CrackBerry Turns 3 Birthday Contest: Win a Schlage LiNK Starter Kit and 3 Months Free Service!

Win a Schlage LiNK!
By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Mar 2010 11:45 am EST

Man I love Birthday Week at The contests just keep coming and the site is a buzz'n. It almost makes getting older feel like a good thing.

Our next item up for grabs is provided by our friends at Schlage who are going to set one lucky winner up with a Schlage LiNK Starter Bundle (your choice of deadbolt or lever, as well as a Schlage Wired Camera and Trane Remote Energy Management Thermostat) and three months of free service. In case you missed our Schlage LiNK Review, the Coles Notes on it is that it allows you to lock/unlock the door to your home right from your BlackBerry as well as control your themostat and take care of security! Definitely awesome.

For your chance to win, just leave a single comment to this blog post. And to learn more about the Schlage LiNK Home Automation System, jump on over to  Good luck!

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CrackBerry Turns 3 Birthday Contest: Win a Schlage LiNK Starter Kit and 3 Months Free Service!



Happy Birthday Crackberry!!!

...once again Kevin you've outdone yourself. Congratulations on your Success with

Great work and continued fortunes for you. =)

power went out in my garage yesterday and i was locked out of my house! had to call a locksmith who charged me 60.00 to get me back in. i wish i would have had this yesterday!

This product is the best. Ive been going to school for low voltage electronics and have been reviewing this product for some time.

Wow this would be perfect. I live with my fiance, who I stated before is very forgetful. She forgets things, misplaces, loses, all of it. This here would definitely help or prevent some big future issues. Definately not something I could afford at this time in life. Can't even pay for everything in college. Had to skip a course to save for next semester, that's how bad it is getting.

Happy birthday CrackBerry!

I would love to have a system like this and get rid of the alarm company that keeps adding fees every other month.

I've been looking into setting up my place with these locks, a free starter kit would force me to get the ball rolling. lol

pick me please. I just bought a new house and had one of these locks installed. Winning this kit would certainly add to my security.

Happy Birthday CrackBerry!!!!!!

This is a great contest......I want one.......Pick me Pick me ;)

I dont own a home but I have heard my dad GRIPING about not winning this before and he really wants this one. We are moving to a new place and it is our first HOME as we have rented before, this time they/we are going to own a home. Well I am going to live there but you get the deal; he really wants this and talks to my mom about it all the time sooo........If I win I will give my dad a housewarming gift in return for letting me know about these contests so I can possibly become a Crackberry user too.

This would be a great prize to win. iphone has all the games and useless apps, but Blackberry seems to get the creative and cool apps and gadgets. And Crackberry, give your self a pat on the back for telling us about these cool things.

I could certainly use this, would be nice to be able to turn on the lights and unlock the door from my mobile device.

Like a lot of American's my family is struggling like everyone else. We are going to move and to a neighborhood that I am not the craziest about. This would help keep piece of mind while I am away at work and on business!

I wouls be thrilled to be the winner of this wonderful prize. Being I have been renovating my home it would be a super addition for the house.

Thank you and happy birthday CrackBerry


This appis thefreakin' coolest. Crackberry anouncedthis rightafter I found the site last year, and I've always thought it was the best. Could we please have a copy?


The Schlage LINK looks really awesome and it would be so cool to win. I know my wife would appreciate all of it's features and the security it offers. Please pick me!

My son is buying my house and I am getting a new place that better suits my needs, this would be great for the new place. My son visits this site as well (he told me about it) and is hoping to win as well, hopefully one of us wins. Either home will be safer and more secure with a Schlage Lock!!

AH I would never have to worry about a forgotten key again,and the house would be nice a cool in the summertime for when i would get home


I would love this and then i can get the unlockcar app on my blackberry and im set. screwed if i loose it but hey.

In my competative nature I checked to see who won....odd I didn't find the winner of the Schlage lock set anywhere?
Who is wclement7? What did they write?
Heard that the very same prize on valentines day had problems too. Not sour grapes..just what was the winning entry?