My friend and I are always connected across the world by amazing BBM. But after we moved to new york together, he switch to Iphone and I am quite not really happy about that. He seems to love Toy not Tool and it's not cool because I love Tool not Toy like iphone. He is always wondering why I go with BB and playbook not iphone and ipad.
I hope that this trip (if it happens) will let him see how cool is BB and BB is still a cool Tool and still IN and will be.

Thank you. CB love to see you grow up and have something for me to check in News App every night before I go to bed with my lovely playbook.

Happy Birthday, CrackBerry!! Would love a new Blackberry 10 mobile phone.
Keep up the good work CrackBerry Team!! You guys thebest!! ;)

Happy Birthday CrackBerry! I wish RIM to make a BB 10 phone like torch 9810. Very cool wish contest.
A happy CrackBerry fun, from Greece!

Happy Birthday! Crackberry is the only thing better than a Blackberry!

My wish is for a Blackberry 10 phone.

Best Wishes,

I'd love a blackberry bold 9900 or a BB10 when they are released.

I was a windows phone fan, but i'm in love with blackberry after getting the BB playbook :D

Go blackberry!

SAWEET! I would love a Blackberry 10 phone! Here's hoping for a win! Happy birthday once again Crackberry! Keep it coming!

Happy birthday CrackBerry!!! Here's to many more to come!!!

A new Porsche design phone would be to die for!!!

Thank you!

I wish for a bb10 phone, the one Crackberry reviews and deems to be the best bb10 phone out of all of them. ;-)

Bold 9900

Congrats Crackberry! I"ve been a fan of Blackberry for the past 5 years and hope to share with you our passion for the coming 15 years and beyond!

A Crackberry wish of mine would be to get my hands on a BB10 device as early as possible. They are going to be sweet and groundbreaking devices that will make all my friends jealous.

A BB10 phone will be the perfect gift. Thanks CrackBerry for giving us this opportunity. You are the best.

i want Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry, having this is not mostly BB users have... it matches my wants, cars.. :)

I would absolutely LOVE to win a P'9981 BlackBerry!! It's the coolest bb ever IMO and I would chuck my iPhone 4S in the trash for it. Happy Birthday CB!

I think I started following right after you were born, when I got my first BB... the original Pearl. Got it used from a friend. Happy birthday! I would love a playbook to go with my outdated Bold 9650!

Happy birthday Crackberry. I just purchased my first BlackBerry hardware. (PB). Now I can't wait till my contract on my android runs out to switch to BB. A new BB10 would be awesome.

Happy Birthday CB, thanks for all the news, information an laughs!! If I am so lucky the Porsche designed phone would be cool.

I have an old blackberry device,my one wish would be to own a newer blackberry like the blackberry porsche..make my wish true please!! Ps. I love crackberry to death!!

I cant remember if I entered this or not. If this is a duplicate I am sorry...Congrats on turning 5. Thank you for all you guys do for the masses

happy bday crackberry!!

split between BB10 phone and Porche design! I would have to go with Porche design though

heres to another 5!

Happy birthday Crackberry and many happy returns. Great site you have here!
Wish I had a bold 9900 to go with my playbook it really needs a remote :)

Congratulations on your 5 year milestone. You continue to promote the great BlackBerry product line with reviews, tips and tricks, accessory specials and even not so glowing comments.

What i'd wish for, besides a new BB10 device, would be for BlackBerry to regain it's positive reputation that it had 5 years ago. We can only hope for the best!!

Happy Birthday Crackberry!!! I've thought long and hard about this wish. Trying to be creative, trying to out do everyone, but at the core of it all, my true want is simple. The Bold 9900 is such a beautiful phone that it's the item of my dreams.

Congratulations and many more years to follow!

Happy BirthDay CrackBerry- I loves being #TeamBlackBerry - I've been saying the new slogan for years, everytime someone tries to get me to go with Droid or Iphone, I always tell em, I don't need toys, my BlackBerry has all the tools I need- so my CrackBerry BlackBerry Wish is a new BlackBerry 10 Bold phone, and a CrackBerry or BlackBerry Tshirt to show everyone how proud I am to be #TeamBlackBerry

Happy birthday CB! Thanks for the useful info over the past 5 years. I've been lurking from when the site started.

Blackberry 10 phone please!

Happy birthday CB! Thanks for the useful info over the past 5 years. I've been lurking from when the site started.

Blackberry 10 phone please!

Happy birthday Crackberry. Wish you will maintain highest quality website for BB fans. I wish I could get a Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry. Hope that it will come true.

Happy birthday!

I would like a BB10 phone when it comes out. I'm looking forward to making my PB apps ready for BB10, so a real device would help my dev work greatly. And of course, by then, it would only be right to upgrade from my 9700! :)

Top of my wish list
- A trip to BlackBerry World in Orlando this year!!!
PS: Happy Birthday CrackBerry!!!
PPS: #BeBold

Happy Birthday Crackberry! Thanks for 5 years of fun! My birthday wish is for a white 9810 (AT&T).

Happy Birthday Kevin, for founding the Worlds Greatest Website and all the rest of you Crackberrians that supply us, the Crackberry Nation with our daily fix of all that is Blackberry ! Bravo Guy's, what a great service you provide. :-) My wish is quite simple if i am picked out of all these entries. I would want 2 Blackberry 9930's (Sprint), 1 for me and 1 for my lady, and a couple of those "Ion" Carbon Fiber Leather pouches, and maybe a few accessories from the Shop Crackberry Store. Thanks for this awesome opportunity !

Happy 5th Birthday crackberry!! I'd like a BB 10 device (Bold 9900) also. I can't wait for it because I know it will rock.

Happy Bday CB!!!

I wish to have a new BlackBerry 10 which i want to give as a present to my father for his birthday. :)

2.5 years ago! I started with my first blackberry which is 9000, and I read all the comment from crackberry before switching to BB! after that I keep my eye on everyday to crackberry site, start from that day I wish I can join RIM, and now I made it, becuase of crackberry, because of all the great information I have read from CB!

Now I wish CB will keep doing their great job, and let's make a most successful time with the latest BB10!

My wish here is a white bb9900

Happy bday CB!

Happy Birthday Crackberry!!
Hope always be the best news website for BlackBerry!

My BB wish? All I want most is New BB 10 superphone of course!! =P~

happy birthday crackberry!
hope u remain as awesome and always be my favorite site to get daily bb updates and news

my wish is to get a bb10 phone which will be a new era for bb and i can't wait to experience it
(skipped os7 but still happily using my ever reliable bold 9700)

I saw a repost of this on my birthday, happy birthday CB!
I'd love to have a new Porsche design Bold. It would look pro at my co-op job!

Happy Birthday CrackBerry!
I have a wish, and it is a BB 10!!! :)
Love the site, I check it more than 5 times a day, it rocks.

Happy Birthday CrackBerry!
I have a wish, and it is a BB 10!!! :)
Love the site, I check it more than 5 times a day, it rocks.

Happy birthday! My wish world be for a bb10 phone. But since not out yet, I would love a 9930 on vzw. Keep up the good work!

Happy Birthday Crackberry!!!!

all i wish is for more info and a blackberry 10 phone
i just found your site and i'm addicted now

Horay... Happy birthday crackberry. Ur the best ....

I want bb 10 smartphone pleaseee. Thank you

sent from my playbook

Happy Birthday CrackBerry! Wishing you and Blackberry the best for the future.
I would like to win the Blackberry 10 when it comes out if it will work with T-mobile if not the Trip would be awesome! Thanks

Please Sir! may i have one? still loyal to my curve 8900 but need to enter the world of BB os& desperately.

PS, thank you for your faith in Blackberry and RIM, we may be fewer but we remain united and strong!

Happy (Belated) Birthday, CrackBerry! Happy 5th years old and definitely still counting to go!
And as for my "CrackBerry BlackBerry Wish", I would love to get the new Blackberry 10 phone! Heard it's gonna be HUGE!
Anyways, sending lotsa loves to you guys from INDONESIA! Keep up the good and even better work! XoXo

Happy Birthday Crackberry! Woah, 5 years really flies by. Back in '07, I was still a sophomore in college, rocking my last dumbphone.
But enough reminiscing, down to brass tax:
If I win, a BB10 "Bold" or whatever RIM decides to call it, would be the phone of my dreams. Especially since my 9900 bricked after a month of usage. Twice.
Good luck to all, and again, Happy Bday CB-team!

I'd love to have a ne blackberru doesn't matter which one with os7. And the best whishes for CB, hope yall stay around much longer!

Happy birthday Crackberry! I enjoy reading from your site.

All I want is a BlackBerry 10 when it becomes available.


Happy Birthday Crackberry!

Enjoy reading news on your site,

My bb wish is for a new Playbook with a good camera. Latest software upgrade is a good first step to 2012.





A black 9900 tops my wish list. A phone with OS 10 would be even better, but I am in a hurry to replace my old OS 4 phone, so that I can use bridge.

Happy Birthday CB, thanx for giving us this great meeting place. (I'm on the playbook btw, nice app). I love my playbook and my 9900 and especially since 2.0 I'm wowed. No more laptop burn, take it anywhere, touchscreen, blackberry bridge (no wifi at home), bbm and email, will get a good cross-platform messenger next week. I love where RIM is going and i want more. I cant wait to see what bb10 looks like. So I'd be fine with an iou for a bb10 phone. Anyway, keep on RIMming.

My heart got racing a bit to fast when I read that a that one of the prizes could be a trip to BlackBerry World in May. So CrackBerry, on your most wonderful 5th birthday, I'd be most happy with a trip to BlackBerry World in Orlando.

Happy birthday Crackberry!!
My bb wish would be a new bb os 10!!
I have a 9800&playbook right now!!

Happy birthday CrackBerry Nation!

I would want BB10 Bold and a Rogers agent that is kind to me.

Happy B-DAY Crackberry!!!!!! AND MANY MORE!!!!!!!!!! Playbook is the TRUE PROFESSIONAL TABLET!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to CrackBerry! I love this place, and you guys are the best!

I wish for a blackberry playbook 2.0! I hope I can get it!

I would wish for a 4G Verizon Wireless BB. Since there are none in existence, I would go for a BB Torch on Verizon


Happy Birthday Crackberry!

I've been mulling this over but I can't think of much different from everyone else but I'll give it a go:

A day or two with Kevin to see what he really gets up to. At the end he gives me a BlackBerry 10 phone and says "review that" and lets me keep it :)

My wish would be for a BB10 phone, everything RIM is doing is a step in the right direction. I can't wait till they release later this year but I still got 2 years left on my contract :(

Well I could wish for a Blackberry 10 phone when it comes up.........but why wish for something that I know i'm gonna buy on day 1 of the release.

Soooo if I could pick......I pick a trip to Blackberry World in Orlando (but for two as I dont like to travel alone)


Since the BB10 phones aren't out yet, can't say for sure if I want one. Would take a 9900 or a Playbook very happily, though.

生日快樂 crackberry!!!! you guys have helped me alot in the transition to the BB world! My bb wish would be the best top end BB10 phone when it comes available!!!!

I wish I had a blackberry 10 phone when they come out so I can review the heck out of it. :)

Happy bday crackberry!

Happy birthday! I would love a BlackBerry 10 phone when they come out. It sure would make testing apps for it much easier :)

Happy Birthday crackberry! I would love to get a new Blackberry 10 phone.

Keep up the good work.

My Crackberry BlackBerry wish is for a BB10 phone when it comes out. I could also use 1 hour to play with the toys in the secret blackberry prototype room in waterloo if you can hook it up.

Happy Birthday Crackberry!!! Recently I won tickets to BlackBerry Fan Night in Miami directly from BlackBerry themselves! Free PlayBook and all! BUT... I couldn't go :'( There wasn't enough notice and plane tickets were ridiculously expensive from Colorado to Florida. So no party and NO free PlayBook for me... My wish:. Is for another chance to rub elbows with more dedicated BB peeps like me! BlackBerry World in Orlando would be a dream come true!!!

Happy Birthday Crackberry!

My Crackberry Blackberry birthday wish would be to get a Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry!!!

Happy Birthday CrackBerry! You are the best of all the website i have seen for phones. Right now i have blackberry torch 9800 and i wise for another balckberry phone, and my wise on your birthday is for porsche blackberry p9981. I love this phone so much.

And you are the best Crackberry in what you do.

Happy Bday from South Africa Crackberry!! Considering that BlackBerry has the lion's share of this market - I would LOVE to sport the latest BB10 phone when it gets launched!! THX for being such a GR8 team! My day is not complete if I've not logged onto the CB News for Playbook app!!

A Blackberry Lover & User of a Playbook & Torch9800!!

Happy Birthday Crackberry....or as we say in the old country, ¡Feliz Cumpleaños!

First post on the site....found out about it after buying my BB loaded with OS 2.0 which is great.

My birthday wish would be for a new BB10 phone, with a full physical qwerty keyboard....a trip would be nice too so I can make calls from the phone bridged to my Playbook.


Happy Birthdayy Crackberry! This has been my #1 source for Blackberry News! Anyways, my dream gift would be a Blackberry 10 smartphone, when it becomes available !


Happy Birthday crackbeyy!!!!

My wish would be a BB10 phone as soon as they are released.
I gotta gotta gotta have one :)

Crackberry is only 5? I've never thought so highly of something so young.

I would love a blackberry 10 device, would be incredible!

Happy birthday crackberry!!! Currently using a curve 9300 so a BB10 phone would be amazing, would be lovely to have a uptodate phone for once instead of always have a phone 2 generations behind due the cost of them in my country :) <3

a big big happy birthday! and, and... to shut the naysayers, i would certainly not mind upgrading my bold to a p'9981! :).

I wish for a Porsche designed BB10 phone!! Why not have the best of all worlds! If this wish cannot be granted, a BB10 phone would be just as awesome. Currently loving my Bold 9900 and 32gb Playbook!!

Happy Birthday Crackberry!

I think we have to celebrate your anniversary with the first and the last... I would like to have a P9981 and a classical 7250. I had one and I would be more than happy to remember that precious time!

Keep as you are, guys!

HEY CB....I wish your team a very happy birthday.....i wish it has many more birthdays....i read CB every 1 - 2 hrs.....i njoy reading it so much....i just wish if i had a P'9981 for me....


Wow, 5 years! Happy birthday!
I've never had a blackberry before (or a smartphone in general..), but I've been looking into them for quite some time now. :-)

My wish is to win a white Blackberry Bold 9900, AWS version! (if it ever comes out)

I would love a Blackberry 10 phone. I have the 9900 and it's already great. Can't wait to see how the Blackberry 10 phone will improve the user experience.

Happy Birthday Crackberry. You've been my guide to the wonderful world of BB. Using my fifth blackberry to go with five year of crackberry :p

My BB wish would New version of the playbook when that comes out.

All I want for my birthday is a BB 9930 for Sprint!! Along with one of those skinomi carbon fiber skins!!

Happy Birthday Crackberry,

This team is the best out there and I hope you stay around forever. I would love a new BB10 device to follow you on.

Good luck with the next 5 years.

Happy Birthday and I hope you're here in another 5 yrs.
My BlackBerry Birthday Wish is a BB10 qwerty phone or Playbook2
Whichever comes 1st!


Team Blackberry 4 Life.

My CrackBerry BlackBerry wish would be a BB10 device when they finally debut. I am awash in a sea of iphone fans, and it would be nice to silence them once and for all!

I wish for a bb10 phone and MOST important is I wish bb get back to where they were so my stock won't be in the negative like they are now

Happy Birthday Crackberry, just can't imagine its been 5 years.......
And the best part is i enjoy reading it everyday cause crackberry buries all my worries!!!
Damm wish i could type this comment through Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry!!!

I personally wish for a new BB10 phone, just like the 9900 (I want the keyboard).

Or! Not sure if you guys would sponsor it, but I'd like a trip to the next CES!

Looking for my first BB phone. Wife has one, daughter has one.. I'm still waiting for the new BB 10 top of the line phone that has an autofocus camera.. I like the 9900 bold, but the lack of AF is a deal breaker for me, so here I wait. Hoping the BB 10 version has this. My wife and I already have our own Playbooks, so I'm always envious when I see her Bridging her PB at the hockey rink when I'm stuck without. My new phone would solve this needless jealousy. Oh, andwhile we're at it.. 2 new PB 32gb would round out my wish just nicely... :)

I wish Crackberry the best on 5 years keep up the good work and if I could wish for something it would be for nice 64gig blackberry playbook

Thank You

I think a REAL birthday WISH should be for something u really want, that u can't honestly afford yourself, nor easily justify buying if u could. Lol....soooo for me that would be the Blackberry Porsche P'9981. :)

Happy 5the Birthday Crackberry..hope you guys are around for many more! My blackberry birthday wish would be Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry.

I would like a trip each corner of the world with a new bb as blackberry is a truly global product and I would use my playbook to vieo the trip

I would like to get a BB 10 phone because my Bold 9650 is getting very outdated fast.

P.s. Happy Birthday CB!!!! ☺

The Playbook has me positively amped for what the BB10 smart phones will be bringing. Please put me down for own of those! Thank you for the great site and forums.

Happy birthday guys. Its been a long ride and I've only been here since 09 but its been great.

My crackberry blackberry wish would have be an IOU for a 2nd generation playbook whenever that comes out. I never thought I would want a tablet but that playbook is sweet, especially with its 2.0 update.

Thanks for all the knowledge over the years and allowing me to spread the good word and knowledge to the general public also.

Congratulations crackberry! I can't spend a day without reading your posts :)
My wish would be a bb10 device and 5 more great years with you guys!

I'd love to have a Playbook 4G. Since OS 2.0 was released, I'm longing for a Playbook but WiFi only is a dealbreaker as I've already used a pre-2.0 Playbook and it just takes too long for it to connect through a BB phone.

Want one! Want one! ;)

Happy birthday CB team. I hope you help all us to have all the news for the next 20 years....
I want the bb10 phone or trip to orlando this year.


I would love a Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry those things are slick and very very rare.


Lost my wallet yesterday! So mad....but at least I did not loose my Bb 9700....But it is time for an upgrade, so I wish for the Bb OS 10!!!

Lost my wallet yesterday! So mad....but at least I did not loose my Bb 9700....But it is time for an upgrade, so I wish for the Bb OS 10!!!--double post???? Why???---

Happy birthday... How about a bb10 phone... Don't know which one yet... Want to wait to see what they all look like.

Bien crackberry happy happy birthday, my biggest wish would be a blackberry 10 pone, I hope you enjoyed this 5 years and hopefully in the 10 anniversary blackberry will be the benchmark. For how a phone should be =)

Happy 5th birthday Crackberry! I would like a BlackBerry 10 phone, when they come out. Not the touchscreen model, but the one with a physical keyboard that is most like the Bold 9900/9930. Thanks!

Happy BDay CB!!

I give you guys more page views than Google!! haha. I'm so thankful for this site. Congrats on turning 5 years old!!

A BB10 phone in my hands would be culmination of my being!! ;) I need a tactile keyboard though, so if when RIM releases BB10 on that form factor, my life would be complete.


Happy Birthday Crackberry.

I never make wishes, they never come true for me, but if it ever happens to, I would want anything to upgrade my Bold 9700. Something that interfaces well with the playbook:).

5 years and counting. Best bb site ever. I'd like to have that Porsche Design Blackberry....something about it's design.

I would love a blackberry playbook. I never had the chance to buy a playbook with those amazing discounts shops in other countries offer.

Congratulations on 5 great years!!

My wish is for the Bluetooth keyboard/case combo for the PlayBook that we are expecting.


Happy 5th Birthday Crackberry, here's too another 50 years...

My wish would be a bb10 phone,

Thanks for an amazing 5 years

Happy Birthday CrackBerry!
You are exciting and a huge success on every level.
To celebrate your birthday with a BB10 Torch would be perfect.

Happy Birthday #5 Crackberry! Your site and information have been a big part of why I continue to be a loyal Blackberry user! My wish would be to win a Playbook, I could really use one for work as I am an Access Control Technician and the Play book would make my life so much easier! My other wish is that Crackberry and Blackberry both have many more years of success! Good Luck and keep up the fantastic work!

•ː̗̀☀̤̣̈̇ː̖́•*HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRACKBERRY!!!!•ː̗̀☀̤̣̈̇ː̖́•* :) Ever since I got my blackberry , I've been Reading your blogs for all the latest Blackberry news because you are THE best news website on Blackberry's!!! :D My Wish (other than, Crackberry to stay forever!!!) Would Be To Receive a Blackberry Bold 9900 white please!!! :) I Hope You Guys Continue this website because so many people depend on you(including me) for Blackberry News :D Keep Up The *AMAZING* work! :D HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

All the best!
I like the site as it very good for getting updates on all the happening around RIM and their products.

My wish is the beautiful Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry.

Greeetings......congrats on everything you guys have achieved! I would love to visit the home of BB in Canada and meet some of the great people involved with everything Blackberry.

I would love a new blackberry 10 phone, hopefully one of the ones with a full physical qwerty keyboard !