CrackBerry Turns 3 Birthday Contest: FIVE BlackBerry Smartphones and ONE HUNDRED Copies of Tether to be Won!!!

Craziest CrackBerry Birthday Contest Ever Thanks to Tether!
By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Mar 2010 08:53 am EST

HOLY CRACKBERRY BATMAN! The folks at Tether (formerly TetherBerry) didn't take part in our CrackBerry Turns 1 and 2 celebrations, so they wanted to make up for that on CrackBerry's third birthday by doing up the single wickedest birthday contest in CrackBerry history!

Birthday Contest: Tether is providing FIVE BlackBerry Smartphones and 100 Free copies of Tether to the lucky winners in this contest. All you need to do is leave a single comment to this post to be entered. For the five device winners, you'll be able to choose which device you want, be it a Bold 9700 / Tour / Storm / Curve / etc. or if you'd rather wait for a new device to hit the market (like the new CDMA Tour2-gone-Bold) then that's cool too. To make the devices extra special and commemorate the occassion they're going to hook the device winners up with a Tether/ Coveroo too. PIMP'n! Thanks Tether and Good Luck!!

Learn More About Tether: Tether has had a huge following by CrackBerry readers since it was first launched in beta, but if you're not familiar with it yet then jump on over to to learn more or check it out in our CrackBerry App Store.  It's the easiest way to tether your BlackBerry to your Windows or Mac powered notebook/computer.

Reader comments

CrackBerry Turns 3 Birthday Contest: FIVE BlackBerry Smartphones and ONE HUNDRED Copies of Tether to be Won!!!



CRACKBERRY.COM is therapy for me..Tether is the best product in the market for a blackberry owner. I need a new Bold 9000...:-)

I already have Tether, which is a pretty amazing app. If I am one of the 5 chosen, I'll definitely wait for a new device! Pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeeeeeee!

He's yours, if I win this contest.

*Legal disclaimer: Comment made in jest, a joke indicating how deserving and wanting Agent is for a new BlackBerry, which he'll buy anyway, at some point this year, because his 8330 has been put through the paces: in the toilet, under the lawnmower (which was running), under his arse, etc. AgentScribe has not conferred with his significant other regarding his proposed offer to trade their first born for a shiny, new BB, and he probably is not authorized to give away said kid with her permission. By posting this comment, AgentScribe does not enter into any contract, expressed or implied.

Are you sure about this!!!!???? By only leaving one simple plain meaningless comment!!!!!????? That's just plain mad crazy awesome!!!!! Whew, the chance is quite slim, but you never know! Hit me! Please! On Crackberry 3rd most awesome birthday yet!! Happy happy happy birthday!! was there when I got my very first BB. You were there to teach me how to use it. To answer all of my questions. To help me resolve any/all issues I've ever experienced. To expand my horizons when I began dabbling into the unknown world of hybrids. And countless other times - way to many too mention here, but I'm sure you know what I mean... :)

You have been a life-saver on more than one occasion and I can't begin to thank you and all of the members of this site enough for everything you have done to bring the world of BB owners together in one mutual place to help make these already awesome devices even better! I truly and profoundly appreciate all that you are and everything that you do and wish you many more wonderful years to come!

Cheers on turning three! I'll be sure to knock one back for you tonight after I get off work! lol

my phone is total crap and beat to crap please!! let me win please please please please please please please!!!!!!!!!

I could actually use tether, I'm not giving verizon more moeny so I ccan do a simple little thing.

Happy birthday Crackberry! Three already? No wonder you're getting in so much trouble...

Now I gotta go check out Tether!

I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeed this. Havent been able to get my macbook to tether with my sprint bb yet. Tried the trial of tether and it worked with no prob

This would be so cool too win. Since I'm college and bills were stacking so I had to cut off my cable/internet. So this would be awesome to just save some $$ and get a new phone in this contest. Happy Birthday "Crackberry"!!!!

I would love either of these. Really could go for a new phone, and tether would be great for this summer because where I am working does not have internet.

Thanks Tether for the opportunity to win a blackberry. Not being a blackberry owner yet due to finances I would love to win one. Love what you guys are doing


My brother has this on his MAC and I would love to win a copy for mine. Awesome App and Awesome Contest!!!

use this! I just relocated across the country, and would like the convenience when I can't find a hotspot!

Thanks Crackberry and Tether!

Tether would be awesome. On more than one occasion i've thought "wow, if I could tether right now...". Plus, to have a new berry to boot? OH yeah!!!

Damn CrackBerry! You guys are giving all kinds it cool gifts! That's awesome. Nothing says "Happy Birthday to me" like gifts for everyone else, right? Lol. My wife is still using an old "dumbphone". This would be a great way to to get her an upgrade. Thanks for the chance to win all the great prizes!

CB and Tether is a match made in smartphone heaven!!! a new phone and tether is the best upgrade package ever!!!

I'm going to tether my girlfriend this year,, blackberry device and tether would be a perfect gifts for her. Why? Because, BlackBerry has been the main problem in our relationship. I'm a bb addict, but her.. well she's like a laptop addict! I'M SERIOUS. She hates blackberry = she hates me when I'm with my bb. she always brings her laptop anywhere she goes because her work made her do it (heavy email users, internet marketing, business plan, and stuff).

When I read this blog, i was like: 'YESSSSS, YESSSSSSS, THIS IS IT! THIS IS IT! I'M GOING TO BRAINWASH HER, CRACK HER MIND WITH THIS CRACKBERRY AWESOMENESS' because BB + Tether will perfectly match her need, and I'm sure she will make peace with BlackBerry. and hopefully we can live a cracking life together! wuhuww!!

Happy Birthday CrackBerry!

Happy birthday Crackberry, keep up the good work. When i found this site i was amazed by all of the BB information that it had to offer, made the transition to my first bb super easy. love the site.

This is an awesome giveaway! I am stuck with the original tour and would LOVE one with a trackpad that fixes all of these obnoxious trackball issues! Tour 2 / Bold, whatever RIM decides to brand it as!

I love tether. Probably the best app I have ever bought. My internet at home is shaky sometimes and I dont have any wifi at work. Tether always comes to the rescue.

I've already wished CB a Happy B-day, but I also wanted to say that I really need an Upgraded BB. I was the first in my whole group of friends to have a Blackberry(Pearl 8110). Nowwwwww....they all have the BOLD 9700. I got them all into it, now I'm behind!! I'm tired of hearing them telling me I have a dinasour. Hook me up Tether...I'm not picky..I'll take a Curve.

I recently used a friends phone with tether. It's amazing. I NEED to get a copy. Thank you for making the best BB program ever!

I never win anything but who could pass up this opportunity. Great gift and Happy Birthday. If on that slim chance I win then Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to CrackBerry!!!! Thank you for the last 3 years of great reviews and service to the CrackBerry Community!!

Your commitment to us BB addicts keeps getting better and better.

Here it is, YOUR birthday, and we're getting the presents.

Absolutely wonderful!

!!!!!!! Holy jumping beans batman i think we have a winner ::::::::::: pick me i need this like crack :::::::::

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Crackberry
I'd like a Storm 2
(sung to the tune or twinkle twinkle little star)

happy birthdat to you guys and I hope I'm one of the lucky winners of this contest. And Crackberry keep up the good work.

Happy 3rd Birthday CB.
Thanks CrackBerry & Tether for hosting such a great event!
I know the upcoming years will be great~ I'm glad to be part of the community here.

Thanks for giving me and everyone a chance to win!

-Kevin =)

This is a really cool contest and I would love to win a new device and/or a copy of Tether!

I would looove to win either one of these!! A new phone is always needed, and tether would be extremely helpful for school purposes!!

My birthday is this month and I would love a copy of Tether. I have a Tour now but would love the Tour2 gone Bold. Thank you.


My 9530 is on its last leg and I could really use a new BlackBerry. unfortunately times are tough so this would be perfect. I'm crossing my fingers and legs, lol, hoping I get to be one of the lucky five!

Love this website. You guys are always providing up-to-date news on the latest blackberry findings. Keep up the good work...and the contests!

Happy Birthday CrackBerry. I have Tether installed on my current BlackBerry phone, and I love being able to connect to the Internet using my phone as a tether device for my computer (when there's no trustworthy WiFi network available). The Tether program has been instrumental in helping me to complete my online college courses. Thanks. I hope I win, and good luck to everyone else hoping to win.


Happy Birthday Crackberry!

Would like to win in this contest. Sending up the Crack Signal here!

What's the record for comments on an entry? I have a feeling this one might break it... Three years, Five phones, 100 tethers.. Yep, good chance. Oh and I'd love a prize!

It would be great if I won a copy of Tether. I could use it so much. At work the internet is blocked and the wifi is password protected. At school, most of my classes just happen to be in the only non-wifi portion of campus. Hopefully I am one of the lucky ones.

I'm blown away at how amazing the contests are crackberry! You guys have really out done yourself! I would be extremely grateful to win any of these contests.

I would love either of these. May be back in the hospital and don't ha e wifi there. Bad for guys who need their net fix before most people go for morning coffee!

Thanks Crackberry and Teether for the chance to win u guys are awesome hope I win something out of these awesome contests

Pick me for Tether! (or the free blackberry!) Being able to tether my phone to my carputer would be lotsa fun, also while traveling it would be invaluable!

These giveaways do work though, I'd been complacent about getting a tethering thing, but now I think I'm heading over and giving Tether a try.