CrackBerry Turns 3 Birthday Contest: Win a RedFly Mobile Companion for BlackBerry!

Win a RedFly Mobile Companion!
By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Mar 2010 08:25 am EST

The CrackBerry Turns 3 Years Old Birthday Contests continue this week and next up we have a RedFly C7 Mobile Companion up for grabs! Just login to and leave a single comment to this blog post to be entered for your chance to win. Entry ends this Sunday, March 7th at Midnight PST.

We've covered the RedFly a few times in the blogs here since it was recently introduced for BlackBerry, but in case you missed be sure to check out our RedFly review and also the CelioCorp update video we got from the company two weeks back at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. To sum it up though, the Redfly Smartphone Terminal lets you use your smartphone like a laptop with its 7" screen and full keyboard. The RedFly links to your smartphone via a USB cable or wireless Bluetooth connection and extends the BlackBerry interface to a more convenient and capable environment. At less than 1.5 lbs, the Redfly C7 has power-saving, 7-inch display, sleek, black design, full qwerty keyboard and light-weight battery that provides up to 5-hour performance.

You can learn more about the RedFly at ShopCrackBerry or over at the CelioCorp website.

Reader comments

CrackBerry Turns 3 Birthday Contest: Win a RedFly Mobile Companion for BlackBerry!



Im not entering this one cos I dont think i'd get much use out of it, but i just wanted to say that I think its awesome you're giving so much stuff away

i missed the writeup on this before, this would be a cool item to have. i hope i win one as thats probably the only way i'll be able to check it out fingers crossed

I had never heard of this thing. last semester i wrote a paper in an airport with my nokia n95 and a bluetooth keyboard. I have of course, since switched to blackberry and I'm loving it. So I really like the idea of this!

I'm still sad that US Mens hockey lost yesterday & this will be a great way to get me started again.

This would be awesome to have. I could cut down on having to take a full size lap top with me on road trips.

Let me get this straight? WE get a present for YOUR Birthday? As always... Thanks for this amazing chance.

Well again happy birthday.i really could use this product.i travel a lot stay in a shit load of work keeps me away from home this would keep me touch with my family n friends. thank you crackberry.

Hey, this looks to be a great way to mock the very existence of my friend Mark and his puny little Android phone. I could whip this out right before him and watch him whimper like a child.

I've been wanting one of those! COuld have came in use yesterday when watching the USA vs Canada game on my blackberry. Bigger screen. :P

It would be great to win the redfly C7, O what a feeling it would be " Never Won Anything In My Life ". P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRACKBERRY 3 YEARS AND GOING/GROWING STRONG!!!!!!!

first time ive heard of the Redfly but looks like something to add to anyone's technology collection!

I'd love to win this cool Blackberry accessory and add it to my collection of tech/gadget stuff. Crackberry Rocks!

how nice it would be to use while on road in front of customers home to verify information quickly

Well this would certainly speed up my one finger typing. If it works then this, along with Docs-to-go might just make a real "road warrior" solution.

I have always wanted to try one of these and I think I could convince my coworkers to get one if they saw mine. Plllleeeeaaaasssseeee pick me. :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAYY CRACKBERRY! since i heard about crackberry, i go on here every single day, way more then just once. i love this site. keep up the good work guys!!

i had a wireless keyboard for my palm and my winmo phones. having this for my 9700 would be killer cool!

Just the accessory that my Bold needs. I have been looking closely at this Redfly from many months ago. hurry up and send me mine.

Dude when I saw your post the other day on this I knew I wanted one!!!!! Sign me up!!! I want this thing badly!

As an engineer my ego is based on how many cool gadgets I have. So therefore I need the Redfly Lappy for a little boost over my friends. Thanks Crackberry.

This looks like a great device that would allow me to use my cell phone as a laptop when i travel for business. Let me know if i win! Thanks

Jason Parker

Okay this is the one contest I HAVE to win. I have been dying for one of these bad boys since I first saw the Crackberry review! With 122 people on my BBM contact list and 4 active BBM groups - this would be a GODSEND!

Please Crackberry - make it happen for me!!!

I love this idea! I was trying to figure out how to mod a screen and keyboard to do the same thing.

Turns out I'm not a modder! In fact I suck!

I would love one of these!

this would be really helpful when having to type those loooooong emails while traveling. I could SOOO use this!

As one of the newest fiends to join CB, I think I've joined at the perfect time. Congrats!! The Redfly Companion appears to be quite the convenient and user-friendly little toy. Would love to take it for a run.

Oh man, I have to travel to Europe next month for work and can't afford a laptop. Having this would make my life easier. Its small and portable. I don't think I've ever begged for anything before, so pllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeease hook me up.

I have learned so much from CrackBerry and now visit it on a daily basis...Thank you so much and Happy Birthday! That being said, please pick me :)