CrackBerry / TeleNav Giveaway - Win a One-Year Subscription to TeleNav and a $100 Gas Card!

By David Boyd on 29 Aug 2011 12:15 pm EDT

Labor Day is almost upon us, and that means it's time to run another great contest! We have teamed up with the good folks over at TeleNav to bring you another CrackBerry TeleNav Giveaway! For your chance to win you'll have to do the following things: That's all it takes, so get busy planning your Labor Day travel plans with what you would do if you won. For those who need a little refresher on what TeleNav is and offers, check out this TeleNav review.

Contest Details: Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. The contest shall be open to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia and Canada who have reached the age of majority in their state or province of residence at the time of entry. TeleNav will provide the Prize(s) as follows: One (1) one-year subscriptions to TeleNav GPS Navigator or an equivalent partner branded version (“Approximate Retail Valued (ARV) =$69.99) and one (1) $100 gas card.

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Uh, this is by far the best contest you've run so far. I know some may disagree but I travel a lot, serious understatement. This would be a great help. So sign me up and here's to hoping I land a freebee.


Excellent contest, If i won, this would help me out a lot when I have to travel. Count me in.


This would be awesome. If I win I would use TeleNav and the $100 gas card to go to Indianapolis for the first Big Ten Championship game. And it would be awesome to go out of town with my new Bold 9930, it would be like an app frenzy!!!


I would love that please count me in


Great! Count me in also!:)


I would love to win this! I travel all the time and both the TeleNav subscription and the gas card would be great to win! They would come in very useful for me!


Ya had me ... until you said Facebook.


This would be so great since the family goes on so many random day trips.


I'd take a road trip across Florida!


Yay hope I get lucky! haha


Good luck to all. I got my fingers crossed for this one. Would be awesome to replace my gps for a year at least lol.


This would be the perfect to compliment my soon to be new 9860..fingers crossed.


ROAD TRIP. What wouldn't I do with TeleNav. They would take me everywhere and ANYWHERE. BC, PEI, Florida. They sky (and I guess oceans) are the limit to where I will use this amazing product.


sweeet I would LOVEEEEEEEE this!!!


I live in NYC and I would use this to visit my friends in western NY. I went to college there and I really miss them.


Cool prizes. Please put my name in there, too. This is nice


I hope I win. I'd use this all the time cause I get lost often driving around KC.


I really like telenav, I hope I can win this :)


Just switched back to BB after 3 years on iOS. Used to have a GPS app in my iPhone but now need one for my BB. I'd like to win!


Cool contest, hopefully I can win


if I win I will take my family on a road trip and test out the great prize from Crackberry and telenav


Road trip, of course. North to Indianapolis, or south to Nashville.


I would travel accross canada!


I've had telenav for five years now, so not paying for a year would be awesome!


I am travelling from Florida to Ohio in October so winning this would be very handy and timely!


I can really use the gps and the gas card to!! Good Luck all!!


Right on! Road trip to lower Canada and I'm bringing my Yamaha ATV.


This is the best ... You will never be lost again, with free gas... TeleNav. Pick me


pick me can use this for my trip from DC to Boston!


If I win I take a long overdue vaction!


Im in, ship it!


Awesome, Please hook me up!


Love TeleNav! Thanks for the opportunity to win.


Well if I won I could get from point A to point B alot faster :)


It would be GREAT to win this.


if i won a year subscription id fill up the tank and drive to Florida so my dad can see his new grandson,he is do on 11-11-11,im from Baltimore i dont know how to get to Hollywood Florida

Pilot Prop

if i won id 1st fill that tank up lol....i use gps, a lot, to get me where i need to be..but id use telenav to go visit some out of state family that i rarely see


If I won I would take my Wife and 14 month son on our first family road trip to the Mountains!!

That would be amazing!


I love TeleNav. I use it daily. I would love to win a 1yr free subscription. It never failed me yet.


I wouldn't get lost while taking my son to his travel baseball tournaments!


I have Telenav on my 9930, and it's free on my Sprint plan. Is this something different?


I want to win :) Telenav is great... :) and the gas card too


Cool, Love to win a copy!


The service is great. I used to use it a lot on my old 8310. I currently use BB Maps and I see the advantage of TeleNav! I hope I win this one.


I could really use the gps and the gas card lol I do a lot of traveling in quebec and ontario and google maps is never accurate and blackberry maps is just so plain. So hook me up. Thanks



This would be awesome, I have telenav on my BB, but would looooooove to have their premium services.
Thanks in advance CrackBerry and Telenav!


I would love a copy to help me out working for habitat for humanity,


Gas money and GPS ... Road trip!


That gas card would deffinatly help out with my monthly comute to work wich is 100 miles round trip/day :( leaving me spending $300+/mo in gas.


I would love to get the Telenav for my brandie-new 9810 please!


If i win i will use this with my new 9850 and take a trip to see my friends in phoenix. I miss AZ been stuck in Enid, OK too long. Plus what a great way to get there using my Telenav and foursquare apps.


wow if i won this i would go on a long trip on the backroads and notget lost


OMG i would love to win this!!!!!!


wow I wanna win and travel with TELENAV


I would really love to win this cuz I'm planning a trip to mexico with my dad and I haven't gone in like 10 years. Imma help out with driving so it'll be helpful for me. Also in december I plan on going to cali for the jay-z and kanye west watch the throne tour and I've never driven there. Hopefully I win this.


If I won, I'd visit some friends and would want it for my Playbook twice as bad!


If I won I would show every1 how great tele nav really is...i will show what an amazing job it does and how it can help EVERYONE in their daily lives and since it is free with sprint...ill push everyone over to sprint since i just bought stock in them lol....Go Tele Nav...did I mention i have still won nothing from crackberry :( twitter name is @caribbeanseaconnection all the best
Jonathan Kopycinski


If I won I would just be happy b/c I would feel better knowing that the past 3 years paying 9.99/month for the service will at least be free for the next year! AND get 1 free tankful of gas..............FTW


If won I would navigate to the nearest gas station and fill up.


Nice. I would travel everywhere with this! Boom!


sweet $100 will help buy the new 9810 and accessories from


i'd love to win this before my trip to canada =)


I want it. I will navigate the shit out of it.!

Fernando Almeida

I need improve my daily driving . Will be better get discover the TeleNAV features.


this would be awesome for road trips to Niagara and Ottawa. the gas cards could help with the financing ;)


Please let me win. We are currently not doing too well due to a bad divorce. The free gas can save us money on food and bills.


Anything that gets you to carry less gadgets is a plus plus plus.


Looks like a winner! Me!


Great Contest, I would use the gas card to help with my 100 miles round-trip commute to work everyday and use telenav often since I do not have a GPS. Thanks!


Not sure what TeleNav is, but yes please to the gas card! :D


I would love to have this!! Very convenient!!


I would fill the car up with the gas card and take my grandkids geocaching in a state park.


Would love to win. Please count me in!


ROADTRIP!!!!! Head up north to Toronto...... only 2.5 hours away -


I want to win!
And I want to travel with Telenav!


This would be great for when I travel!


I would use the gas card in combination with the Telenav to take a vacation.


this is a perfect contest. i have my hand up let me win so i can have direction in this crazy a*s world love blackberry :)


Pick me, Telenav would be great


I'm driving around 3 countys the whole day.. So this will help me a lot, the gps and/or the gas card, thanks for this contest

i need the gas card... altho some good gps would help too ;)


I would use Telenav on my vacation trip to Canada.


I fill up the gas (with the Gas card of course!) and drive my wife to a mini vacation somewhere pleasant and rural( with directions from telenav.


It would be amazing to use something different other than Garmen or Tom Tom, please pick me........


If I won this sh*t I would use it for my main GPS !


Since I drive so much and often get lost, yes I can admit it having Telenav would be great. I have always found their routes to be good and recalculations are quick.


I'd fill up the truck and the boat and go find some back water to fish.


If I won, I'd finally be able to go on my trip to Toronto. I'll save money on gas AND get better directions with the TeleNav app.
Hope I win!
Good luck to all!


Contests get better all the time.



I'm moving so this would be gr8 to win!

Delirious D

Is sprint navigation part of telenav?


This is interesting. I have wondered how a paid application as this works on our Berry's. Maybe I'll be lucky enough to get to find out


108th! Better late than never.


This win would be awesome - I would take my 3 daughters on a 3 day weekend trip; rent a convertible and take a drive in the Smoky Mountains or the Blue Ridge Parkway, and test out Telenav's capabilities!


TeleNav is so garbage, they should give a Garmin instead.


I already have unlimited free telenav from Sprint, but I would LOVE that gas card! I'll totally give the telenav subscription away on twitter if I win.


Added to both! I will use it all when I Drive to Halloween Horror nights and Sea World next month!! Cant wait!! Thanks again guys for another amazing contest!!


Another Awesome Contest - I guess I would get lost as much :)


Wow.. That is an awesome giveaway... Hope I can win this one!!!!


If I won the app I would never have to ask for directions again. I do not own a gps and the closest thing is google maps on my Torch. It is good but no gps. If I won the gas card, I would pay for my gas to get to work and put that money in savings.


Pick me me me me. I would finally take that trip to Ontario

CrackBerry Newbie for ever


If I won, I would definitely go on a road trip!! With a reliable GPS or $100 in free gas, I could go anywhere! :)

Media Warrior

I would take my wife to Vancouver for some fall shopping, and not get lost looking for stores.
Nice review, although 8 min video and 4-5 minutes to read the info was a little long. Great depth, sold me!


ohh yeahhhhhhhh! everything is getting stronger! me on da list! cheers from Moldova!


Three hundred sixty five days of pure BB Glory


I'd love the gas card for back to school travel< and the telenav access would be great for any trips i may just never know when it might be useful...


I'm always traveling around Colorado!


I'm always traveling around Colorado!


this is the best contest ever!
Everytiime I go out with friends, I have to collect FOOL and STUPID points for missing route..
and when I ask for gas money, everybody calls me CHEAP!!
So, winning this GPS app can make me SMART and 100$ gas card can make me a GREAT FREIND!!! ( atleast for a day!).


I would love to win :D


One year instead my free sample? Telenav YES!


I'd use that $100 gas card and field test their app on my 9850!


In desperate need of this! Moving out of state, so I would use this to get around my new city


I would use this to get everywhere if I won.


Nice! I could drive to chicago with these prizes.


i live in NY and my parents are in LA, so i would drive cross country using telenav and my new gas card to help me :)
@marczeff on twitter on facebook


i'd use it to get to my clients alot quicker and without making mistakes!


Yes! If I won, I would take the gas card and use TeleNav to find and navigate to I treating destinations for a few family road trips this remaining summer weekend.

Thanks Crackberry and TeleNav.


sweet deal! would love it


wow... I would use this in a lot of ways. it would be great for use during traveling for my job, or just for taking family trips. It would be great for even doing day trips/Sunday drive-type things with my wife and kids. We would travel down some nice country roads and reellllaaaaxxxxxxx.


I'd circumnavigate the globe with my hooked up Telenav and gas card. Ofcourse, I'd probably drown when my telenav tells me to drive through the Atlantic Ocean, BUT the gas card can only get me so far before I run out of gas, so it can actually save my life! Crackberry you are genius!! You saved me life and gave me telenav in one contest!!!


I would use the gas card to buy gas so I could use TeleNav to find marvelous places and tell people I got there thanks to TeleNav!

mig 007

I would use TeleNav on my BB to Navigate when on the go and spend the $100 on gas during my little trips ;)


OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, this is exactly what I NEED! Please,......pick me!


Outstanding. This app will be so very useful for my business.


oops double posted ~.~


I drive a lot and could use this service! Oh, and the gas to run my car too! LOL PICK ME!!


I am a college students and the gas card would go a LONG WAY, and also the tele nav as I get lost all the time!!


I would take a trip to the county's cider festival and use the TeleNav to navigate my way with the gas they would give me!


am really hoping that , i win this cause , i need this bad


This would really come in handy since I am always on the road or so it seems. I do have to make an out of town trip weekly though.

Please pick me!



Awesome giveaway! I would use it to get to and then save on gps all my fishing spots!


This would come in handy right now. Going to disney on Tuesday. Thanks


This is sweet just picked up my torch and already a great contest


Sounds great but I rarely win anything


First thing I do if I'd win? Buy a dash mount!


with all the driving i do this would be awesome to get!!


I would love to win.


Again, Crackberry knows how to keep readers happy!!! What a prize!!!


These would make it so much easier to do more traveling.........sign me up!!


Awsome! i would use telenav and the gas cash to go on a small road trip around the midwest.


Love TeleNav with all the driving I do. I could make good use of this, pick me please!


this will do wonders for my planned road trip that is coming up


Thank you CrackBerry / TeleNav for the Giveaway - and chance to win a One-Year Subscription to TeleNav and a $100 Gas Card!

If I were to win, I would take my two girls / children on a road trip. I am a current user of Telenav, and it is my #1 choice for navigation when driving, and if I were to win this giveaway I would definately rely on Telenav to navigate our way on our road trip. I am a single mom who became disabled in 2004 from a car accident. I have not been able to afford to take my girls on a trip since 2006, as the fathers of my girls don't pay child support, and I support all of us on my disability funds of $999 per mo. Next to impossible, but it can be done, we just live very frugally. I enter alot of contests, for the plain fact that it is the only way we would be able to do some fun things as a family. Thank you for considering me as a winner for this contest / giveaway!! Crackberry and Telenav are the best, and I am grateful for your generosity!! Natalie 9-4-11


Oh please please please pick me, CB! Awesome contest, could really use this-here's hoping I win!!


I have been looking for a good GPS for BlackBerry. And in this day and age who couldn't use a 100 dollar gas card.


I heard Telenav is excellent. Would love to win this!


Winning this prize would mean goodbye to my car GPS ... and a trip to see my grandson


I'll use TeleNav for my next road trip!

Great contest! Good luck everyone! :)


his is soo needed :-) by me!


I'm sure I would travel to some remote places all across the US. Maybe even venture into Canada.