CrackBerry Survey: The BBM Team at BlackBerry wants your feedback on BBM Voice!

BBM Voice Survey
By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Jan 2013 05:25 pm EST


Hey CrackBerry Nation, time for quick a survey! If you're a regular BlackBerry Messenger user, and especially if you have been putting BBM Voice to use on BBM 7, this is a survey you definitely have to take. The BBM Team at BlackBerry reached out to us with the questions in the survey. They're looking for feedback from CrackBerry readers and members, so this is your chance to help them out directly. If you're a BBM user and not using BBM voice, you can still take the survey. It's for all BBM users.

In addition to the survey, we've set up a thread in the CrackBerry forums where you can provide further feedback on BBM Voice. A member of the BBM team will be participating on thread, answering questions. Be sure to hit up the links below. Thanks for participating! 

Take the BBM Voice Survey
Give your BBM Voice feedback to the BBM Team in the forums  

Reader comments

CrackBerry Survey: The BBM Team at BlackBerry wants your feedback on BBM Voice!


Generally...whats not to like. When it works,..calls are crystal clear.

I do have problems connecting sometimes and my wifi is working perfectly...hopefully the upcoming update will fix all of that.

Of course with BB10 and BBM voice chat, that for me completes the circle.

I tried using it, but then the BBM Voice icon disappears when I finally obtain a Wi-Fi connection. I'm guessing the person you're BBMing also needs the latest version of BBM, but I'm unsure if that's the cause of this.

Update: It turns out that it is the cause. I can't wait to finally try it, though.

NOBODY on my BBM list has voicechat. It SUCKS. Cant wait for BB10. Wont have this problem then. :)


I only have one BBM contact (my wife) and she never turns on her wifi. Besides, she only has wifi available when she's home, and if she's home, I usually am too, so calling would be pointless.

Depends on how you look at that........
After 20 years of marriage, I can think of a few times a call would be easier than face to face.


Honey, I'm going to Home Depot to buy.....(face to face and she will choice)

Honey, I bought the new Z10 and it cost 600 bucks (not really something you want to surprise her with via face to face and a text would only piss her off even more.

I can go

I'm kidding of course and as a loving husband I would always want to look my wife in the eye as I break the bad news....... ;)

+1 no one I know on BBM has updated versions. I know exactly why too. On my 9800 I had to completely do a new OS install to another carrier's OS version. Removed all the carrier information stored on that OS update and then reloaded the OS just to get the BBM voice update to work smoothly. What a pain in the ass it was only to have like one person I know have the ability to do voice chat. I hope it's rolled into bb10!

Sadly it's for os6+, that's what it said in appworld. I use os5 I can't download bbm7 :( I need to get an os7 first.. what I did, send a broadcast message to your BBM contacts to check for the upgrade... no one in my list was on BBM 7, but after I sent the message...they all did (30 or so) within the next few days..well except for the few straglers still running an old Curve 8520...

BlackBerry Torch 9860 OS 7.1
BlackBerry PlayBook WiFi OS 2.1
BlackBerry PlayBook LTE OS 2.0

I've tried it about 5 times all to the same person. It has never worked. My WiFi is great; his WiFi is more than good enough. Both of us have the latest BBM on Bold 9900's. So I'm not sure what's wrong with it.

It's very likely packet loss. Contact your ISP and see if that can get investigated, or reset the dsl/cable modem and router, then try again. Reset=reboot.

I've yet to find a purpose for this. I would imagine that those who are carrying friendships overseas or outside their region. If this came out 2 years ago, BB would still have the majority of BB users. Great feature... Just not for me.


Some of us have unlimited calls on our contracts...

I have only today found out, that one of my friends have BBM 7 as well and wifi on. I will try it soon, but I guess RIM should promote it more.

haven't been able to use it yet... for both people to be on wifi at the same time are almost slim to none... good idea though

This is my issue although I did see a tweet on twitter from someone claiming that we will soon not be restricted to wifi....we shall see.

I don't think mobile carriers would allow people to make calls via data plans, if that means that their clients/customers won't have any incentive to subscribe to a mobile plan with a certain amount of minutes. I can see these issues potentially going to court, which in this case is no small thing.

These mobile carriers already felt cheated by the fact that users can download the Tether app and pay a one-time fee to, without having to subscribe to a monthly tethering plan through the carrier, to begin with. I don't think they want to feel like they got swindled again.

When it comes to mobile plans, the only ones being "cheated" and "swindled" are the customers, especially in North America!
You sound like you must be associated with the Carriers somehow?

There's a difference between *feeling* like you've been cheated out of something, and actually being cheated out of something. These carriers have a certain spoiled sense of entitlement, and they usually get what they want, like the spoiled brat at a toy store. Believe me, I know that they're a bunch of thieves and crooks and I am not on their side. Big business and corporations (especially the banks) have only gotten worse the last 20 years, and unless the customers gain considerable leverage against them and/or the industry is re-regulated in an honest fashion (which seems like a pipe dream), there's not much stopping them from continuing to rip us off. I should've been clearer and emphasized my wording a bit more, though I phrased it correctly.

I recently donwsized my contact list and the only one I would find myself calling would be a call that my wife wouldn't be too pleased with ha.

Only me and the wife. The only place we are on wifi is at home. Why would I need to call her when she is sitting right next to me? We have tried it though and it works ok. If it could work without wifi it would be sweet.

Maybe if we all here get together, we can get up to 10 actual BBM users and voice call each and every user.. Of the 10 of us! Haha

Some people have it, some people don't, and some people don't know it exists. BBM Voice/Video etc. Should already be part of the OS regardless. Hopefully BB10 will have it properly integrated to lessen the confusion.

I downloaded it .
I call my cousin in Italy , toronto , friend in vancouver.
Works like a dream and very very clear. much better voice quality then skype and face time

And yes I use all three Skype, facetime and BBM voice.

just can't wait for BB10 and yes waiting for the much much mcuh improved browser which I here is better then Dev Alpha

This would have been an EPIC BBM feature 2-3 years ago. Better late than ever right. Can't wait for BB10 though!!!!!

This kind of surveys should be done more often by BlackBerry here at CrackBerry nation!! Hope to see more in the future!

My family rock the BBM voice on Bolds and torchs and it works brilliant. Funny, a girl at work made her sister who lives across the country to buy a BB Bold like hers so they could BBM voice 24-7. Wish it was std on BBM as not all ppl have it.

And to reiterate/paraphrase the writings of others....would LOVE to use it....but with 5 out of 100 people being BB users....let's just say there is a LOT of room on my BBM contacts LOT of room

Used it to call a few times locally and talked to a friend in Florida while I was in Toronto. Call quality was always good, better than cellular!

I have tried this few times but it never worked.
There are still a lot of people at the office use blackberries, but so many more now switched to iPhones and either use facetime, imessage or skype.
I totally want Skype hopefully BB10 has it, not just ooVoo.

Tried it once, to my only BBM contact, locally here in Belgium. Worked like a dream. Extremely crisp and consistent call quality. I agree it would be good if it worked over 3g although quality then might vary (?).

Glad to be able to give what little feedback I have to the BBM peeps through this survey.

On a sidenote, and a bit of preaching to the converted but to me it feels like BBs have (always had) many very simple looking but extremely useful features, but nobody seems to know about them. Like this BBM voice, like Bridge to name a few obvious ones.

Really looking forward towards a marketing barrage for BB10, to ram ALL the native niftyness down peoples throats :). In a kind way of course.

It's the greatest thing since sliced bread!!!!!

I am using it every day from the UK to Thailand, New York and Afghanistan.

It's even great for call my son at his girlfriends where there is no mobile signal.

It almost makes up for the lack of UMA on my 9900's.

Works like a dream and very very clear. much better voice quality then skype and face time.

The problem is that I have to find a time when me & the person I want to talk to are both on wifi. This needs to also use 3G.

My only other comment would be the call button on the top right. It needs to be a bit bigger. My fat fingers often accidently gets the profile instead.

i really like my bbm voice. I live near the base of a mountain and cell coverage is poor Bbm voice chat makes soooooo much easier.


Does, "drop" the call quite often at the moment in the UK.

Cannot really grumble as it is free and it is a fantastic addition.

It will interesting to compare to Viber once they have "voice" available.

They need to put in a confirmation prompt, if to call this user. Get too many mistaken calls.

Do you wish to call user? Y or N. :)

The conversations are clear when it works and connected.

But how about BBM telling/notifying/sound/alarm you that you lost the call or the user dropped the call due to lack of WI-FI coverage. I was talking for 2 min just to finally notice the person I was talking to was disconnected. I felt dumb lol.

So torn. I would love to see bbm on other platforms so I could use bbm to talk with my friends (not a single one of which own a bb), but then I don't wanna see rim cross-plat one of their defining features...

Tough call

Don't use it, and wish there was another choice of answer to the question on the survey as to why. I have a whopping 2 contacts on BBM. It's a husband and wife. We just BBM, call or just hang out together.

Just called my cousin in Italy , the first call was dropped, but Rogers is having internet issues so I guess that could of been the problem but then the second attempt is was a 45 minute conversation. then two hours later I called again for a 1.5 hour voice chat and spoke to all three of my cousins in Italy. Now here is the kicker , the sound quality was awesome no dizzy , in and out like skype.