CrackBerry Turns 3 Birthday Contest: Win a Custom-Painted ColorWare BlackBerry Smartphone!

Win a ColorWare BlackBerry Smartphone!
By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Feb 2010 02:17 pm EST

Our friends at ColorWare hooked up with prizes when we turned one and two years old, so it only makes sense that we kick off our CrackBerry Turns 3 Contest Extravaganza with them once again. Afterall, who wouldn't want a new custom-painted ColorWare BlackBerry?!

The winner of this contest will get to choose both which BlackBerry they want and how they want it painted from the selection of devices and colors/combos offered by ColorWare. That means you can win a BlackBerry Bold 9700, Tour 9630, Bold 9000, Curve 8900 or Curve 8530/8520 exactly the way you want it. Be sure to jump over to the ColorWare site and design the custom-painted BlackBerry of your dreams.

To enter in the contest, just leave a single comment to this post. The deadline for all of the CB Turns 3 contests will be Sunday, March 7th at midnight PST with the winners announced the following week. Looking for something to write? Why not tell us what your device and color combo would be. Good luck!

Reader comments

CrackBerry Turns 3 Birthday Contest: Win a Custom-Painted ColorWare BlackBerry Smartphone!



i would get the new bold
and i would make it red with black my favorites colors
it wud match my car with my car being red and i have black rims on it

Dear CRACBERRY! HAPPY Bday #3... you became more imporant n my life than my girldfriend... thanks for commiting your life to me.. xoxoxo

i would love getting my hands on this upgrade plleeeeeeeeez cross my my fingers let me win one of these, happy bday crackberry

BIRTHDAY. i really want the 9700, i just really reall wanted a blackberry so i got one and it came out like a week after i got my 8900 which i was gutted about, i love it but if i had the choice i would have choose the 9700. and the colours would have to be mostly cranberry but with a black or white back. keep it simple and stylish, i know out of all the people i wont win but heres to dreaming :)

I saw an ad on YouTube for ColorWare a couple months back when I bought my Tour....and definitely schemed out a black and midnight blue scheme for my phone!! I'm definitely getting my phone done by them sooner or later, just gotta have the money!! Happy Birthday Crackberry!!

Hmmmm. I think mine would be Orange and Black, Maybe all Black? or orange and white. Hahah.

I've never won ANYTHING, maybe I'll win this time. :3

Thanks for all the info you host and the daily updates on this wonderful device we all love.

May you have 3 times 9700 (full carbon black with metalic steel logo and frame btw) birthdays more!

This is an incredible Birthday Gift CrackBerry is giving to US when we should be giving a gift to them for their third birthday! ColorWare makes terrific colors for cell phones, and I would feel honored to win a phone (BB9700) in this contest. Again to all CrackBerry Personnel, froom Kevin, to Adam, to Blaize, to EVERYONE, HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

Happy 3rd Birthday CrackBerry!

Wishing you a cracking year and may all the good things crack open to crackberry, because you guys have been so crackily good in helping cracked up bb users and provide us with awesome cracks in these 3 years.

A salut3 to CrackB3rry!

9700/CrackBerry color

I have a Bold 9000 my color choice would be midnight for the back and bottom,diamond for the frame, and candy apple for the camera, Crossing my fingers...

I could sure use this now that verizon is going to discontinue my Storm 1 and my backup Tour1 so please wont you grant me a phone that will be around more than one year and in my choice of my personal logo colors wow just what i wanted!

Happy Birthday Crackberry. My color combo would be purple and lime green! How cute!!! Colorware BB for me please!

My dream device would be a philly eagles white and dark green tour 9630 on heart is beating fast at this chance to win! I love you CB I'M A LONG TIME CRACKBERRY ADDICT

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday Dear CRACKBERRY,
Happy Bierthday to you.

What a great way to kick off your 3rd Birthday. If I win I don't know which device I would like to get, but I do know what color scheme to have it painted. Thanks CrackBerry and your many sponsors that made this possible.

Good luck everyone.

Happy Birthday Crackberry! I'd Be nothing without you literally wouldn't even have a blackberry ;-( now i can't live without it! THANK YOU!!

I'd Love to get a Custome Purple/White Curve 8530 for my Wife to turn her into the same Crack Addict I've become :)

She wants a Berry so bad she can taste it!! To bad we have to wait until May to upgrade her LG Lotus to a REAL phone, unless... :D

Im still trying to get an orange blackberry. I have the keyboard but thats it until I get the money for the rest. Being a broke college students stinks sometimes

i would like to get one for my girl, we just got engaged and she has a 8900, my old 8900 and i would like to get one just like mine a 9700... please thank you ...
happy bday

Well, Happy Birthday Crackberry and all it's crackberryheads!

Id say, id have it colored to my logo for my gym. That would be pretty cool.

Medium blue, Maroon, and a little light gray. That would look sharp, and have my logo as the wallpaper! Woo hoo!

i would LOVE to have a blackberry 8530 in pink and purple! this would be the prefect color combo for a girly girl! please, please, please pick me!!!!!

i would get the 9700 because i want the 5.0 software and i NEED it because i am addicted to my blackberry and my 8520 broke so i was given a old dinosaur, an 8700.... it doesn't work so well but i can't live without a blackberry.... so PLEASE CRACKBERRY PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me win this.... i have won one thing but i didn't even get to use it because my sister made me give it to her (an unlock code) so that she can use her unlocked b berry in the states.

For Colours I Would Get


I would choose these colours so i could show my canadian pride. A lot of my friends are from the US and they think that it is so cool that I am canadian.... I want to show that I am proud to be canadian and this phone would do so.


This is an awesome way to celebrate! I just got a BB Bold 9000 but if I won, I'd probably go with a blue and silver BB Bold 9700 I think... I am so undecided right now. Too many great phone to choose from! LOL!

I joined shortly before last years birthday bash, and I've never been happier!

I'd love to win a Bold 9700 in shades of green!
I'd go for Jade on the frame and outer door, with the panels in alpine metallic and a metalic dragon logo...

Classy and uniquely me:D

Oh yeah, and 3G too!

The blackberry Tour 9630 would look simply awesome in lilac with pink. Ideal for a lady dreaming of having a blackberry in colours suited for females. I can dream, can't I? How I wish this dream of mine comes true!

I forgot how great Blackberrys were for a while till I got another one. Add Crackberry to the mix and my personal phone experience rocks! Thanks Crackberry!

... to celebrate both my favorite holiday, St. Patrick's day, and to replicate the color my friends would turn after seeing my sweet new ColorWare device!

I just want to say that this site is amazing. if it wasn't for crackberry, i would have probably traded my phone for an iphone in the first week. great site, great blogs, great forums, great store, great download section.....haven't checked out the reviews section yet but if there is any uniformity in the universe, I'm sure it'll be great as well..... i kissed ***, now gimme my phone(lol i feel dirty)

Classic black and white would be my first choice, but i'm so difficult that I'd change my mind if I won xD But it would be sweet to have a custom-painted bb :P

I would SOOO love to win a Colorware Customized BOLD 9700!! I would really like a Sliver/Blue color 9700!! I used to be a die-hard user of Windows Mobile six months ago, but my boss turned me on to BlackBerry and my life has been changed forver!!!

Not only do the phones look great, but the customization and the website are great. Would love to win, but I'm just happy this company is around. All the success!

Ahh winning this phone would be so girlfriend and i are having our own 2nd anniversary coming up on the 30th of march and this would be an awesome gift!! she loves her 8530 curve from Verizon. and her favorite color is orange :) so if i win thank you so much!!

oh man congratz on the 3 yrs, i would get a bold 9000 in dark blue and yellow boca juniors colours wooo! good luck to all

Happy Brithday CB! I'd love a 9630. I would like a Hemi Orange color to match my Hemi Orange Dodge Challenger car. Thanks so much!!!

Happy birthday crackberry and thank you for helping me answer any of my own or my customers blackberry issues!!!!

The blackberry Tour 9630 would look simply awesome in lilac with pink. Ideal for a lady dreaming of having a blackberry in colours suited for females. I can dream, can't I? How I wish this dream of mine comes true!

Happy birthday Crackberry. May you grow from strenght to strength!!!!!

i love blackberry!! i have read this website for sooo long but i have never one in a contest on it :( i would love to win this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOLD 9700!!! :)

i would love to win a colorware 9700! pink! thanks for the greatest contests ever!

Happy Birthday Crackberry. I wish more people would give me gifts when its their birthday. Thanks for the chance.