CrackBerry Turns 3 Birthday Contest: Win a Schlage LiNK Starter Kit and 3 Months Free Service!

Win a Schlage LiNK!
By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Mar 2010 11:45 am EST

Man I love Birthday Week at The contests just keep coming and the site is a buzz'n. It almost makes getting older feel like a good thing.

Our next item up for grabs is provided by our friends at Schlage who are going to set one lucky winner up with a Schlage LiNK Starter Bundle (your choice of deadbolt or lever, as well as a Schlage Wired Camera and Trane Remote Energy Management Thermostat) and three months of free service. In case you missed our Schlage LiNK Review, the Coles Notes on it is that it allows you to lock/unlock the door to your home right from your BlackBerry as well as control your themostat and take care of security! Definitely awesome.

For your chance to win, just leave a single comment to this blog post. And to learn more about the Schlage LiNK Home Automation System, jump on over to  Good luck!

Reader comments

CrackBerry Turns 3 Birthday Contest: Win a Schlage LiNK Starter Kit and 3 Months Free Service!



I have a Schlage keypad deadbolt and it rocks. I love not having to carry keys around. This would be that much more awesomer.

This would really help me out a lot. I live in a condo in a bad neighborhood and would love to setup a security system for my unattached garage to make sure my car and other possessions are safe while I'm traveling for work!

This would be great when the kids get home from school, and when we have to go away and need to have family look after the pets while we are gone.

Way to go CB for having such great give aways!! Two thumbs up!

Happy Birthday Crackberry!!! I love this system! I read about it back when you guys introduced it to the crackberry nation in Vegas and I have desperatly wanted it ever since! I tried to win this one on valentines day, but I was beat out by someone who Schlage obviously thought needed it more ha ha, but Im back to try again and the deal is even more sweet this time! I just got a new condo and furnished it with all new furniture and a nice new plasma TV, this is the 1st time in my life i've had stuff that is actually worth protecting, and I can't imagine a better way to do it than with my BB and Schlage's help!! Please guys, hook a brotha up.

Awesome devices now I can lock my doors behind the kids when they leave even if they forget, I need to win.

I've installed a couple of these systems. They are really nice. I would love to have one on my house!

Happy Birthday CB

This thing is awesome!!!! I mustve missed the initial showing of this but thing is sickkkk. That would be the coolest thing in the world. I love you crackberry, my one true love :)

This would be great because I suspect my keys have legs, and move around my house while I sleep..

I would love to have this lock set. Based on my travel thru the day, and securtiy needs this would be a perfect match for me and my family. I am a police officer, and have seen these in use, and would definetly reoommend this set.

Happy B*Day Crackberry!! I neeeeeed this system because I live back in the woods and I need something to protect from all these mutant animals out 2 legged deers and mutant troll babies and what-not (long story) and because the douches I live with constantly lose their keys (including this douche) soo pleeeeaassseeeeee let me get this bundle of AWESOME :-)

Ii have been a contractor for over 25 years. I can honestly say there is no better lock system then Schlage. I have seen the newest in Schlage technology with the over the internet control over house locks, lighting and heating systems. Great technology. I would love to win a starter kit and eventually get my entire house set up with all the control systems. Thank you Crackberry for the opportunmity to win.

Would love to have this. I live in an apt./condo bldg, and you never know when/if the bldg work people enter my place. This would give me great peace of mind knowing who/when they enter and being able to see what they do with the camera. Hope to win this indeed!

I would like to learn more about Schlage remote lock/unlock from my Blackberry. How secure is the password that i would have to use, and would it work with the Trane thermostats that are installed in my home ? Thank you.

Being able to monitor who is in and out of the house, freeze or roast them with the thermostat and all from my BB. Most excellent!

Nothing like remote home security especilly when you never leave the house without your Blackberry, but your keys - sometimes.

I'd feel like the Jetsons and all futuristic and stuff. Yes I do lead a boring life and this would really spice it up some!

Dam guy's it just keeps getting better and better on your contest.IM IN ON THIS ONE......THANKS

This is just about as cool as its gets. High on my priority list!

Thanks for the opportunity.

Oh, and Happy Birthday!


Wow, I'm salivating at the chance to win this. Ever since I read the review I've been dreaming of owning this system. I hope I win

This would be great for someone like me who locks themselves out of the house regularly; but my crackberry never leaves my side.

Could definitely use this!

This would really help me secure my Cardboard box, I'm tired of the wind just blowing my door they make these for cardboard windows as well? Got to go now the hamster is getting tired.

I love this site! Gotta have it to go with your Berry!
And I love my Berry...

A Schlage starter system would be thoroughly awesome. Not just for the door, but being able to adjust the thermostat while away from home. How cool is that!??

I'd love to have this not only to know when someone gets home but to not have to fear being locked out! Awesome product!!! Would love to win it~ =)

Yes.. I have the Schlage combo locks right now and love it. Would love to try these.. unfortunately, I just bought the current front door locks and can't fork out for the latest greatest..

Ahhh ... just a wish


I am trying to automate my home and this would be a great addition.


With having a busy family life. This ideal for a family on the go. To check to see that your doors are lock or not is great!!! :-) Would love to have one. And love crackberry #1 info site.

I've seen the LiNK before when looking for new locks for the house I recently bought thought it was pretty damn cool... I just didn't want to drop the cash for the setup and settled on regular Schlage lock sets. Now that they have the commercials out showing how nifty the LiNK is, I am sure they are selling like hot cakes!

I would like to thank all who voted for me..without your assistance this mght not have happened, once again thanks to all who actively participated in the voting process.

this is a slick product, would be great to use especially if the kids forget to lock up or forget their keys, etc.

I miss my keypad lock that I had in my last house, I should have ttaken it with me, but winning this would be nice:)

I could really use this as I have a young child coming home from school. I have researched this unit and it seems to be an awesome thing and lets parents have a great peace of mind that they are home.

I will keep my fingers crossed on this one.

Thanks Schlage LiNK for supporting over the years! Kudos .....imagine how easy life would be with not having to fumble aroud for keys in the dark anymore. More ofter than not I've locked myself out, standing outside with only my Blackberry Curve!

This would be great for letting in cleaning lady, kids when they get off the bus, babysitter. Turing the thermostat back down after my wife cranks it up when I leave the house! OH SO PERFECT!

Schlage the best lock company bar none, If I get picked I know I will have the best system money or luck could buy.

Forgot all about it after I read the initial reviews on it. It seemed like a great product at that time, and this just renewed my interest!

Happy birthday to us!! Hopefully you pick me, since i left you a birthday message maybe you can return the favor and send me a special gift! I love this thing, very cool!