Final CrackBerry Turns 3 Birthday Contest: Win One of Ten Cases from OtterBox!

By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Mar 2010 03:10 pm EST

Last year when we turned two, OtterBox was nice enough to give us ten cases to give away. Well this year they're back again and are letting us give away ten cases of choice to some lucky winners. If you win, you'll be able to pick from the line of OtterBox cases for all devices, including the Commuter, Defender and Impact series cases. If you "rough it" with your device, you really can't beat the full protection of the OtterBox. They have been proven again and again, and anyone that owns one will tell you the same.

Birthday Contest: To enter to win one of ten OtterBox cases, just leave a single comment on this blog post. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Good luck! Note, this is the final CrackBerry Turns 3 Contest to go up on the blogs, so be sure to check them all out and get your entry in!

Reader comments

Final CrackBerry Turns 3 Birthday Contest: Win One of Ten Cases from OtterBox!



Happy birthday crackberry!! I defiantly need an otterbox, before I drop my 9700! Its been too long since I got it, first drop has got to be coming up!!

Thanks to crackberry and all the providers for the contests. This is the one place I check multiple times a day. :)

I've been looking for a new case since mine broke recently. This is perfect! Thanks CrackBerry!

I could definitely use one of these. I work over hard cement floor all day with my storm, and I am really afraid of dropping it and having it smash. So please crackberry, hook me up! And again HAPPY BIRTHDAY :D:D:D

Purchased my first Otter Box this year and it's by far the best thing I could have done for my BlackBerry! It looks sharp and feels secure and my friends are going out and buying the commuter since they've seen how good it looks on my . Happy Birthday CrackBerry!

My old phone has seen it's share of battle scars. With a new Storm 2, I'd love to an Otterbox for some peace of mind.

Thanks and Happy Birthday, CrackBerry!

This is a great giveaway! Fingers crossed! Happy Birthday, Crackberry....hopefully Happy Birthday to me!!!

I would love to sport a yellow/black Otterbox on my Tour 9630...! WOuld look great! And protect as well!

I love these cases. I used to have one for my world edition but now have a storm 2 and would love to have another one.

OMG! This would be so awesome when I head back to Afghanistan next month (US Army Soldier here). If not, oh well; however, one can only hope. Keep up the great work, Crackberry! =]

I've dropped my Berry a few times and it's still ticking but I'd like to keep it looking pretty for a while longer. Btw, happy birthday Crackberry!

I want an otterbox badly.... I had a chance to pick one up before but it was dinged up badly in the store and it was their last one....

I would love to try an otterbox because I am allready on my third curve in less than a year. I think I could really put the otterbox to the test. LOL.

I have wanted one of the Otterbox cases since my S1 days...I could really use this giving me the piece of mind that my S2 is quite protected from drops etc...Happy Birthday Crackberry, please pick me for one of these bad boys!

After recently having beaten my 5 month old Curve 8330 into the ground with too many apps & emails, I now have a Tour 9630. Had to buy another set of all new "toys" for the Tour - and would love an Otterbox to protect it from butterfingers! Thanks for the chance at it!

I have just registered on crackberry and saw this awesome case from otterbox. I love the outdoors, but my phone doesn't. Help me get my phone more in gear with me with this awesome case!

Having an Otterbox for my phone would be the ultimate in protection.
I would be very thankful if I was to be one of the 10 lucky winners.
As always thank you to all the CrakBerry staff and all of us the crack abusers.


please pick me i tend to drop my phones all the time and ruin them so i so need this for my curve 8900 i payed $200 dollars for it so it would be a shame to see it break

I have the Defender series for both my Curve and WE. They can't be beat. I am extremely happy with them. They provide awesome protection.

i've been trying to get one of these cases for years now from previous otterbox contests. please pick me??? my beloved 9700 and I could sure use one.