CrackBerry Turns 3 Birthday Contest: Win 1 of 150 SmrtGuard Subscriptions!

SmrtGuard Contest
By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Mar 2010 10:33 am EST

The guys at SmrtGuard have been more than kind to us and are always willing to offer up some stuff for our contests. They recently released SmrtGuard free, and to help in the CrackBerry Turns 3 Birthday Celebration, they're giving up 150 (100 one-month, 25 six-month and 25 one-year) subscriptions to SmrtGuard. This is one app I would hate to be without, and gives you the peace of mind of having your most important data backed up and the ability to wipe and track your device should it ever be lost or stolen.

To enter to win a subscription, just leave a comment on this post. Winners will be chosen at random to receive a one-year, six-month or one-month subscription to SmrtGuard. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST.

Reader comments

CrackBerry Turns 3 Birthday Contest: Win 1 of 150 SmrtGuard Subscriptions!



I have the free E-GPS, but would love to see if I like this one better. Thanks Crackberry!

Would it help if I told you:

I live in prison>
A prison in China?
A prison in China where they exclusively steal phones?

Hey crackberry, SmrtGuard is the most have app in the Dominican Republic to secure your BB, give me one!

I´ve been using the non-subscription version of SmrtGuard and it´s an awesome, awesome product, it does what it says on the tin perfectly, it would be really great to win this! Totally a fan over here.

I thought Smrtguard had just released their so called "free version" which crackberry claimed:

"For the whopping price of $0.00, you get all of these features FREE for LIFE:

* Find my BlackBerry
* Remote Data Wipe
* Remote Listen (Remote Call Fwd) - Yes, you can remote call fwd your BlackBerry to another number in case you left it at home!
* Add a Loved-one as a tracker (have your loved one get SmrtGuard, and add yourself so you can track each other) -> aka the Valentine's Day gift of trust :)
* Personal Guardian and SIMCard Guardian"

For LIFE huh? What garbage. Now I'm getting emails from smrtguard telling me I have 3 days to sign up before my data wiping, remote listen and other features are gone. So basically they lied, or crackberry lied.

the free version has Remote wipe, tracking, and loved one tracking

the paid version also adds remote backup and remote restore and migrate data

did you try contacting them? maybe its just a "scare" tactic to get you to sign up.. wait for the 3 days to run out and see what happens

I got the same email on March 4th, but no where did it say anything about wiping my data. It just said that in 3 days I would not be able to backup or restore my data using smrtguard.

I downloaded the "free" version when it came out and have like 2 days left on the "trial" portion (the backup and such). Need the full version but of course in this economy free is better than pay! ;)

would love the opportunity to win a subsription to SmrtGuard... I have been actively promoting this at my store...

This would be amazing! I just moved to a new city, and this could save from spending 200$ on a GPS!

I also have the free version but would love to have a subcription if what people are saying is true about it being only a trial.

This would be great to win for my dad who's always traveling... I will never understand how someone can misplace their phone so much!

I love the SmrtGuard App Its great! Could use a new subscription. Keep up the awesome work CB Team!!!!!

I have a trial version and it's running out. If I won the free subscription, I would be jumping head over heals.

Hey being a customer already I want to win an extension to my account so I am more than ready to win.


I've been using the free version since the day it was released.
Unfortunately my finances don't allow me to purchase the subscription version right now, but hopefully I can win six months, or even a year.
I've managed to loose my Blackberry 3 times while visiting a friend in another town (although I've never lost it around my hometown...?). I was lucky enough to recover it all three times.
My biggest fear wasn't loosing my device (although that was a concern), it was loosing all the data that was on it.
With Smrtguard, I never have to worry about it:D

As an avid phone loser I could really use this app! Knock on wood.. I've yet to loose a bb..but those flip phones got flipped to neverland a lot!

This would be great to have with all the traveling I do. I would hate to lose my device...

Or maybe I could just find it under the couch without having to have the neighbors call my phone. :)

i used to use this program but since it went um "paid" i haven't used it but it was really good when i did have it and to win it to all...