Win a BBX BlackBerry from in our CrackBerry Santa Contest!

Win a BBX SuperPhone!
By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Dec 2011 01:05 pm EST

December is here which means it's time for yet another amazing CrackBerry Santa contest. With BlackBerry 7 Smartphones already on the market and much of CrackBerry Nation having already upgraded to the latest phones available, we decided the ultimate BlackBerry present to give away this Christmas would be something not yet available.

The Prize: 2012 will bring forth the release of the next generation of BlackBerry - the BBX Smartphone (or SuperPhone as I like to call it). We've already seen photos of the first BBX BlackBerry, which goes by the codename "london", and while it hasn't been officially announced yet, we know it's coming early in the year and that's what we're giving away! That's right. This holiday season one lucky CrackBerry member will win an IOU for a free BBX BlackBerry. As soon as it's available for purchase, we'll buy one and get it to you, just like that.

How to Enter: To enter, all you need to do is login to and leave a comment to this post and you'll be entered to win. Easy. And if you're not already a member of, what are you waiting for? You can register here for free! Contest open worldwide. We'll announce the winner New Year's Day. Please just leave ONE COMMENT per user (if you leave more, only the first will be counted as entry).

That's it. Good luck. And on behalf of the team at, Happy Holidays!!!

Reader comments

Win a BBX BlackBerry from in our CrackBerry Santa Contest!



Count me in!! Thanks guys.

p.s. Although it won't be out before April :s...I'm sure it will be worth the wait :).

must win to replace my 9650 that's still under contract, thanks verizon on not releasing it on time like all the other carriers...

Please pick me.. I know am very far away but u said world wide nd I really need 2 win this fon! Am a huge blackberry fan nd av never won anything in my life.. Coz well I always thot that competitions aren't real nd here iam trying my luck.. I will jst cross my fingers untill u announce the winner! :-) :-)

How cool is this?!! I have been hoping to see more of the BBX phones and eagerly anticipating trying one.... Please pick me!!! I'll be thrilled to show it to my friends and co-workers!

id love to win a new bbx blackberry! please pick me crackberry! i love you crackberry with all my heart :)

All I want for Christmas is a new BBX Superphone, so I can text everyone a Merry Christmas! Put one in my stocking please!

Well...never actually WON anything ever...but maybe that would change....
My secret? I just made a deal with the crossroads demon for this phone *evil laugh*

I seriously, seriously want this phone!!! I haven't won a damn thing in about 30 contests so i'm not holding my breath!

I would 'BBX' delighted to win this one though!

Been a fan of BB ever since! Been waiting for this BBX OS device! If I win it then I'm so blessed & lucky... If not then I would congratulate the winner! Merry X'mas everyone! Peace & harmony!

I am really hopeful BlackBerry pull through next year. I love their devices. I was an avid iOS user but after 3 years felt betrayed that Apple always released out of date hardware and software at unreasonable prices.

Now rocking a BB Bold again and won't look back. The new BBX range will make or brake RIM, so good luck guys!

Yes! Would love to win one!! What a great way to start off the new year if I win this one.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!

This would be awesome! i sacrificed my new phone money to supplement my super awesome playbook purchase, so getting a new BB before 2014 would be AWESOME!

I miss having a BB as my daily passion. I have the 9930 for work, but have been using an Android phone for personal stuff (has a front facing camera). I really want a next gen BlackBerry with BBX to replace my Atrix. Thanks for the opportunity!!

I'm holding onto my 9650... long past the end of my contract.. hoping the BBX devices are worth the wait.

Hi! I am from China. Very happy to konw the website Hope to konw more BBers. AND BBX blackberry device is my dream. I am using the 8900. Merry Christmas!!! Give me a chance and let me be the lucker. LOVE crackberry, LOVE blackberry.

Crackberry Nation don't listen to the naysayers or think the greater device is in another OS. Just go to the QNX website and revel at what QNX is and where it has been. Remember BBX is QNX no other platform can boast a pedigree such as this. Soon we will walk softly carrying our BBX.

BB 9900.......My new playbook is on the way! WooHoo! Can't wait to get my hands on the new toy and play with the QNX (BBX) platform. Now wouldn't a new BBX phone go well with my Playbook!


PLEASEE pick mee! I've been in need of a new phonee. My birthday is December 20th, and it would be a great prize to have since I will be graduating from college as well!

I've been away from BlackBerry for too long, really missing my old berries! Hopefully I win and can be back in the game at the right time!

Can't wait to see what BBX can do! Really trying to hold on to BlackBerry. My less than a year old Curve started giving me trouble at 5 months. Definitely looking to replace it.

RIM is not out of the races. It would be foolish to rush out with a new device in the hopes of a Christmas rush. The new year will bring some clarity to the market and will have other manufacturers boxing it out for small market scraps. This is RIMs chance to make a strong comeback.

Hi, good luck to everyone! If i win im going to donate the phone to my mom because she broken the last one :/.

BBX , BBX BBX. I want the new Phone, Tablet and OS. I want to finally have something to show off to all my friends with the Apple devices.

Please randomly pick me! I have been waiting for a BBX Superphone since last year! Kevin you are a genius for this IOU! this will make my 2012 better!

Glad to see more great BB innovation! Would love to an early adopter! Thanks for the chance Crackberry!

Honestly, this would be the best, of the best, of the best EVER contest to win! Good luck to everyone who has commented and to me as well! :P

I would die for this new blackberry. Have never owned any other kind of phone in my life, and i will forever be loyal to Blackberry, Crackberry, and Rim.

***Vote Kevin Michuluk for Rim CEO***

BLACKBERRY 4 LIFE!!! switched from my iPhone, never looked back. On my grown MAN game now ;D got a playbook on the way now too.... cant wait for this new lineup of devices, all the bandwagon hoppers will be back!!

I bought a Playbook on Black Friday and can't even use it with my 8130 Pearl! I decided I'm going to stick with Blackberry and RIM in the future- so becoming an early adopter of a BBX phone would be fantastic! Thanks Crackberry!

I can't wait for the new BBX phones. Hope the one with a qwerty will come out first part of next year. I'm in!!!

Im in for a BBX device. If I win I would appreciate an IOU like Lloyd Christmas wrote on a napkin in Dumb and Dumber. Ok, just the phone will do I guess. Thanks for the contest.

Merry Christmas in BBX, huge step! I hope RIM succeeds with this. I'm loving the 9790, I wish we stood a chance on winning that device, cos i like it simple..Thanks crackberry(Kevin). A huge fan from Nig

i do hope this phone lives up to the hype and is not another point something upgrade to an already existing phone,(eg) 9800 and the 9810 it should have being 9800.5. I think it's time we blackberry user got something that can rival that of iPhone and am hopping BBX is the answer to that.

I haven't won anything yet so this would be nice to go with my Playbook. please pull my name out of your lucky hat.

Loving the fact that crackberry runs such great competitions. Looking forward to playing with the new BBX handset once it appears.

Thanks again Kevin and the team

Winning this would be the best Christmas gift. . . I am recent college graduate and Christmas gifts are going to be very slim. This would be a great way to start the new year as well. Thank you crackberry.

Aw Man...great prizes, great gifts, great Christmas. I would like to win a BBX Blackberry smartphone because I love RIM, I love Blackberry OS, I love QNX, I love Crackberry!

Hope to win! :D

I wish you a Merry Christmas! ;)

This is me commenting and hoping to win... i <3 BB

Atman Shah
Blackberry Torch 9810
Blackberry Playbook 16 GB

Merry Christmas Crackberry! If I am the lucky winner I promise to show it off to all my friends on this side of the world (South Africa) and make them want one, thus leading to African domination for RIM!

I used to be anti-BB. However, ever since I've been using the Bold 9930 for work, I've been rocking this baby all day long. Great for work and personal use. Love this device.

What a great prize.

I still have a Storm 1 and have been holding on for a Storm 3, which obviously has not arrived. A BBX would be the best possible replacement.

Please and Thanks.

I would love to win this and get a christmas present of a BBX phone or at least the IOU for one!

Dear seven lb, two oz baby Jesus....please let me win this contest. I really need to win this contest for my sanity.

As a thank you during Christmas I will leave cookies, a glass of Jack and the complete box set of Slayer - The Vinyl Conflict for pleasure.

love you !!!!!!!!!!!!

Does this void the contest since it's now BlackBerry 10 and no longer BBX. Will I be considered first to win as I was first to catch it? ; ) Thanks!

So excited about BBX or BlackBerry 10 as it may now be called. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Wowzers.. I just got the 9810 and ready to trade it in for this BBX Superphone.. Still a loyal BB user #teamblackberry.. When this phone drops watch how many people want to come back after abandoning us smh...