CrackBerry Turns 3 Birthday Contest: FIVE BlackBerry Smartphones and ONE HUNDRED Copies of Tether to be Won!!!

Craziest CrackBerry Birthday Contest Ever Thanks to Tether!
By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Mar 2010 08:53 am EST

HOLY CRACKBERRY BATMAN! The folks at Tether (formerly TetherBerry) didn't take part in our CrackBerry Turns 1 and 2 celebrations, so they wanted to make up for that on CrackBerry's third birthday by doing up the single wickedest birthday contest in CrackBerry history!

Birthday Contest: Tether is providing FIVE BlackBerry Smartphones and 100 Free copies of Tether to the lucky winners in this contest. All you need to do is leave a single comment to this post to be entered. For the five device winners, you'll be able to choose which device you want, be it a Bold 9700 / Tour / Storm / Curve / etc. or if you'd rather wait for a new device to hit the market (like the new CDMA Tour2-gone-Bold) then that's cool too. To make the devices extra special and commemorate the occassion they're going to hook the device winners up with a Tether/ Coveroo too. PIMP'n! Thanks Tether and Good Luck!!

Learn More About Tether: Tether has had a huge following by CrackBerry readers since it was first launched in beta, but if you're not familiar with it yet then jump on over to to learn more or check it out in our CrackBerry App Store.  It's the easiest way to tether your BlackBerry to your Windows or Mac powered notebook/computer.

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CrackBerry Turns 3 Birthday Contest: FIVE BlackBerry Smartphones and ONE HUNDRED Copies of Tether to be Won!!!



You can't beat crackberry always having the inside scoop on all of the hottest, new information that hits the internet. And all of these contest! They are awesome!

would love love love tether! happy birthday crackberry!!! youve helped me ALOT!!
much <3 but...would LOVE LOVE LOVE a new bb!

Oh My oh My! This would be one of the coolest things I could ever win. For the love of all that is Holy... Pick me PLEASE!!!!!!!

Happy BDay Crackberry! Glad I could be a part of it for 2 years! Love,love,love Crackberry. I could definitely use a new phone. Mine has about had it. 400 miles from the nearest wireless store makes it a bit hard to keep on top of things. And Tether would def come in handy out here!

Its Crackberry's birthday and they are giving away a prize, WOW! I gotta do somn for ya'll in October then (chuckle).

Thanks for the contest... I'd like either the Berry slider when it comes out, tour2/bold whatever or bold 9700


This is crazy! 5 Blackberry devices and 100 copies of tether?! WOW! Hope I'm one of the lucky winners. Good luck to everybody that entered. Oh this is exiting!!!

Tether is an AMAZING APP! I used the trial version to try it out, but havent had the time to upgrade. This is a great app for those on business and traveling like me who need the internet everywhere they go on their laptop. Also a new Blackberry would also be nice! :D

Sign me in :p

But, if i happen to win a copy of tether, give it to someone else, i won one already in another site, just to find out its not Argentina compatible :(

I love my blackberry! It has been the best phone I have ever owned! Looking forward to many more years of great things.

Best contest I've come across in a while. I'm due for an upgrade so a shiny new BlackBerry would be great. Even a free copy of Tether would be just as great.

Happy Birthday CrackBerry

Happy third birthday Crackberry! Thank you to Crackberry and Tether for making our little devices so much more useful!

Thanks for giving us our fix everyday!

And to Tether.. thanks for allowing us all to use our laptops to browse the interwebs anywhere Wi-fi goes to die. :)

This is just too good to be true!
Lovely way to celebrate crackberry's b-day!
Tether I really love to get a hands on!!

Happy Birthday again, CB. The generosity amazes me; usually it is the birthday entity that receives gifts, not the other way round. Sign me up. Too many devices coming up that I want, and Tether is a surfer's dream. Rock on...

I must say now that Crackberry turned 3 I am super happy about the contests that they are putting out. I sure wouldn't mind winning a blackberry or a copy of tether!!

Happy Birthday! This is a pretty cool opportunity you guys are giving us here! Just read about tether and I'm gonna recommend this to my dad. He's always talking about buying a wireless card for his laptop, but when he finds out he can do this I'm sure he's gonna LOVE it!

....P.S. I just cracked my Blackberry screen last night so a new one would mean a lot and really save me some $$$$$$!

A tether haiku:

need to get those files
pam is just too expensive
tether saves the day!

stuck in sri lanka
they've never heard of the net
but i have tether

seriously though, i would love to win this.

... so let me win a BlackBerry device now :-) a Bold2 would be fine :-) woule even trade one against one of my Storm2's

First of all, Tether is freaking awesome! It saved my butt yesterday when the power in my building went out, causing a network outtage...well, except for me and my Tether'd laptop/BB. I would love a new phone too!!!

Birthdays are always fun, especially with a new BB rig on my hip! HB CB!!! and thanks tether folks Good luck to all cbheads

I've never followed a blog until you guys! Just tried Tetherberry while on a business trip, and it was so helpful durring the flight delays!

A New BB, Coveroo & a copy of Tether! ive died and gone to Crackberry heaven! that big Blackberry in the sky lol

Happy Birthday CrackBerry, without what I've learned from your site my BB would be no more than a cr_pberry! Thanks for all the useful info and apps.

Only a contest this mind-blowingly awesome would make me type the words (crapcackes adn snickerfarts)! This is awesome! I'd really love the teathering for my Bold 9700!

These are some great contests you guys have going on, I'd be happy to win a new phone and tetherm my storm 1 w/ a cracked screen would be great to replace :)

I think my own name should be 'tether" as much as I use my blackberry!! Would LOVE a new blackberry since mine is becoming a "dinosaur"! (curve 8330) Happy Birthday, CB!

Can't believe u guys have done all this for your readers! This is absolutely awesome site and I hope you can hook me up with one of your blackberrys!

I'd be stupid not to leave a comment in an effort to win a brand new phone. Right?

And I hate being stupid.

I would choose the Bold 9700 or wait for the new 9650. Maybe. So many good choices!

I already have tether and love it but would love the new Tour2 or Bold or whatever its going to be branded! Thanks!!!!

wow this is great news.... my old storm is falling apart...would love a new phone or a even a tether app.... crackberry and tether u guys are the best....

Tether would be sweet...Seems odd that for CB's birthday we could be getting a present.....As always, you outdo yourself CB

I'd love me a trackpad! Thanks for the chance to get to that 9700 I've been dreaming about. Happy belated CB!

Happy Birthday Crackberry! It would be awesome if I could win this contest. I have an awesome Blackberry now, I'd love to spread the love with a new one. I'm sure I have a friend that would love a new blackberry!

That is super sweet of those folks at Tether to hook the community up like that! I would love a copy of Tether, and my job would love me to have one too, haha!

Of course, I would certainly be excited to win a new phone too! My S1 is chugging along, but I would really appreciate a new one to keep me up with the times!!!

Best Contest Ever.

If won, will definitely be waiting for the new bold/tour/best-ever Blackberry. Time to dump the 8330 (no offence, Fritz. Yes, my Blackberry is named Fritz).

I already have two copies of tether, and yes I only have one I would love a second to fill the other account

Ya know, I'm not usually the first on the block with the newest or shiniest stuff, but if a new CDMA Bold/9650 found its way into my hands, I'd take one for the team and break with tradition. :-)

I want that free phone, I wonder how long I can wait to get it though. I'd really like to get my hands on that new slider when it comes out.

This has to be the most amazing contest I have seen yet!!!!!
PPLLEEAASSEE?!?!?!?!?!!? :D

waaoooo crack berry is doing very well m very new to this site.. where was i before that ? crack berry is rocking from last 3 years amazing congrats to crack berry :D

I would love to get my hands on a new device like the Tour 2/Bold for Sprint. I guess most people are waiting for that device so I will just jump in line. :)

Happy birthday to Crackberry! This would be like going to a birthday party for someone else when you were a kid, and leaving with a loot bag filled with better stuff than the birthday kid got. Sweet!

OMG!!! If I could win a BB I would be the happiest woman on earth! Cos right now I can't afford to upgrade my BB

Please count me in! Either prize would be terrific, to get both together would be just plain AWESOME.

I <3 you, Crackberry. :)

This is a great contest! Everyone should have Tether and a Blackberry to go along with it is even better!

Been on Crackberry for over a year now. Visit it everyhour of everyday. Love the articals and review.

Love my Blackbarry Strom, would love to get one for my wife.

Keep going Crackberry.

Happy Birthday Crackberry and hi Tether. Wouldn't mind walkin away with a Storm 2. Hopefully I can gain some luck and win one of these devices. Lets get this ball rollin :P

CrackBerry is an awesome community! After purchasing my last Blackberry I joined the CB Nation and have been on as often as possible reading articles, reviews and participating in the forums. I even downloaded Theme Maker and have made several themes. This site has given me the tools to really utilize my Blackberry.

Tether is a cool tool too! Use your laptop where ever you go, in the airport, hotel or local coffee shop.

Happy Birthday CB!

Thanks for all your hard work!