CrackBerry Tip: VOTE FIRST... Then Buy Your New Bold!

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Nov 2008 12:09 am EST

November 4th is here and that means TWO things... the BlackBerry Bold is now available from AT&T and it's Election Day in the USA!

So here's a CrackBerry tip for all of you doing both today... VOTE FIRST... and then and only then should you buy your BlackBerry Bold! Seriously, if you buy the Bold before you vote there's no way you'll hold out long enough to mark your X on a ballot.

And while all of you are voting, buying your new Bold, playing with your new Bold and watching the election results unfold on tv, you know what I'm going to be doing? Working with our judging panel to pick out the TEN WINNERS in the What Would You Do for a BlackBerry Storm? Contest! From over 3,000 entries we have now whittled things down to a still-pretty-long short list... there's a lot of debating left to be done yet to arrive at the final ten. I thought I was a CrackBerry Addict, but some of you are just CrackBerry CRAZY (I LOVE IT!). I'll be contacting our finalists late Tuesday/Wednesday, so if you think your entry had legs, keep your eyes on your inbox and ears listening for a call.

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CrackBerry Tip: VOTE FIRST... Then Buy Your New Bold!


Ok, so I guess the video above was really intended for leading up to election day, but I think it still works for today.... Non-Partisan, most of the people in the video are BlackBerry users and Borat makes me laugh so much!

So go vote! And no political bashing in the comments puhleaze!!

For those true crackberry fans, you should have voted early so you can dedicate a day with the new toy we have been waiting for. Freaking 4 months.

What's the deal with all the rich celbs telling people to vote for Obama when they make 20 Million a year. I'm sure they tell the young fans who watch and buy their stuff to vote for Obama, but I'm sure they don't want to spread their wealth.

Seriously I would think any one with half a brain can tell this. I mean were do you see every and I mean just about every media form only mention one name? Terrible. The only one that does not have that name on his lips is the educated one. Can we say "Ben Stein" that is getting all kinds of flack as well as "Jon Voight" Why is this? Because its all the uneducated mindless individuals that watch "The Simple" life and that are worried more about what Paris is wearing than who is in office. That is why the "Media" courts those individuals. The educated voters dont need "Bling Bling" TV actors to make us "Decide" on whats the best choice is. The educated voter can do this based on knowing the candidates and there real motives. The Liberals can only lure their voters by "Dangling Shinny Trendy Trinkets" in front of them. Or merely using a race color as a tool to persuade people on how to vote.

As for the Bold I can not believe it was released for sale on the ATT site and I never got a email notification from the form I filled on their site to notify me when It was available. Stupid waste why do they bother if they are not going to send out the notices. Lame.

All I can say is I am happy I get my Crackberry intravenous tube of info via "Twitter" feed to my phone. I know that a small company like Crackberry knows what Dependability and Loyalty is and always comes through. ATT could take a lesson from Crackberry.. Thanks you guys some of can see your dedication and hard work. Or is it because your a addict? LoL.

I was the fist in my office to get the Bold today at AT&T. He said I was retarded for not shopping around. He sent me a link for Walmart Online for their phones sales department. I wish I could find the exact link, but I saw it with my own eyes. If I could take my Bold back to AT&T I would and get it from Walmart.

Yes the walmart phone was free.. It still might be free i don't know... however, the plans that they required you to buy made it the same price or more in the long run.