CrackBerry Turns 3 Birthday Contest: FIVE BlackBerry Smartphones and ONE HUNDRED Copies of Tether to be Won!!!

Craziest CrackBerry Birthday Contest Ever Thanks to Tether!
By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Mar 2010 08:53 am EST

HOLY CRACKBERRY BATMAN! The folks at Tether (formerly TetherBerry) didn't take part in our CrackBerry Turns 1 and 2 celebrations, so they wanted to make up for that on CrackBerry's third birthday by doing up the single wickedest birthday contest in CrackBerry history!

Birthday Contest: Tether is providing FIVE BlackBerry Smartphones and 100 Free copies of Tether to the lucky winners in this contest. All you need to do is leave a single comment to this post to be entered. For the five device winners, you'll be able to choose which device you want, be it a Bold 9700 / Tour / Storm / Curve / etc. or if you'd rather wait for a new device to hit the market (like the new CDMA Tour2-gone-Bold) then that's cool too. To make the devices extra special and commemorate the occassion they're going to hook the device winners up with a Tether/ Coveroo too. PIMP'n! Thanks Tether and Good Luck!!

Learn More About Tether: Tether has had a huge following by CrackBerry readers since it was first launched in beta, but if you're not familiar with it yet then jump on over to to learn more or check it out in our CrackBerry App Store.  It's the easiest way to tether your BlackBerry to your Windows or Mac powered notebook/computer.

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CrackBerry Turns 3 Birthday Contest: FIVE BlackBerry Smartphones and ONE HUNDRED Copies of Tether to be Won!!!



Crackberry, Hopefully 3 is MY and YOUR lucky number!
Happy 3rd anniversary!
This is it, the best contest ever! Yeahh!!

Usually people get mean in their old age.. but CB is becoming more and more giving!!! Great contest, keep it up!!

Usually people get mean in their old age.. but CB is becoming more and more giving!!! Great contest, keep it up!!

This birthday party just keeps on going!
Hey CB, Maybe we should bring YOU presents next year ;)

It's my birthday this week also! Since my wife didn't get me anything, winning a prize would be awesome!

Been reading about Tether and wanting to buy it. It sounds like an awesome app. Just saving up $$ to get it!

I love your website, I visit daily, more than once to keep up with the latest news! Thanks for being there! Have a great Birthday!

I knew CB was great but this by far sets this website on a different level than any other site. CB strong since 08!

I NEED this for my storm2! Been waiting forever for another contest with Tether! Please pick me! I've never won anything on CB!

As a Tour owner having a way to get the Tour2 of wait I mean the bold for free would be awesome. Love the contests. Keep it up.

I think it would be flat out incredible to win this contest, really. But nonetheless, thanks Tether and especially CB for always throwing these contests for your members. I think I speak for the whole CB community when I say we appreciate it!

This app is awesome and would love to win a copy, tether me up baby. Happy Birthday to my #1 favorite site on the net ""

Way to go, Tether! Awesome contest! Like Link said waaaaaaay back on page one (20 minutes and eight HUNDRED freakin posts ago) can't wait to see what happens next year

Awesome ... would love a copy of Tether or a new phone ... the Slider actually looks cool, I am a fan of the best of both worlds approach ... touch screen and keyboard.

Even though chances are slim to none.....just by working with the vendors seems to re-energize the BB community and myself (especially when I have the 9530).

I have been promoting Tether for some users in the workplace, they seem to love it. I would love to have a copy of my own!

Mmm, I love them Blackberry phones. Especially the Bold 9700.

Happy birthday, Crackberry!
Live long and prosper.


What a great birthday presents. Hope member from outside US are also eligible to win the smartphone. Tether application is a nice thing to have to utilize BB dataplan. Tether rocks

Happy 3rd birthday crackberry!! I am on the market for a new device but money is kinda tight. This would be perfect! Thanks!


Feliz cumpleaños y saludos all the way from Venezuela! Well it will be awesome if I could win one since most of my family lives in Miami and it would be great if I had the chance to give them a Blackberry as a gift to keep in touch!

Checked you guys out from time to time in the last year.. but this year i actually became a memeber. I can feel it.. this year is going to be HOT! Loved blackberry since I got my 8100 couple years ago.. Would love to be able to get the latest edition. You are the best place to find up to date info regarding BB. I even have you on twitter now!My heart goes out to you and all your hard work <3.

duper awesome. thanks CB for all the contests and keeping me updated and glued to your site!

I've never won anything in my life :(. Winning this contest would be so amazing!!! Good luck to all applicants, and of course, happy birthday to crackberry!

I Love this site, software and hardware together, AND killer reviews and articles! This site wraps me in a electronic blanket of soft comfy everything is OK .!!! Happy Birthday Crackberry, keep up the AWESOME job! rocks! Man, you guys are awesome and kick butt! You always come out with the best giveaways when awesome stuff happens!

Keep on rocking! We all love the site and have learned a great deal from everything you post and everything that all the users post. I know we've all recommended this site to multiple other BlackBerry Freaks like us!

You're awesome! Thanks for giving me and everyone else the chance to win these great prizes. Tether, I'd like to thank you and for this awesome giveaway to the users and abusers of and BlackBerries in general.

I can only speak for myself when I say that this is a great contest and would love to use Tether for my job and personal use as well as a new BlackBerry since my 8330 on VZW is EOL and almost dead.

I am an avid tech reader, and a blackberry user, and blows everyone else out of the water. The give aways, the early news/rumor releass information is the best on the web. The stories are consistently well written and highly informative and insightful. All in all, this is one amazing site!!!

Maybe I'll even win something cool one of these times...


I would love to have this. Am going on a trip soon and will have no access to wi-fi, so this would be perfect for my Tour and Netbook.
Phone would be cool too. :)

Just did the trial version of Tether a few days ago after reading about it, WHAT A GREAT APP! Would love to get a free copy. THANKS TETHER AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRACKBERRY!

To all that has provided this wonderful site and i know that i am not the only one that thinks this, but without Crackberry my blackberry would just be another phone.But thanks to this site and all the members i will only buy Blackberry from here on out. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRACKBERRY

Would love a new Tour 2 Told .. er Bour Whatever ....

Tether Rocks and will go on that device as well !!

I wish Crackberry would have a birthday more often. I love it.

Wishing you guys the best and looking forward to many more to come.

This truly is the greatest prize out there for us CB Users and Abusers. Not only do we get the opportunity to win a great app for our phones but possibly a new BB as well . . . too much to handle . . . thanks Tether

come on man!!! i love this site i visit it 10 times an hour... send a holla back to south america right here in ecuador

Please Pick me. I would love to win a phone or the copy of Tether. Please Please please. Again happy birthday CB.

Sounds too good to be true, and although i am not very lucky when it comes to winning these things, i will have my finger crossed! I love the tether programs and I love blackberry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Being in college tether is awesome for those trips home on the china town bus! But its soo expensive!! One tether subscription please!!!! Oo and if you felt the need to give me a new phone... Why that would be just fine with me as well...

This is awesome for a company like Tether to do. I've always been a fan of their tethering services and obviously a fan of Blackberries. A perfect combination!

I'm trying out Tether for the first time & it's freaking awesome.....c'mon guys pick me, pick me, pick me!! Over here!!!!

my weekend went like this:

friday, drop storm in cup of coffee, frying the battery and leaving myself phoneless for the weekend.

drive up to vermont to go skiing in the freshies that had just dropped (50 inches).

sat, break brand new ski on the best day of the entire season

drive to ski shop to get rentals and on the drive back to mountain get speeding ticket for $180 because i was salty about my friday and sat endeavors i was driving vayyyy to fassst.

I now have a very damamged phone with a new battery and would so much appreciate winning this contest as i cannot afford a new phone, especially after my weekend of meltdowns.


Have the original Storm and its beginning to show its age. Would love to get a new phone or a copy of Tether.

It would be so awesome if I could get a copy of tether. I think that it is one of the coolest apps out there, and I would already have it if I wasn't on a tight college budget. It's sweet!

Wow, huge contest,thanks CB and Tether, you guys just rock

and good luck yo all blackberry users and abusers lolo

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Crackberry. Happy birthday to you!!!!

Crackberry - this is the BEST CONTEST EVER !
Oh please, oh, please, oh please let me be one if the winners.
Ok - enough groveling - thanks for this contest and all that you do - Happy Birthday - and many many more.