Final CrackBerry Turns 3 Birthday Contest: Win One of Ten Cases from OtterBox!

By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Mar 2010 03:10 pm EST

Last year when we turned two, OtterBox was nice enough to give us ten cases to give away. Well this year they're back again and are letting us give away ten cases of choice to some lucky winners. If you win, you'll be able to pick from the line of OtterBox cases for all devices, including the Commuter, Defender and Impact series cases. If you "rough it" with your device, you really can't beat the full protection of the OtterBox. They have been proven again and again, and anyone that owns one will tell you the same.

Birthday Contest: To enter to win one of ten OtterBox cases, just leave a single comment on this blog post. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Good luck! Note, this is the final CrackBerry Turns 3 Contest to go up on the blogs, so be sure to check them all out and get your entry in!

Reader comments

Final CrackBerry Turns 3 Birthday Contest: Win One of Ten Cases from OtterBox!



I've heard great things about Otterbox cases a would love to win a case for my husband who was wonderful for gifting me my Blackberry Tour and turning me onto

Yes I have OCD and really bad toward my Blackberry Bold 9700. I've had it since Feb. and it still looks brand new and this would help me keep it that way. Thanks Otterbox and Crackberry!

I had use one otterbox with my bOld 9000 already it was great and stong. i just drop it many time but nothing happen but now i had change to bold 9700 already. It will be great, if i got it for free.

I had an Otterbox Commuter for my 9000 and I loved it. Need one for my Curve 2 but can't find one locally. Perhaps I'll win one? :)


i had one for my 8330 and it was nice. my tour has to ride around wrapped in a microfiber cloth to protect it (for the moment). So i could sure use one =)

i've been intrigued by the reputation of durability that otterbox offers. i hope i win one so i can wrap my precious little 9700 up and keep it safe from all the marks its not so graceful owner may accidentally place!

Would really love one of these. Gonna have to look into one whether I win one or not, but still hope I get one of these!

Happy Birthday, Crackberry! When I was shopping for cases, I chose the Siedo because the Commuter was tight around the charging port, but I continue to see this case receive high recommendations from the CB community. I love the win a case to try it out against the Seido.

I need something to start off baseball season with...why not my storm 2 in an otterbox case! I mean really...what's the worst that can happen? :)

OH PLEASE send me an otterbox to protect my precious bold, it would look so nice on it and make it safe to hold. I send you this to let you know, I think its kind of scarry, my closest friend and business helper is my 9000 Blackberry. Thanks, Mark

Did anyone notice that the above picture is of a 9000 with a tmobile brand lol. gotta love crackberry! Happy Birthday!

those otterboxes are the coolest things around, i am a first timer to the crackberry world and have been waiting for it for along time

I have always been a fan of CrackBerry and OtterBox , Please i would love to have OtterBox case for my BB Tour.

Looking forward very eagerly for my OtterBox if my luck permits.