CrackBerry Smash - Best Free App for the BlackBerry Storm!

By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Mar 2009 06:33 pm EDT

CRACKBERRY SMASH!!! Take that iPhone, G1 and Palm Pre! Storm owners have a new hero today and his name is Fabian Heuwieser. Fabian just released CrackBerry Smash for the BlackBerry Storm and it is a fun time killer of an app that lets you lay the SMASH down on the smartphone competition.

When you launch CrackBerry Smash it automatically opens where you are. iPhones will fill up the Storm's display and by tilting the device you can roll the CrackBerry logo around and eliminate all of the iPhones. Once you roll over the competition and clear the screen, the name will be pronouned and the level is reset. Just go to Menu > Options while the app is running and you can switch up devices and you can also add a CrackBerry Smash to your Storm's menu (Menu > Add to Menu...) so you can launch CrackBerry Smash from within any application. TOO Awesome. Thanks Fabian!

** Please Note - when installing, be sure to Set Your Permissions to Allow. *

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CrackBerry Smash - Best Free App for the BlackBerry Storm!


Looks like another freebie I can use to kill some time at work and show all the iphone losers that crackberry rules.

Dood. Seriously, Kevin, did you play that for "hours of entertainment"? It's cute, nonetheless. ;)

PS: Kevin.. get a theme!

no offense....pretty dumb....i personally feel the palm pre is going to be a very nice device that many smart phone companies will want to emulate.

HAHA. No offense taken my friend. I think the Palm Pre looks cool too and I've got nothing against the iPhone or the G1. Have respect for all smartphones (minus Windows Mobile ones of course... they just bug me... LOL!).

But IS a BlackBerry Enthusiast site which means CRACKBERRY SMASH!!!!!

i truly mean no offense, i think its a fun idea, my comment was part comical too....i am still considering the DL for the game aspect of it as i cant find many fun free games, haha....the title of the post got me to think, hey, maybe this is the best app out there, which lead to my comment.

Anyways, glad to see some free games (if thats what we are calling this) rolling out....

You need to Set your Permissions to Allow (I made note of this in the blog post above).

You can do this while you're downloading/installing, or once installed go to Options > Advanced Options > Applications > CrackBerrySmash > Menu Key > Edit Permissions and then Set the Allow and Save.

Should be good to go after that.

I just caught myself laughing for the past minute. How funny. Very creative. I think I might just get this and play with it because I hate iPhones!


This is great!! I love it. I got a lot of laughs with it at work. I set the permissions like you said and it worked great the very first time.


the best part of the video is about 2/3 of the way through when you stop talking because you're so caught up in the game. haha! nice going man.

This is pretty cool. Its fun, its a game and its free.
So dont bash it...sheesh.
It seems you have to have it out in the main menu, like in the video. If its in a folder... it seems to mess up. Like, it'll bounce off the left and top just fine, but goes off the screen on the right and the bottom is shortned.
Great app! Thx!

I just realized that it is working, but I did not know that it said "" after each game. Mine does not. I am on .75. Could that be it??

I can't seem to have much success really navigating the store very well on the Storm. I constantly have to zoom in and move the screen around to really get anywhere. Am I the only one that finds the app store interface lame on the Storm?


I have a Bold and love it, but everyday someone comes up with something that has me thinking, "unlocked Storm" so that I can play too. Love that Smash app! Fabian does good work! Have fun Kevin!
PS. I fully expected to see your Storm painted white!

I wonder if RIM CEOs like Jim Balsillie or Mike Lazaridis also slide around the CB Logo? What device would they probably destroy ;-)?

the crackberry smash is added by the site right? mine just vibrates. i do have .75 that could be it as well.

it didnt work for me at first then i moved the app from the download folder to the home folder and it worked. Try it

I am trying to use smashberry and every time I try to open it, I get

Uncaught exception:net.rim.device.api.system.controlledAccessException

Can someone please help. I need another reason to not get my work done.

Hello to all reporting errors:
When reporting an error, PLEASE say WHERE the error occured.

Most problems can be fixed by 1) reinstalling it 2) setting permissions 3) rebooting the device

It DOES work on every Storm; Sometimes it's just about the user's installation.

hsheikh, you have to disable the compatibility mode:
Options -> Advanced Options -> Applications -> CrackBerry Smash -> MenuButton -> Disable Compatibility Mode -> Start app again

This would be cool if the other phones were fighting back or something. This is a lot like the squeegie app, ya gotta step it up a knotch. Nice job though

"Best Free App for the BB Storm"??? THAT'S the best free app!? Ridiculous, it's a silly little game, there are plenty of free apps (including games if you care about that) that blow this one out of the water.

Since no one answered the question, I experimented and found you need to allow both interactions and user data.

QUESTION: is it suppose to leave the downloads folder visible in the background and just put up tiny dominoes (don't look like phones to me) and vibrate when you hit one?

downloaded the crackberry smash but it doesn't say "crackberry dot com" when all the phones are smashed....any ideas????

installation doesnt work for mine. i tried it thru mobile and also tried by dl'ing the zip file. both times it says

uncaught exception: net.rim.device.api.system.ControlledAccessException

Look, I'm a huge Blackberry & Crackberry fan but this thing is eerily similar to the Family Guy sketch Ball In A Cup ;)

How simple of a mind do you have to have to find this the least bit amusing? I can't believe this is the same forum that calls the apps for the iPhone stupid.

I downloaded this App 3 times and rebooted device, It doesnt show up in the Downloads folder or the Home folder, it also is not in the Apllication list.. Where does it go? Anyone have any ideas? All i see is a Crackberry app store icon in my downloads folder and that brings me to the app store, Cant find the APP