Final CrackBerry Turns 3 Birthday Contest: Win One of Ten Cases from OtterBox!

By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Mar 2010 03:10 pm EST

Last year when we turned two, OtterBox was nice enough to give us ten cases to give away. Well this year they're back again and are letting us give away ten cases of choice to some lucky winners. If you win, you'll be able to pick from the line of OtterBox cases for all devices, including the Commuter, Defender and Impact series cases. If you "rough it" with your device, you really can't beat the full protection of the OtterBox. They have been proven again and again, and anyone that owns one will tell you the same.

Birthday Contest: To enter to win one of ten OtterBox cases, just leave a single comment on this blog post. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Good luck! Note, this is the final CrackBerry Turns 3 Contest to go up on the blogs, so be sure to check them all out and get your entry in!

Reader comments

Final CrackBerry Turns 3 Birthday Contest: Win One of Ten Cases from OtterBox!



I'm an Emergency Medical Technician and a firefighter. I'm always looking for a sturdy, indestructible case for my BB. This would be awesome to have!

That's the funniest thing I've read today! How many different interpretations of that statement can YOU come up with! I laughed so hard I nearly threw up! Brilliant! And I have to say that the black and yellow one looks absolutely amazing. Well done:)~

This is so cool. I one dropped my blackberry out of my 2 story house and it fell. I went to find it expecting it to be in pieces but I found in without a mark and only a few on the case. Would love one for my new 9700.

let me win please, I like my otterbox defender but would like to have another (smaller) type. thx. :)

I need an Otterbox cause I tend to drop my storm and its too expensive to replace the screen so I need the case to help protect it from my clumsiness :(

if I dont win one of the phones from the other contests, then I'll definitely be searching for a new case from my storm since it broke =\

Crackberry and Otterbox...two of the best things to happen to the Blackberry world, and now they are together!

I'd love a Commuter for my wife (I think she's jealous of mine), and I think I need a Defender for my son. He has my vintage 8300, and, well, he's 17. You do the math.

I need a better case for my phone! I'm going to drop it one of these days, and I will not be a happy camper!!!

Omg i was just about to order one from crackberry! Yesterday My girlfriend wanted to see my text messages and ripped my phone out of my hand and it flew, scratched to crap now, and the case i had on it broke. Please let me win. i cant afford to buy a case for my blackberry 9000

Thank goodness for instant rice else my poor blackberry would be dead to the world BUT if I had a super duper otterbox perhaps I could take command of my misguided BB and rest assured that it would be protected much better than I have done in the past. So I beg of you please please consider me for a most needed Otterbox for which I would be EXTREMELY grateful!!!! XOXO Nicole

That's my slogan. As an inspector, I am constantly in environments that make it rough to protect my phone. The answer...OTTERBOX! Please pick me!

you need to prove to me that these items are actually won! ;o)

Thx.. I take an otter skin for the storm-2 plz....

Yes, I have bought one of these for each one of the phones I have owned. You can not go wrong with one of these to secure your phone - highly recommended and worth the cost! And in this case (no pun intended) the cost is FREE! I want one!

My son has a Tour and has the Defender Case. It is great to protect his phone, a little bulky, but protection is GREAT!

He keeps telling me I need one, so hopefully I can win one!

I recently purchased an OtterBox Defender and love it. I would love to get one for my daughter's boyfriend. He recently started a new job as a mechanic and his Curve is seeing the effects in a rather bad way.

I hope all of you at CrackBerry have a great year ! I just bought a blackberry bold 9000 and I love it. I could really use one of these case's.

I wish I could get a new Ottervbox as mine has been through Peru, Chile, Italy, Holland, Spain, Albania, Kosovo and MAcedonia in the last 3 months and now has problems ..... I need a new one and just cant afford it! SO PLEASE it would be wonderful for my Bold 9000 Black and Yellow please