Win a BBX BlackBerry from in our CrackBerry Santa Contest!

Win a BBX SuperPhone!
By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Dec 2011 01:05 pm EST

December is here which means it's time for yet another amazing CrackBerry Santa contest. With BlackBerry 7 Smartphones already on the market and much of CrackBerry Nation having already upgraded to the latest phones available, we decided the ultimate BlackBerry present to give away this Christmas would be something not yet available.

The Prize: 2012 will bring forth the release of the next generation of BlackBerry - the BBX Smartphone (or SuperPhone as I like to call it). We've already seen photos of the first BBX BlackBerry, which goes by the codename "london", and while it hasn't been officially announced yet, we know it's coming early in the year and that's what we're giving away! That's right. This holiday season one lucky CrackBerry member will win an IOU for a free BBX BlackBerry. As soon as it's available for purchase, we'll buy one and get it to you, just like that.

How to Enter: To enter, all you need to do is login to and leave a comment to this post and you'll be entered to win. Easy. And if you're not already a member of, what are you waiting for? You can register here for free! Contest open worldwide. We'll announce the winner New Year's Day. Please just leave ONE COMMENT per user (if you leave more, only the first will be counted as entry).

That's it. Good luck. And on behalf of the team at, Happy Holidays!!!

Reader comments

Win a BBX BlackBerry from in our CrackBerry Santa Contest!



The new BBX phone will blow the Android and iPhones out of the water! Pick me and I'll LOUDLY proclaim the greatness of Blackberry!!!!!

I always thought about unix or BSD on BB ..finally my dream came true wether i get BB from this contest or not i am getting BBX...and thank you crackberry

I've been arguing with all my friends that have moved on from blackberry. Please let me win this to shut them up!

*crossing fingers and toes*

The way these last few months have been going, I could use a pick me up in the new year : )
Good luck everyone!!!

Would love to get a new BBX phone, even though I just purchase the new Torch 9850 this fall! Go RIM!


BTW Merry X-Mas to all of u Crackberry Addicts :D

It'd be really cool if I won, but who knows. I'm going up against a lot and I mean A LOT of people. I'll keep my fingers crossed :)

With as many comments as this is going to get this would be about as lucky as winning the lottery! I would loveeeee to win a new BBX Blackberry!!!

I would certainly make the switch back to BB for one of these phones. Love BBX software on the playbook.

Is the CrackBerry Santa just Kevin wearing a cute little Santa hat, Or is he like the regular Santa - a big bellied old guy who dresses in red and breaks in to houses? :o)

I'll take my chances if I win! :oD

I always love Blackberry smartphone. BBx ! it will be in my dream from today. I hope that i will win . I will buy one when it release, but i realy want it from LOl it is Great

This is an amazing contest! It would be honestly an ultimate prize for a blackberry supporter. Go RIM! Hope to see the london by the olympics with some great ads!

This BBX BlackBerry would be a fantastic way to start the new year!! As a BlackBerry user and abuser, it seems only fair that I should win a BlackBerry LONDON. Also I have stuck with RIM/BlackBerry through the glory days and when the going got tough. I truly feel that the BlackBerry platform is the best. We should all be supporting RIM/BlackBerry throgh thick and thin. Hope you all agree.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!!

- CB

I wanna win. KThanx.

I'd compare this to winning the lottery, except I wouldn't be rich. But just like money, everyone would want to borrow my phone.

I would LOOOOOVE a BBX phone, i have a playbook and a BB but I would love to have BBX on both my devices. BBX ftw over iphone and android.

Definitely want one! My new Torch 9850, which I love, will go to my beloved husband to upgrade his Storm2.

Oh please pick meee, as I post this with my awesome new Playbook! Thank you, from one Crackberry Canadian to another!!!

I prefer the qwerty BBX but heck touchscreen BBX will show the IOS /android phones how it's done the Blackberry way

A new BB BBX would make my new years AWESOME!!! I love my ol' Storm 2, but BBX is gonna make me feel like Surfing!!!!!!

I will be rewarded by CB for defending blackberry every day of my life against friends, family and co-workers who think I'm insane for not switching to the white fruit or the green robot!
BIG THANKS 3 months ahead for selecting me! Good choice!

Happy Holidays Crackberry team. Hope to meet Kevin and the rest in person and win this contest. All the best Crackberry Team. GO TEAM BLACKBERRY. :)

awesome phone,I been using blackberry phone for nearly 5 year and may say that one of the blackberry fan so I really need it, please pick me. Thank.

I think I am in love. I just can't decide if it is with BBX or the chick in the photo. Is it too greedy to ask for both?

I really really really would love to win a new BBX phone. I'm really behind in the bb world I still have my 8520 :).


Mz. K!ki

As one who is trying to numb the itch to move from BB to another platform (trust me, I'm trying), this would definitely keep me in the BB camp.

Pick me, please!!!! please???? I would love to have a bbx blackberry. As always, Crackberry nation rox my sox!!!

Great idea guys :) I wish you a lucky xmas as well. I love RIM, I love Crackberry. You guys do a great job. Cheers

please please pick me!!!! I was forced to get an Android after my Storm took a dumb and before the new Blackberrys came out! SAVE ME!

Hope you rot Apple with this new BBX Phone!!!!!

Love to get one in my hands and rub in every Iphone user!!! hahahaha

BBX Superphone!
I'm absolutely excited for these phones to come out. Hope this is one I'm able to win! :)

Settle down boys and girls! This one is ALL mine. Toss that puppy my way...

8330 - 8530 - 9630 - 9650 - PlayBook - 9930!
Once you go Bold, you never go back...