CrackBerry Turns 3 Birthday Contest: FIVE BlackBerry Smartphones and ONE HUNDRED Copies of Tether to be Won!!!

Craziest CrackBerry Birthday Contest Ever Thanks to Tether!
By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Mar 2010 08:53 am EST

HOLY CRACKBERRY BATMAN! The folks at Tether (formerly TetherBerry) didn't take part in our CrackBerry Turns 1 and 2 celebrations, so they wanted to make up for that on CrackBerry's third birthday by doing up the single wickedest birthday contest in CrackBerry history!

Birthday Contest: Tether is providing FIVE BlackBerry Smartphones and 100 Free copies of Tether to the lucky winners in this contest. All you need to do is leave a single comment to this post to be entered. For the five device winners, you'll be able to choose which device you want, be it a Bold 9700 / Tour / Storm / Curve / etc. or if you'd rather wait for a new device to hit the market (like the new CDMA Tour2-gone-Bold) then that's cool too. To make the devices extra special and commemorate the occassion they're going to hook the device winners up with a Tether/ Coveroo too. PIMP'n! Thanks Tether and Good Luck!!

Learn More About Tether: Tether has had a huge following by CrackBerry readers since it was first launched in beta, but if you're not familiar with it yet then jump on over to to learn more or check it out in our CrackBerry App Store.  It's the easiest way to tether your BlackBerry to your Windows or Mac powered notebook/computer.

Reader comments

CrackBerry Turns 3 Birthday Contest: FIVE BlackBerry Smartphones and ONE HUNDRED Copies of Tether to be Won!!!



I love Tether, its a great program! If you don't have Tether already, and don't win this contest, get it! It Rocks!

My luck usually never comes in the form of winning a raffle, lotto, gambling or any other contest such as this...
For some reason, I still find it exciting!
Thanks Crackberry, Tether, and congrats to the winners! haha

Great contest that I would love to win. I'd get my wife a shiny new BlackBerry and be able to tether on mine.

Thanks in advance

what an awesome contest. A free BlackBerry of my choice. I would have to go with either the Tour2 or the Slider. That thing just looks sweet and I sure hope it has more app memory and OpenGL support. Thanks so much Tether and

Thanks for all of the useful information, tips and behind the scenes news you provide. I visit a few times daily and follow on Twitter as well. I really love CrackBerry!


Unfortunately, I have declared this year to be reverse birthday year. That owe me some presents! *Said with Mitch Hedberg intonation*

Wow! Everyday the contests are even more amazing!!! I'd LoVe a new berry~ And Tether would be awesome as well! We don't have internet at home so this would be the perfect solution!!!! =) Thanks CrackBerry & Tether!!!!!!

I've been looking for a way to tether my phone to my computer and this would be a great way to accomplish that. Please pick me! :)

I never win anything, but it would be great to win a Blackberry smart phone or just the Tether app! I defend Blackberries to IPhone geeks all the time! Blackberries ROCK!!!!!!!!

Would love to win and use it to get that new Slider. Actually I'd love to get any BB with 3G on AT&T to escape my iPhone. I turned my back on the berry in July for the iPhone, and regretted it a few months later once the novelty wore off. Unfortunately my curve 8300 broke and while the 8700 is a great phone I don't want to go back to something that primitive compared to all the new technology out in the world today.

Violets are blue.
Roses are red.
I can't get this contest
Out of my head.

I've been in love with
Crackberry forever.
And now, I could win
A new Berry and Tether.

I'm hoping that soon
My name will be drawn
Before your supply of these
Great treats are gone.

But just so you know,
Even if I don't win,
I'm so addicted to this place
I'll be back again.

Wow, it would be unbelievable if I actually won one of these things. What are the chances right? I promise if I do I will donate time to a charity! :) Hows that for bribery!

Fabulous! Please pick me... I'd love to be one of the lucky winners, especially for a new device and cavaroo too? Wow!:) -- No more setting up my PC for tethering... Just plug and go? YES! Please sign me up!

Crackberry, once again.... Happy birthday!

Free phones, free apps, special prices!!!!! Now all I need is to win the phone!!! and then I will hook it up with Tether!!!! ANYONE who wins this owes a BIG shout out to Crackberry and tether.......

Happy Birthday to you. Hope I win free stuff too. It doesn't matter which one. Both sounds just like fun.

Wishing you the very best CB.


That's about the best Crackberry birthday prezzie ever!
Go ahead, make my day!



What a fantastic contest. I have been wanting Tether for a long time and a new phone wouldn't hurt.

What could be better...a Crackberry with Tether!
Please count me in as one of the thousands...MILLIONS who would want this combo.



Wow is all I can say about this contest! I don't need a copy of tether because I already purchased a month or so ago when it went on sale for $19.95. Great program! I don't use it that often but glad to know it is there if/when I need it. Would love a new device though! Would love to replace my Storm1 with that new 9700a/Bold slider! But I'd be happy with the Tour2 also :).

would love to have a new berry especially if it comes with tether and all are paid for .. hopefully crackberry 3rd birthday will be my lucky charm ...

This is an awesome contest/giveaway!! Free me from my S1, I want to return to a physical keyboard, and actually use some apps instead of worrying about my oh so small amout of memory! :-)

Happy Birthday Day Crackberry! My how old you are!

I would love a new BB as I'm in need to get a new one! Good luck to all!

these contests are awesome.....hope i get a free copy of Tether or one of the 5 blackberry :) or both!!!! LOL

I wanna Curve 8530 and the tether! I've got Netbook that I take with me everywhere faithfully, tether will come in handy!

I do not have a copy of Tether, and am currently having a Tour, I would like to have Tour 2 if I win! This is a great contest!

What a great contest, just a copy of Tether would be sweet, but throw in a new phone, amazing...go Tether and Crackberry, I want a Tour2/Bold btw....

I recently lost my job I need all the free stuff I can get!!! I think I would take a Tour2/Bold for Sprint if I were one of the lucky five winners.

my wife would like to join the ranks of crackberry and a free one would be the perfect way to get her started

Currently using PDANet but this looks like an awesome app. Would love the chance to get a free copy.

First, Happy Birthday

I am a recent Blackberry user and I have found your website and many of the forums a great resource, thank you.

Your website has become a daily stop and a morning ritual with my first cup of coffee at the office.

Again, thanks for this great source of info,

Happy Birthday Crackberry!!!!!!! I would love to win the Bold 9700. My wife got me one for Christmas and i would love to give her one. Times are hard and contract is not up yet so this would be a great gift for our 5 year anniversary on the 5th of april!

Holy heck.. that's a lot of stuff to give away.

A new device would rock, but a copy of tether would be nice too :)

Consider this my entry ;)

Ever since i got my Tour I cant stop checking CB at least 20 times a day and Tether would be a great addition Hopefully I win

Okay, I've never won a contest, but I'll give this a try. Pick me, pick me, pick me! Happy Birthday Crackberry! Mine is just a few days away. What an awesome contest!!

I actually kind of like my Storm, but I'd really like a Tour... Verizon FTW. Happy Birthday to a site I read every day!

I am still new to this site as of 3 months ago, but I love it. Happy birthday, and this contest is sick!

Ever since i got my Tour I cant stop checking CB at least 20 times a day and Tether would be a great addition Hopefully I win

I need this come on crackberry I been waiting on a new phone for over a year please choose me.

Another excellent contest from CB! It would be nice to get a nice new Blackberry "Slider/Bold3/Storm3/Bold9700a/" or whatever it will be called.

thx CB.

Please, please I just need to win something at least once guys. I want to brag and talk ish to my friends.