CrackBerry Tip: The BlackBerry Music Gateway works great with non-BlackBerry devices too

By Kevin Michaluk on 13 Aug 2012 12:54 pm EDT

With the majority of BlackBerry brand accessories, like cases and batteries, being specifically built for BlackBerry phones and tablets, it's easy to overlook the fact that some BlackBerry accessories work great with Apple, Android, Windows Phone and other mobile devices, too. For example, we've said before that the rapid-charging BlackBerry Premium Charger is a must-have for any phone that has a microUSB charging port (Android folks loved that tip).

The newest BlackBerry accessory to hit the market that works well cross-platform is the BlackBerry Music Gateway. Since the BlackBerry Music Gateway pairs via bluetooth, it'll connect to pretty much any newer smartphone or tablet. Once connected, you can stream audio from your mobile device back to the music system that the Music Gateway is plugged into, such as your home's audio system. For $49.95, it's an affordable way to greatly extend the functionality of your non-bluetooth enabled audio equipment. And if you live in a multi-platform home where there's BlackBerry, Android and iOS devices, you can all take advantage of it.  

We've already reviewed the Music Gateway on CrackBerry, but now our other Mobile Nations sites are giving it a good look from the perspective of their platform. First up is iMore, where Rene Ritchie put the BlackBerry Music Gateway to the test with Apple iPhone and iPad. I think he was suprised at how small it was and just how well it worked. You can watch the video above to see Rene put the BlackBerry Music Gateway to use and hit the links below for the full review and to learn more. 

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CrackBerry Tip: The BlackBerry Music Gateway works great with non-BlackBerry devices too


* BlackBerry by choice *
I use it with a variety of devices. Ipod, PlayBook, Android, some feature phones even work with it. :)

Have it and love it. Only one doesn't route phonecalls to car audio. Does anybody know why, or better yet if there will be some kind of firmware upgrade to do this in the future?

...I was hoping for this as thinking is that because the handset mic in use has to be the one in the phone, it won't work without echo/feedback...just like when someone calls in to a radio station with the radio on in the background...same issue I would imagine...

BlackBerry Torch 9860 BBOS 7.1
BlackBerry PlayBook O/S 2.xx.xxxx

The reason for this is the Music Gateway only supports A2DP and not HFP (hands free profile). Thus, the originating device is not aware that Music Gateway is capable of handling phone calls.

I thought that 2A chargers for device that ordinarily include 1A chargers reduced the life of the battery. Is this not true? I have always avoided charging the Bold using a PlayBook charger, just as I did not charge my Pre 3 on a TouchPad charger.

I do like the BlackBerry Music Gateway. Just a tap and it integrates very nicely :)

Consider the BlackBerry Music Gateway as another option for listening to music.

It will works with almost any device, and is pretty elegant in my opinion.

You have music playing on your phone. Tap the device, it switches to your speaker setup. Tap it again and it goes back to your phone. No fuss.

Of course there are other ways to listen to audio. Find what works best for you.

Just received mine this morning, and tried it, got connected and everything, but no sound coming out of the speakers when playing music on my Bold 9900. Anybody know the reason? I am going to try playing around with it more tonight, but just wondering if I am missing something simple. Thanks in advance.

If you are using Pandora or Slacker Radio, they each have a default setting that makes them use the device audio output, even when Bluetooth is available.

Go into their settings and you will find an option to allow Bluetooth audio when it is available.

Where in the Pandora settings is the option to allow Bluetooth audio when available? Just got my Music Gateway, paired it with my 9930, but after EACH song on Pandora, the music reverts to my 9930.

I have a first generation model and love it. The only thing I wish is that it had it's own battery instead of having to plug it in. Other than that, it works quite well.

I am loving my 9850 listening to music while I commute, workout and at my desk. I will be getting one of these but I wish blackberry had a media only device. I know, it would be similar to ipod but I need to use my phone at my desk and would like to keep the music on. Wouldn't it be awesome to have a bb10 media device. I keep my phone and PlayBook busy during the day. If RIM is focusing on one phone, then they should have a media device so we can have an ultimate experience.

the imore review mentions "Then you slip it into a pocket and take it with you anywhere and everywhere, ready to jack into any audio source you come across" ---does this thing have a built in battery?

No, like in the crackberry review, it doesn't have it's own battery. But any portable power source will work, if it has a microUSB connector.

Thank you for the review.
Now, may I gripe? I will anyway.
First, audio is my thing and you've just caused a lot of people who have no ide about it, some problems, and even more for the guys who tech support that shit. You cant plug this into speakers. You have to plug this into an amp or amplified speakers. Trust me, people will think you can. Also, these do not, DO NOT, send 5.1 or 7.1 multicahannel audio. Your receiver decodes the stereo signal into a setting of your choice. So if you;re not getting all of those rubbish little speaker squawking out sound, its your amp, not the gateway.

Next. Why can't the playbook control it's volume via bluetooth? Seems like an obvious oversight if you're pushing a wireless music system. Please RIM, if you;re listening, add this functionality. Doesn't seem right without it.

Now on tho the device itself. How does it sound? Do they use decent analog to digital converters?