CrackBerry Turns 3 Birthday Contest: Win a Custom-Painted ColorWare BlackBerry Smartphone!

Win a ColorWare BlackBerry Smartphone!
By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Feb 2010 02:17 pm EST

Our friends at ColorWare hooked up with prizes when we turned one and two years old, so it only makes sense that we kick off our CrackBerry Turns 3 Contest Extravaganza with them once again. Afterall, who wouldn't want a new custom-painted ColorWare BlackBerry?!

The winner of this contest will get to choose both which BlackBerry they want and how they want it painted from the selection of devices and colors/combos offered by ColorWare. That means you can win a BlackBerry Bold 9700, Tour 9630, Bold 9000, Curve 8900 or Curve 8530/8520 exactly the way you want it. Be sure to jump over to the ColorWare site and design the custom-painted BlackBerry of your dreams.

To enter in the contest, just leave a single comment to this post. The deadline for all of the CB Turns 3 contests will be Sunday, March 7th at midnight PST with the winners announced the following week. Looking for something to write? Why not tell us what your device and color combo would be. Good luck!

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CrackBerry Turns 3 Birthday Contest: Win a Custom-Painted ColorWare BlackBerry Smartphone!



Happy 3rd, Birthday (Are you still teething?)

Only 18 more Birthdays till you can get liquored up, I know you'll be around then.

Thanks for all the great times.

this is cool, happy birthday crackberry! i'm thinking a blue/black bold9700! or maybe silver! oh the choices...

wow the typical blog gets less than 50 comeants (unless its a contest) this one will hopefully hit 10,000. OOH almost forgot oh plese oh please oh please pick me pick me!!!

Long live crackberry!

Mine would be either be maroon and white (Gig'em aggies!) Or black with royal blue pieces. Blacked out woule be slick tooking, too, but that would almost look too 'stock'. Have to change things up a bit...

I'm sure my clever comment will stand out amongst the 10,000 others. Congrats on 3 years and thanks for all the giveaways throughout. Hopefully I win one day ;)

wowza, 3 years?

that saying something..

makes sense, seeing as CB brings all the gab about blackberry together, and makes it easy...

love it..

Congrats! Nice to know we have been addicts for so long. I would love to hold a colorware BB in my hand!

My favorite site turns 3 and you're giving away a custom Blackberry? That is so AWESOME!!! How cool would a red and black 9700 look in my hands?!?! Please pick me!!!

Woburn MA High School Colors are Black and Orange....
This phoe caught my eye. This would look good on my belt!
Happy Birthday Crackberry.

I want a nice custom colored 9700 to replace my 8900 so when the webkit browser comes, I can be ready for it.

Woburn MA High School Colors are Black and Orange....
This photo caught my eye. This would look good on my belt!
Happy Birthday Crackberry.

The Storm gets left out. I would think a nice blue and black combo for the storm would be nice, maybe with a lightning bolt on the back of it.

Oh Man! I was just looking at my worn out BB Storm2 and thinking that ColorWare application would bring it back to life. Lets get Lucky #7!!!!!

Happy Birthday CrackBerry!! Great way to celebrate it too might I add... CB is the best! congrats guys on the milestone, surely many more to come!

You guys are going to get about 10,000 entries on this one. Personally, I've got my fingers crossed for a Telus 9630, colors to be decided later:) Good luck & thanks for another great contest!

Happy B-Day CB! Sign me up for another rocking contest! This site has been a lifesaver for me personally since I bought my first BB last year.

Man I would love to win this. I would get a jet black Bold 9700. Please pick me. I would be eternally grateful.

I would love to have a new BB from ColorWare! That would be the real deal. How about a new Tour2/Bold (or whatever the name & number) all done up by Colorware? That would be the ultimate deal maker!

Happy Birthday Crackberry! I've only had a BlackBerry for a year and this site has helped me beyond belief! Thanks for all of your hard work, guys!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY and here's to many more :)

Oh and ps my choice of device and color combo wld hve to be the 8530 in dark purple and black in memory of my mother that passed away,,purple was her fave color :)

I'd actually probably pick a color similar to, if not exactly, like the one pictures in the contest image. XD

I've been on an orange and black/grey kick recently, and I've actually been looking at that sort of color scheme.

Device wise, I'd go with a 9700, obviously :)

Would probably go with a yellow Tour 2/Bold/Name of the week. Something bright and catches the eye. Chrome? Plaid? Wood? All solid choices.

Cranberry (maroon), Fossil (gray), and white for MSU on a Tour/Bold 9650 would be awesome!! I'd take it on the regular Tour if need be though...

I been researching and researching wanting a BB, and found out I wouldn't be getting one. Enough research to help people on the forum without actually owning a BB lol. This would be a dream come true to win this contest.

And of course, HBD CB!

Happy birthday to crackberry!! I love this website. I wouldn't care
Witch phone I got if I won, but the color neons I love
Neon colors my favorite is orange. Amber. Ps pick me

3 years old and what a big boy! Thank you for the party favor my new Bold 9700 with Carolina Panther colors is great!

Ya gotta love when someone has a birthday and they give YOU presents!....Bold please!

How's a girl to choose??!! Wonder how a Storm would look in Pink?? Hahahahahaha......Actually any BlackBerry......any ColorWare! Just a perfect match!

Since I am on Verizon I guess I would go with the Tour or Curve 8530 with the wifi. I am thinking Ferrari red and white.

Happy Birthday to me, My Birthday is in March!!! Pick Me!!
Happy Birthday to Crackberry as well!!

Happy Birthday CrackBerry. I want to thank you for making me switch over from A hacked Iphone on T-Mobile to A Storm 2 and Verizon. I love my blackberry. I have been keeping up with ou guys for over a year and am on the website everyday its my homepage on my Storm 2 when I open up the browser. Hope Ya have many more years.

Happy Birthday!!! You've given me so much information the past three years, a new phone will work now.........

Way to go guys!

If I win I would want a 9700 blacked out with the rubberized paint and the  on the battery cover in red!


I could use a cool new ColorWare tour to get me through until the Tour2/Bold finally comes out. I'm sick of my 8330.

You have been a great source of information n guidance for me since I've had my blackberry n have come about many leaks and freebies through you. Here's to another 3 years and another and another...If I won this contest, the color I wud choose wud be bright yellow outlined with a glossy black for that real funky effect lol. Happy Birthday

Congratulations on "three the magic number". Thanks colorware for an amazing offer. I'm thinking yellow and silver 9700, or Ocean blue 9000 with green accents, hey is splatter an option?

i would want a blackberry tour2/essex/9650/bold or what ever its going to be called. if it was white or blue that would be cool. the thing is your guys will probably turn 4 before this phone even comes out with the way things are rolling right now. ughh vzw

Happy Birthday day to you! You live in a shoe!! You look like a monkey and you act like one to!! Actually, hopefully happy birthday to ME!!!!!

That orange and black one actually looks awesome. Now if only the Tour 2 aka Bold aka whatever they want to call it now will come out for Verizon!

ok that may be the best paintjob i've ever seen on a blackberry. if you guys could slap that orange and black on a bold 9700 for me, i would let you put your company name on my car... forever

Shouldn't we be giving you gifts? oh well HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANYWAY! gotta love sites that give things away on their own b-day!

Congrats on another year. Glad I've been able to see ya thru 2 birthdays so far. My Tour has about kicked the bucket. So I could really use a new phone. Happy Birthday!!!

I would love to have an orange and black Blackberry!! I think the one on the home page is the shiznit!!!! HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY!!!!


Hello Kevin,

Thank you for all your great work, contributions and dedication in being an integral part to us fellow BlackBerry users.

In these past three years you truly have demonstrated multiple times how valuable you are to us all.

I look forward to three years and more of your great site and its rich informative content.

Take care.


P.S. As a gift, I would like to share with you a couple of FREE BlackBerry applications I recommend to all BlackBerry users

P.S.S. My device is a BlackBerry Curve 8330; color combo, anything in the color black is fine with me, thanks.

I would go with a Red, White and Black color scheme for my new Blackberry Bold to salute the gold medals that Team Canada has won on home soil... I hope I win, this would be incredible!!!!

Happy Birthday CrackBerry!!! The ColorWare Bold 9700 would be amazing; have not set the colors in stone yet, been designing since CrackBerry's announcement of the 9700's availability at ColorWare.

I have been for sooooo long trying to get mine done by colorware thru contests so bad!! I have a brand spankin new 9700 thru t-mobile and all my money was spent on phone cuz i wanted it so bad!! now to finish off my journey would be a smokin hot red, black and gold outlined 9700 colorware. Of course tho who know its my Marine Corps colors!!