CrackBerry Turns 3 Birthday Contest: Win a Schlage LiNK Starter Kit and 3 Months Free Service!

Win a Schlage LiNK!
By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Mar 2010 11:45 am EST

Man I love Birthday Week at The contests just keep coming and the site is a buzz'n. It almost makes getting older feel like a good thing.

Our next item up for grabs is provided by our friends at Schlage who are going to set one lucky winner up with a Schlage LiNK Starter Bundle (your choice of deadbolt or lever, as well as a Schlage Wired Camera and Trane Remote Energy Management Thermostat) and three months of free service. In case you missed our Schlage LiNK Review, the Coles Notes on it is that it allows you to lock/unlock the door to your home right from your BlackBerry as well as control your themostat and take care of security! Definitely awesome.

For your chance to win, just leave a single comment to this blog post. And to learn more about the Schlage LiNK Home Automation System, jump on over to  Good luck!

Reader comments

CrackBerry Turns 3 Birthday Contest: Win a Schlage LiNK Starter Kit and 3 Months Free Service!



This is freaking 4 year old who is obsessed with my Blackberry would love this. My wife would even love this thing.

I so want one of these systems. I have been looking at them for a while now. Please pick me. And, Happy Birthday.

Wow, that's a full package to start of the home automation. I'd love to have that to make my house a more gadgety house.

im hardly ever home and my roommate is super irresponsible never locking the door and that just leave me liable to theft with this i can double check to make sure our condo is locked and my possesions are safe

This would be great for our family!! What an awesome idea! (And it would help my husband's paranoia about leaving the house safe every day as we leave for work!:)

this would be perfect for my child whos always loosing keys.
and i could warm/heat house right before we got home instead of having system on/off all day.

I have heard great things about Schlage and their integration products such as this bundle. I would love to win this product and Happy B-Day to Crackberry!!

Holy man 3 years! Crackberry freakin rules! I recommend your website to more people than I can think of right now! Congrats!

I'm not sure how much the camera would get used, but as for the thermostat and lock would. Thanks again

I'm always leaving my house keys in my locker at work,then I have to jump the fence to crawl thru the back, like a thief in the night, that lever would be so convenient

Schlage makes an awesome product and this one is no exception. That bing said, I'm by nature very paranoid and this would make it infinitely easier to sleep at night...

I use to have one of the regular keypad entries and it was so nice and convenient and now that this is out it has taken the extra step. Great product, can't wait to have one

I can't believe we actually can do this with our phones!!! THis has to be one of the coolest things I have ever seen for my blackberry.

I've been wanting to try this out for months, but the cost for a "trial" is too much, i'd love to give this a test run! Pick me? :)

W/ all the craziness my little ones bring me 2 under the age of 5, this app would work wonders for me as I am jungling in my brain what I need to do and have I forgotten to turn things off or on after leaving the house.

I would love to have one of these great prizes. This is something that would help my family out bunches due to the fact we are always running out of the house and forgetting to grab the keys.. Would also love the fact that it comes with a security system. If I had my choice I would love to grab the deadbolt one. Thanks for taking in my comment. Have a great day.


This would be great! I am a firefighter and I am away from the home for long periods at a time. This would be ve
ry handy if I wanted to let someone in, like a plumber.

I like this because when someone accidentally gets locked out I don't have to drive all the way home to unlock the door. And the other features are incredible. I checked this out a while back (while debating on security systems). What a fabulous piece of technology! Hope I win this.

I so want one of these Schlage LiNK Starter Bundles. This would be extremely handy...not to mention WAY COOL!

I would probably sit on my porch and play with the door all day long. The girlfriend already hates my blackberry abuse, I don't even know what she'd do if I never left the front of the house.

I got one of these at home. but it doesn't connected to the bridge. does anyone know how to correctly configure this system. it's not rocket science i went as far to follow the video tutorial for noobs. i gave up been using it as just another lock .

Who wouldn't want this awesome contraption!? I would love to win one of these and be safer at my apartment. It would be perfect for my son & hubby, too!

Here's to my next attempt. Everyone with teenagers in their home or teenagers that lose their keys constantly should have this.......I should have this. Please.

When we bought our first home last year, I really wanted to get a keypad lock for our garage (especially since I had a bad habit of leaving my keys on the door - at least if I was in the garage). I wish I had the wireless one though, so my daughter doesn't give out the code to anyone!

This would come in handy when my wife calls me "I left my keys in the house....". Would save me enough in gas to take care of the monthly fee!

Plug me in. This is one incredible system which would benefit the safety and security of my family immensely. I'll be the Schlage LINK rep!

I may be picking one of these up if I don't win as my significant other manages to misplace her keys quite a bit...

I would LOVE one of these. I am getting a new house soon and my children are hitting the age where they will be latchkey kids, This would fit perfectly into our lives!

Oh man, I've wanted one of these puppies ever sense David did a review on it when it first came out. I would love to get in on this action!

My wife and I are gut-rehabbing a century home in Cleveland, and I've been covetting Schlage's smart-home/security options! Haven't found anyone else with the breadth of products that have the ease of install/use. Already incorporated numerous Schlage options into the remodel plans, but would love to get my hands on this 'starter' pack!

Clearly this is much cooler than a key! Clearly I need to have it and Free is a good price point to start from ;) Thanks!

One time I had turned around on a road trip 30 miles away just 2 make sure the door was locked. This would come in real handy.

i am buying a "starter" home-this starter kit would look GREAT on my front door! thanks cb!

ps-happy birthday!!!

I would love to give this setup a go! Convenience and peace of mind with my doesn't get better than that.