Win a BBX BlackBerry from in our CrackBerry Santa Contest!

Win a BBX SuperPhone!
By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Dec 2011 01:05 pm EST

December is here which means it's time for yet another amazing CrackBerry Santa contest. With BlackBerry 7 Smartphones already on the market and much of CrackBerry Nation having already upgraded to the latest phones available, we decided the ultimate BlackBerry present to give away this Christmas would be something not yet available.

The Prize: 2012 will bring forth the release of the next generation of BlackBerry - the BBX Smartphone (or SuperPhone as I like to call it). We've already seen photos of the first BBX BlackBerry, which goes by the codename "london", and while it hasn't been officially announced yet, we know it's coming early in the year and that's what we're giving away! That's right. This holiday season one lucky CrackBerry member will win an IOU for a free BBX BlackBerry. As soon as it's available for purchase, we'll buy one and get it to you, just like that.

How to Enter: To enter, all you need to do is login to and leave a comment to this post and you'll be entered to win. Easy. And if you're not already a member of, what are you waiting for? You can register here for free! Contest open worldwide. We'll announce the winner New Year's Day. Please just leave ONE COMMENT per user (if you leave more, only the first will be counted as entry).

That's it. Good luck. And on behalf of the team at, Happy Holidays!!!

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Win a BBX BlackBerry from in our CrackBerry Santa Contest!



AAAWWWWWEEEEESSSOOOOMMMMEEEEEE I know its delayed and won't come for Christmas, but my Birthday is in February anyways!! AAAAAAAWWWWWWWEEEEEESSSSSSOOMMMMEEENESSSSSSSSSSSS

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I should win for having the most clever username !

Berinry its: bERINry my name :'P & BERinRY for blackberry<3

To be successful it will require apps that people want and need: Social network like Skype, Media like Netflix, and a really big one, a stand alone GPS apps like Navigon or TomTom. All for the playbook. People don't want to be tied down to a BB phone to use the playbook even with all the security features. Eye candy doesn't matter if there are no apps worth using. Other than that I am looking forward to seeing BBX, it will be worth the wait.