CrackBerry Turns 3 Birthday Contest: Win a Custom-Painted ColorWare BlackBerry Smartphone!

Win a ColorWare BlackBerry Smartphone!
By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Feb 2010 02:17 pm EST

Our friends at ColorWare hooked up with prizes when we turned one and two years old, so it only makes sense that we kick off our CrackBerry Turns 3 Contest Extravaganza with them once again. Afterall, who wouldn't want a new custom-painted ColorWare BlackBerry?!

The winner of this contest will get to choose both which BlackBerry they want and how they want it painted from the selection of devices and colors/combos offered by ColorWare. That means you can win a BlackBerry Bold 9700, Tour 9630, Bold 9000, Curve 8900 or Curve 8530/8520 exactly the way you want it. Be sure to jump over to the ColorWare site and design the custom-painted BlackBerry of your dreams.

To enter in the contest, just leave a single comment to this post. The deadline for all of the CB Turns 3 contests will be Sunday, March 7th at midnight PST with the winners announced the following week. Looking for something to write? Why not tell us what your device and color combo would be. Good luck!

Reader comments

CrackBerry Turns 3 Birthday Contest: Win a Custom-Painted ColorWare BlackBerry Smartphone!



Crackberry, happy bday... 3 years, what is that in website years? 75? Keep on rockin', and I hope I win this contest!

All of the phones I've seen that have been "ColorWared" are awesome. Nice job. It would be sweet to win a free one! Thanks!

The folks at ColorWare are super classy for being there for your celebration. Props to them, props to you for the contests.

this is amazing a customed colored blackberry. you couldnt ask for anything better. that is a smart buisness idea. good luck guys in your buisness

To even win a BB is cool. But to win a BB custom painted is supercool! I think I would want it in black and bright yellow! Let everybody see the special BB.

Its almost my 1 year at CB birthday. What an awesome present this would be! A maize and blue S2 or tour would be nice.

Great site, I visit it every day for my BB news.

I guess I'd have to pick up the Tour 9630 from the bunch listed. Considering I'm in a CDMA-only zone. Too bad because that Bold 9700 is a beauty.

Being an avid Edmonton Oilers fan, I'd have to go old school and paint it orange and blue!



I plan to give this to a friend who broke their iPhone and complains they just want a BB anyway. Would make her very happy and add another BB user.

If I were to win this contest, my colors would be either be pink and green or pink and orange. :)

Congrats to the winner!


3yrs! That's almost exactly the time I decided to use a BB :) Good timing I'd say - Congratz!

Color, color, what colors would I want? I dunno. I don't think I'll have to start thinking about that until I overcome the million to one odds and actually win this contest. But I will make sure that knows after I get it. =)


thanks for 3 great years of keeping us informed on the sweet world of blackberry and helping feed my addiction lol
i would love to win this one :)

Todays my birthday too!
If i do win, which would be awesome i would keep it simple and cranberrilize the BB Bold 9000.

I have done this many times and have yet to win anything. I would have to go with a black purple white theme to support our hometown high school football team the El Dorado Wildcats. Arkansas 2009 State Champions!! Then my phone would match my El Dorado Wildcat Family Room! Anyway I really would like to win this contest!!!!!

So i was thinking, i have a 9700 and to be perfectly honest i would choose the red on black to represent the Miami Heat team who are not doing so well this year but a fan is fan till the end. You see you have to choose something that's cool, classy and unique... after all you are a blackberry owner and if you pull out your BB during a business meeting you don't want to be the "CRAZY PHONE" guy/girl but you also have to choose something that you would never get tired of and i know i would never be tired of those colors!!!! so let's do this and good luck to everyone!!!!

Congrats Crackberry!!!! Yall are hands down the best BB site on the net!!! Turned me into an addict! Heres to a million years more!

I've emerged from lurkdom to enter the draw for a colourful BB. Not for me - I like the sleek black that comes as standard - but it would make a great present for my Sweetheart.

I tried to go to Colorware's website to see what they had available, but there server seems to be down?

I would have to get a Bold 9700. Color sceam would be bright as heck. Def a lot of Cobalt going in there.

Thanks CB. Happy Birthday!

I can't even decide what colour I like. All I really know is that I would sh*t bricks if I won. I'd definitely go with the 9700.

Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday dear Crackberry.
Happy Birthday to you.

Three years. Congratulations on the outstanding work.

To the site thats become my new home!

I would LOOOVE a Bumblebee style Bold 9700!

Stardust Pearl for the Frame, Top, Outer Back and Logo
Solid Jet Black for the Bottom piece below the keys
and Metallic Carbon Black Inner Back


well ive got the Bold 9700 was chekin out the color ware site, mad props to them for such an easy online shopping experianc.... newho I played around on the cw site and thought itd look sick in electric blue and white .......

GL too all out there..


(Rim should start paying you guys)

I ever since my first berry, I have visited Crack Berry daily to always stay current and upto date with all the lasted and greatest. Love the site and for color scheme I am a nascar #14 fan so black and red all the way.

Thanks Crackberry for 3yrs of greatness


Just had someone spill coffee on my Tour, please hook it up Crackberry and Colorware!! I love your website and work at an indirect store, and for the past 2 years have been recommending all blackberry users to check your website for any and all Blackberry info they could ever need. Congrats on 3 awesome years! PS: I would choose a Bold 9700 in Black and Blue :)

Such a great contest. I have gone back and forth to ColorWares site and designed by bright yellow BB many many times! Thank you for the opportunity to actually see it one day!

Happy Birthday Crackberry... and many many more!

well probably like most comments here, would choose the 9700, but not sure about 2colours... Will choose more certanly(3-5), since i own 1, that would be interesting- to see the phone all mashed up...

Happy Birthday Crackberry! Thanks for all you do! I work for US CELLULAR in Eastern North Carolina and use your website on a daily basis to help sell Blackberry's! I can't tell you how many times knowing the latest news about these great devices helped me close a sale! If i won your contest I would get the Tour in Blue and Black!

Wish you guys many many more years!
You guys should win the BB yourselves, because of all your hard work on this site. rulez!!!!!!

i would get a blackberry bold 2 with blue and grey
this would be a great color scheme
happy birthday crackberry
make this combo come tru

Not a day goes by that I don't check CrackBerry several times !! Thanks for all you do....and the users who keep this site interesting and funny....

Happy Birthday Crackberry!!!! I love you guys!!! :)

I would be incredibly happy if I won this. I already know exactly what I want. I'm such a crackberry user, hehe. Purple and a Bold 9700! I use a Curve 8520 now and I love it, but I tried the Bold 9700 and I loved it more.

To many more birthdays!


Very Cool Idea! My husband and I would be able to fianlly tell which Blackberry belongs to whom!

My 8330 is all scratched and getting kinda old next all these new berrys out there! I was hoping to replace for my own 21st that just passed last week but alas, the economy doesn't want to cooperate with my berry-needs!

I'd love a 9630 with a black and white tuxedo look! Maybe with a bit of red or orange trim.

Anyways, heres to hopin! And happy bday crackberry!