CrackBerry Turns 3 Birthday Contest: FIVE BlackBerry Smartphones and ONE HUNDRED Copies of Tether to be Won!!!

Craziest CrackBerry Birthday Contest Ever Thanks to Tether!
By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Mar 2010 08:53 am EST

HOLY CRACKBERRY BATMAN! The folks at Tether (formerly TetherBerry) didn't take part in our CrackBerry Turns 1 and 2 celebrations, so they wanted to make up for that on CrackBerry's third birthday by doing up the single wickedest birthday contest in CrackBerry history!

Birthday Contest: Tether is providing FIVE BlackBerry Smartphones and 100 Free copies of Tether to the lucky winners in this contest. All you need to do is leave a single comment to this post to be entered. For the five device winners, you'll be able to choose which device you want, be it a Bold 9700 / Tour / Storm / Curve / etc. or if you'd rather wait for a new device to hit the market (like the new CDMA Tour2-gone-Bold) then that's cool too. To make the devices extra special and commemorate the occassion they're going to hook the device winners up with a Tether/ Coveroo too. PIMP'n! Thanks Tether and Good Luck!!

Learn More About Tether: Tether has had a huge following by CrackBerry readers since it was first launched in beta, but if you're not familiar with it yet then jump on over to to learn more or check it out in our CrackBerry App Store.  It's the easiest way to tether your BlackBerry to your Windows or Mac powered notebook/computer.

Reader comments

CrackBerry Turns 3 Birthday Contest: FIVE BlackBerry Smartphones and ONE HUNDRED Copies of Tether to be Won!!!



HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! It seems like yesterday that you were just born, now look at you!!!!!! I would love to win not only a new phone but possibly the best software program EVER!!! You guys rock!! Best of luck to everyone.

Its a party going on @ crackberry dot com.. Please choose me for a copy of Tether or the Bold 9700... This would make my day or even my Year to win a beautiful device as the Bold 9700.... I would very much love to have a copy of Tether too!!!

It is awesome that an very important app has joined the birthday festivities! Wish i could get a new blackberry device to run my tether app on... Happy B-Day again Crackberry...

you seem sooooo much wiser than that! lol Keep up the great work and Im sure Crackberry will celebrate many more birthdays online!

I downloaded the free trial and this is the most amazing app ever! Anywhere I go with my laptop I know I can have an internet connection and that is the best feeling in the world!!!! Love TETHER!


I'm currently a Palm Pre user, but seriously considering switching to Blackberry - I am getting tired of no longer having any form of 5 way navigation - it makes one handed use difficult.

Hoping for winning a new one for myself to make the switch free!

As if winning a copy of Tether wouldn't be awesome enough...a brand new Blackberry would be amazing!! I'd love to win either...or both! :)

What do I have to do to win one of these contests?! Lol. Please, I would like to win something before I die. Thanks Crackberry!

What a great contest Tether!!! Love the Tether application & love the Tour. Please, please win me one of those Tours...please?

Happy Birthday! I am a mother of two teenagers, I never get the new phone, only leftovers. The 8900 is nice but I wanted the 9700.

Nice New Birthday Contest
New Blackberries are always welcome here and the fact we can wait for a new device to come out is the best of all.
I want one of the sliders when it hits the market.
Thank you Tether and CrackBerry you guys ROCK.

Been looking at this for a while now - I like, want it, need it! Of course Verizon will shut me down, oh well, still worth it!

This is just too much fun guys! You should have a birthday twice a year!!
I thought some of the other contests were great (and they ARE) but they just keep getting better and better - THANKS!

I would really love a Storm 2! And Tether would be nice, seeing as how I don't have internet at my house anymore! :)

in the last win a bberry comp why i really want to win one, please let me have the 9700. iv never wanted something so much in my life. As for tether, that sounds like an amazing app to have, a must have. time to beg.....

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE allow me to win a new smartphone. i LOVE crackberry, i even have the logo in cupcakes for my background lol.

It would be for my nephew. He's 17. To make a long story short, his BlackBerry was stolen. He loved that thing. I could never pry it out of his hands, it would be awesome to surprise him with another one. He's currently using my old enV2. Thank you in advance if I'm chosen.

a Storm 2 and put Tether on it. I love being able to tether via bluetooth with my S1. Storm1 is getting me by but I can't wait another year for my upgrade - lack of mem for apps is killing me!

I think I deserve one of these fine prizes! Why? Uh...well, let's see...I know, 'cause I feed the kittehs at work!

I could really, really, really use Tether in my business travels. (Did I mention really, really need?)
Bob W.

WOW who ever gets this, is extremly lucky.. I have non at all but want to say good luck and congratulations to who wins ;) Tether your great for this

Happy birthday, Crackberry!!!! <3 You guys are the best Blackberry website ever! xD
Pick me!! And if I'm picked..I'd like the 9700..=)

I have a ghettoblackberry... Please hook me up with one of the five new blackberry's so that I will finally have a respectable phone! I am but a poor college student :(
But if I end up winning a copy of tetherberry I wouldn't complain either :)
Happy Birthday Crackberry and thanks Tether!



Happy BDAY Crackberry! You are awesome! I depend on you so much for all my smart phone needs :)

I'd love to win a new phone or tether! Both would be very very useful to me hint hint :D

You guys are killin me! One contest after another with fantastic prizes! THANK YOU CB! (Oh, and pick me! pick me!) a Happy Birthday.

Hope there will be a lot more years with Crackberry.

Voite (Bavaria, Germany)

Woooow what a contest!!! Please pick me! I would absolutely LOVE this....CrackBerry is the best! Thanks Tether for providing this opportunity!

I can't believe the support that everyone has brought to this amazing site! Tether... Keep Up The Great Work! as for me... I would have to wait for the Tour Gone Bold2 when its release hits. Amazing product tether! Love IT

I would love one of the new blackberry that are coming out soon!!! Looks like the new devices have a great look and update.

Please Please Please! (C) James Brown
OMG this is the best Contest ever. Choose me and I shall Shout the Greatness of Tether and Crackberry from the roofs.

I haven't had ANY luck with these contests but I couldn't pass up an opportunity to win these great prizes. I need a new device and Tether "WOULD BE ICING ON THE CAKE"!

That I am checking it when I am suppose to be paying attention in class. And 5 other people around me have their BlackBerry out and on. Bbm texting away.

What a contest! *crosses fingers, closes eyes* No whammies... no whammies! Thank you Crackberry, for starting my Thursday off right!

I'm begging to win this! Either prize is very cool and would be very cool to win. Keepin my fingers crossed and good luck everyone!

My storm is in rough shape, so this would be FANTASTIC! I've always wanted to try tether too so this is an all around magnificent giveaway haha!

I already own a copy of tether. Best thing I've ever done for my BB. It paid for itself in about 3 seconds. That being said, I'll gladly take the new BB!!!!

Happy Birthday CrackBerry!!

Wow!! Best contest I've seen by far. I am already a tether user, best app ever by the way. But I too could use a new BB. Happy Birthday Crackberry!!!