CrackBerry Turns 3 Birthday Contest: Win a Coveroo for your BlackBerry - Ten to be Won!

Win a Coveroo for your BlackBerry!
By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Mar 2010 01:32 pm EST

I know a bunch of you out there will be excited for this CrackBerry Turns 3 Years Old Contest. The Coveroo is one of my favorite smartphone accessories -- making it easy to personalize and customize your device by replacing the stock battery cover with a pimped out one -- and the folks at Coveroo are giving away ten of them to lucky members of CrackBerry Nation.

Be sure to jump over to Coveroo's website to check out the ton of designs available. They cover everything from basic symbols and artistic designs to sports team logos and even tv shows. And if you can't find something you want, there is always the option to go custom. I still love the Coveroo on my Bold 9000... definitely my favorite battery door cover of all time!

Which Coveroo design would you get? To be entered to win all you need to do is leave a single comment to this blog post before midnight PST on Sunday, March 7th. Good luck!!

Reader comments

CrackBerry Turns 3 Birthday Contest: Win a Coveroo for your BlackBerry - Ten to be Won!



I would love to sport the crackberry birthday edition until next year and new blackberry...although on phone is coming up in june...haven't decided what to get yet

Im from Chile and i have a Storm 9500 and i love the coveroo, i don`t have idea of the existence of this accesory so.... pick me plis!!!!

Thank`s a lot for your page... it´s awsome =)

My dog crackberry recently got a hold of my battery cover and needless to say it doesn't fit properly. I could definitely use this. Happy b day crackberry.

I've been dying to get one or 2 of these. The Marge Simpson for my wife's S1 and a special one for my S2.

I have never heard of these, but checked out the website and they look totally cool. The hard part would be picking out what design to get!

There once was a man from Waterloo
He really needed a Coverloo
Money he didn't make a ton
Never being the lucky one
He'll probably just catch the flu.

This would be a perfect way to promote my site! Happy birthday and thanks for the great contests!

I would love to win a Coveroo, I've been considering getting one, but haven't as of yet. I would like to get one once I reach the next level of my career and celebrate and deck my new Storm2 with it, which I hope will be soon!

Kinda backwards, lol usually ppl give gifts to the one with the birthday not the other way around but any way< Thank CB!

I wonder if they look for anything special in these comments. I'm not going to beg, it would be pretty cool to get one of these, I'm always up for free stuff.

I'd probably get one with a CB logo like the 3d one you guys announced. And the put kirblar in custom font I made lol

Would look great on my phone. Great way to advertise for this awesome site. Great Contest Kevin.