CrackBerry Thumb? Tell Us Your Stories!

By James Falconer on 27 Jul 2007 09:28 am EDT

BlackBerry ThumbWe're looking for all newbies and members out there that have experienced 'CrackBerry Thumb'! Have you felt the pain? What's it like? Or is this 'CrackBerry Thumb' thing just a myth?

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CrackBerry Thumb? Tell Us Your Stories!


I just started using one today. My thumb isn't sore, but having spent years using a keyboard and mouse I can tell when joints have the potential of being screwed up over time (and adjust accordingly). So far, for the BB, it looks like I need to keep my thumbs as straight as possible to avoid fing it up.

i dont believe blackberry thumb is a myth at all. i purchased a blackberry pearl 8130 4 months ago and after long days of texting my thumbs will ache.

Just got a BB at Christmas and within 2 days, aching, tingling in my left thumb and 2 fingers. Sometimes the tingling even goes up my left arm as far as my elbow. I've been trying to not use it so much (seriously) but left hand still sore and tingling! Unfortunately, I'm addicted already.