CrackBerry-tested Android Apps for BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 4 Feb 2014 12:39 pm EST

Now that BlackBerry 10.2.1 is available there has been an influx of folks wanting to know if their favorite app works when the Android version is loaded. To help keep things a bit more organized, we figured we should put together our very own CrackBerry list of apps that are known to be working or 'mostly' working on BlackBerry 10.2.1.

Rather than picking just 50 or so random apps though, we dug through the forums and comments section to find apps people really wanted and tested them out. Of course, there is some exceptions because even though a TON of folks want banking apps, we don't exactly have accounts all over the world to test those out.

In addition to this post, we also set up a thread in the CrackBerry Forum for you all to share what apps you have working as well. As long as you all keep telling us apps that you're wondering about, we'll keep checking them out and testing them. If those apps are working we'll add them to the list.

So there you have it, a nice selection of apps to help get you started should you find you want to run Android apps on BlackBerry 10. I do however want to point out that even though these apps have been tested and verified as working, you could still run into some issues with in-app purchases or the ability to save game data to the cloud if it's through Google. As good as the BlackBerry Android Runtime might be, it's still not a perfect solution and there's still room for improvement but it's a start.


Tariq Nasir

Awesome :)

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Second that!!!

BlackBerry is lucky to have a site like you guys helping them out with their customers/fans!!!


I the third the first comment and second the second.


Once again idiotic comments highjack the post. Here's your special boy sticker.

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I thought I was special getting a sticker from you. I see now you give them out to everybody... you are nothing but a sticker tramp! lol

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What'd ja do...change your user name? Don't matter, the bad attitude gives it away.

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I've tested most of these in the 1mobile market and they work fine as well. Also 1Mobile much easier to use than either Snap or Amazon.


3rd that

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Vienna's original  abuser


Excellent job CB Team!

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Just thought of an idea, you guys should work with the Snap developer, and create "CrackBerry Certified" apps! :)


Hey this is actually brilliant. And useful. And doable. And easy for CB. And good promo.

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And as crazy as it sounds, Snap (or someone else) should offer Snap as an Android APK so people that don't know how to sideload (as easy as it is, especially over WiFi) can still access Google Play and the hundreds of thousands of apps offered on it.

It would benefit BlackBerry so much to have access to most of Google Play without the need for another device and development mode! So many people I know get scared off from Snap because of sideloading, as easy as it is.

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Viber is hit and miss, Z10 wworks better than Q10, Q10 freezes and shuts down.

mohawk apple

So i guess amazon is better then 1mobile market?



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What about aptoide, where's it fall in credibility

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Apptoide kind of sucks. Amazon is the "best" because you can actually buy apps as well as do in-app purchases with apps downloaded from Amazon. However, the Amazon store is really slow. If you just want to get your hands on massive amounts of Android apps, Snap is the way to go; along with Droidstore if/when the developer ever gets it working again. The only caveat with those is that they pull from Google, so you can't buy any apps and you can't do in-app purchases with the apps downloaded from Google.


The 1mobile spams the hub of advertisements. It annoyed me to hell so I deleted it

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Yes, 1mobile was extremely irritating. My Z10 just sat there and buzzed continuously until I uninstalled it.
That led me to install Snap as my first sideloaded app though! I have Amazon as well but I doubt I will use it much.


you can turn off the notifications for 1mobile (or any android app).


But it requires ANOTHER app to do it (Ghost Commander) and the option to turn off app notifications within that app aren't exactly conspicuous. It's easier to just ditch 1mobile and go with something better.

Elis Boci

I used 1mobile on the 1055 leak and it really did spam the notification section of the hub but with the official release of 1925 it no longer spams the notification section. It only shows a notification when a download/install is complete.

1mobile is faster and easier to use than amazon. I haven't tried Snap so I can't compare it.



Why no show you can load from 1mobile market. I found it better than Amazon. It notifies when upgrades are available as well.

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Because I find a lot of times it's wrong and it will say there is updates when there isn't really updates. Also, it tends to update system apps which is not a good thing because the system apps should not be updated. A few people have already messed up their Android Players doing so, so rather than needing to write out a disclaimer about that that no one will read anyway, I leave it for the more advance folks to go out and discover that. This is meant to be a simple list for those who just want 'good' apps and be able to know if the app they want works, quickly.


What about good e-reader? I downloaded flappy bird (yes I am embarrassed by that admission) but it seems they have a client and you can DL directly from their site and they have good apps. Always used it for my side load PlayBook apps too. Why no love for them?

From my new z30


As for the e-reader, I've downloaded FBReader via Snap. Works like charm.

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Thanks for the clarification.


Add these to the list as well:
1) Starbucks
2) ZazenMeditationTimer
4) Ultimate Guitar Tabs (2nd to latest release)
5) Graph 89
6) TED

Brutal Efficiency


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Snapchat doesn't seem to work. It locks up after opening camera app and asks for some Google pass and you can never recover

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Snapchat works for me, just no videos.

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Snap chat is silly

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Donald Blue

Starbucks, Google, Google Earth, Yahoo

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Netflix seems to not work on STL-1 versions on Z10 :(

It opens, I can browse movies but after hitting play, it stays "Loading..."

That's the only connection we've found in the forums discussion, since many people are able to use it on the other versions.

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same here bud ...Same here .. :(


Netflix works fine on my STL100-4. Minecraft PE runs but won't allow games to be saved, so you have to start from scratch each time you play.


Apparently Minecraft PE games can be saved and loaded, they just don't appear in the list (you have to remember the name you saved the game under). It's a feature, not a bug! ;-)

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Netflix crashed for me the first time I tried it. I rebooted and it works fine now.

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Which version on the Z10 do you have?

Alex Ellingworth

Anyone know about Google chrome. Doesn't seem to work on mine.

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Parrillas NY

have problem with netflix on my Z10 STL100-1 open the app, works good but when i try to open a video don't open. shows the loading screen and never starts the video. help please!!!

Parrillas NY

Try with Amazon app store, 1mobile market, snap and download directly with Google Chrome, nothing works, same problem shows the loading screen and never starts the video, Solution for me, go back to .bar file with the old version and finally works, version 1.8.0


Embarressed to ask but since a lot of bar file sites are down, which one did you go to get version 1.8.0?


Perfect timing on the article. Thanks! I was just coming here to ask if you would be recommending anything on Amazon's free "app of the day" i.e. Does it work, is it any good? I am downloading now. It looks fun but I don't have time to try it until I get home (Tiny Hope).

P.S. If anyone can get Hobbit 'Kingdoms of Middle Earth working' I would appreciate it.

P.P.S. Scrabble (EA version) from Snap is working (I assume, I actually shared it from my Nexus tablet but it came from Google Play)


Seems to be a problem with Netflix on the Z10 STL 100-1.

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Had to revert to Bla1ze's original bar file to get a version which works...(ver 1.8).

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Whoa! Where do I get it?


EyeEm from Amazon workshop great!
This is the only one i havet installed so far.

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Didn't Thor say last year that developers were excited about BB10? Now you have to piggyback on Android for apps ? Awww what a failure!


Thor has left the building!

Drew Whiteside

tTorrent really drains the battery, and wound up freezing up my Z10 while I was downloading and listening to music from the SD card. I pulled my battery in the end, as it was starting to feel like it might overheat.

I'd use caution with it.

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Utorrent seems to be fine, if slow download speeds, but that could just be my wifi...

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It seems no one mentioned about banking / financing apps. I have the following running on my phone without problem.

Chase, Citibank, DiscoverCard, HSBC, Wells Fargo, Bloomberg, Costco, Quicken 2013, Quicken 2014.


My bank app will not work .It says will not work on rooted devices :(


I've got Bank of America working flawlessly

Posted via single-finger-flickin fun on the best damn virtual keyboard in existence....The BlackBerry Z30 Everybody!


Did you use Amazon or Mobile1? I didn't see it on Amazon. I don't know if I trust it anyway coming from 3rd (4th?) party


For those in Canada, PC Financial works great. I've been using it for a while.


PC Financial has an app in BB World already, though (?)

BMO online banking Android version seems to work via Snap. They only had the BMO InvestorLine app available via BB World, not online banking.


If you have ever tried that "app" then you would realize that some of us are welcoming the Android version.

The BlackBerry App us just a Web launcher.

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oh, I see! No, I hadn't tried it, just noted it had made an appearance where some others had not.


Not finding on Amazon

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You need to star the apps that do not work with in app purchases.

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Whoops, there goes the need for native apps.

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Need... no, we all want native.

The incentive for developer to build for BB10... yes, that sadly is going to suffer.

Drew Whiteside

Aside from that, the Steam app and FBReader work well. The Playstation app loads up, but some of the features are a bit buggy.

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These Android apps work on my Z10STL100-3/ :

Google Maps 1.7.500.1713
Google Play Services 1.0.326
Southwest Airlines
TV Guide Mobile


Evernote is baked in to bb10 OS 10.2...why install the android version?

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I prefer the functionality of the Android version over that of the BB version.


But there's a downloadable native version (not just the baked in one) that has the same functionality of the Android version. Why not give that one a try? I had the Android version and liked the look of it over the native one, but the objective functionality was identical (for me, at least.)


How did you get Google Play services to work? Anybody have luck with Strava yet?

 BBZ10


I thought Spotify did not work offline

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Very useful, thanks.

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Today we test apps with green icons, GO!


Google Drive?

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"Could not find any Google accounts, exiting program"


C'mon, folks, how many times does it need to be said? Keep testing them if you wish, but if they rely on Google services, chances are they are not going to work at this time.


Take it easy buddy.

He asked a question and I answered it. Not everyone around here is totally up to date.

Learn to read, sigh and move on. Kinda like I should have done. Lol

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here is some more

Ubersocial.... twitter app even get updates when not in active frame does that mean its headless
photobucket ... even got an extra 8gb storage for downloading app ;)
Blackvue incar cam software
Google maps seem to work as well


How ya did to Make Trello work?

I can not get past the Login/Password, it says its invalid even thought I make sure its correct!!!!


How about OpenVPN? Would this work in general as an android app?


Is there a good Snapchat client?

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Have anyone else run Max Mobile Security scan after downloading an Android app? I do after every android install. And every time I have several threats. 32 is the most I've had. How serious are these threats?

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Only used it on Amazon app download, good to know. Thx.

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Add games:
Ski Safari
Jurassic Park Builder
Xbox 360 Smartglass

Capital One
BatteryBot Pro
Slingplayer (v2.4.2)
Y! Mail
Google Maps

All from snap


Blaze, this list does not point out, however, any potential errors you get or performance issues while using these apps.

For example, Pinterest generates a "C2DM has stopped" error twice before it can be used.

And Tumblr performs very poorly as well, rather choppy as you float through blogs.

Is it possible to include a "works with errors" or a "performs well/poorly" next to each app? Just something to give us an idea on what the user experience is like.



Agree, the whole "better Android than Android" that some have started to believe is a little false.


A lot of Android apps work poorly on Android phones.


You should try the apps on other devices (Android/iPhone) before you make that determination. I've found that some apps are just slow/jittery regardless of what platform they run on. So don't put the blame wholesale on the BB10 Android runtime.


How do you know those apps haven't been used on other devices before I made my initial comment? FYI... I've tried both on the iPhone and they work just fine.

Don't imply the sub-par app performance is acceptable. People will not be happy with this experience.


I DIDN'T know those apps had been used on other devices because you didn't qualify your proclamation. If you're going to throw stuff out there, you should at least qualify it by stating personal experience with the same app on other platforms. And how do you know people won't be happy with the experience? They might not have ever tried the app on another platform and could be pleased as punch with the app as-is in the runtime.

I've never tried Pinterest. I've never tried Tumblr on other platforms, but I have tried it on my Z10. Considering I have nothing else to gauge it against, it seems to work just fine to me, i.e. "acceptable." Just because your opinion is that it's subpar doesn't mean it's subpar for everyone else. Everything's relative. And I still stand by my statement that it's app dependent. You don't know what's going on in the background of those apps that could be making them perform "poorly." For example, Candy Crush Saga seems to have a slow frame rate on my Z10 AND my wife's iPad mini, however, Farm Heroes Saga is super snappy on my Z10; different apps, same developer.


Pinterest and Tumblr are in the top 10 of used social networks in the world (let me validate that for you: - and you "DIDN'T know those apps had been used on other devices"?

How do I know people wouldn't be happy with the experience? I, for one, am not for the reasons already stated.

Regarding the experience, looks like you are the one "who has nothing else to gauge it on." My comments were informed based on my personal experiences and in talking to friends who use these apps on different platforms (iOS, Android and BlackBerry 10). Unlike you, I have tried them on non-BlackBerry devices.

I didn't realize I needed to preface my comments with all of these qualifications before making factual statements. People will not be happy with the way some of these Android apps run based on their performance and errors they throw.

Is it fantastic we can install and run Android apps now? Absolutely, and hats off to BlackBerry development team for that. But is the experience great? No, unfortunately it's not - it only masks the "app-gap" problem, nothing will ever beat natively developed apps.

As a side note, Instagram takes a while to load, but of the more popular social networks, it seems to run the best of the ones I have tested on BlackBerry 10.


I know what Pinterest and Tumblr are, and I also know they're used on other platforms. Since I was talking to you, I figured it would be reasonably obvious that I didn't know that YOU had used them on other platforms since you hadn't yet specified so. I didn't figure I needed to qualify THAT. But anyway... So your and your friends' experiences speak for the whole of BB10 users as far as what's an acceptable experience or not? Got it. thanks for the talk. And, btw, in case you didn't know, opinion is not fact.


One of the reasons why Apple is so successful is because the experience is beautiful, simple, polished and performs fantastic. It's not choppy, it's very fluid.

Surely you know better than to assume I speak for the entire BlackBerry community... that's not the case. But I can speak with certainty in saying the Android experience is not as good as native.

If you don't think that concern is valid, then you are ignoring the tons of forums, reviews and chats about users like you and I requesting native apps. There is a reason people want native - and it's because of the experience.


Add Nest (the thermostat app) to the list, I've tested and confirmed it works well. Downloaded from Amazon.


I second this.... NEST app works on my Q10.


Third this....on Z10 using Snap


Has anybody tried the Starbucks Android App yet for BB10?
I contacted Starbucks head office again, and with an arrogant tone, stated they are evaluating the situation and are in contact with their customers regarding the BB10 platform. At this time we have no plan for supporting this platform. i.e.: BB10.

But we will continue to evaluate its market reception and our stance on the matter.


Tried it and it works fine for me.


Works great for me on my Z10.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 STL100-4


Yes works on my Q10



There still needs to be an app (or blackberry should just put it in the OS ) that will keep the screen awake while its charging like how BBLIGHT did.

Posted via CB10


In this age of energy saving, that's not likely to happen from BlackBerry.

Ankur Patel

Zedge seems to be working fine on my Q10.

Posted via CB10


Words With Friends

Posted via CB10



Any chance of a stickie explaining how to updated these APK apps? Do they prompt when an update is available? Can the update be done directly through Snap, or do you need to un-install the old version and then install the new version?

Also, for apps that are written for BB10 as well as for android, an article comparing the functionality of the 2 apps would be nice. I'm wondering if new, made for BB10 apps will just dwindle away, and if existing ones will end up not being maintained.

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The android apps that I have through 1MobileMarket send update notifications to the hub, and when I click on the notification in the hub it begins the update process.


Mine actually update when I click on the app and if it needs an update it usually installs after I tap said app. Hope that helps


SNAP has a section where you can update your apps. You don't get notifications... but it will show you which of your apps has an update available.


Thanks everyone.

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Way to go CrackBerry for BlacBerry!


Anyone get Sonos to work?

From my new z30


I downloaded it for my Z30 and Z10 and no, they didn't work. I emailed Sonos about it and got the "we can't support apps that are not approved...." of course. They even suggested Room Tunes as an alternative and said that they have had requests for a BB app. It's on the radar.


Why would you even think you could get support from the company for an unsupported use of their app?


You can also add: Nest and Dropcam to the list. Both work great!

Posted on CB10 from my badass VZW Z30!


Thanks! Forgot about Nest. I need to know if I have a house to go home to at night. LOL


Would be great if a someone looked at what each app does to make sure our BlackBerry devices aren't compromised by any android install.

Ah to dream ;).

Posted via CB10 on my Z10


Add snap chat to that list. I downloaded through 1mobilemarket.


I have downloaded Speak English app from Amazon appstore. And it installed ok but when after couple speak or app listen for my speak, it crash. So it doesn't work on BB10.


Reactable music making app works a charm.


Audible works great on my z10.


Nice job... But is it possible to update the article to tell what apps WORK well and what apps "MOSTLY" work on the blackberry ?



I noticed SoundTracking isn't on the list. I downloaded it, but it doesn't work on my Z10. :-( I hope someone makes a proper Android port or native app soon!

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I have a Q10 and I downloaded (clash of clans) game, but when I reach to the "attack" part of the tutorial the map does not seems to work or appear correctly. Just to let you know guys.


We really need a working LINE :(, that notifies you when incoming chats are happening ;(


Wow. Good job guys. So helpful.

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i got Instagram working without Snap/amazon i just downloaded the apk file in the forum cloud and transfer via usb and good to go .. just saying

Luis Torres2

Unfortunately I am not share your happiness about install android apps on blackberries.
What is going to happen with BlackBerry World and blackberry SDK?

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What about COGI? Super app, working like a dream, found it on Snap. Also, Snapseed!! A superb tool for editing images!
Peace! :)


Zello works very good same like BBOS7.1, to me better than Voxer.
Try it, so easy and much less mb consumption than the others.

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Clean Master
LG tv remote
Super tool box 10+

Apps Working for me!!!!

Post by Z10


Tango - snap working for me

Posted via CB10


Airdroid doesn't really work, very limited. A BlackBerry version would be really good.

Posted on CB10 with the Q10


Wish we could install snap on playbook and install apk :(

Posted via CB10


Cool, keep listing !!! :)


NBA Game Time via Snap works great too


U can throw zello on the list from amazon store!

Posted via CB10


Square... the credit card reader, it works fantastic, been using it since July 2013

Posted via CB10

Peter Morris

I think I'll stick with BlackBerry World Apps. Not too fond of Android.

Posted via CB10


I'm with you, I'll stick with BlackBerry world apps, preferably built for BlackBerry.


I haven't received the update yet, how long should I wait? And are you trying Snapchat? Cannot wait to try this update :D

Posted by my Z10


I confess that I really don't have the time to play with the Android apps to see what works and what doesn't, so I REALLY DO APPRECIATE you guys sharing that bit of info. This is why I visit Crackberry so often! :) Thanks again!


Sony PS4 App and the Battlelog App

Posted via CB10


Scotia iTrade works fine. Downloaded through Snap. Oh, and the Simpsons game works.


The cooperative banking app (UK) works perfectly when downloaded through snap

Posted via CB10


1mobile is working great for me.

Posted via CB10


Viber NOT working on the Q10. Closes down all the time!

Posted via CB10



Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!


And the best for me : Total Commander!!:)

Posted via CB10


Include app it's working nicely

Posted via CB10


Distintion between Q and Z devices? :S

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The following apps also work from snap:
Sky news
Sky sports news
Sky plus
BBC sport
Opera mini
Google earth

Snap chat does work, but you get the Google services message which I just dismiss

Posted via CB10


Hey Blaize, I've got 1 mobile market app. Downloaded candy crush saga, instagram and vine. Seem to work fine. The question that comes to my mind have mentioned snap and amazon. Is it because these are better and work differently and apps downloaded through them work better?

Posted from my SuperHuman Q10

Steven Lin

Love this list. I was searching for this last night.

Posted via CB10


Give me made for BlackBerry apps any day!

Posted via CB10


Me, too, but this is a good stop-gap until/unless a native version of given apps becomes available.


Lync 2013 client works on the Z30.

Posted via CB10


Lync 2013

All work great.

Posted via CB10


Don't forget, those you with a Samsung printer, you can now print directly from your BB10 device. Now need for print to go. Just print directly.

I cannot get the HP app to detect any printers.


For Bible Study lovers, you have Logos on Amazon.

Posted via CB10


These work great from Snap:

TD Ameritrade
Dunkin Donuts
Fox News
Go Pro
Where to shoot

Posted via CB10


Snapchat work nice and I can do snap video, just when he got the massage that you need googel service, just tap any where on screen and it will go!!

I used my z10

Posted via CB10

Steven Lin

Starbucks app works from snap! Woot!

Posted via CB10


Add Slacker Radio, although it is available in BlackBerry World, it does not have the ability to download music for offline play like the Android version.

Also DroidTV, got. Apk direct from developer.

Posted via CB10


BMO app from snap works.

Meridian Crédit Union. They have ported their android app to BlackBerry World for Z10 and Z30 but not for Q10.

App from snap works on Q10.


Posted via CB10


Confirm BMO on Z10 from Snap works well.


This list is handy, but people need to keep in mind the security risks. I run Avast antivirus all the time on the device I do direct APK installs on, for this reason. Doesn't solve all problems, but in combination with being careful about legit apps which are well-rated and watching permissions, I consider this the minimum due diligence for running non-BBW-ported Android apps.


Awesome thanks

Posted via my awesome Q10


Banking apps that work on 10.2.1

Bank of America

CB10 on Z10 AT&T STL 100-3 OS Vote for Z10


What about the other Android market places like 1Mobile

Posted via CB10


If I download an app that uses a map, like taxi magic or Uber, do I just download and install Google maps or Google play from somewhere and install them to make these other apps work?

Posted via CB10


Great article, thanks!!

C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)


That's a healthy list of apps. Now, TMO just has to release the os update already.

 CB10 


Add these as well which all are working perfectly on my Z10:

CooCoo (Transit Schedules)
mbrace (Mercedes Benz)
Infiniti Connection
LiftMaster (remote control for your garage door)


Still stuck at processing screen. Must be nice for those that have it working

Posted via CB10

Andrew Wells2

What happened with using Mobile 1

Posted via CB10


That's really good oil, but since there are no moving parts on these devices, it's not necessary.


You should probably add if they work for all or certain bb10 devices because sonic dash doesn't work on the Q10

Posted via CB10


Some one mentioned sky news and quicken.

I can't find sky news on snap unless your guys are talking if the unofficial sky news app.

As for Quicken, I can even find that on the list.

Any ideas?

Yes it's a BlackBerry. If you have something bad to say... speak to Easton!


Are you spelling it properly in the search because it's definitely there. And it does work. The only thing is that you can't attach images from the camera to a transaction. Everything else works flawlessly.

Luke Coughey

I use Waze daily, installed using SNAP.

Posted via Z10


How's it treating your battery? The newer versions of Waze drain my fully charged battery in 60 minutes or less. Even using the charger, it drains the battery faster than it can charge. If it gets down to 15% before plugging it in, it's too late. You might as well turn Waze off.


YouTube app loads clunky and you can't sign in. Others have been 100% awesome.

Posted via CB10


I find the apps I've downloaded from Amazon sometimes don't work. I can open but not use. I find a restart fixes this.

Posted via CB10

Bad Larry

Thanks for this tip! +1


Download Viber from on my z10, working ok!!

Posted via CB10


Subway surfers does not work on my Q10

Anyone else?

Q10 - 10.2.1925

Prem WatsApp


VLC, my favourite player on Windows and Linux. Soon on my Z10, I hope.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)


No pvz2?

Posted via CB10


Good news Toda I upgrade from Q10 to Z30. I like them bot but Z30 is great

Posted via CB10


Still waiting on VZW USA to launch 10.2m

Posted via CB10


Huh? They released it first. If you don't have it try updating it through BlackBerry Link

tripple dunk

Clash of clan works like a charm for me.

Very fluid had no lag issue or anythings. Seems to play awesome like thesims or Oregon trail. Etc

Try it out guys

White Z10


Add the following to the list:

Z10 STL100-2 DTAC 3G


Tinder doesn't work for me... which version do u use and where from?

Kobe Barksdale

Showtime Anytime
Timewarner TV App
All these work without a hitch on my Z10

Posted via CB10

Kobe Barksdale

Amazon Marketplace
PayPal but seems to depend partially on Google play services. But the app works

Posted via CB10


Allcast work with Chromecast?

Posted via CB10

Adam Fox2

For the movie lovers you can't leave out Netflix, HBOGO, Max Go and Sho Anytime. All work on my z10 and all apps downloaded from Snap :)

Posted via CB10


I didn't see it on the list...Songza from Amazon. Works perfectly and is an awesome app lol...

This is brilliant you guys!! Thanks so husband is thinking of coming back (he lost patience and bought SII) and getting Z30 now that android apps are available and I am constantly being assaulted with questions about what apps will work and what ifs....i keep telling him CB is where the answers are and you do this :0)

Posted via CB10


Bank of America works flawlessly.

Posted via CB10


Perfect, popping the cherry on one app I want Sirius Radio thx


I've had some issues with the Amazon Apps reporting "error parsing the package" or something to that effect. Same apps world fine though 1mobile though. Specifically IMDB, Slacker (Android version is way more feature rich), and the B&H Photo Video app wouldn't install through Amazon.

Posted via CB10

Krishna Ram

You can add Chase mobile baking. Works perfectly. Also Skype. The native app has an annoying bug. It keeps adding Skype contacts to the phone, multiple times, everytimw you log in. The android version works better.

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Cool :)

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Opera Mini works wonderful and so does Facebook. fb makes it easy to share with Opera as it is listed by opera when you go to share


Checking on a couple business apps. Concur & Salesforce are these working on BB10? Thanks for checking

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Still waiting for native BB10 apps... but this is a good starting point.

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Google Goggles off of Snap works well too.

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All these apps work great
GrooVe IP
Vonage Extensions
Slingplayer older version

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Jefrey Pineda

Unable to open the downloaded apk file, snap, 1mobile market, etc..
Need help guys, Im using Z10 too.
I'm newbie in BB.
Thank you so much!
Jeff in Phils.


Does anyone know about the app PayPal Here?

irshad saifi

I even tried few games with obb data and working fine on 10.2.1, latest addition is deus ex ;)

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I like to have some android apps on blackberry but I think it is not good for BlackBerry at all. First I caught many virus infections, mostly from 1 mobile.

So virus come to our super secure blackberry devices, already there I got dozens infections alteady.

Second , devs could not put much effort in to build good native apps

Third android runtime slowing down the phone in general, eating up ram and draining battery very much.

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Downloaded Instagram and Bitstrips, and so far they are working okay. Will try and download a few more apps and see how they work on my Z10. I really hope that Blackberry find another way for us to access the android apps easier, than having to sideload through snap or other third party applications.


Please post for cardstar! Fidme is NOT the same.

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Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite works. It includes a much needed call and SMS filter.


Thanks for BlackBerry team provides us 10 OS software can operate android app

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Maybe it's just me, but I can't find subway surfers in the amazon app store. I haven't read all the comments so apologies if this has already been asked, very lazy of me!

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Jeevan Batla

It's mind blowing everything is working just Truecaller is not working after the update that needs to be sorted out

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For those with a "Digital7" library (from their old BBOS device) I want to share that I used the Amazon App store to download the app. Then installed and accessed my old library of purchased music. All my songs downloaded and updated into the BlackBerry Music Player. Perfectly!!


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Good read!

C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)


Microsoft Lync 2010 client works. I think I got it from Amazon or 1mobile. You must match the client version to your server version. 2010 does not work with 2013 or vice versa.

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Thanks BlackBerry 10 now I'm able to play subway surfers on my BlackBerry 10 I just downloaded from 1mobile market very impressive the way that game from android run on my Z10STL100-4/

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Glen Breeze

Sonos doesn't seem to be working...?

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I downloaded Snap to my q10, successfully downloaded Instragram using Snap but it failed to install. Any suggestion on what to do? Thank you.


I was about to trash my Z10 but now thanks to CB Team I will give it another chance

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There are actually several threads in the forums with TONS of working apps. This article's list quite slim to say the least.


Not sure where to post this, but I would like Sonos to work. Not sure if it does, as I am STILL WAITING for the update for my Q10 on Verizon.

I am pimping my entire house out with Sonos for my birthday and would really like to be able to control it from my Q. I know there are 3rd party apps for BB10, but I want the real thing.


Google Translate
Moon+ reader
Speedcam Downloader
OSM Downloader

Work very well on my Z10.

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I am trying to get Uber to work. It's an important app for travelers.

Mine crashed after I signed up and is "stopped" every time I try to run it on my Z30 (sta -5 on Bell network) .

A colleague has it kinda working on his Q10.

First time I downloaded from Snap. After it kept stopping, I deleted and reinstalled from 1mobile . Still no luck.

Would be a real win for BlackBerry as a business phone to run Uber.

Can Crackberry try this app?

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Michael Kerr

If anyone is interested in another browser try the android aosp browser. You can download from the 1mobile app store, it works quite well.

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I can't get Truecaller versions above 4.0 to work on my z10 with thr latest OS. I wonder why

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Tested on 5.1.2 and earlier versions via Snap (have not tested newer versions -- as of this time, 5.1.2 is the latest)

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Xbox Smartglass (via snap)

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Jonathan Barlow

hay day
super stick man golf 2
doodle jump
Scotia banking

all installed on my z 30 via snap.
no issues as of yet.

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Michael Archambault

Very cool article. As a non-blackberry user it is cool to see that the Android ecosystem can lend a hand to Blackberry. I still wouldn't personally pick one up for myself, but it is nice to see that the beautifully designed OS has some good apps.


I have to add three apps, Starbucks Official App (1MobileMarket), Hello Vino (1MobileMarket), a great Wine pairing app, and Scruff works, but not the download from (1MobileMarket), for some reason it craters. the Amazon install works perfectly.


I'm happy to report that ESPN Fantasy Basketball works ONLY when downloaded from Snap! I've tried downloading it from the other app stores, but it shuts down on you after you try to log in with your ESPN username or by logging in with Facebook.

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