Win a BBX BlackBerry from in our CrackBerry Santa Contest!

Win a BBX SuperPhone!
By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Dec 2011 01:05 pm EST

December is here which means it's time for yet another amazing CrackBerry Santa contest. With BlackBerry 7 Smartphones already on the market and much of CrackBerry Nation having already upgraded to the latest phones available, we decided the ultimate BlackBerry present to give away this Christmas would be something not yet available.

The Prize: 2012 will bring forth the release of the next generation of BlackBerry - the BBX Smartphone (or SuperPhone as I like to call it). We've already seen photos of the first BBX BlackBerry, which goes by the codename "london", and while it hasn't been officially announced yet, we know it's coming early in the year and that's what we're giving away! That's right. This holiday season one lucky CrackBerry member will win an IOU for a free BBX BlackBerry. As soon as it's available for purchase, we'll buy one and get it to you, just like that.

How to Enter: To enter, all you need to do is login to and leave a comment to this post and you'll be entered to win. Easy. And if you're not already a member of, what are you waiting for? You can register here for free! Contest open worldwide. We'll announce the winner New Year's Day. Please just leave ONE COMMENT per user (if you leave more, only the first will be counted as entry).

That's it. Good luck. And on behalf of the team at, Happy Holidays!!!

Reader comments

Win a BBX BlackBerry from in our CrackBerry Santa Contest!



oh man. the chanves are sooo small. one in 5600 comments. lol

i hope i get it lol

thansk for the awesome contests

Of course I would like to win, but if I don't, best of luck to each and everyone here. Let's keep holding up Blackberry through these bumpy times.

Hey, I would be Awsomeee if i won 1! I am not going to say choose me, choose me because there are millions of people who have also want to win and you cant choose between so much people, but YA I hopeee I WIN ONE!

Wow! I am excitied to see RIM moving forward with the new OS. I would love to have one of the new generation Super Phones.

Havent recieved any new Blackberry Love since The Blackberry Storm would love a new BBX phone to complete my life!!! Thanks in advance Crackberry!!

Dear, Crackberry claus

all I want for Christmas is a BBX, I've been a very good boy through out the year, I will leave cookies and milk when you come down the chimney =)

P.S Make me on top of your list =D

Honestly, winning a new BBX device will make my day because my previous BB's I had are dead & I can't afford a new one not even for X-Mas ;-( (I AM PHONELESS RIGHT NOW! HELP ME). So I will appreciate it ALOT if I got selected to win & I love BlackBerry smart-phones, I'm a techno gyal! Thank you CrackBerry for this contest!

Awesome. It's nice to see some shake-up in the design arena for this company. Happy with my Curve but would love an upgrade! :-)

I really would like a phone from Blackberry,,i tried the BBM from a friends phone,,i liked it great way to communicate wth friends n family,,,,:)

I have an iPhone 4 and it SUCKS trying to get e-mail from a source outside their top picks. And now it's dropping e-mails from a finally-established and well known one--hotmail. I WANT THE NEW BB!!! Please send it to me. I've been reeaaaaallllyyyyy good this year.....

Hope I can still win one... in the "latter part of calendar 2012". That is seriously disappointing.

it will probably be 2020 before its released based on their constantly missed and pushed back timelines, but I'd still like one.

Win an IOU.. best competition ever? I think so! BBX (or '10') me up please Crackberry!

Happy Holidays to you and All xx

enter the new year (maybe "finish the new year" :D ) with a new BB would be a well and good thing...hope to win!!!

i want in on this. my bold 9900 is amazing but a BBX blackberry would be awesome! Blackberry FTW!

Yay! I want one SOOO bad! I have a Droid Inc2 right now and I miss my BB SOOOO much! Hope BBX (or Blackberry 10, as I am sometimes hearing it called now) blows Android and iOS out of the water!

I can't remember if I entered this yet, but I would really love to win this. I am holding out on updating my 9700 for a BBX...I mean LTE BB10 device. I thank you in advance.

Left BB and went to Android after the disappointment of BBOS 6.0 (after many years of being BB user), hopefully BBX can bring me back to berry! :)

I'm still using an 8300 -- that's how hardcore(or lazy!) a BB fan I am. Want a good reason to get a newer BB and BB10 looks to be it.

The picture of the upcoming BBX phone shows a classy looking phone. This along with the upgraded operating system and the promised hardware upgrade sounds like this phone will rock. I would love to have one because I need to upgrade my Bold 9700 and the price is right if I win this contest. So come on Santa and stop at my house.

I think RIM will make a comeback in the US with these new BB10 phones and I for one would like to be one of the first to have one! Thank you Crackberry for your awesome contests!

I sure hope there is such a thing next year. I'm looking forward to seeing a competitive product come from RIM. If it does show up, I sure would like a new Blackberry.

Ive been a loyal nokia n900 user since 2008 recently I accidently dropped it and well its history started searching for a new phone watched & read many reviews on the bold 9900 & 9790 – I love them both!!! however if I could win the new BBX that would even be better - please pick me!!!

Cant wait for this to be released! Finally a BlackBerry that resembles the other smartphones - Gonna love the larger screen!!

Love my OS7 Bold 9900 but this would be a great upgrade by the time it comes out. Awesome contest

Oh I would love to win a new BlackBerry 10 phone! Please pick me! Let's keep BlackBerry and RIM alive people! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I'm deployed with the Army to Afghanistan for a year. Would love to come home to a free BBX (or BB10) phone.

Ha ha ha. Like Crackberry has a snowball's chance in Hell getting the elusive BBX (RIM cannot even legally name the OS BBX now; this is a testament to how badly their legal team sucks) after the OFFICIAL announcement that the first devices wouldn't roll out until the end of the 2012. Since RIM is predicting late 2012, then guess when EVERY RIM release trend falls (yeah, they tend to *ahem* fudge [lie] dates EVERY time). I wouldn't even bank on RIM being a viable option by the time they drop the next series of obsolete devices in 2013. It's a shame too. I rather enjoyed these little QWERTY keyboards and scroll pads.

my first BBM please!!
i need one to connect wih my boyfriend all day long...
please please please i really need!

my first BBM please!!
i need one to connect wih my boyfriend all day long...
please please please i really need!

I am still using a storm for my bb - yeah i mean the origonal - becasue i keep waiting for the next big thing from RIM. Now maybe it is here with BBX and is my last hope before I lose my mind waiting!

Still using a 9630 Tour because I can't afford a new one. I would love a new BB 10 phone for VZW! Merry Christmas to all...I look forward to seeing what Santa brings me this year!

Today, Angry Birds on Playbook. And I bought all three, not because I need them, but to thank Rovio. What would make this better? A new phone when they come out.

Good Luck everyone! Happy Holidays and pay it forward this season! If everyone did one random act of kindness before the end of 2011, there will be a lot of smiling faces starting the new year! :)

I've been under a rock lately. Count me in on this contest. I would love to win as would everyone who has entered thus far. Good luck to all! Thanks Crackberry! Happy Holidays to all!!

Please oh please, I want the new BBX phone!! Pick me! Please please please!!

I support BlackBerry and RIM for years!!

I want RIM to succeed and grow past Apple and Google; to get back on top!!

This would be a great gift. I can't wait for RIM to take back the market share and this device will do it for them! Cheers and happy holidays.

I was hoping that someone from a developing country would experience to have a Blackberry 10 smartphone. since i wont be able to afford it anyway.

BB10 phone is the ONE!

long list of I'm Bold 9900 & PlayBook


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Can't remember if I have already commented... so just in case... Merry Christmas and good luck all!

Sign me up for the contest.... Always want the latest and greatest in a cell phone... Love the BBX... Gotta have one