CrackBerry Turns 3 Birthday Contest: Win a Schlage LiNK Starter Kit and 3 Months Free Service!

Win a Schlage LiNK!
By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Mar 2010 11:45 am EST

Man I love Birthday Week at The contests just keep coming and the site is a buzz'n. It almost makes getting older feel like a good thing.

Our next item up for grabs is provided by our friends at Schlage who are going to set one lucky winner up with a Schlage LiNK Starter Bundle (your choice of deadbolt or lever, as well as a Schlage Wired Camera and Trane Remote Energy Management Thermostat) and three months of free service. In case you missed our Schlage LiNK Review, the Coles Notes on it is that it allows you to lock/unlock the door to your home right from your BlackBerry as well as control your themostat and take care of security! Definitely awesome.

For your chance to win, just leave a single comment to this blog post. And to learn more about the Schlage LiNK Home Automation System, jump on over to  Good luck!

Reader comments

CrackBerry Turns 3 Birthday Contest: Win a Schlage LiNK Starter Kit and 3 Months Free Service!



Another great contest offered by CrackBerry.
I would make real good use of this. Schlage has one of the best products around.

Since i saw the first commercial for this Locking System, i have wanted it.. I am all about waiting out first generations when it comes to big purchases.. but if giving a shot a winning a free starter kit.. Count me in.. Thanks for giving us a chance at getting one free.. Fingers Crossed.

I've used Schlage locks in the past at my work and really liked the way they were put together. Looks like a really cool idea.

My boyfriend and I have been talking about how cool this system is for over a year now!!!! It would be so awesome to be able to try it out in our own home!!!!

I remember they had a contest for schlage awhile back, lets hope I have better luck with this one!!!!!

Happy Birthday Crackberry (^) <--- Thats apparently a birthday cake in emoticons :)

amazing how far blackberry's have come. Great idea for parents and really anyone looking to feel a little more secure ... good job

This would be perfect!! I wouldn't have to get out of bed to lock the door when I forget!! Hooray laziness!!!! I love it!

I hope I am lucky enough to win one! Would put this to good use for sure! Thanks for the contest!

Always thought of Schlage as security at it's best. Schlage is what I use to secure my home. Love to have this LiNK system - !

this would really end my obsession with going back to the house in order to ensure the house is locked up securely

sweet gimme that would be cool as he$% to have at the house.
one more thing to do on my blackberry.

A second change... awesome! Would be a great prize for my house. If the bumdle works well, I would definately be interested in paying monthly for it.

i would love to have this because theres always someone trying to get into my house that forgot their keys whether it be my son my mom or my brother! this would be a great thing for me! i hope i win and happy birthday crackberry! thanks!

This would come in handy as I have a disability now with my leg and find it hard to walk up and down stairs. I could do the things I needed for security, et., right from my BlackBerry Bold 9700. What a wonderful product this is, indeed. :)

Have the Schlage electronic non link deadbolt, and envy those who have the remote. Like any man, there will always be remote envy.

I am in to win it this time. I need this as it is a real trouble for me to go down to the lower level to let my visitors in the house. With control over this from anywhere, this is what I need.

I turned 50 the VERY DAY you turned 3! Have 4 office till 6-7 at night. Would be a great product to keep an eye on who is coming and going at the house. I could even see them! Imagine using the thermostat if my 17 year old is home with the girl friend and I turn the air conditoning on to freeze them down or heat it up so it is unbearable to stay! I missed registering for the valentines day chance...don't want to miss again! Have the "Traditional" locks you produce now and would love to have this puppy! Thanks for looking....

Wife and I both have blackberry 9550s. This would be perfect. I've heard about the Schlage Link system here on Crackberry before. I work days and the wife works nights. This whole system would give us both peace of mind and safety while we are at work. It will also be great on the nights she has off and we are out and about visiting family. We would definitely be buying some add-ons to expand the system. Looking forward to expanding with wireless cameras and the thermostat. Right now, we have a wired camera in the son's room and the wire running down the hall. Not the ideal solution. I would also like to add a camera at the front door and the backyard. Amazing offer, Thank you Schlage.

I do have to say I am a blue collar out of work construction guy who has been forced into learning a new way to earn a living. I have seen these and have wished I could fiund a way to own one and be able to share how they work with others I know in the trades. i think this is one of the best ideas to come out in a long while. Times are hard and the trades are tougher but a neat thing like this locking my house while Im out would be a great positive thing in my current life after taking a beating and looks like its going to get worse before better..Ill keep my fingers crossed and hope I get a chance to own one some day..

This would be great because my wife is always leaving the lights and the heater on. So if I had one of these I could just get on my balckberry storm and turn off my lights and heater from the touch of my phone. Please pick me I NEED ONE PLEASE!!!

Only Crackberry can celebrate a birthday and GIVE away gifts instead of receiving them. Thanks for the contests!

I was looking at this setup but wasn't sure about the subscription service but it certainly would go a long way to convince me if I won!

Happy Bday Crackberry....I'm a Pisces also so I hope that I can win this contest, lol..I think this is a pretty cool item. Keeping my fingers crossed

Man I have wanted to win this for 3 years! As the main grocery getter in the house, I always have my hands full. In this day and age, we need to do everything we can to secure ourselves and our family. I have seen and read alot about this and am sure it holds true to its word.
Count me in to win!

Ok, I never win anything, but I have to tell you all that this thing looks awesome -- I can finally ditch my keychain, and go keyless for my house -- CB is awesome!

Ok, I never win anything, but I have to tell you all that this thing looks awesome -- I can finally ditch my keychain, and go keyless for my house -- CB is awesome!

I have both the deadbolt and the door lock and they work great. I never get locked out. Friends can have their own code so you don't have to get up in the middle of you X-box 360 game to let them in. I still need one for my back door though.

I would love to have one of these. The doors are the one part of my house that aren't geeked out in any way. They need some nerd love too :)

This would be perfect for my new house! And we have two blackberry users! :D Please pick me and make my month. :D