CrackBerry / TeleNav Giveaway - Win one of two T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9900's!

By David Boyd on 24 Oct 2011 02:40 pm EDT
TMO Bold 9900
Happy Monday to our CrackBerry Nation! We know not everyone likes Monday's, but what a better way to help relieve your case of the Monday's than by giving away not one, but two T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9900's! Once again we have teamed up with our good friends at TeleNav to offer you this great contest. For your chance to win, you just have to do the following things: That's all it takes! So get busy clicking those Like buttons and leaving us a comment below. Big thanks to TeleNav and BlackBerry for this great contest! Good luck to everyone!

Contest details: Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. The contest shall be open to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia and Canada who have reached the age of majority in their state or province of residence at the time of entry. TeleNav will provide the Prize(s) as follows: Two (2) T-Mobile BlackBerry 9900 devices (Approximate Retail Valued (ARV) = $300 each with T-Mobile 2 year contract) and Two (2) one-year subscriptions to TeleNav GPS Navigator or an equivalent partner branded version (ARV = $120 each)

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CrackBerry / TeleNav Giveaway - Win one of two T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9900's!



I believe I should win the contest because I never had a blackberry. I started looking into them this year after my friend had hers for 4 years. She loves her blackberry and would tell me how better organized she is with everything in her everyday life, and that's what got me interested. I begin watching unboxing and review videos on every past and current blackberries on youtube. I love RIM for their emailing, texting, querty keyboards, and different design and styles that they bring to the table. Compared to the iphone and even some android phones, they don't have anything on blackberries. I want my first blackberry/smartphone experience to be memorable.

I'd love to win because i am getting tired of my Nexus S/Android and finally want to use a proper keyboard. Touchscreen keyboard isn't doing it for me anymore.

My reason's pretty simple: I'm still using a 8520 and it's all slow, old and beaten. Hate not having GPS built in or a decent camera :( In a real need of an upgrade!


I'm tired of my Android phone, I've been wanting something serious for a while but the price is a little steep. Help a newbie out? :D

I'd love to get the new 9900 so that I can be a master of instantaneous communication on its updated keyboard, so I can show off the lovely liquid graphics and gaming to my friends, and, perhaps most importantly, so that I can show the world that the RIMPIRE is striking back with brute force!

I'm spending all my money on formula for my newborn twins! I would love nothing more than to win a beautiful 9900

Thanks from me and the twins!!!

My 9000 ( unlocked to T-Mobile) is hourglassing all the time. Need more memory, I used to use telenav on my 8310, loved it, it was the best, it was just like a virtual GPS . Left job and couldn't afford to keep the service..
Would really love a 9900 with TeleNav preinstalled, I am planning to drive to FLA from NY for Thanksgiving to surprise my folks, and that would make it awesome!!!

This phone would be great! My 9800 can't last me more than 5 hours a day now ... also be great if I got one since I cam afford a new one

I would love to have one of those because i havent changed my phone in two years and i would really like to upgrade to a great device like this new bold. Thanks telenav and crackberry!

yes please!! I switched to Android about 6 months ago and I'm more then ready to come back to Blackberry...where I belong!

My 9800 isn't bad, but I'd love to step into the current OS. A 9900 would be great...then my wife could use my torch.

My friend's Curve finally broke 2 years after getting it. She can't afford an upgrade because of the economy. I'd love to gift her a new Bold 9900! She so happens to be on T-Mobile!!

I would love to win because I've wanted the 9900 since it very first leaked. I haven't been able to purchase it on T-Mobile however because of it's high price point. I really need this device!

Need a BB that doesn't have to have a battery pull every day and doesn't freeze on me multiple times. I wanna stay with BB but those Androids are looking better and better every day I have to fight my 9700. A free one would be awesome since T-Mob wants an arm and a leg for it! :) I'm tired of people saying I have a StruggleBerry. LOL

Would love a decent nav replacement to my in-car Garmin. Would be great to be able to rely on my BB!

Thanks CB.

This kid needs to win because I have convinced my long time iphone loving wife (no bodys perfect....except me) to switch over to blackberry. This would be a great opportunity for her to get her hands on the newest and therefore greatest BB created.

If winning the 9900 is out of the question i would love to get my hands on the GPS option so I use my BB as the ultimate phone/GPS machine...I would call it "The SS, better than an iphone and any other immitation smart phone out there".

Love you BB, love you so hard !!!!!!!!!!

I want to win a 9900 because I've been stuck with this 8900 for almost three years now, it's falling apart and I can't afford a new phone. It would also raise my Swagger Level.

Been waiting for a new phone for years.. This can be the best upgrade for me from a crappy dying old iphone 3g... would be great to win it!!

Please Please Please pick me pick me... The TeleNav guided system will be the Morpheous and I will be the Neo (knowing the path and walking the path metaphor)! :-)

I'd love to win a 9900 to give to my girlfriend because she's not eligible for an upgrade for another 14 months.

I want to win the bold(s) because there isn't a better combo than Blackberry with Telenav...on one of the best phones out there!!

Please pick me, my poor 9780 has seen better days! Even with Otterbox protection, it gets pretty beat up because of my active lifestyle. Most recently the camera stopped working because I had accidentally bounced it off a table and straight into a pitcher of beer! I've been meaning to get a 9900 for the 4G - my paired PlayBook just SCREAMS for better non-WiFi access... While I'm a huge fam of BlackBerry maps, nothing would warm my heart on cold dark highways like a pocketful of TeleNav. Good contest, I wish me the best of luck! =0)~

This is my dream contest.

My 8900 is on its last leg. I've been drooling over the 9900 for the last two months, but T-Mo set the price so high!

And though Telmap was my GPS of choice (when they had free 8900 beta), Telenav looks to be just as good, if not better.

Oh please, lady luck, shine on me!

a blackberry with os7 is perfect with telenav!
also I love the form factor, I keep on opening my torch 9800 to type!

One integral part of blackberry for me that I would like to use more often is the GPS feature. However, I have had difficulty finding the right app. The built in Blackberry Maps really doesn't do the trick for me, and I’ve been forced to rely on other devices for my car such as garvin. Telemap offers such services, I recently saw Telemap on a friends blackberry, and thought thought it worked quite well. Features such as full voice guided navigation, automatic rerouting and voice recognition search, I can see why Crackberry has recommended it highly in the past. I plan on getting this app soon for my next road trip in a couple of weeks.

As for the BB 9900, I had the original 9000, and it remains by far my favorite blackberry. I can think of no other way to enjoy the use of Telemap and to help me my family and I manage the streets of Toronto in a few weeks than on this new Bold version which I have heard nothing but good things about.

I'll be honest and truthful, although I've always defended RIM and Blackberry, I'm in dire need of something to keep me grounded with RIM and Blackberry with the new droid phones from Samsung that are due out (Galaxy S II and Nexus). I'm due for an upgrade in January and I'm seriously considering on switching, although I'm relatively impressed with this year's dev con, but I believe it's still a little away. I need something to keep me going with RIM until the next gen Blackberrys are due out.

My 9700 is getting slower and slower. I've had to start removing needed apps just to make it function and I've still have 10 more months left on this contract.

Who knows how slow this 9700 will eventually be at that time.

Whoo! I''ve been using nothing but the Bold since my 9000! Now I have a 9700, and I think it's time for another model upgrade.

I'm gonna be straight forward, I'm one of the few who can't afford a 9900, so expensive.
Hope I'm finally the lucky one after so many contests!!!!!!!!
Ahh!! 9900!! :( be mine

My unlocked Bold 9000 literally screeches death. Sometimes it makes me cringe in my sleep. It needs a retirement! Help me!

I am dying for one of these 9900s. I am a loyal crackberry reader and blackberry users. I just need to get my hands on a touchscreen with the best keyboard around and I can't afford to buy one!!!! This would be perfect!!!!! Please

This is my dream phone!! And t-mobile's price on it is waaaay too expensive!! Have been wanting this phone since before it existed lol

A Blackberry 9900 from T-mobile and Tele Nav O.O would deffnitly make the best bday person ever!! espcially since im going to get myself a playbook as a present for myself, since nobody gives me nothing and i dont win nothing. jaja please crackberry pick me =D

I would like one for my MOM and DAD, they are BB freaks like me, and it would be nice if EVERYONE in our family had Tmo-9900's :)

I need a REAL Navigation app for my Blackberry PHONE!! with voice turn-by-turn directions and Telenev seem to provide that!I
I also Use my BB as my primary camera to take snapshots of pictures since 9900 has better camera than my cureent phone i think its really good feature that will come in handy for me.
With the more improved hardware and thin design of the 9900 i know it will come in very handy for me to use for classes & work =)

Good luck to everyone
Oh btw how will we be contacted if we do win??

I'm nucking futs for BB. Not really, but my GF could use a new phone. So why not make her happy by letting me win! LOL

I've been with T-Mo for 15 years. This is the first BlackBerry I did not automatically get due to the high cost! I hope to be able to win this!

I've been the fan of the 9900 from the moment I saw it! I've always tried to get one but for one reason or another (mainly because of school) I haven't been able to land my hands on one! I got my sister in Toronto one from Rogers because I knew she would love it too! I resisted the temptation of keeping it for myself because I knew should would be so happy with it! If I had a 9900 too, I could finally unlock the power of T-Mobile's network on my phone!

If I win a 9900, I can give my girlfriend the 9700, and if it's free I probably won't complain too much about the scandalous lack of UMA.

Would love to win a T-Mobile 9900. My wife and I have 9900's now with T-Mobile, and two of my sons have 9360s. If I won a 9900 I would keep it for the TeleNav and either give my 9900 it to my oldest and send his 9360 to my wife's brother in South Africa so my wife could BBM with him, or send my current 9900 to him for the same reason. Her mom and sister also live in the US near us and we got them hooked on Crackberry 9360s a few weeks ago so they could communicate with friends and family in South Africa too via BBM as Blackberry is growing like crazy down there. Her brother doesn't have a Blackberry right now though so we need to get him one so they can all keep in touch via BBM.

Oh , how I long for a phone is not well..and "dumb" to boot.. would love to know how the other half lives LOL

Would absolutely love the new Blackberry! Need to replace my very, very slow 9700...I do alot of travel for business and would truly appreciate the newest Blackberry. Not interested in the iPhone...BB forever!

Please pick me as I'm trying to give this as a gift for the GF! It would be an awesome gift to give and get me some brownie points!

I did the dumbest thing leaving BB to try android. Now I'm stuck with this POS and don't wanna steal my 9780 back from my dad. Also, I wanna look like a grown up at a new job and not like a acne covered teen with an Android LOL. SO PLEASE SAVE ME AND HELP ME COME BACK TO THE RIMPIRE ! I WONT DO IT AGAIN

Seriously! Who wouldn't want one of these! Great product. Would pair great with my new playbook!

Oh please Oh please! Desperation now showing! My 9700 is falling apart and I can't upgrade till Feb 2013!

Hey guys. This bold would mean the world to me. I would like to have the lastest blackberry which I hear is aaamazing!! I'm a student who travels a lot and this phone would help me out a lot in school where if I need to write reports I may with the office app and the keyboard would make it real easy for typing.

Because i love the phone and it is still ridiculously expensive on Tmobile. BTW, how will they link the facebook likes to your crackberry account?

I want to win so I can give it to my girlfriend. She's using a beat up ATT 9800 on T-Mobile right now, and I would love to get her on a new BB7 device, as well as a Tmobile device so she can finally experience 3G/4G. Not to mention she's always getting lost while driving. Her birthday is at the end of next month, help me out guys!

My last Blackberry was a Curve and I really loved it. My current phone is a Motorola Cliq, and while I like Android, the Cliq is old and slow and I wouldn't mind at all making the jump back to Blackberry.

would really love to win these devices already followed 1 of the 3 so now it is all 3 linked to facebook, my girlfriend and i could really use the 9900 she is using an 8520 and im using a 9700 which i think is about to go out on me been having some lock up issues lately, Crackberry rocks

I would like to win because it would tie me over until QNX phones come out and deliver its superiority over other phones! Plus my 9700 lags too much for my liking.

I am using BB strom 9530 and is dieing and I am in need to get a new blackberry.

Let it be me. Love BB and want to keep using it and want to upgrade.

my contract with sprint is up soon, wanted to switch carriers anyway. this would make my choice on who to switch to fairly easy.

I would love to win one! I had to upgrade to a 9800 a few months before the 9900 came out and now I am not eligible for another upgrade for 2 years. So I hope because I am not hip like the rest of the world and is NOT on Facebook, you won't hold it against me!

My wife just got the new iPhone 4S, holding it next to my 9800 makes her laugh and me cry. I need this phone to restore the balance of power... please hook me up!

I would love to win this for my mom. She's using an older BlackBerry on t-mobile & it would be good for her to have a more reliable phone.

This would beat the crap out of winning themes! haha That's pretty much all I have ever won (I still appreciate the contests!)

Sign me up! I'd love one of these puppies!

Telenav + Blackberry Bold 9900 = Marriage made to last forever. I just want to take hold of this incredibly amazing potential and light up the world. Thanks CrackBerry and Telenav.

I had a 9810 that I gave to my college son since he did not have insurance and his phone broke. He is not due for an upgrade until next year and was left without a phone due to the high ticket price of buying one with pout a contract. So, now I am left with an old Storm I keep for emergencies.

would love to upgrade from my 9700 which is havint to be rebooted every hour. and it being tmobile makes it even better. so please chose me and i will be the happiest man in the world. :-)

I want to win because all my Torch 9800 does is freeze and I'm thinking of going to iPhone if I can't a Bold 9900.

I guess this post isn't for me, per say, but every contest like this is good for RIM. They make business from these phones and the advertising is great!

Plus, I already show off my BB to everyone I know. To have their flagship would be a dream! The money I would save from buying a Bold would go towards buying myself a PlayBook!

This is easy ... First, its a BOLD 9900 (love one in white); I am still running a 9550 ... not much else to say here.

First let me say the reason why i want a Tmobile branded 9900, i have 9700 blackberry, i was at work last night trying to read the news and my phone Direct me to close tabs because i have no memory, i reset my phone all the time and the apps i have arent too much to clog up my Memory, it just how the OS6 responds with the 9700. it is very annoying to read the news and gett shut off in the middle of the page because your phone cant handle the pressure. i need 9900 because i cant afford one right now and it would be a dream come true to have a well functioning phone. i love the 9900 BLACKBERRY

I coach pee wee football, I use my phone to travel all the time, would be great to have the 4G. I have been a loyal crackberry user, pearl, curve 8320, curve 8520, bold 9780. My phone helps me with my team, my sunday school, gps travels, traveling across Texas, looking up info for Scouts which I help with, and for my weekends to find trouble to get into. When I took a picture with Vice President Biden, I had my bold 9780 in view to show my support. Thanks for your time

My Sprint contract ends soon so, this is perfect timing to rid my 9650. The battery life now sucks and I'm sick of the battery pulls. What a win this would be.

I would love to win one of the 9900. The trackball on my T-Mo Curve 8900 no longer scrolls down most of the time. TeleNav would be icing on the cake and make it even more awesome!

A Bold 9900 would be a nice step up from my T-Mobile Bold 9780. Plus, I don't have navigation in one of my cars. Having the TeleNav app would be great and safer than using Google Maps!

Ready to give up my 9300. I been following the Bold 9900 since it wus just another a rumored device, but I just havent come up with the money to purchase one :(. So yes a FREE BB Bold 9900 would make my life complete.

I would love to win this contest because I've been downgraded to using an old Samsung Highnote for nearly a year now. I have been unable to buy a new BlackBerry because I am currently focusing on completing college and as we all know, that is NOT cheap.

I wish everyone the best of luck.

My blackberry contract recently ran out and i now only have a £10 phone from asda which to be honest is total pants.

I could really do with a new phone.. And i think i'm in love..

Please pick me to get the bold 9900!!! My 9700 camera is broken and I can't take pictures of my 4 month son. This will be my savior with a new phone and better camera, I won't miss a moment of my son's growth, and without telenav, how am I going to find him when he starts walking? lol...

I would love to win because this contest has everything I need, Blackberry 7 device, a great navigation software, and of course the best place to go for all things Blackberry,!!!

Please pick me i love tele nav gets me to my destination when i need it the most. I never have to stop and ask for directions. Best Navi app ever!!!! A 9900 upgrade is need my 9780 makes me wanna cry countless freezing, i havent been able to use my email in 4 months and no one @ rim and tmobile can figure out why. I love black berry but i feel cheated because i cant use all the features. Even if i dont win crackberry is awesome. I have to log on before i sleep and when i wake. I was a lurker for 2 years then i finally joined.

I would love to get a new bold 9900! It would be a great addition to my family plan as my mom is an owner of iphone 3gs unlocked. She even has the blackberry data plan on her line, all she needs is a blackberry. I have converted to blackberry, it's time for my mom to make the same move as well! Wish everyone luck~!

Kevin, top #10 Reasons why I should Win-

10) Love my 9700 but the 9900 looks sooo sweet!,
9) The kids need food more than I need to buy an upgrade,
8) Everyone at work will have 'phone envy,'
7) My wife says I get lost as soon as I leave the driveway - TELENAV will end that,
6) Running out of free memory (already ran Shrink my OS),
5) What would I rather bridge to my PlayBook - a 9700 or a brand new 9900,
4) A 9900 would blow away all my co-workers who drank the IPhone 4S Kool-Aid,
3) Been a LOYAL BlackBerry fan for 4 yrs,
2) Been a LOYAL CrackBerry fan for 3 yrs,
1) Been a LOYAL TMO customer for 10+ yrs (that alone should win me the prize)

I would love one, because Ive never won anything this big. It would be extremely helpful and it would finally make me jump shit from sprint to tmo! this would be amaaaazing! pleaaaase?!

Kevin, top #10 Reasons why I should Win-

10) Love my 9700 but the 9900 looks sooo sweet!,
9) The kids need food more than I need to buy an upgrade,
8) Everyone at work will have 'phone envy,'
7) Since I don't sleep much it'll occupy my time during the wee hours,
6) Running out of free memory (already ran Shrink my OS),
5) What would I rather bridge to my PlayBook - a 9700 or a brand new 9900,
4) A 9900 would blow away all my co-workers who drank the IPhone 4S Kool-Aid,
3) Been a LOYAL BlackBerry fan for 4 yrs,
2) Been a LOYAL CrackBerry fan for 3 yrs,
1) Been a LOYAL TMO customer for 10+ yrs (that alone should win me the prize)

I believe I should win the contest because I never had a blackberry. I started looking into them this year after my friend had hers for 4 years. She loves her blackberry and would tell me how better organized she is with everything in her everyday life, and that's what got me interested. I begin watching unboxing and review videos on every past and current blackberries on youtube. I love RIM for their emailing, texting, querty keyboards, and different design and styles that they bring to the table. Compared to the iphone and even some android phones, they don't have anything on blackberries. I want my first blackberry/smartphone experience to be memorable. My bad, I meant to put this message as a new post not a reply.

I would love to have a new blackberry. My blackberry keeps displaying the ANNNNOYYYING clock at least 9-12 times a day and i have to do at least 5 battery resets a day. It becoming such a pain, and my os is messed up because for every reset i do my battery drops 10 percent and when my battery is between 45-50 percent and i do a battery reset my battery then completly drains to 5-10 percent. And now i am beginning to notice that the battery does hold much of a charge which makes my life even worse -_-. My speaker also doesnt work until i put pressure on the black of my phone where the speaker is located. Also dont even let me start about application memory. I barely have any apps on my phone and when my phone is turned on and using 1 app my memory turns to 2mb, i have had my memory reach 0 too many times to count. A new blackberry would solve every issue and would be such a blessing :) TeleNav is an exceptional application, its just like having the benifits of a hand held GPS. As im tying this my bb is restarting, i hope i have enough battery left for the rest of the day which there probably isnt and I will have to charge it for the 3 time today)-_- Hope i win, and Crackberry is the BEST cite for everything blackberry. Keep up the great work ! :)

long time blackberry fan! Would love to win the 9900, haven't had the chance to get to know it yet :) A blackberry with Telenav looks like the complete package!

why do i want to win? Why do I want to win? Why? Because I have a Storm 9550. I think that's reason enough. Though 9900 is the best blackberry and TeleNav is the best Navigation program. And I really need to catch a break.

I've been lusting for a touch screen Bold ever since the original Blackberry Bold 9000 came out how many years ago. In my opinion the size of the device is just perfect....and that keyboard is beyond perfect.

This is awsome. Thanks telenav and crackberry. OH, and the reason why I want a blackberry is so RIM can have more customers :D

I travel lots to the US and having a TMobile phone would let me avoid the roaming charges of Robbers in Canada and use pay as you go in US.

This would be an awesome contest to win. I love the Blackberry Bold 9900, and I loveTeleNav.

i would LOVE to own a 9900, i am A Loyal Crackberry always convincing others to drop their "toys" (android, iphone) and switch to the best (BLACKBERRY!!) I LOVE my 9780 but i feel i deserve an upgrade to the 9900, please oh please Crackberry Team and TelNav choose me, your loyal servant for this awesome smartphone. in RIM-TELENAV & CRACKBERRY we pray....Amen

I would LOVE to win the 9900... It's the blackberry that should always have been... And the blackberry I think is right for me... THANKS RIM!

wow, id love to hafta get new service for this..i dont have a smart phone..just a regular call text job. thanx!

I've been using Telenav for 8 years (7100, 8300, 8310, 8820, 9000 & 9800), I bet it looks and works great on the 9900. Very Cool!

I would like a chance to win a free bold 9900! I have been a fan of BB ever since my first phone the 8100! I've been a fan forever and would like to upgrade to a powerful BB like the 9900. Even though the merger between tmobile and at&t will bring changes I will stick with BB!!!! Please pick me I love tmobile, crackberry and telenav just missing my 9900 ohhh yeah.

Peace and <3

I've been lost without my BB since lost mine back on the east coast when I was visiting mobile security hopefully deleted all contents but I miss my BlackBerry.

I bought a 9780 right before the 9900 came out, and I really miss touch screen! I was using an Android device earlier, and would love to have a touchscreen keyboard hybrid device, and HSPA+ would be the icing on the cake!

I need one of these 9900's because my wife's 9800 just went out today and she is now using her old dreaded android phone (which she despises) until we can afford to get her a new BB. If I won this I would give her my 9800, since she doesn't like the 9900 form factor. I suppose I could just give her my 9800 and I could use the android but I couldn't handle that, I messed around with it a few times and the only thing its good for is playing angry birds.

i would love to win this contest mainly because at&t has YET to release the 9900...if i can get a free navigation app with it as well, that would be ORGASMIC!

I would love to win one of these because my whole life I havent owned a Blackberry. I know people who own Blackberries and have fun messaging with the amazing keyboards they always have,I think they are perfect for all around messaging. I previously owned symbian, windows and android powered devices but when I saw this particular blackberry I fell in love with it. This is the first model I actually really like since the first Bold model came out a couple of years ago on att,I think it was the 9000. Before that my favorite model was tmobiles 8330. Those are my favorite black berry models so far and I like these models because they were larger than others. I have bigger hands so I like bigger phones the 9900 for typing. But this time around I fell in love with more than just the beauty and size of the Blackberry. This model now has the hardware specs to compete with its recent competition from android and ios powered samsung,HTC and Apple devices. I love the new larger multitouchscreen and its 1.2ghz snapdragon chip and its new premium look and feel. I currently own a old metro pcs phone but want to switch to tmobile when I get a new job. Overall I want the phone becuase I dont want to spend another year left out in having one of the landmark Blackberries. I definately feel that along with the Iphone 4s and the Samsung Galaxy S2,the Blackberry Bold 9900 will dominate in the mainstream market in 2012

I'd love to win a Bold 9900! I'm on At&t and STILL waiting for the 9900 :/ I'm a BlackBerry fan and just need to be rocking an OS7 device.

I LOVE! I LOVE Blackberry! I LOVE Telenav! And I would absolutely LOVE to replace my Bold 9700 with the new Bold 9900!!

I had to sell my 9780 so I can pay for my college textbooks. Unfortunately I have to use now a Motorola L2 until I get enough money from work. I don't want to buy a phone other than a BlackBerry!
Winning this contest will help me so much in so many ways: money-wise and productivity-wise.
Additionally, the TeleNav subscription can be very helpful when I go to my parents' house, which is around 2 hours away!

Good luck to all & hope I win!

I need a new BB my 9700 is on it's last legs I'm unemployed & can't afford a new BB & I can't get 1 from tmo for free if I re-up

Blackberrys are best devices i've ever used. Fabulous quality, I miss my bold 2 (it was stolen at work). To the scum who took it: I'd like to have my pictures of my grandpa & I before he died back please! That was just wrong.

need to win this blackberry so i can i barter with it for my daughter's freedom. she is currently held captive by the lanisters in king's landing

Simple. To win is one of the best thing on the world.
To feel that You not deserve, but still get it....

Would love to win because I love the BB Bold and my old 9700 is just about dead! Love me some Telenav and Bold!

I'm not currently not on a contract with att and can leave them whenever, been waiting for this phone since I heard of it coming out. Unlucky of me att still hasn't got it, please pick me

Really! Thats the phone I wanted to begin with, I have a 9800 Torch and need to upgrade... I would love to win this phone... pick me pick me!

I need a blackberry in the traditional form factor + the touchscreen so I can scroll easily when driving. Easy scrolling with telenav

Using Telenav on the new Bold screen while running Crackberry on another window, that's what's best about the new Blackberry Bold!! I would love this!

I so want one...I even switched my carrier to T-mobile!! (well not really, but I do have T-mobile!)

Thanks CB, Telenav and BB for a chance to win a 9900, please pick me coz this is a perfect gift for my wife :)

I love Blackberry and would love to have a BB Bold 9900 and I love Telenav!. I cannot afford the upgrade at this point.

This would be a dream come true!

Wow what an amazing contest! Good luck to everyone!

For my reason, the Bold 9700 was my first ever smart phone and my first ever BlackBerry. It is slowly dying. I just recently lost my job (laid off) and was waiting and waiting for it to release for Wind Mobile. Then just my luck, after I lose my job, 2 weeks later the BlackBerry Bold 9900 comes out for Wind Mobile.

It would be amazing to finally get my hands on it, as I been super jealous seeing all my friends having it and I am the biggest BlackBerry fan between all my friends.

Anyways good luck to everyone!

I want to win the T-Mobile Bolds because at&t is taking forever to release the phone!! Plus I am a messaging and email fanatic!! :)

I want to win because I've never had a BlackBerry with Telenav on it. This would be great!!!! Good luck everyone!

I want to win the bold 9900 because I'm still stuck with my curve 8320...
It's slow, broken, and doesn't always respond.
I also never had a 3g phone....
Please give me the 9900 ? :)

I want to win BB 9900 because the new BOLD is the best BB right now in the market and also to replace my bang up and slow Bold 9700 due to many groups and low memory...

Go CB, T-Mobile, BB, and Telenav. :)