CrackBerry Turns 3 Birthday Contest: Win a Custom-Painted ColorWare BlackBerry Smartphone!

Win a ColorWare BlackBerry Smartphone!
By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Feb 2010 02:17 pm EST

Our friends at ColorWare hooked up with prizes when we turned one and two years old, so it only makes sense that we kick off our CrackBerry Turns 3 Contest Extravaganza with them once again. Afterall, who wouldn't want a new custom-painted ColorWare BlackBerry?!

The winner of this contest will get to choose both which BlackBerry they want and how they want it painted from the selection of devices and colors/combos offered by ColorWare. That means you can win a BlackBerry Bold 9700, Tour 9630, Bold 9000, Curve 8900 or Curve 8530/8520 exactly the way you want it. Be sure to jump over to the ColorWare site and design the custom-painted BlackBerry of your dreams.

To enter in the contest, just leave a single comment to this post. The deadline for all of the CB Turns 3 contests will be Sunday, March 7th at midnight PST with the winners announced the following week. Looking for something to write? Why not tell us what your device and color combo would be. Good luck!

Reader comments

CrackBerry Turns 3 Birthday Contest: Win a Custom-Painted ColorWare BlackBerry Smartphone!



Let's see. I'm moving into a new house, and new beginnings with my Wife and 7.5 month old daughter on March 8/9/10th.
Life has been rough for the past 2 years or so and everything is looking up for us.

Getting a pink/white/black CW 9700 for my wife to match my Blacked out 9700 would be the icing on the cake for us.
Something like this:

Thanks again CB and CW.. and good luck to everyone.

And ofcourse. Happy Birthday CB nation. The community is what keeps us coming back.


Now, the only question is.....Ferrari or Frostbite!?! MWHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!

Or perhaps a combination of Jet Black and Dragon to complement my awesome username?

Or I could flaunt my service provider and deck it out in Star Dust and Carbon Black!


Happy Birthday Crackberry, thanks for always giving us a home and I love all the contest's. Always been interested in ColorWare

Wow what a great contest. I absolutory love Crackberry and ColorWare BBs. I would love to have a Bold 9000 with the back and bottom in the metallic Blush and the frame and camera in the metallic Carbon Black. Happy Birthday Crackberry :)

I would love to get a Colorware Blackberry Bold 9700. I would probably pick a red/black/white color scheme since I think these colors blend well with the Bold 9700. However, yellow is my favorite color so I would consider doing a yellow/white combo too.

I'm thinking i like the orange above..but I would do a tangerine n white..Real Clean like! Happy B-Day would be THAT much harder without u guys! Keep It Up =D

If I won it would be for my boyfriend, he need's a new BB, I'd like him to have the Tour 9630 and it would be black and red! I think....

Would totally love a white/black combo. I know it can be done with parts, but this is COLORWARE! Awesome!

Congrats on the 3rd year, finally out of the terrible 2s and now to the terrific 3s. Also i wouldn't mind getting a new bold since my was dropped in water by my 2 year old...

Oh my god!....
If there is one contest that I sorely need to win, it's this one!!! My current Blackberry is on lifesupport and may die at any time!!! Please pick me! I heart Crackberry & Colorwave!! Happy Birthday!

You guys have got many fans for bringing all the Blackberry Smartphone users what they want and need to hear. I want to wish the site a wonderful Birthday and I look forward in reading and supporting you guys 100% in the many years to come. Thanks again for yet another opportunity to win a great phone!

Great another chance to win one. I didnt win the last time so here goes another chance to win one....I already got my colors picked out!! Thanks!!!

This would be almost as good as winning the lottery! Really want to the bold 9700 but not due for an upgrade any time soon... not sure of the colors yet.....

Device: would love a new Tour2/Bold/whatever it will be called, but if I have to pick a device that is currently available I would say a 9700.
Color: would love red and black, but may have to go with Crackberry orange and black if I actually win.
Happy Birthday Crackberry!

I dont see a Storm on there site but a new BB will do fine, Congrats on three years running.

I've been looking at:

Inner Back: Pearl Diamond Outer
Back: Pearl Diamond
Top: Metallic Carbon Black
Bottom: Metallic Carbon Black
Frame: Pearl Diamond
Sides: Metallic Carbon Black

...for my Tour 9360. Not sure what I'd go with and on what device though if I were to win! :)

Just so you dudes know, I love your site more than any other BB site... and I am not buttering you up... its the truth.

Entering my name for this contest!

Happy Birthday CrackBerry! I would like a Bold 9700 please, tricked out in Red and Black, or just pure black!

My birthday is on March 11th and this would be the only but a perfect present for my birthday. It would look cool in black and silver.

I would SOO get a new Bold 9700 and do it in a combination of Burgundy and White (maybe pearl) in favor of Texas A&M! Go Aggies!!

I would love to try out anew Blackberry. My very first smart phone is the storm 9530. I love and hate it too. But I think what I need is a Tour. I really hope I win. Or at least someone who needs it more than me.

Wow I cant believe it you guys are alraeady 3 years old, you've grown up so fast!!! I would absolutly LOVE to get a Storm 2 painted in a vibrant red and jet black. I really hope I win, I need a new phone!

Oh my God. Has it been a whole year already. This is my favorite week of the year. What a great way to kick off the contests. Happy Birthday Crackberry and thank you Colorware.

this would be an awesome contest to allow me to trade out my aging blackberry for a brand new 9700 in a blue/black combo!

I would have to go with a white Bold 9700 with dark blue highlights... i think that would look pretty sharp

What a dream come true for any huge blackberry fan like myself! It would be amazing to have a brand new one of a kind Bold. Thank you!

congrats on three years, i've been using the same moto razr for sometime and its really starting to not hold up...a new blackberry would be great since i don't see the tour2/bold coming out anytime soon...

Happy Birthday to Crackberry
Happy Birthday to Crackberry
Happy Birthday dear Crackberry
Happy Birthday to you

May there be lots of birthdays to come!

Wow. Happy 3rd b-day! I just looked through some of the original bblog posts the other day. Would love to get a colorware storm2.

Haaaaaaaappyyyyyyyyy Birthdaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy Toooooooooooooo Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

And I'm dreaming about black & cranberry Bold 9700.....

Device: Blackberry BOLD 9700
Frame: Coffee
Top and bottom: Smoke white
Inner back: BLACK
outer back: Smoke white


Having seen colorwares products firsthand, i know they do a great job. My ideal would be a corvette competition yellow 9700. Need it, too. My 8320 has seen better days

This would be the best prize ever. I talked my wife into entering a contest here and she won. I have still not won anything.

For your birthday, I'd sure as hell like a black and green 9630. Could you make that happen? Thanks!

Congratulations to the great ppl behind this awesome web page. I Love how the friends of ColorWare pimp our bb's, i would like one with blues and black.

WOW, has it been that long. I am so glad I found this site three years ago.. I hope we can continue to grow in the next three years!!!!

It's be an awesome 3 years! Thanks for the ride thus far, a custom painted colourware phone would be awesome...

I would love to be able to win one of these! My upgrade is a ways away and I am still sporting an original storm for crying out loud. LOL Glad Crackberry was launched, its an awesom site with awesome staff and members. Viva La Crackberry!

I'll take 1 in black and orange just like in the picture either an 8530, OR if it's out yet an 9650 or WHATEVER they end up calling it!

so many different possibilities, i would have to think real hard about it but i would prefer to show of my red soxs pride in the color choices....;)

A new berry w/ a paint job is a dream come true. I will fantasize about it till the contest is over.

If I had a 9700 to customize (I love the stock look) I'd have it platinum. All around. *big grin*

Would have to go with red and black as my colors.Not sure which device though. Will have to sleep on that one. That's if I'm lucky enough to even win.

I love what you guys at ColorWare do I hope I win this contest otherwise I'll have to look at buying from you at full price!


I would LOVE to win a Blackberry Bold 9700 with a WHITE frame, GREEN top, GREEN bottom, GREEN inner back, WHITE outer back, and a WHITE logo.

Happy Birthday Crackberry! I would get mine done in the crackberry colours to further support the site :)

Happy Birthday Crackberry!!

I would pick the 9630 and make it HOT pink and black... A little sleek & a little sexy! Not to mention girlie :-P