CrackBerry Team uses PlayBook as camera from CES2012 show floor

CrackBerry goes to CES 2012
By IsaacKendall on 12 Jan 2012 05:29 pm EST

This week at CES2012 my video camera battery died early on Day 1 and I realized I hadn't packed my charger. After a moment of panic I remembered that the BlackBerry PlayBook shoots 1080p video!

So to the show floor Joseph Holder and I went, armed with our PlayBooks, and started shooting video. We were confident that the video quality would be stunning; the only thing we were initially concerned with was the microphone pickup. To our excitement the stereo microphones on the PlayBook were amazing.

See for yourself the terrific quality of the videos done with the BlackBerry PlayBook:

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CrackBerry Team uses PlayBook as camera from CES2012 show floor


I had a feeling that someone was going to use it eventually. Especially when I started to notice the option to play back the videos in 720 & 1080!!

Well done!

Oops, you aren't supposed to actually say that out loud! Just think it... Allegedly. Anyone know if the Playbook would play nice with my Bold 9000 running OS5?

RIM should be paying CrackBerry because they're doing a better job at marketing the PlayBook and BlackBerry.

You should have stated you planned it that way as a test of it's abilities !!! Haha. Great to see, and as stated above I had no idea was the PlayBook video cam.

Well played CrackBerry !!! I propose ALL future CrackBerry videos be taken with Playbook from here on out.

very cool... the voices were a little drowned out by background noise, but overall not bad considering the environment.

I had noticed when i recorded videos from my son's performance at school BUT it's missing a major feature.....where's the zoom?

Way to go guys & girls those videos look awesome.

one suggestion for your video blog posts. since modern BB7 devices can play the embedded video right in the browser without leaving the page i think you should change the text on your "link for mobile viewing" to say "Link for mobile viewing on old ass BlackBerrys" or something to that effect just to remind all those 5.0 curve and bold users out there that a better experience awaits them.

I use the camera on the Playbook to take video while performing onsite assessments for clients. I have dropped down from a pad of paper, video camera, still camera, and laptop, to just carrying around my playbook. The only thing holding the playbook back for me is there is no way to edit PDF files...STILL!