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CrackBerry Report Card: The top three things you're loving and hating about BlackBerry 10

By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Jul 2013 12:18 pm EDT

The results are in from our Mega BlackBerry Survey, and we're combing through the data and bringing you back the results in a meaningful way. We already took a look at customer satisifaction levels for the Z10 and Q10, which overall were pretty positive.

Next up, we're looking at what your most and least favorite features of BlackBerry 10 are so far. On the survey we asked this as an open question, so the range of responses was MASSIVE and in some cases, extremely detailed. That said, we were able to go through the wide range of over 4,500 responses, weed out the outliers and distil it down to the most commonly-related answers. Doing that, a clear basic list emerged. Without further ado, here are the results!

Top Three Things You're LOVING About BlackBerry 10

  1. BlackBerry 10 Hub
  2. BlackBerry 10 Keyboard (both touchscreen and physical keyboard) 
  3. The BlackBerry Flow experience (gestures, multitasking working together with SPEED).

These three items won the clear majority of love from BlackBerry 10 users and were pretty much on par with each other, with the BlackBerry 10 web browser a close forth. 

Interesting to note is that these factors were consistent between both Z10 and Q10 owners, as well as those who came to BB10 from older BB devices or from non-BlackBerry phones. 

Top Three Things You're LIKING LEAST About BlackBerry 10

  1. Lack of Apps
  2. Battery Life (Z10 owners) / Screen Size (Q10 owners)
  3. Contacts Apps (all sorts of issues)

Apps, APPs, APPS!!!! If there's one thing BlackBerry 10 users all could be much happier with, it's apps. Missing third party apps, more quality among existing apps, better native apps (people want their podcast app, social feeds app, better weather app, native stocks app, etc.). Apps was the clear winner leader here.

Next up, Z10 owners want more battery life. Q10 owners wish the screen was even bigger.

After that, Contacts related responses emerged in a HUGE way on the survey. Users reported all sorts of frustrations here - duplicate contacts, missing contacts, contacts not syncing, issues with moving contacts from BB7 to BB10, etc. 

Following that, the responses became more specific to individual users. PlayBook owners want Bridge fixed. Power users want more notifications and all shortcuts from BB7 back, etc.

It was interesting to note that some items made both the most liked and least liked list. For example, the camera - a lot of people LOVE it. Others think it needs to be way better. 

Keep Moving!

Overall, I don't think there were any BIG SURPRISES here based on the action we've been seeing in the CrackBerry forums since BlackBerry 10 hit the market. Just goes to show there is a lot to love about BlackBerry 10, and also work to be done.



Contacts is my biggest issue, they need to fix this ASAP.

Posted via CB10


Please specify what is wrong. I have had no issues.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!


+1 no issue with contacts what so ever but man would I love to have my BlackBerry bridge functionality back.

I miss the days of plugging my phone in to give it some juice but still getting my texts, BBM, email (corp) and notes while on my PlayBook. This just needs to happen, they need to at a minimum bring this functionality back.

Posted via CB10 using a Z10


Ya its so stupid that they didn't give the bridge full functionality between the PlayBook and BB 10. They developed the PlayBook and some bought it so why not still support for those users. Very bad on BlackBerry s part!!!

Posted via CB10


A Lot of this stuff is fixed in later leaked releases. Also more apps are available in later releases and apps like tunein radio become native downloads.

Excited for 10.2

Posted via CB10 on Z10_10.1.0.4543


Sez whom? I mean, I sure hope it's true, but...


What are d contact issues. Not had any at all

Posted via CB10


Some contacts randomly disappear on my Z10.


Heh a few of mine have also disappeared. Guess I'm not crazy after all.


Yeah I swore it was just me!


This happened to me initially, but now it's all Gucci.


Mine are all triplicates tried to link them but they return after few min. Also mine will disappear occasionally but returns after reboot.

Posted via CB10 from my Z10 or PlayBook!


Exchange contacts are a mess currently. One plus is that BB10 is the only smartphone OS I'm aware of that is able to sync shared address books but the device doesn't identify the Exchange address books separately so you have no way to filter your device contacts. BES10 is missing the feature that allowed you to specify which Exchange address books sync with the device and the device itself lumps all Exchange address books, including Suggested Contacts, into one big Work address book with no filtering capabilities whatsoever.


Contacts are a mess if Blackberry Balance is installed. You can't transfer some of your contacts to useful things like your vehicle - Ford's sync sometimes doesn't get the contacts from the business side of the phone. The linking is iffy, and if you have a lot of contacts and FB and Twitter and BBM you have to link manually - even if they all sport the same e-mail address.

At least you can isolate them by e-mail address/bbm/etc if you want, but it would be way handier if they did connect together properly and automagically.

I'm so tempted to delete the balance app from my phone as I never use it and it screws up lots of things, like being able to share an attachment from your work account to a text message or bbm or whatever - you have to forward the e-mail to your personal account and can share away from there!


I can't stand blackberry balance. I thought I was going to love it, but it places too many restrictions on your phone.. no side loading, no file sharing via usb.. argh!


Duplicate contacts and cannot sync all contacts to sim card. Only 2% of my contacts can be added to my sim card.

Posted via CB10


playbook is dead & bridge along w/ it,,, the fact that they didn't include it in the "10" release tells me they knew well ahead of time they were gonna ditch the pb,,, they've already stated pb will get NO further updates or support,,, so you're not getting bridge...


BlackBerry broke the promise and if they don't support bridge functionality on the PB, there are going to be much more BlackBerry haters.

Posted via CB10


My issue with contacts is not being able to group contacts like on BBOS. I lead a team and our primary communication is with email. Before, I could group all the email addresses together in one contact which made email blasts super easy. Now, every time I need to send an email to the team I either have to add every email address individually or wait until I get to my PC and send it from Thunderbird. This was never addressed on the PB and it is still missing on BB10.



Posted via CB10


My issue with contacts is this, on my BB7 (torch touch) when you would go to call log, you didn't see the same call 50 different times while scrolling, it would only show the last time you called or received a call from that number. I would then select the call and then select the view history option and POOF, every call I made and received from that entry in proper order. Made doing my Business call logs so fast to do... Not you have to jump through hoops and even when you select the activity option on BB10 it only shows a very limited amount of information and doesn't go back very far in time. The other thing is on my old device when I would need to make a call from contacts is would list - work 1, work 2, work 3 numbers , as well as cell 1, cell 2, etc... I have a lot of contacts that have 2 or 3 cells, with different work numbers and because of BB10 only showing work, 3 times in a row, I now have to remember what damn number is for which cell, or home I need to get a hold of at that time. Since at times I have to call their personal cell, or their work cell, or their government issued cell ...

Bridge, a functioning working Bridge connection (min of what was with the BB7 devices) to PlayBook would solve 3/4ths of my issues with the Z10. I do not care if they are planning to let Playbook die with out any support as long as they leave me with the means to do my job out in the middle of nowhere easy.

Side Note, WTF is going on with SYNC to Outlook? Ever going to fix that or bring that up to snuff?


Bb works for me.

STL 100-3 os


Whats wrong with contacts?

STL 100-3 os


Good question, other than a few out of order I don't have any problems. My biggest beef is the notifications. They are horid!.


No matter how many times I merge contacts. I still have triples and even quadrupled contacts in my list. When I want to text someone I get 7 different contacts for them pop up.

My mom only has a cell phone. No facebook/twitter etc. Yet she has 4 contacts in my phone.

Posted via CB10


Yes, I'm still seeing the duplicate contacts issue too. It DOES seem to be getting better, but there's a ways to go for sure.


And why when you are composing a TEXT do email address come up. It should know that you want to send a text to a contacts phone number.


That would make sense if you have chosen to create a text filter out only mobile #s, or if twitter, filter out twitters etc, would make complete sense

Posted via CB10


Contacts is frustrating, recently it changed names of contacts as it mixed up linked Sim Card entries. Then it never remembers selected pictures. It forgets manual corrections. it does not propagate updates to online Adresse books etc.

Posted via CB10


Mine doesn't merge all sim contacts. You need to dig for them specifically in the sim contact list to find them.


See my reply to Playbook007 above. For business users who are trying to "get things done," the management of Exchange contacts is lackluster at best. I sincerely hope they resolve these issues with 10.2 upgrade because it requires a lot of work on the end user's part currently to make their Exchange contacts manageable on the BB10 devices.


Addresses from BB7 didn't transfer over, added fields like "Nickname" don't show up when viewing the contact, etc, etc. These are very basic must haves.

Posted via CB10


No surprises at all.

In terms of apps, it gets better every day.

For battery life, hopefully more progress with 10.2.

Posted via CB10


Ya I agree wish the battery life would last longer on my z10. Wish they made the battery bigger even if it means the phone being a bit thicker and heavier. Not sure the 2800 for the A10 is good enough considering the screen is much bigger, a higher clocked dual core cpu along with a quad core gpu.

Posted via CB10


Apps get better every day? How, specifically? The last reports of a major app arriving on BlackBerry 10 included Discovery Channel (regional), WWE and Crackle. Nice looking apps but not exactly the most sought after.


Wasn't PlayOn just announced yesterday?


And your point? That title is nowhere to be found on the Google Play Store's top 500 free and new lists.


And why exactly do we care about the top 500 on Google Play Store?


Um, how about because it's a good indicator of what's hot and popular out there.


Lol exactly if Blackberry wants to pull users from IOS and Android what do people really want those phones for? Apps, for the most part. So why wouldn't people considering Blackberry for the first time or possible giving it a last shot want the same APPS!

Posted via CB10

m osnato12

My battery life could be so much better even after I did all the power saving methods :/ other than that I don't even care about the apps I just need my phone to not die on me while I'm out

Posted Via CB10 on BlackBerry Z10


I have the z10. Version 10.1. Battery used to be an issue on the original 10.0. 1 full day for me is good enough.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!


Not happening. The word seems to be we might see bug fixes, but no major app/feature updates on the PB.


That's his signature. Just ignore it.


Can you edit this post to include the number of responses? Thanks!

Kevin Michaluk

Over 4,500 responses to this question. Survey had over 7,000, but not all were BB10 owners.


With that many responses, it may have been better to report the Top 5 rather than just three results for each category.


I agree with Birdman, I wonder what else people liked/didn't like...


I'd love to see more options in terms of ways to unlock my Z10 when it's locked. For example, I'd like to be given the option to choose if I want to use a passcode (with a minimum of 6 digits because 4 digits just isn't secure enough.) or a traditional password to unlock my phone. I think by using a passcode to unlock my phone, it makes unlocking my phone a lot faster while giving me options for ways to lock and unlock my phone. I'd also want to see the photo viewer app fixed to allow smart sorting of pictures taken with the camera based on time, date, and location similar to the one coming to iOS 7. One more issue I'd like to see addressed is photo sharing from within the photo viewer. From my experiences, I found that currently, we're limited to uploading photos to Facebook one photo at a time. Same thing for general photo sharing and that's a pretty big problem. Why is that? I hope they bring the ability to share multiple photos at once like we were able to do on BlackBerry OS phones.


I believe that OS10.2 has some changes for Z10 password entry. I have Q10 so didn't pay much attention to it but recall seeing some stuff about it.


Quick unlock is coming. Leaked pictures of 10.2 show it.


I'm interested in seeing what kind of quick unlock it's going to be or at least what's shown in the leaked photos.


I certainly expected a shortfall in functionality - BBRY delivered the Minimum Viable Product now they need to take the feedback and use it to prioritise how new features and user reported issues are dealt with... So far, so good!

Powered by Z10 on via DTAC 3G


Bingo! You deserve a prize for that remark, because you've hit something important. New platform, and to expect it to do everything the old one did is just unrealistic.

BB IS improving the platform, and working at it pretty aggressively (updates have far outpaced those of Microsoft for WP). I believe they're doing everything they can.


With the exception of finding a way for official updates to get into the end user's hands.


Well said Sir!!!!!!

Posted via CB10


I have no Contacts Problem my biggest complaint is why have Story Maker if you can't send a Video to anyone

Posted via CB10


To get around this problem I upload my large files and videos to BOX. I then just email the BOX supplied link so the files can be downloaded later. Funny, it seems most Apple users can't seem to figure out how to download the files from Box. I'm forever having to explain it to them. Doesn't seem to be a problem with BB or Android users. They always seem to figure it our right away

Posted via CB10


The iPhone is made for people who are not able to think around the corner... as we use to say in German :)

Posted via CB10


Love it Kevin... i'm industrial psychologist and really like that you are sharing with bbry leadership. great work!

Posted via CB10 with Z10


Am I the only one who loves the Hub but hates the way it stays where you were when you last looked at it?

IMHO, for the Peek to work properly, the Hub should display the top level of messages and notifications when you peek at it... not whatever was the last thing you were doing in the hub.

Posted via CB10


Agree. I think open emails or BBM or whatever from the hub should just show as an active frame that automatically closes (from the home screen) when you go back in it to go back to the messages list. This way peek from another app would show your notifications as expected, but if you want to go back to an open message, you could simply go to that active frame and then back to the other app you have open. Also, this could allow you to have multiple open messages. If you are composing something and you switch to another app, then accidentally close the message being composed that was in an active frame, you could get it back in the hub as it would be a draft in the message list.


+1. Bump!

Posted via CB10


Yes yes yes!!

Posted via CB10


I do too.

Posted via CB10


Plus a email icon on the desktop like the text message icon


I completely agree with this! I've finally gotten used to making sure that I back out of whatever specific message I was viewing before exiting the Hub but this was a serious frustration for me during the first couple of months that I used the device. I can see where some people would complain if their specific message automatically closed though. For example, if I had to navigate away from the Hub in order to look up a contact, appointment or web page before responding to a message, it might be frustrating to return to the Hub and find that my message had been closed. I guess you can't please all the people all the time. :-)


That's a good idea. However won't fly! Since I use hub...boom email! then swipe up and boom open office docs. Copy paste the text...

And with one swipe to the right it takes me back to the email and I respond in less then 10 seconds and I get the customer.

Love the hub for my business.

Posted via Q10 using CB10


i find that blackberry maps is the most useless app. not sure how many 3rd party map apps i have been buying and trying to compensate for this


I agree with you. BlackBerry Maps in its current state is pretty much a bare bones app. It's lacking key features like transit directions, and walking directions just to name a few. That's not the only app they need to fix. They also need to add more functionality to the voice control app. It's just ridiculous but the voice control app isn't even close to what a truly usable voice control app should be. It should resemble Siri or even Google Now to be considered truly usable.


Voice Control is greatly expanded in 10.2.


I wish BlackBerry and google would just play nice and let us have Google maps again

Posted via CB10


yes, that would be the ideal solution


Really? It's not even made by BlackBerry anymore it's a full fledge Tom Tom! I love it! Deleted my sided loaded gmaps for it.

Posted via Q10 using CB10


coming from the android world, i am used to a lot more than mere tomtom which only covers a fraction of our planet. so maybe my expectations are too high?


Well, whatever it's based on, BlackBerry Maps, like I stated in a comment above, is missing some pretty key features and they need to try and fix that fast.


Yes contacts app is the worst. Been a problem for months. You would think that's an easy fix. But here I am with Verizon. Still no OS update neither.

Posted via CB10


I'm on Orange, don't care Z10STL100-1/, the "official " OS it's 2312... who cares?!


Frustrating how hard it is to dial in the contacts app while the calendar is do good.

Posted via CB10

julie blackwood

Spotify and battery life. Please.!!!!!

Posted via CB10


Btw, better battery life in 4633 For Z10


Q10 : Screen Size as Dislike.. Why am I not even surprised O_O Only a Slider would reconcile the Touch and the Type people.

But we all at least agree that we need APPS!!.


Biggest issue is the 3 issues above and active frames
I think the active frames should be something similar to windows 8 where the size and layout and be adjusted

Posted via CB10



i used to be of that opinion ...
but recenlty im tihnk if it would better to have new homescreen between active frames and icon grid that serves as a widget and mini app home


I would love this too. Anything that would give a more customized experience would be greatly appreciated.

Posted via CB10


I want to add I HATE BlackBerry SYNC!!! It won't copy half of itunes library from my Mac. It keeps on crashing. It's Crap!! I never

Posted via CB10


Yeah RIM needs to fix their contacts issues! Its the basic part of the phone! I know people from RIM read through these forums so I am hoping they actually see this and work on this issue. Come out with hotfixes that fix major issues like this. Don't make your customers wait for a brand new update that takes a few months to build and test and then deploy. All the other phone players have bugs too, they address them immediately and get the customers satisfied! If they keep up with this trend they will loose loyal BlackBerry users! I have been using a BB from 2002 and have never looked back, these issues are making me really think twice now! I hope these guys get their act together and work to really improve the product!


Maybe they are working on those issues. It's hard to say. But they are handcuffed by the carriers when it comes time to release the update that may contain such fixes.


I totally understand that but they should still push bug update directly to the users! How can you have contacts on a phone not work? There are other small bugs on the phone here and there, they need to listen and react! Please listen RIM and make appropriate changes! We are behind you and we are supporting you!


Great blog!!!!  Good info


Battery life is fine terrible. My phone has been on for 5 hours, three of which were in airplane mode and it's already in the yellow. This needs to stop.

Poirots Progeny

The biggest issue I have is the lack of OPENVPN!

That is a major security issue - sort that and the Q10 is brilliant, and it will only get better with future updates!

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10


I bought the z10, and still keeping the iphone 4s fir the apps. If BlackBerry does not work hard to launch more and more apps, then they will be killing their products.

when 10.2 will be released, long time hearing about it.

Posted via CB10


Spot ON! That about sums up the BB10 experience!

Although I would argue a lot needs to be fixed in the HUB aswell.


"...with the BlackBerry 10 web browser a close forth."

*fourth. Fixed it for you :)


Yes Contacts for sure. This has to be addressed. Quickly

Posted via CB10

Parthiv Shah

Hey Kevin, such a nice summary of Blackberry 10's pros and cons. Yes certainly convey the message to Heins that if he focuses more energy on a 3.5 or a 4 inch Qwerty rather than launching a cheap BB OS 7 phone it will be a lot better. As far as apps are concerned these developers shall develop only once they see more number of BB10 handset users. That makes logical sense. But for pushing that BB10 needs to launch quality and products with latest and greatest hardware at a lot competitive prices even if initially they have to sacrifice on hardware margins. Why does Heins not see this? Had it been only a cash rich balancesheet which helps to see more apps on your OS then Microsoft also would have had lot many apps in its Windows 8 OS. But again app developers wanna see more Windows 8 market share. Now Nokia has all types of price points and quality hardware but Windows 8 OS sucks and is way to non productive and complicated. Thats where BB10 OS is great and should pounce on! My 2 cents..:)


Loving: hub, gestures (gets rid of back button), keyboard, BBM, calender app,

Hating: cascades based apps -- they're clunky. I actually prefer some android ports. Better, slicker design.

Live tiles page -- I NEVER use it. Worse, it ruins the flow. Without this page I could swipe from apps to hub easily, every time. Why not make the active/open app just remain highlighted on your app pages.

Too much animation. Using the peek gesture in some apps sees them go all wonky trying to format into the shrinking page size. Why? Once you start to peek, the shrinking page should be frozen.

The need to swipe extremely far up to wake the phone up. This should be shortened.

The lack of coherence: some os-level apps have cascades, some rely on dots to access additional functions, some use the drop down. Make them ALL THE SAME already. It looks sloppy. Design isn't just visuals; it's uniformity and predictability. Apple ios has bb10 beat on this.

Posted via CB10


There will never be the uniformity you desire as long as Android ports are allowed. Would be nice though.


He specifically addressed his uniformity comment to components of the OS.


LOL - I'm hating the ugly, too colorful Android ports and love the cascade apps :)

You can't please everyone


People who buy a Q10, then yearn for a larger screen are clearly lacking intelligence. Or they are literally blind and could not visually see the device upon purchase.

That has to be the stupidest thing I've ever read. "I bought a Q10 over other phones because I wanted a large screen." (nobody said that, but that may as well be said, LOL) makes NO SENSE whatsoever. It has a small screen, that does not grow over time, meaning - when you purchase a Q10, it's got the same screen before and after purchase.

If you don't want a candybar phone with a keyboard and want a large screen, then why in the heck would you buy a Q10? LMAO, seriously stupid.

People complain about THE WORST things and it is beginning to make me wonder about the future of our species. Doesn't look good.

Are people really like that? Yep. For sure.

Also, when you buy a BlackBerry and go into BlackBerry World, there are thousands of quality apps. If you absolutely need netflix and instacrap - side load them, they're not in BlackBerry World. You knew this before you bought a BlackBerry 10 phone, yet still bought one just to complain about missing apps? Wow.

One more thing, "BlackBerry battery charger bundle" buy one. There is no way around battery life issues on LTE with an all touch phone outside of a bigger battery, a brand new battery tech innovation, or two batteries.

Your battery life will drain faster when the radio is working harder. Just a fact and downside to having slab phones with super fast speeds for data. How is that not considered before whining about battery life?

Posted via CB10


People complain about the Screen size on the Q10 were willing to give up a nice chunk of Z10 Screen real-estate but thought the Q10 will be like the BBOS devices which by lowering the Font size we'd gain much screen space...

I used BBOS with font size 5, that gave me %30 more content on the screen in Email, Contacts & BBM

With the Q10, the fonts are smaller but the frames/boxes stay the same... That's bad UI & that's what most are complaining about

Look it up in the forums, there's a whole movement about this


I use my Q10 everyday and I don't really need to read about people's personal beefs with theirs. I have no issues with anything about my Q10, especially the size of the screen.

If somebody wants to go on a pixel hunt looking for problems on their Q10 display, more power to them. I don't see anything wrong with it, nor will I go out persuing a thread regarding this.

Posted via CB10


If you are completely happy with your Q10 and not interested in other opinions - good on you but why do you then read the comments? As you said that's "stupid".

As lipa123 mentioned - many (myself included) want to have a better design to use the small screen more effectively. The hub/frames/box issue is an example.

Also there are complains and complains: I bought the Q10 knowing about the screen size - but would like to have as a future release from BB a slider phone or a phone with a slightly larger screen (e.g. one row more).
Does this make sense to you!?

Mo Cat

+1 buckwylder
Owner of a Q10 for about 3 months now and knew exactly what i was getting before i purchased it, except my individual user experience ofc. Don't use many apps anyway but as a communicator the Q10 rocks it for me.

Denise in Los Angeles

Thanks Kevin, this is great to see the actual data based on the people responding to the poll.


Iam getting about 15 hours of battery daily. On my Z10 but iam using BlackBerry 9810 charger. For some reason the original charger only last 10 hours. Please try it.

Posted via CB10

z10 rocks

It works fine for me,
Love it, happy I ditched iPhone,
I'm back with the black lol

Posted via CB10


Thor, put everything OS7 has into far OS7 was the best BB ever had.........


The batterie an the apps stays not in BlackBerry

Posted via CB10


Not good

Posted via CB10


Still the backspace and send button...

Posted via CB10


Nobody misses the BBM history by date that we don't have anymore?

Posted via CB10


Hi, I just want to share my experience.

I'm developer. I'm successful Android developer. I'm also BlackBerry 10 developer (I set up my personal goal to be successful also on BlackBerry as I really like BB10 platform). I started to create podcast player ( It is currently free and it is at the top of search for word podcast.

After month of development I released first version and I found that there is about 100 daily downloads of this free app. So it has very little commercial potential as conversion ratio on BlackBerry is about between 1:30 to 1:50 for paid apps (still much better than on Android).

At current size of the platform very optimistic number of sales is less than 5-10 copies sold per day.

It is too little to pay my bills.

After half of year of full time job I decided to decrease priority of BB10 development and return back to Android. It hurts but current situation with BB10 is so bad.


One of the biggest issues with contacts are the discrepancies between what the user sees in the Contacts app itself, and what other apps see via the Contacts API. Of course users will never report these issues as what they are. Instead, they'll blame all those 3rd party apps that heavily depend on system contact data, assume it must be the app developer's fault, write bad reviews, etc. Since there aren't many of these apps, the blame isn't that obvious to the end user. I just hope it gets cleaned up in the near future.


If you killed the tile screen you could eliminate the time-wasting animation when opening apps. So pointless. Just have the app open.

Posted via CB10


I don't get the Q10 screen size issue. You pick a phone, WITH a keyboard. If the screen was bigger, the phone would be bigger. And then that would be a problem...or so i feel

Posted via CB10


-1 ;)

I picked the phone, knowing the limitations of the screen. I don't whinge and believe when deciding between keyboard or screen, going for the keyboard was correct for me.
But though - I think **in the future** there should be a BB with a larger screen.

Also the small screen is an issue on the Q10 because you have to use the screen quite often. If you would have more shortcuts (text selection, navigation, hub management, ...) the smaller screen would not be an issue


Hope BlackBerry is reading this survey. Not sure if they have ever done a survey like this. Thanks to CrackBerry for taking the effort.

Posted via CB10


What good us having more apps if ny battery dies when trying to use them

Posted via CB10


Your battery just dies when trying to use an app? I don't think so. That doesn't sound right at all. I use apps all the time on BlackBerry 10. LOL.

Posted via CB10


Oh, and hate Apple's home button all you like but at least it makes closing an app take one step, rather than two with bb10.

Posted via CB10


How so? I'm going to try real hard to close this app with one gesture after typing this. But I'm betting I'll just minimize it with one gesture and to close it will require a second.

Posted via CB10


Just as you explained closing an app for BlackBerry. Pls explain closing an app for iPhone. I'm waiting...


Last iPhone I owned was a 3g. To close an app, you pressed the home key. Not sure how the newer versions work.

Posted via CB10


That only minimizes the app. Double press the home button and you get shown the app drawer with every app that's been open since you've turned the phone on. Then you have to make them jiggle before you close them. So yeah, a lot more work.

Posted via CB10


you owe the whole of Crackberry an apology! For putting out wrong information. You don't even know how to close an app on an iPhone, and you're here blabbing away. Apologise nw!!!


Closing an App on iphone:
1.- tap the home button
2.- Double tap the home button to display the app swticher
3.- long press the app icon on the app switcher
4.- hit the "x" on the app aicon to close the app

Close an app on BlackBerry 10:
1.- swipe up
2.- hit the x on the app


Really dude? LMAO

Okay bro.

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when i go to the phone application and search by contact, some are not showing up smh. I have to actually go to the contacts app to call the person

megat asyrul

just now my battery (Z10) went down from 100% to 87% in just 12 minutes.and I dont even touch the battery trashed already?

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Something is draining it. Prolly an app.


My biggest issue is the contacts and phone should be one app. I like the link part about it. Also organizing bookmarks on browser would be nice.


Keep'em coming :)

My PlayBook? Very useful in the shower as a radio and notepad :)

I hope BlackBerry is looking at this so they can start work on these things. I wouldn't went BlackBerry to go down.

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BlackBerry 10 can't prepare me pancakes. I'm so disappointed in that because I expect breakfast from my smartphone. Why is BlackBerry not addressing the whole breakfast issue?

Thor, if the next BlackBerry 10 phone can't prepare breakfast, you may as well shut 'r' down man. People have expectations of BlackBerry 10 that just aren't there and I for one EXPECT BREAKFAST from BlackBerry 10, everyday.

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Forget the breakfast issue. What about the polish issue? Why can't my Z10 polish my shoe? This is totally unacceptable. It's just polishing. A new os of this kind should be able to do something like that. Thor! Do something!


...or wash my car. Vacuuming also would be a huge plus :P

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LOL. Positive use of sarcasm.

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Apps Smaps... But they sell phones.. I changed to bb years ago for its best in class communications .. Nothing more nothing less...and that's why I'm still here... physical keyboard and best in class email


BlackBerry needs to work on the eye candy part, it just looks way to formal. I hate animations that hinders speed and efficiency, but those that don't but adds a nice layer of visual kickass would be very, very welcomed.

Please BB, this part is important to get people to switch to BB10.


If I can't skydive and use my BlackBerry A10 as a parachute, I am selling all my shares and going to Jolla.

If I can't use the tazer feature I was promised in a dream I had where Thor and myself had to taze some guys who were trying to accost us during breakfast of all things, I'm selling all my shares and going to Jolla.

If I can't literally drive my A10 around in the streets like a car, I'm selling all my shares and going to Jolla.

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I heard the A10 has a works like a magic carpet. You can ride it around.

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Satisfied with hardware.. apps are the only big issue here

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So much potential with this os. Just fix its bugs and improve it. It's better than others... with work.

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Add my channel I have over 415 subscribers and over 10,100 visits. C00010BB9 add me now people all about technology

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1) contact/calendar management is a disaster. After 20 years, from Excel, to Filemaker, to Now Up To date, to Goldmine, to ACT, to Palm, To RIMM, to iOS, the BB10 contact/calendar is an embarrassment. We recently learned the individual in charge of this division (Gingras) left. What's next? A void or a fix?

2) support was not mentioned, but is a disaster. Most of those with contact/calendar issues don't know what's a bug vs what is a missing feature. BBRY needs to bridge their new BB 10 OS with SOME in-house support until wireless carriers get up to speed. Too many frustrated users giving up on platform because of this. In BBRY support forums, > 100 pages and >> 10,000 views on contact/calendar issue. A friend of mine using RIMM legacy device got error message last Friday. He called for support from wireless provider, told it was a "bad" problem. He's a physician, didn't have time to waste, although he loved his RIMM device ( and would come back), with uncertainty over future of company far easier for him to go iOS or Android. He went with Samsung. FIX SUPPORT. Apple = face to face support. Lenovo = 24/7 support from Atlanta by knowledgeable techs. BB10 users with problems have to figure too much out on their own, many give up. Read support forums if you don't believe this.

3) Why can't Crackberry help start a grass roots campaign touting the benefits of the device. CNBC, WSJ, Barrons, Motley Fool, etc all allow registered users to post opinions. Most articles they post are critical and foster a negative attitude towards the future of the company. This is scaring buyers away. Too often there are no level headed responses from current Z10 or Q10 users.

4) Investor relations is terrible. People with 10,000; 50,000; 100,000 shares can't get a response from a human being. They don't answer emails or phone calls.

5) Make BBRY Board of Directors use BB10 devices, iOS, and Android, to see what the rest of the world sees (not just a PowerPoint presentation). make Board of Directors trouble shoot their own devices, not have an IT tech clean things up for them. That will give them an idea why adoption has been luke warm. If any member of the Board of Directors had the problems many users are having, they would scrap the device and move to another platform: biz people can't live w/o contacts/calendar perfect.

6) We've been hearing about QNX for years. How about 1 great idea how this will revolutionize our lives?

7) Learn from mistakes: don't position A10 as flagship product, will be marketing suicide as sales will not likely be huge. Just announce it as one more product in the evolving ecosystem, ie set low expectations just like Apple does for earnings

8) Why was TH dwelling so much on women and smartphones during the QE QA session? What is BBRY's focus? Is it corporate BEST10? Is it broad smarphone market? Is it women? Please someone clarify.

9) Transparency and communication are weak now 2 weeks since QE report and 1 week since AGM. Silence from Waterloo. Meanwhile, we continue to hear negative spin from biz sites, tech sites, etc. TH are you listening? We hear and hope the personnel changes are for the better. Who's taking charge of calendar contact function? Etc... Now is NOT the time to crawl under a rock.

The survey is great. Let' stop asking just what we want from BBRY and take action ourselves across the full spectrum of social media and the net to help give BBRY a leg up on the "conventional wisdom" of where this company is going. iOS and Android users are not reading Crackberry. Take the message to them...


What's wrong with the Q10 screen size. It's good. Otherwise get the Z.

What I really want to see is a Torch like BB10 handset. THEN it's perfect!

Demobigen (Powered by Blackberry® Q10)


I can't believe people who bought a q10 complain about screen size. Shouldn't that be obvious when you buy it.


There is no other thing to complain about...and they have to complain about something. so that will do.


That's what I was thinking. Unless they want a ridiculously long phone, but that would look awkward.

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I don't see the lack of apps as a problem. For me it's that too many of them are Android ports.


Lack of Apps? Not for me, I have a ton of games and every necessary App I need (Don't need Netflix or that Instagram BS)

Battery issue? Not for me

Contacts issue? There is one?


Fix these issues BBRY:
1. Speed dialing
2. Hub takes longer to load when phone is turned on, and contacts just vanishing until after some minutes on Q10
3.Apps!!! Apps!!! Apps!!!....apps help sell phones
4. Target group ? Teens/college students or Corporate....I guess BBRY has to focus on Teens/College students
5. Fix Alt and Caps button of Q10. When you hit Alt or Caps and the symbol or word has been entered, Alt and Caps still stays on......until u hit the keys again to undo them
6. Contacts
7. Push updates straight from BBRY....phuck carriers, they hide BBRY phones and don"t care about updates

Lastly, I think BB10 was half baked just like the playbook and after soo many years , they couldn't perfect BB10 and it still has issues.

****Note to Thor, The average person in America, Africa,Asia, Middle East, Europe or Australia cannot afford either a Bentley or Tesla....there investing or integrating in cars or whatever they call it will not help BBRY for now, focus on the upcoming generation and how you can hook them to BBRY......Thor, just think about this phrase " Catch them young, and they shall be yours forever"


I would love to own a BB10 Torch device! Please make it happen BlackBerry!

-Loving my Z10-

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I'm so happy that I didn't upgrade! My 9930 bridged to my pb suits me very well. I do feel bad for not contributing to BB10 but without certain features I would have been a plain fool to spend $600.00+ on a half baked smartphone. Hey BB get your head out of your you know what if you want me to even consider purchasing another phone.


A native stocks app would be awesome.

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I have both the Z10 & Q10 - no complaints, awesome phones - I'm in heaven almost :)

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Pretty much spot on

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Elan Sokol

I wish we could rename pictures from the picture itself.

Sucks having to go into the file manager.

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Nathan Bael

I wonder what would happen if you segregated data by geographical location. Would carrier updates be listed in the USA for example?


Lately I've been using the browser more and really find it annoying to use on pages that aren't mobile enabled. The iPhone renders these pages much better. I thought the reader would fix this but it typically doesn’t capture the full page. Besides, it's not intuitive. If you don't have apps the browser needs to compensate and in this way it doesn't.

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Asa Misaka

I am happy until my phone reboots.

Check out Quick Stock in BlackBerry World! You can find it at

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I want use my phone as phone at first!! But it's so hard!!! In calls no option to sms.
No "select more " for example I have 5 numbers that called me and I want to send them all one sms, I can't do it (((

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My contacts app is a mess too. I link all the duplicates and then it unlinks them. Screws up all the info in each contact from time to time. Then it tries to sync a contact with every email account. Major fixes needed here.

Improvement Suggestions:

• Bring categories/filters from BB7 to BB10 for better organization & search functionality.

• Give us the option, when creating a contact on the phone, to select which email accounts we want the contact to be synced too, instead of syncing it to all of them.

• The ability to link different contacts together by relationship. For instance, say I have a friend named Bill, and he's married to a friend named Annie. It would be nice to somehow link each of those contacts together showing those two are married (same thing would go for children, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, etc.). I believe you can do something like this on an iPhone, so if you have ever used an iPhone, you may know what I'm talking about.

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Estelle van Dyk

How about the free mp3 downloads! Tubidy worked nice on my bold 9900, but not with my q10. Is there another site that works?

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frozen ray

It annoys me that I can't program the voice command button to rather switch on my flashlight app! Like my bold 9700

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Anyone out there have the issue of not being able to send picture texts -aka mms to others? My work around is to delete the cell number then to manually enter it, works like a charm. I'm on active sync, not BES.

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Of course, the number one thing that the average CB poll respondent loves the most -- the Hub -- is one of the things I hate the most about BB10. Go figure.


As per my previous post, screen size of 960*720 (vertically placed, 4*3 ratio) pix. would be fine for Q series. This could be accomplished by shifting the keyboard a bit down, increasing the height of the device. It would be hard, but not impossible.


the lack of multiple alarms is bothersome

also, the calendar notifications would be much more nice if they were audible

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To be honest on my Z10 when I'm writing out a long bbm it's goes SUPPER slow!!:(

And it's just not this Z10 what does it my other one did too!

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Get Gmail Apps Accounts email working. This is a joke. They would sell millions more units of they would just fix this.


Most stuff already mentioned:

Fixing, enhancing the contacts app:
Multiple contacts reappearing, support of email group, better intelligence - don't offer email addresses for text messages, call/email history for a contact
Minor things:
- For appointments in the calendar app, it should be possible to pick a contact as a location (and decide which address of the contact to use, if there are multiple).
- Grouping of contacts (tagging)
- Default phone number for contacts, so that you can just call a contact don't have to select all the time which phone to use
- Labeling of email address / phone numbers: Where the label for assistant? "Company" contacts where I have multiple phone numbers (Sales, Support, Sydney office, Brisbane office) have to be created individually.

Better keyboard support:
More shortcuts in the hub (multiple select, delete, unread, next message in message view, ...)
Shortcuts for text navigation/text selection - the circle things works somehow, but not as accurate and especially not as fast as a keyboard shortcut - when you are already using the keyboard (and I haven't figured out how to activate the circle in input fields ...)


1. Pictures recently viewed - I really don't like not being able to clear the history or being able to disable the feature
2. Apps - Maybe I've been coddled with the iPhone 4S, but there are a handful of apps that I wouldn't mind seeing on the the new OS
3. Bluetooth range - For some reason, I find my Z10's range is worse than my 9900 when I'm using the Music Gateway.

As for love:
1. Being able to go to almost any website without any issues. My PlayBook hasn't seen much use these days because of my Z10.
2. Great balance between size and comfort. It's not overly big, but it is still fairly compact and light.
3. Understated, but great.


Hate hate hate the Contacts app. So confused. No option to choose where I want to save or update a contact (ie: save to Exchange or other sync'd account).

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Contacts seem unorganized at times, duplicates galore..have to manually merge contacts.

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Battery and Contacts Apps!!!

I am tired of copying my contacts from my Bold 9900 to my Z10.

The Contacts App is not reliable. I end up still using my Bold 9900 for Calls and SMS.

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No excuses here, Z10 battery is not to bad but not great, but with my portable battery and car charger I am okay , also was told keeping your phone in bedside mode conserves your battery. Q10 battery is great but should of came out with a virtual track pad option for the user to turn it on or off and yes the screen size for the Q10 should of been 3.85 inch BIG TIME !!,


The only issue I see with BlackBerry 10 is this nonsense about giving Carriers the responsibility to produce updates for the phones. Bad idea, BlackBerry should have stuck to GLOBAL Updates such as they do with the PlayBook. Leaving it to Carriers will only cause fragmentation, something Android is being hammered with day by day.
If BlackBerry did a Global BB10 update, everybody would receive the update and make people more happier.


Contact issue, and on my torch my ring tones were separated from my music, now they are all together and I can't find them! Waaaahhh....just make Verizon give me my update, Pleaaaaassseee!

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My big issue is the dial pad contact prediction. Simple and clear as was in OS7- i've had the 9900...

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Just reading the comments does not give me any confidence that BlackBerry can solve all of the issues. I am losing hope quickly for BlackBerry. Half baked OS with less than half baked app selection with fried management.

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Hate...random reboots!!!!!!!

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I just want more control over what is considered a 'contact.' Just because I add a Twitter or Facebook account to my phone does not mean I want contact info pulled in from those apps. Sure, I can hide them from view within the Contacts app, but if you compose a message and start typing a contact's name, you'll see the list populated with info pulled from Facebook. NO.


1. Contacts app
2. Texting can be glitchy/unreliable
3. Lack of big name apps (snapchat, bloomberg, my bank)

1. Swipes (but no lock swipe?? Wtf???)
2. The BB flow (ties into 1.)

And yes, I put hating first, because 1. is seriously ruining it for me in the worst way. Words can't describe what I feel about contacts management.

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Oh and I'd love to have 'hold for speed dial' back

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I'm good with my Q10. No issue at all except lack of apps.

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Verizon customers can download the app as they still running 10.0.*.*. #lol

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I just keep hoping that they already are working on some of these things. Of course I wish these issues didn't exist in the first place but hey... nothings perfect

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I'm sorry, but how on Earth did wifi calling not make it on this list? I work in a total dead zone two miles out from Dallas. If I were a major company looking for phones for a mass of employees, this would be a major problem. and BlackBerry has always been such a major player for that clientele. I'm self-employed, trying to start a business, and have already set up a non-profit. all in one year! T-MOBILE isn't helping much considering their lack of effective service but there's also the lack of a cell booster that will work and then the fact that wifi software is not part of this new a major product. I love my z10. I had an android for all of four days and almost threw it against a wall and rushed to the T-Mobile store to activate my account back on the z10. my point being, this product and my service are slowing down my business. blackberry means business I'm my eyes, that what I grew with. and today, I needed to call a cpa, my grandma, the secretary of state and the irs and couldn't unless I could squeeze in the time to run an errand into an area with cell service. grrrr. I've spent over 20 hours on this now trying to get Answers since April. I'm officially upset and disappointed!

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Please bring back full SYNC to Outlook!


Bump: Open bootrom on Playbook!!!


I know it's top 3 and bottom 3.
Top 3 is the same with everyone's for me.
Smoothness (not keyboard imo. Auto correct kills me. Or lack of kills me. Eg. You always auto correct to yiu)

It say top 5 irritants

Contacts - dissappear. Duplicates. Un links. Name changes of contact on its own as per facebook. Horrible. How do you release an ks that does this? Call logs also aren't always logged.

Calender - this just sucks. How can you take away the agenda view on my calender. This is huge. Imo the bb9900 was much better. I now need a 3rd party app to see my calender for up coming days on one screen

Battery life - my z10 will "not" last a full day. Maybe with minimal brightness and lte off

Text messages - anyone else have an issue with text messaging on bb10. Takes 6+seconds to send a text where it lags my phone. I cannot begin to type the next message until this 6 second passes. I would type. Hit enter and begin to type once he next message. And half my message would make it show up as it was busy lagging

Apps - this was expected I guess

I was hyped and a huge fan of bb......then bb10 came out with bugs that imo are unacceptable in a major phone company. I mean. I haven't heard of any company releasing an os saying that this will change the game..... then have their contacts delete on their own. now I don't even know which contacts I've lost. But i do know I keep losing contacts. Peoples contacts now I will never be able to get a hold of
Sorry also force me go android or ios....maybe back to the 9900

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Just a bit more of a rant. They done a lot on os7 to make it run well....why not have it on bb10. does not make sense. Some things that made People stay with bb!
The MOTHER '-!*?-"-!+?'#'=;+ non deletion of my contacts!
I bet those in can't use this phone as his main phone. Maybe his 9900.
Imagine being a ceo of a pretty big company and contacts just dissappear on you?
"Need to conference vivek.....(looks for contact....not there)....on second hand i'll just call my mom to say hello as my companies shares tanks.....(looks for contact....not there)........back to word mole and brick breaker"

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Smaller things. Appointments on calender. I can put in time, name and location
When I open the appointment it should allow me to click o. Navigate to location and open maps Natively. Instead of edit. Copy. Open maps. Paste. What happened to keep moving

One other. I have a feeling I will get a few others to agree.....the snooze and dismiss are the same size beside each other on the alarm clock. Wtf is that! I missed a big appointment because if this. Snooze should be a big. Dismiss should be a slide or pattern to dismiss an alarm. Not small ass buttons beside one another in some dinky font. Wtf!

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this all sounds like Palm Pre and Pixi 2009 Redux. i know how that movie ends.


I don't have a issue with contacts. Once they ae merged, they are done.


when are we going to see 10.2? I've been keeping up with the forums and talked to T Mobile. I've thought about downloading a leak but I'm not techy enough to make sure I don't ruin my phone, doing that.

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yeah. I hate it too. I hope they fix it in an update

james johnson6

Battery life is big issue
Also creating distribution list from contacts

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My least liked things are the random reboots, lack of dedicated shutter button, crappy battery life and the fact they left out alot of options you could do within the email and throughtout the OS from the 9900. My most loved are as mentioned in the article.

Solar 77

Love the hub cause it saves me a whole lot of time by being able to respond to my notifications without leaving the hub.
The flow ui is really nice too, it just works and is really smooth. I like that the Z10 surprises a lot of people when I show it to them. It's like, is that really a blackberry?

However, I wish they could improve on bringing "must have" apps to BlackBerry World. Also, more battery life improvements would be much appreciated. Lastly we need to more native applications.

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Funny, I sent a DM to @BlackBerryHelp this morning because I've had problems with Linking my Facebooks friends to my contacts. Sometimes they link. Sometimes they don't. Sometimes they even randomly unlink! I still get duplicates as well. I'm hoping these are addressed on 10.1 or 10.2. I'm on Verizon so I'm still in the Stone Ages of BB10. Thanks Verizon! Jerks.

Vincent Ghostine

Love the hub
Love the browser
Love the ease of use

Hate the lags and hanging for no reason
Hate the battery life if used more then a mere phone call
Hates the lack of apps. Side loading is cool but not what I wanted.

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I love flow. BUT it is so near perfect that the one blemish is especially irksome: the two finger salute to call up /stow the keyboard. Can we not have this also done with a thumb. Like perhaps an upwards thumb swipe at 90degrees?

The need to swap around hands to access the keyboard is grating and an u needed bit of imperfection in the beautiful Flow design.

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Phone app should open up, by default, to the dialer. I'd like to also be able to "press and hold" any number in the dialer to create a speed dial contact. And finally, the keyboard (z10) should automatically pop up when opening up the contacts app.

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Still no word on the weird contacts issue being fixed that's affecting like half or more of BB10 users??

holly joslin

The lack of apps is my issue ... the camera is good but could be better ... come on ... S4 has a 13 MP ...Although i love being able to choose the faces in my photos.


I love BB10 os for Z10, but I hate reboot problem. they need to fix it immediately, otherwise blackberry is going to loose lots of customers. Update needs very quickly irrespective of Carrier. updates should be at-a-time for all carriers. fix contacts disappear issue(randomly).


Yeah Contacts is very Big problem / sometimes is dissapear what I have been save. Hope the New Os BlackBerry 10 would Fix this

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Tanya Draper

Not bothered too much about apps, there are plenty. Bridge issues between bb10 and PlayBook needs addressing, specifically loss of functions. Camera is great on my Z10, taken some stunning photos! Would like a panorama feature like the Samsung S4. There are issues with contacts, had a great app on my old curve called "contacts cleaner" not available on Z10 though. It got rid of all duplicates and merged contacts. On the whole I am very satisfied!

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From my personal inquiries, the most remarked negative after Apps, was the gestures, lack of back button and the whole hub and flow experience. I never heard any comment about battery life.

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Stop thinking that side loading makes up for a bad app ecosystem

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