CrackBerry Theme Updated to Support Multiple Devices - Download OTA for Free!

By ObiGeorge on 7 Apr 2010 09:56 am EDT
CrackBerry Theme

Due to popular demand of the CrackBerry Theme, michaelwpg has added support for most other BlackBerry devices. As stated in the Theme Roundup, the CrackBerry theme gives you orange pretty much everywhere throughout this theme. It also features a CB disc when scrolling through apps, CB background on the primary and secondary homescreens, and little CB badges on your icons for visual notifications. If you want to show your CrackBerry love, download OTA from the links below. If you just like the background, you can download the wallpaper here. Keep Crackin'!

OTA Download Links:

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CrackBerry Theme Updated to Support Multiple Devices - Download OTA for Free!


i was so disappointed the other day to find this theme not to work on my BlackBerry 8530! i almost cried! so today you bring happiness to my BlackBerry & me!! thank you crackberry!!! yesssss..... lookin' goooooood!

This really was "by popular demand". I had more than enough emails, etc asking for other devices that I couldn't disappoint. glad you like. :)

Love my original Crackberry themes. BUT... At first look,this one doesn't look proportioned right on the Storm 2. I like the icon changes for email, just wish it looked cleaner. Will be waiting for version 1.1. :)

I agree... on the Storm2 the theme looks very stretched and pixelated. I like the theme, but would look for an updated proportioned to the Storm2.

Agreed. It was too pixelated for me to use. Unfortunate seems like a really nice theme I'd love to use.

I downloaded it for my bold 9000 running 4.6 and it didn't show up in my theme folder. Any suggestions?

If you have the BerryWeather App how do you get it to be located in a different location than with the icons on the bottom?

I have never had a problem before, this one though, no matter what I do, I can't get Beweather to show up, will the free version show up and if so how? More detailed help please??

Daaaamn this stuff is too bright! I'm going blind here. I do like the font and menus, but the bg and icons are too hard to see. Nothing beats Stormy_X!

All are wrong download the 83xx one after you hot ok when installed there will be a pop up saying theme found. Now activate I've had on my 8330 since released hope this helps I just downloaded btw

Thanks for showing us 8330 friends some theme; however I noticed there is no Messages icon, only an email one even when I Show All....and would it be too much trouble to get the weather slot for us too?!!

Thank you!

The "Messages" Icon has been replaced with the CB logo.

As for the weather slot, not sure if I'll get around to doing that, as I do have quite a few requests ATM. If I do, I'll be sure to let everyone know.

Thank you for such a quick response...often developers don't write back if I have a question, so I appreciate it.

Great theme and if you happen to have time for the weather slot super...I'll be using it in the mean time,

How do I get rid of one of my email icons? For some reason after I downloaded and installed this theme it set two email icons (of the same) instead of just one. I'm super confused.

Try doing a battery pull, to let the theme completely override the current settings. Straight install can leave some things out, or duplicate items.

It loads fine on my 8330 with Nathanix 8330 Hybrid V5.0. Just use the 85xx for version 5.0 as stated earlier in the thread. Only con is the orange background gradation on the right of the home screen blows out to white making it very hard to see 3G and signal strength indicators. This is not a complaint, just an observation.

I'm grateful the developer took the time to make this for free. Thank you.

for the observation. I noticed the same, but had originally created this as a custom work for a friend, who didn't have a concern about that. He simply decided to take it one step further and blog about it in the Roundup Monday, because he liked it so much.

I added the other devices after, due to the number of requests, and hadn't noticed the issue until after I had already exported all of them and had the files hosted. A little too late at that point, unfortunately.

PS- you're welcome, and the kind words are much appreciated.

With my 9700, the viigo text lines overlap a little on the category pages. I am sure it's a resolution issue, but come on Crackberry, shouldn't a Crackberry theme be seamless when used with a CB version of an app?

I have a stupid question... on the screen shot what app is that with the green and yellow loopy icon

Hey Mike! Thx for the quick response! I just finished downloading and setting things up! I love the fact I can use my own wallpaper, I have three other themes I can do that with. This theme will stay on my list even tho the icons aren't 3D I love the orange. I'm so rockin this theme!!

Can I also get the 4.6 version for the bold 9000? I can't get this link to work, I'm assuming its for the 5.0 bold 9000

I had to delete the theme, it began causing an "unhandled exception" and locked my screen whenever I tried to launch the browser. I tried several btry pulls,...resets,, etc. Same thing,..whenever I tried to launch the brower, unhandled java exception would occur! Ratts, I really liked this one, it worked well with my C6 Corvette logo.


This theme works very well with my "C6 Corvette Logo"! Thanks CB.Com.

~Have Blackbery Will Travel...


I have a hybrid 5.0 OS on an 8330 and the 85xx 5.0 theme link does work on here! I'm excited and grateful to have a CB theme. That orange is so spring/summery. Very nice, thanks!

The picture shows a weather icon slot. The theme I downloaded for the Bold 9700 doesn't have it. Why is it in the picture and not on the theme?

The screenshot posted is from a device with BerryWeather installed. BerryWeather allows you to pin the weather to your homescreen on a theme that doesn't have a weather slot.

install won't work. I tried downloading this with my Blackberry bold, and for some reason it will let me install it, but when I go to themes it isn't there to set it as a theme. any ideas?

Great looking theme. But I can't see to get my WeatherEye to show up on the HomeScreen the way you have it in the picture above. What am I doing wrong?

i tries clicking for my 9700, then it brings me to another screen where it says to sign in google with thi name what is this?

i like how simple it is. for me i use quicklaunch and i would really appreciate if this could be a lil more... or if i can get an idea on how to edit this theme... i like the theme a lot... but i dont use the profile icon. other than that is just awesome... or if any1 can redirect me to another theme that is just like this without a profile icon will be much appreciated thank you :)