Win a BBX BlackBerry from in our CrackBerry Santa Contest!

Win a BBX SuperPhone!
By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Dec 2011 01:05 pm EST

December is here which means it's time for yet another amazing CrackBerry Santa contest. With BlackBerry 7 Smartphones already on the market and much of CrackBerry Nation having already upgraded to the latest phones available, we decided the ultimate BlackBerry present to give away this Christmas would be something not yet available.

The Prize: 2012 will bring forth the release of the next generation of BlackBerry - the BBX Smartphone (or SuperPhone as I like to call it). We've already seen photos of the first BBX BlackBerry, which goes by the codename "london", and while it hasn't been officially announced yet, we know it's coming early in the year and that's what we're giving away! That's right. This holiday season one lucky CrackBerry member will win an IOU for a free BBX BlackBerry. As soon as it's available for purchase, we'll buy one and get it to you, just like that.

How to Enter: To enter, all you need to do is login to and leave a comment to this post and you'll be entered to win. Easy. And if you're not already a member of, what are you waiting for? You can register here for free! Contest open worldwide. We'll announce the winner New Year's Day. Please just leave ONE COMMENT per user (if you leave more, only the first will be counted as entry).

That's it. Good luck. And on behalf of the team at, Happy Holidays!!!

Reader comments

Win a BBX BlackBerry from in our CrackBerry Santa Contest!



Well, I'm hoping this will restore some of the market share to the brand and strengthen any takeover attempts. I like that an analyst gave the company a buy recommendation on 12.21.11. Excited about the new devices.

I've been a BlackBerry user since the early days. I strayed and tried Android but hated it. Apps just didn't compare to the solid features in BlackBerry. The phone part was horrible. I bought a Torch off contract and went back. No one with an iPhone has been good advertising for it. Not impressed at all. I'll keep my BlackBerry thank you. There's just some things BB does that no one else can touch (yet). I need a new one to show off and gloat about while I continue to brag that BlackBerry is the best!

i desperaly need a new phone my current ones screen is blacked out and ill use it to its full potential

Think I would have to go with a sweet 9900 before a BB10ish device. It would definately be a very Merry Christmas knowing one of those was on the way.

Can I get a new BlackBerry? Can I get a new BlackBerry? Can I get a new BlackBerry? Can I get a new BlackBerry? Can I get a new BlackBerry? Can I get a new BlackBerry? Can I get a new BlackBerry? Can I get a new BlackBerry? Can I get a new BlackBerry? I have to keep going.......?? I will if I have to.........Can I get a new BlackBerry? Can I get a new BlackBerry?Can I get a new BlackBerry?Can I get a new BlackBerry?..........

the good thing of delaying BlackBerry 10 smartphones:

then there will be more native apps available from day 1.

think many cool Cascades - based Apps for the PlayBook will be written next months

Boy, imagine what kind of gift his would be! Now imagine using the new BBX phone with a Playbook armed with 2.0! Count me in!

Here's a wish the late 2012 will get pulled forward....unlikely in the extreme but it is almost xmas....maybe dreams can come true and BGR can be proved wrong?

I learned my lesson (switched to the D3 for the screen size), I want to get Back to Black asap.

Hoping to be the lucky winner.

Have to put my just about dead Bold to rest :(

Thanks for the consideration.

Happy Holidays to everyone!!!

i wish i could win this mega awesome phines that are coming so i can make a set with my new 64GB BlackBerry PlayBook i just got for christmas this year

We all want this phone to finally shut up the kool-aid drinking, hippie, Apple iPhone types! Just kidding..haha...peace on earth, good will to men...

Merry christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! A BB 10 superphone would certainly make this upcoming year a good one!

I sooo can not wait until Blackberry 10, i want a new Blackberry now please. Blackberry Torch 9860 please. Thanks a million in advance :D

Hopefully we can all tell RIM IOU a great big "Thank you!" after they release the first BBX phone (and PlayBook OS 2.0).

I would like to win this BBX !! :D :D everytime a hit new BlackBerry comes out, I buy it. I currently own the Bold 9900, what a phone.. Anyways, if I win this, it would be the first thing I win in my life :D :D so please pick me, I'm your Number1BlackBerryMan !!*

Thanks a lot. Can't wait to see...

What a great year 2012 will be.. welcoming BBX/BB10 whatever everyone will call it.. still love it and cant wait to get one!!!

In the mean time, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

I want, but cannot wait that long for a new phone, however winning this prize would keep me from leaving BB.

God bless technology I tell ya...what it would be like to win this one!
As always, Good job Blackberry!

BlackBerry X. BlackBerry's have been making technical progress since I jumped in with Bold 9000. Progression has been from 9000 to 9800 to 9900. Suitable and comfortable to use.

Good monitor presentations, keyboard functions extremely well and improvements in browser have been more that acceptable for my usage.

BBX with functioning keypad would be great.

I definitely want this next series of devices to succeed. But I think that the straight keyboard is less desirable than the curved ones. Go, BlackBerry!

Coming from an 8330 to a Torch 9800, would love to see what's next with Blackberry 10! I still love Blackberry! :)

i have upgraded with the bold, torch, second torch, and 9810 so the only way I will be allowed a 10 will be to win one. I hope you pick me.

Loyal BlackBerry user with BlackBerry tattoo needs new phone. Hope all you at CB have a great Holiday Season!!!

I would really like a new phone! I love my 9300 but getting a new BB with much better screen resolution and features would really start my year right! So please please let me win!

...would be sweet to have a BB 10 device to go along with my PlayBook...O/S 10 with O/S 2.x sweeeeet :)

BlackBerry Torch 9860
BlackBerry PlayBook O/S 1.xx.xxxx

I want a 9930, if I have to take an OS7 phone or I can wait for an OS10 because I know Alltel will be a year behind everyone else to get them out!

This is going to be a hard one, but here it goes... Let's hope this is the lucky day/month/year...

... BBX or BB7... Whatever... This contest itself is already a gift... lol... what if i win? ... rotflmao...

I believe in the future Blackberry-10!
And I feel a part of this future!
Blackberry forever!!!!!

Aw man I can't wait till the new BBX (I'm still going to call it BBX) phones come out! So excited and go RIM!

Santa Baby, I want a yacht and really that's not a lot...but if it is I'll take a Bold 9900 for Verizon please!!!

i rrreeeaaalllyyy hope i win this! my current BB has its quirks, and i am willing to live with them because i have no money, but if i win, i would wait for the BB10 phone. Also, i do need some go

would be nice to win, seeing as how my current BB cant hold a wireless signal and i cant afford a new one...especially since i was in a wreck today.

Please enter me in the CrackBerry Santa contest for a chance to win a BBX BlackBerry aka Superphone !

BBX ftw , my first bb is a bb 9360 , and I am already addicted to it , purchased it only 3 weeks ago , hope could afford an Bbx

Merry Christmas, everybody.

If I win, I would certainly wait for the BlackBerry 10 devices to hit. My Torch 9800 is doing fine, and will certainly ride me through till the release of BB10 devices.

please enter me! im too broke to upgrade my old bb now and cant wait till end of '12 to use something better with my pb

Have been just waiting for bbx like how kids wait for santa.... hope so my luck clicks this atleast cheers!!! Merry Christmas to everyone and a Happy New yr... god bless u all... :) hope i win this :)

This may surprise some, given that I'm in north america, but I only recently got my first BB... and I am officially hooked and on the BBwagon. Can't wait to get may hands on a BB10 device!

I am on my 4th iteration of BB phones, have loved everyone, and expect to enjoy my new BBX just as much!!