CrackBerry Turns 3 Birthday Contest: Win a Custom-Painted ColorWare BlackBerry Smartphone!

Win a ColorWare BlackBerry Smartphone!
By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Feb 2010 02:17 pm EST

Our friends at ColorWare hooked up with prizes when we turned one and two years old, so it only makes sense that we kick off our CrackBerry Turns 3 Contest Extravaganza with them once again. Afterall, who wouldn't want a new custom-painted ColorWare BlackBerry?!

The winner of this contest will get to choose both which BlackBerry they want and how they want it painted from the selection of devices and colors/combos offered by ColorWare. That means you can win a BlackBerry Bold 9700, Tour 9630, Bold 9000, Curve 8900 or Curve 8530/8520 exactly the way you want it. Be sure to jump over to the ColorWare site and design the custom-painted BlackBerry of your dreams.

To enter in the contest, just leave a single comment to this post. The deadline for all of the CB Turns 3 contests will be Sunday, March 7th at midnight PST with the winners announced the following week. Looking for something to write? Why not tell us what your device and color combo would be. Good luck!

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CrackBerry Turns 3 Birthday Contest: Win a Custom-Painted ColorWare BlackBerry Smartphone!




Just got my second BB, from a Curve to a Tour. Would love to upgrade the exterior now that I have upgraded the interior.

Three years old and going from strength to strength. Cool prize too.

Happy Birthday Crackberry!

I want to win a BB! Not for me, but for a special someone ;)
EDIT: only one post per person and I forgot to add: Color combo would be a purple and black Bold 9700 for my gf or any other color she chooses if we win xD
And again, happy b-day!

Pick Me!!! Pick Me!!!!

My Storm is now an end of life device and I don't get to upgrade until October.......PICK MEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Three already? I remember when I first got my storm and was browsing for sites to "crack" out my berry with. I don't know how I came across but I am happy I did! I been on this site for a year and three months now I think. I though I am misible and disappointed with my storm and thought about giving up on blackberry (because the storm is my first blackberry and I am not satisfied with the the freezing and timing out) however crackberry gives me hope! Cool contest like this and keeping the masses update on the latest apps, games, developments made me stay with my blackberry. Happy birthday and thanks for keep my lil blackberry light shining in hopes for a better device than my storm!

i been on ur sitye before its great i cant wait till u guys have some stuff for my storm i think what u can do at color wave is cool real talk i stay in los angeles ca and being able to the newest coolest stuff that how u lay ur mark donw ur trend but all in all its great love the white and blue curve

I'd love to get a custom paint job; I'd even send in my own phone! A black / royal purple 9700 would look great, and still be very professional on the job...

Happy Birthday Crackberry!

I've been wanting a ColorWare 9700 for awhile now, this is my perfect chance!


WOW only 3 years already
looking at the wealth of knowledge and community, it expanded fast. Keep the momentum
Thanks for the contest.

Wow these are really cool, I would not only be excited about winning one of these, but I would love to help you advertise them, i know some people that keep asking me if they come in other colors, that they would love to have.
Thanks for your consideration.

Wow..I can't believe I won again and who says lightning doesn't strike twice Thanks Crackberry you are the BEST!!!

This prize is really sick! I'd customize my bb to be purple and white to represent my fraternity's colors. If it wasn't for my bb I don't think I'd be as professional with all my frat manners as I am now!

Wow, I remember when you were just born and we were happy for our little new born cb. Now that your 3 years of age and are leading the tech websites, all I can say is happy birthday and 100 more years CB.

wow...i remeber readding the site a few years ago when i owned a palm treo 650 and was this site that acutally CONVERTED me to a Blackberry...Congrats Mr.Kev.

**** Hey kev, Can i win something now...lmaoo*****

colorware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! colorware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! colorware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! colorware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! colorware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! colorware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! colorware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! colorware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! colorware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! colorware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! colorware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! colorware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for 3 years of the latest news around RIM's amazing devices! You really are the most comprehensive RIM site on the inter-tubes!

Metalic Charcoal and White or our national colors (think Olympics here) would rock!

w00t! I would LOVE a new colorfied blackberry. Please put me into the hat for this contest!!

Personally I would really like a red TOUR, but being the nice guy that I am... I would probably pick my wife up a two tone pink Tour to send her over the moon. ;)

Everyone knows the best part about a birthday is the cake.. but free stuff is awesome too! Hopefully you guys get some stuff in addition to giving it away to us.

Pick Me!!! Maybe a nice dark green with a cream accent? or a wicked red with orange accents!! Must stand out!

Happy Birthday CrackBerry! May all your wishes come true (and more new blackberries).

My Curve 8900 needs a makeover lol. pick me!

I havent worked a day in about a year. I need something new to make me feel like more of a man. this phone may do that...


I am lovin' all these contest chances... I am rocking the STORM but would love love some RED and BLACK or maybe some military OD Green and Black...

WOW!!! I need a new Curve!!! I was one of the suckers that bought a new Storm on day one and used my new every two for the purchase so I'm stuck with it!! THIS WOULD BE AWESOME!!!!

gimmee.....gimmee.... I will defintly take this. Never won anything before, so this will be VERY nice. PICK ME PICK ME I would put good use to this!

I have been searching all over the internet for the right case cover for my Tour. I have visited ColorWare many times, and I love your color options!!!

I absolutly love my Blackberry Tour! it's the best phone I have ever had, and I want to make it look beautiful with ColorWare!!!

Happy Birthday CrackBerry. I would normally give you a present, but it would be oh so nice if you gave me one ;-)

Way to go on three years! This site is awesome, to the point I check for updates far, far too often. Here's to another great year.

All kinds of awesome!!! I would love this!! I've been watned a colorware berry, but just cant' justify the cost.

But free is a much different story. :)

Happy Bday and Congratualtions to!!!!!! What a way to celebrate, I'm drooling as I type this b/c a purple and pink 9700 would be oh soooooooooooooooooooo sweet for me, and just in time for spring. I would even be nice and give my hubby my current 9700, so he can join us in BB bliss and ditch that Samsung Impression.

Come, throw some happiness and spring colors my way! Pleasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssse

I would love for my first BB to be a custom orange and white Bold 9700. I have been eagerly awaiting the release of the new Bold/Essex from Verizon but would love the Bold 9700 from AT&T (can't wait much longer).

Just wanted to say thanks for all the support and answers ive gotten from your site, Without it i would be lost. You guys simply are the best site on the web for the BB user. Again Happy Birthday, and keep up the AWESOME WORK!

lol its been a year already? I was just thinking about how all the contests have picked up since crackberry's second birthday... feels like that was in what November haha. Congratz Crackberry. BIG MONEY BIG MONEY BIG MONEY I really hope i win this one. I want a custom colour bold 9700 hmm maybe you guys could convince them to put a crackberry logo on the back if I win. That would be so sick. maybe an orange and black. Hmm or orange and o that sounds so sick a red crackberry logo on a orange background... well I can get my hopes up right ;)

i've always wanted colorware but always thought it was a bit expensive, it would be great to win one! happy birthday crackberry!

I am DYING for a new Blackberry! My sister just got the 9700 and I have the WORST Blackberry envy! PLUS my track ball SUUUCKS...and I have never won anything. PLEASE let me win! And a Powder BB would be amazing. Thanks crackberry!

Not only is this an AWESOME site- 3 years and still running is a major accomplishment! Happy Birthday and CONGRATS!!