CrackBerry Report Card: PlayBook owners' plea

By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Jul 2013 01:19 pm EDT

Following up on the results of CrackBerry's Mega BlackBerry Survey, the next area to deep dive into is the section of questions directed at PlayBook tablet owners. 

With official word coming during BlackBerry's recent earnings report that the PlayBook will not be receiving an update to BlackBerry 10, the active PlayBook community on CrackBerry pretty much went into a rage. On the earnings call we didn't receive too much information as to exactly why this decision was made, so heading to BlackBerry HQ for our annual visit we were hoping for some answers and closure, which we did receive.

The bottom line as we were told? While BlackBerry *could* have put BB10 on the PlayBook, the performance would have been so bad that you'd likely be wanting to downgrade to your existing OS, and CEO Thorsten Heins made a commitment to no longer deliver any sub par BlackBerry products to market.

Going back many months now to February 2013, I wrote a piece here on CrackBerry about How I'd like to see BlackBerry 10 come to the PlayBook. My feeling even then was that 1GB of RAM wasn't enough to run BB10 smoothly, so my suggestion and hope was that at least support for BB10 apps would make their way onto the PlayBook. Apparently, even though stripping down features to create more of a "BB10 Light" experience was investigated by the software team for the PlayBook, ultimately it just could not be done while delivering an acceptable level of performance.

That said, I'm still receiving emails on a daily basis telling me that we need to keep the pressure up on BlackBerry to bring some upgrades to the PlayBook. Looking at the survey results, it's easy to understand the passion and desire of the PlayBook owners in the community.

Key Highlights / Takeaways from the Survey Results:

  • Of the 7,000+ people who took the survey, some 4,200 were PlayBook owners
  • Of these 4,200 PlayBook owners, almost 80% also now own a BB10 phone
  • Nearly 50% of these PlayBook owners still use their tablet daily
  • Over 60% of these owners fully expected BB10 to come to the PlayBook
  • For over 40% of these owners, they have definitely lost goodwill towards the company for not following through with BlackBerry 10 on the PlayBook

Looking at the data, I think it's important to note that the results and feedback are representative of the most loyal and active BlackBerry users out there (regular readers of CrackBerry tend to fall into that category). 


BlackBerry PlayBook Owner Survey Results

Open Ended Question: Following up on the last question, if your feelings towards have BlackBerry have changed... elaborate on it. Tell us what you're feeling and why.

Several thousand responses were left to this question. The following ten responses are a representative sample of the full amount:

"Being a software developer, I completely understand why this needed to happen (or NOT happen, so to speak). However, I attribute this mishap to a lack of understanding of QNX's full capabilities of which I believe Blackberry should've known before even making the suggestion that the upgrade was possibly going to happen. The last thing you want is to get a user base all excited and then completely let down; especially when you're scratching and clawing your way to a distant 3rd place market share."

"I feel I was deceived. How I can trust Blackberry in future?"

"BBRY had plenty of experience with the dev alpha build (a literal mini-playbook) to see how well BB10 would really work on the PB's hardware, and yet they kept going and said it would come, only to change their minds. At the very least, a bone should have been thrown at PB owners with a "OS 2.2" launch entailing the browser, keyboard, and app compatibility."

"I am still a fan of BlackBerry I would just have liked to promise to have been fulfilled or the news to have been brought sooner about no upgrade - I may have bought another tablet while keeping my BBRY phone."

"I expected BlackBerry to continue to upgrade as much as possible that way their customers would have access to better technology. I was disappointed to find out I would no longer be able to connect my phone to my tablet. I thought BlackBerry would make the transition easier for everyone, but instead now I have no use for my PlayBook."

"I've been visiting CrackBerry a LOT lately b/c I'm excited about my Z10 (purchased on day 1). I don't add many comments, but I read the articles. I just keep seeing broken promises. I see good news and promises sometimes, but those are quickly followed with delays and broken promises (like no BB10 on Playbook). I'm starting to get frustrated w/ BB."

"The only thing I have to say is, BlackBerry should have been honest with PlayBook customers. The hardware is dated so it isn't surprising that BB10 isn't coming to the PlayBook. They should have not said that they were bringing it unless they were certain!"

"I can live with a "light" version of BB10 on PB due to hardware constraints, but there needs to be a BB10 tablet in the BB range. My choice of smartphone will depend on availability of a "matching" tablet. Besides that, the communication by BB about this has been dismal. Other than a "by the way" mention during the earnings call there has been no more info out of BB. Will PB be updated with parts of BB10 that will work? Is another tablet on the roadmap? Finally, the announcement at the earnings call was for shareholders. What about informing your users, BB? It's the promise you made them that you are breaking!"

"I think the whole "tablet market is difficult to make money at" line is a cop-out. IMHO it is necessary to have tablet options to have a complete eco-system available, at least to enterprise, to prevent people from relying on iPads and Android tablets and then desiring the same apps and experience on their phones. Also, if marketed right they should be able to make up any losses with their cut of app sales."

"When I bought my Playbook I new it was a whole new platform. There was no BB10 yet, if I remember correctly and as such I had no expectations of it being upgraded. However, I did expect the new platform to be 'it'. I expected it too be the platform that would be further developed. When I bought the Playbook I thought it to be decent for the price I paid for it (200 euros), however the experience was far from great. From the Desktop Manager to faulty native apps. There were hardly updates and I noticed using the Playbook less and less. Battery life was terrible as well, so using it on longer trips wasn't an option and as such the high capacity 64GB wasn't completely usable. The combination of this terrible Playbook experience -even given the lower price I paid- and lateron the promise that it WOULD be upgraded to BB10 made me become extremely dissatisfied with the way BB handled the entire communications regarding the Playbook and it's future. And since I'me more often buying into ecosystems rather than just a tablet or smartphone, the PB experience has had a very negative impact on my experience with BB as a company, despite my positive Z10 experience."

Looking through this feedback, it's clear that for the loyal PlayBook using fans, the vast majority are not happy. Many also understood that BB10 for the PlayBook ultimately was not in the cards, but even then those hoped for better and earlier communication on it.

Question: If you've lost goodwill towards BlackBerry due to the decision to not bring BB10 to the PlayBook, what would the company have to do to win back your love?

Looking at the survey results above, it's clear that some damage has been done between BlackBerry and PlayBook customers based on the no BB10 on PlayBook decision. Here's a representative sample of the thousands of responses received of what PlayBook owners would like to see as a sign of good faith from the company to win back some love.

"Continue to upgrade the software. Continue to actively improve the product."

"I haven't really lost the goodwill, I just would like a little bit more appreciation and hope to achieve elite status. I'm still very much hopeful for the company."

"Fix the many bugs and hindrances in the current OS while porting the most popular App World Apps to the PlayBook's OS, otherwise bring BB10 to the PlayBook."

"Give me a credit toward whatever new Tablet they are working on. And if they are not working on a tablet, they are finished businesswise. It is necessary for the full ecosystem."

"Give me a $100 credit for app purchases on my PlayBook."

"Give PlayBook owners a subsidy toward an all touch device."

"At least give us a decent upgrade to the pbos, even version 2.2 or 3.0 would be better than nothing. Give us bridge for os10 phones, BBM groups, better browser with/o checkerboarding which feels like waterboarding at this point."

"At least acknowledge that they messed up big time with the Playbook as a product and with their communications as a company. Simple and plain. Everybody makes mistakes and this was a pretty big one. BB has been taking hits the past couple of years, but they made a mistake of dealing a blow to their own customers - old and loyal, but the new ones like me as well. In my case, some sort of compensation would be necessary to even consider the slightest in investing further in a BB ecosystem."

"It's l good. Just update Bridge with more functions between PlayBook and BB10 and we're cool."

"I think BB could save some face by releasing an update for the Playbook. Ok, so BB10 wont work, but improve the performance of the PB and customers would be happy."

Keep Moving

Honestly, when I look at the BlackBerry 10 / PlayBook situation, I try and look at it from all sides. I've written before on this at length -- READ THIS ARTICLEAs CrackBerry Kevin and a PlayBook owner, I'd like to see BlackBerry try and do something more for PlayBook owners. As a shareholder, I'd want BlackBerry putting its focus on the future - and that means focusing on new products. And with a chairman of the board hat on, I see both - the need to retain my loyal base of users while trying to focus on the future.

And I think that's the take away from this survey. The loyal PlayBook user base, which is also a loyal BlackBerry 10 user base, needs some BlackBerry love, one way or another. Ideally, it feels like doing something to upgrade the PlayBook OS, even a little, would go along away. In lieu of that, some sort of good faith gesture. And certainly, moving forward, no users want to be facing this situation again of broken BlackBerry promises.

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CrackBerry Report Card: PlayBook owners' plea



OK it is what it is but some sort of good faith gesture would go a long way. They did commit to delivering it.

I personally dont have a need for peek/flow or even a HUB on the playbook. I LOVE swiping from one app to another on PB2.0 without having to send to active frame and then click on the other app like it does on BB10. I DO however wish they unify BBWorlds, allow us to use ALL apps we have purchased on PB on our Zs and Qs and VICE VERSA + Give us BB10 browser + ability to view and access files from each device from the other though the FILE MANAGER with ease as it was with BBOS7.

It is unfortunate that PlayBook won’t be getting BlackBerry 10. I think it would have been entirely possible given that the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device had similar specs, but my guess is that they didn’t have enough time and resources to optimize it fully for the desired performance levels.

It’s a shame because as a developer I was looking forward to bringing my BlackBerry 10 apps over to the PlayBook. As others have said before, I think a lite version of BB10 for PlayBook would have been a good compromise.

I can understand that it may be difficult for the company to justify throwing more resources at the PlayBook when they have newer devices to concentrate on, but at the same time I think it is important for those loyal customers who were expecting it.

Also it would have been a great way to introduce BlackBerry 10 (provided it was done right) to those PlayBook owners that don’t yet have a BlackBerry 10 phone.

Here it is in a nutshell! Heins should go to BlackBerry World and read the reviews on BlackBerry Bridge. There are 903 the last I saw and counting. They are all bad. I don't know of an app that has ever had 903 reviews. PB owners want the bridge put back the way it was at the very least! Or give us another tablet! An all glass tablet, ie display for z10 phone would work.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

Could not agree more. That is the feature/functionality that I miss the most. I want to be able to use BBM again on PB. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

I agree with jimpilot, a goodwill gesture would be great. Personally I didn't feel bb10 would perform effectively on the PlayBook, and I was fine with that.

However the promise was made, and broken. And while I've broken my fair share of promises, I try to make up for it with a goodwill gesture.

For the record, I'm ok with the PlayBook as is.

Posted with CB10 on Z10

Would be nice. The problem is the current executive and board seem to not realize the value of good public relations. The only reason why a credit would be offered is so BlackBerry could say they did so in court if a class action suit is ever brought against them.

i say.. blackberry should give a minor update to the existing playbook update and to give some where between 50-100$ to use at the blackberry app store. But that's just me.

This would make me more than happy. PlayBook OS is by no means bad, it's just neglected. There is no reason why PBOS can't live on. It works well with only 1GB of ram, just give us an update to bring the tablet up to date, I don't think that is asking too much.

BlackBerry Z10 | Verizon |

I completely agree with you
BBRY, when you break your promises like you did, at least you need to show some correction and love to your loyal base... come on BBRY keep upgrading the PB OS!!!

Posted from my Z10 via CB10

Absolutely BlackBerry should have updated BlackBerry Tablet OS 2 instead of promising BlackBerry OS 10. The current tablet operating system and user interface is perfectly-suited for a tablet. There is no reason BlackBerry could not support BlackBerry Tablet OS and BlackBerry OS concurrently. But to announce another BlackBerry OS 7 smartphone on the heels of the release of the BlackBerry Q5? What was Thorsten thinking?

Yeah. $100 credit to the app store redeemable on any ecosystem, be it BB10, OS7, or Playbook would be nice.

Giving away that much credit for something that still works as advertised is just mental, particularly when there will be plenty of people who probably only paid marginally more than that for their pb in the first place.

Agreed there. But they did take the bridge away unannounced. That should at least be returned. Love my PB. Just missing bridge badly

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

+1. The answer is not a freebie. I don't want the company to waste money. I want them to spend it to improve the OS to say OS 3. The final upgrade so to speak. Fix the PIM apps from the atrocious adobe air to native (not even asking to add more functionality), add native BBM with voice and video (don't even have to add the screen share functionality and get rid of the standalone video app), improve the browser to BB10 quality. That's it.

Works as advertised? Heck they even advertised Skype on PlayBook's launch! I dont need $100 for apps! Are there any useful apps first of all? I am ready to pay $100 more give me BB10, update my RAM or what ever! Give me what you promised THOR!

I'm with you on most of that. The only thing I find excessive, (not picking on you, or singling you out) is the idea of a credit to the app world. I'm for it in a sense, but very limited. If they do that, realistically it should be and probably will be limited to $10-15. And that would be exceedingly generous, especially considering how much apps cost on the average. The other thing they could do, which I don't think is a great idea, is what they did a while back with the os7 release, and give away certain apps for free.
But first things first, at least upgrade the os, and bring bb10 bridge functionality up to os7 level or better.

Posted via CB10

I haven't had need to purchase anything from the PlayBook's Appstore in a very long time -- so the $100 would be an empty gesture to me. I'd much rather $100 off on a new BB10 PlayBook, if such a device is coming. Else spend the money internally to enhance the current PlayBook.

I bought my PB for more than $600++ ..SO $50 -100, is some thing I can pay more if they can give me BB10 as promised!

They can. At this point, we just don't know how much effort will but put into anything PlayBook.

There are loads of bugs creeping into the OS and many features need to be either updated or enhanced.

We just don't know, after an year without updates and the news of support going down, if the device is dead or in a induced coma.

They could upgrade the keyboard but it's licensed from a third party so they would have to pay to do it, which in my opinion would be a very bad move on a device most people got at essentially cost.

OK PB is dead but at least make it useable (fast browser and full BB10 bridge) and keep it on life support for the hundreds of thousands who bought it at full price hoping it would be the future or what BBRY is bringing.

Posted via CB10

...the results speak volumes, but will BlackBerry take action? Will they do ANYTHING?

I doubt it. Therefore our loss of faith is entirely justified.

Posted via CB10

Some updates would be nice but at the end of the day it's basically a discontinued product just like the old Android 2.3 tablets.

Moved forward with a Z10 and an N7.

Posted via CB10

Quite so.

But 2010's 1st gen iPads can run iOS5. They are discontinued, but they got a fair share of updates.

You could readily argue that the upgrades that the pb saw at least matched up to what the ipad1 got and while the pb's current os has issues, there are loads on things like the ipad1 or similar aged android tabs on the whole.


PlayBook was suppose to be part of the new BlackBerry platform. It isn't!

Their new Platform was suppose to be ONE OS on all devices. It won't be! How many of you really believe that in 12 months carriers are going to test and release updates for the Z10 and Q10? In four or five years you see the same situation as Android faces with older devices not being upgraded - either by the manufacture or the carrier.

Never mind 4 or 5 years. Look at last gen of Android devices, many can't be upgraded to the latest. When ICS came out mot everyone or every device got any kind of upgrade. Some did eventually but many didn't. Granted there are 100 flavors of device out there, so that's part of it. But the reality is - many of those devices were old and manufacturers didn't want to update them. The thing to remember folks, the PlayBook is 3 years old. It sadly never reached its full potential which I think is probably what dissapoints people the most.

Oh yes and include the BB10 kb!! It's a pain to type on the PB kb now that I have the Z.

Posted via CB10

Thorsten needs to go. That will make me happy! He is not fit to run a dynamic company like BBRY! Bring someone from outside who talks less and work more!

Posted via CB10

Actually, this pb decision is just the kind of thing that BB need from their leader, rather than pushing out some half-hearted attempt at bb10 on the pb which would have hurt their main brand overall more in the long run they took the tougher decision in the short term by saying they were not going to release it on the pb when it became clear to them that they were not going to hit their target with 10.2.

Disagree thorsten is doing great in my opinion. He took on a tough job, and I think at the end of the day he made the right call not to bring bb10 to pb. If it doesn't work great don't release it.. quite logical.. I understand many of us are disappointed that there will be no updates for the pb but I would not want a shotty software release.. it would be a waste of time to upgrade and downgrade again.. this is like a windows vista situation. So sit tight and hold on for windows 7.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10!

bahaha i'm soo with you. i cannot understand why fan boys agree with anything. like come on wake up! Thorsten promised without even analyzing what is required to get BB10 on PB. That right there is a lousy job a CEO can do. get rid of him and bring someone who will turn the company with the market's expectation.

i know he is trying his best. but come on, To run a mobile business you cannot make false promises and then offend millions of people. when BB was in the worst shape, i put my hard earned money to buy two playbooks. and now if it is not even supported its a piece of junk. apart from browsing the web it is good for nothing. i could have done that with my PC. so agreeing to what he is says is ridiculous and being and supporting a company who does not understand what it takes to succeed in this kind of business is also dumb. I love my Z10, but there is needs to be a much better execution of doing things that this.

I was able to pick up a used Nexus 7 for what I sold my playbook for. Moving on, we'll see if BlackBerry re-enters the tablet space.

Posted via CB10

I need my eyes checked. I read your posting as "I was able to pick up a used Lexus 7 for what I sold my playbook for".

How hard could it be to implement the bb10 browser and keyboard?

Posted from my Z10 via CB10

no no, that was out in 60 days wasn't it? lol just another unfulfilled promise.

People say the media are harsh on BB and so are wall street, but realistically BB haven't helped themselves with some of their choices along the way either.

thats why im buying an Iphone this nov and and Ipad when it comes out and giving my playbooks to my cousins to play and my Z10 to my dad who just uses web. soo much for Fucking Mobile Computing.

Halleluiah, Brothers and Sisters! The dark days are upon us but keep the faith in the Almighty BlackBerry. We shall be delivered to the Promised Land as proclaimed by Moses in the deserts of Egypt. Can I get an "Amen"?

Really - I just want that browser! But I do understand why they made that decision - I just don't like it!

Browser please! :-)

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

Lol thats me ! "The only thing I have to say is, BlackBerry should have been honest with PlayBook customers. The hardware is dated so it isn't surprising that BB10 isn't coming to the PlayBook. They should have not said that they were bringing it unless they were certain!"

Presumably they were certain when they first said it would be upgraded but simply haven't managed to shrink the code through further optimisations as much as they would have liked meaning that while bb10 probably would fit on a pb, the lack of free memory would have made the experience a poor one.

Under estimating the hardware requirements?? If its true, then its a poor software company! Deserves no support from users!

if thorsten is sending all the engineers and R&D guys home to cut costs, where the fuck is he going to bring ppl to optimize? maybe ship it to India or China?

For me they were negligent or at best irresponsible in making the promise that BB10 was coming to the Playbook but i don't think they deliberately lied. To put things right in my book they only need to bring back BB Bridge. The day i bought my Z10 was the last day I used my Playbook in earnest.

I feel like I dodged a bullet.
I was ready to change my phone (9860) for a Z10 but when I heard the playbook bridge sucked I thought I'd wait till I BB 10 OS was released for the playbook - talk was any week now.... end of April...... in June..... so I waited and waited. I only read the announcement today when I did a search for Playbook BB 10 (checking to see if a date was announced).
I might have dodged a bullet but I'm not happy. Samsung shopping I think.

Hardware is dated? how? 1 GB RAM and Dual core processor is dated? iPad2 has 512 RAM yet it receivies the latest iOS7. I think BB10 is the problem here, not a great OS!

You're right. We should just move on, suck it up, and replace it with newer hardware that is capable of running BB10....of wait. That doesn't exist.

What Xader has said is perhaps at the root of PlayBook's in ability to die (or more precisely......playbook owners refusing to let it die).
PlayBook owners have nothing to "move on" to. It makes it sting all the more.

Posted via CB10

This sums up my thoughts exactly. If they want to "make it up to me" the bare minimum they can do is announce the PlayBook 2 and guarantee me it's going to have full Bridge ability and then some. I feel like an idiot for waiting around patiently thinking that my PlayBook experience could only get better. All that wasted time and for what? They avoid even discussing the PlayBook like it's the plague, and then basically kill it off slowly all while keeping their fans and users in the dark about it. At least give us something to look forward to for crying out loud!

Posted via CB10

" Over 60% of these owners fully expected BB10 to come to the PlayBook... For over 40% of these owners, they have definitely lost goodwill towards the company for not following through with BlackBerry 10 on the PlayBook"

In other words, we have an extremely vocal minority - about 1000 participants out of 7000+ - who lost good will. And only 2500 who actually expected it to arrive at all.

Keep in mind that most people who don't follow crackberry never knew an upgrade was in the pipeline.

I'd even go so far as to say it's a good possibility that those 1000 people represent the majority of those actively offended - because people are more likely to speak out via polls and other means when they're dissatisfied.

If that's all there is to it - 1000 - that just reaffirms that BB made a good business decision. Even at 10 times that number.

The other thing to bear in mind is that even with the disappointing results of the last quarter, there are already more bb10 handsets out there than playbooks and it is these devices that are more vital to spreading the word than a mediocre version of it on the playbook that almost everyone already considered a joke as it was.

I hate to do this but 60% of 7000 is closer to 3800, 40% is is about 2500....Although i do agree they made the right business decision.

I don't think it is a reasonable assumption that anyone outside of CrackBerry did not or does not know about the planned update. There are plenty of news outlets that could have possibly ran the story. Whether they cared as much or have such a strong opinion is another debate.

We may be minority but we were sincere BlackBerry users who are deeply hurt by BlackBerry. I will never buy any BlackBerry products and wont recommend to anyone. Also I will share the bad experience I had with BlackBerry and spread my word! I have spreaded good things about BB and made my friend buy a Z10. Now its time to spread the bad things and save other users getting fooled or betrayed by BlackBerry.

Note: There are lot of users who didnt participate in the polls. Do you think they would buy another BlackBerry product after going through all the bitterness with BB? Some never knew about BB10 but Iam sure they know how the tablet sucks in apps, laggy keyboard, checker board browser, etc!

hi arvind1983.... how does spreading bad things about BB help you, i'm certain if bb had put BB10n on the Pb and it had sucked, you would be one of the vocal PB owners that would have crucified them, they have spared you that terrible experience yet you are not happy,

Note: i have a pb and i am pissed that BB10 aint coming to the PB, i also have many friends whom i helped buy PBs with the promise that there would be BB10 release for the PB... i have had to explain to them all that it aint happening, so u can see why i'm royally pissed, but then i understand the rationale behind it, and i realise that its better this way than them releasing it and me having to deal with issues on my friends PB due to a bad upgrade.

Hi ladeberry,
Spreading my bad experience with BB wont help me, but it will save my friends and others. I would not get pissed off if BB10 on PB sucked. Infact I would have appreciated the effort. BTW there is no reason for BB10 on PB to suck, PB has 1GB RAM and a dual core processor. Tell me one good reason why BB10 requires 2GB RAM? What does it do better than any other OS which perform great with just 512 RAM? Please do not believe that BB10 wont run well on PB, This is a BS from BBRY to abandon PB to make way for A10. DO you believe they just realized few days ago that BB10 wont play well with PB? Is this how software development work? thanks.

You can download OS 10 simulator: the system needs, without any open app, 1,2 Gb of RAM. Isn't this enough?
However, RIM announced that they won't release other updates for the PlayBook, nor minor ones.

If I could have just one thing to make things better?.... Update the browser!

If I had one more?.... Update Android runtime.

That would make me somewhat satisfied.

If BlackBerry were really sorry....

BlackBerry 10 App support
Increase power stand-by times.

Posted via CB10 & my Z10

Hello everyone! There it's an actually working Bridge for Z10 ?? I didn't succeeded to bridge my Z10 with my PlayBook! A link will be very useful!!! Thanks!

The only answer is to chock it up to experience and never waste money on another BlackBerry tablet product. Screw me once, I'm out a lot of money and won't do that twice.

Thanks Kevin, for the poll and letting us vent a little. There is a lot to be said about say what you mean and mean what you say. Just wish Blackberry would take us serious and not treat us as the red headed step child.

Just fix the BB10 bridge on the PB. I think that at the bare minimum is what's required. I'm literally not upgrading my phone to a Q10, thereby losing them $500 or whatever in sales, because I currently rely on bridge to make my PB a functional extension of my phone. No Bridge update = I will buy the iPhone 5s.

I agree with Bridge being updated, but in almost 6 months despite a lot of disgruntlement amongst OS10 upgraders BlackBerry have done practically nothing. Shows they are not really bothered what there existing users are saying.

I don't own a PlayBook but the right thing for BlackBerry to do is to keep the PB OS going, update it and make the PB useful to those who trusted BlackBerry and spent their hard earned money proving it. Simple. 

Posted via a BlackBerry 10 - iPhone killer device

They never actually said that they were not going to do any updates to the pb, just that it wasn't going to get bb10, so they might well do further releases, albeit more likely to be bug-fixes or security patches than the laundry list of new features that some would expect.

No it was confirmed by Alec Saunders. No more updates are coming to the PlayBook! I don't bother to attached the reference link. You can check on twitter or on CB forums.

I respect Thor came straight out about it openly and honestly but what pisses me off is that they have no plans of bringning us at least another option, meaning an updated PlayBook with way better specs that will be able to support it. Just don't take it away and say they have no plans whatsoever and that the tablet industry is gonna die within 5yrs. They should at least say they're working on an updated tablet to appease their fans so we can have the BB10 experience. Also, the fact that they stripped to the point of useless the Bridge function really ticked people including myself. Again, don't just deliver a new Tablet but also give us back our beloved Bridge! Roll with the punches and move forward BlackBerry.

The problem for BB and some of the android oems is that unless your name is apple you are simply not making money on the hardware and unlike google or amazon, BB simply are not in the position to give their hardware away at cost so unless there are specific markets where they could sell a tablet profitably it simply doesn't make sense for them to do a new one.

What they should be doing is taking advantage of the ios and android devices out there and producing versions of bridge for those devices to let people bridge their bb10 device to a newer non-BB tablet.

They don't need to make money on a tablet. In fact, the could sell it at a loss, and compensate that with profit on app sales. The net result? Restored loyalty, and increased phone sales.

Why did that article where we get to read how bad Thorsten feels not address their refusal to fix problems with the current OS? Was the answer something that would throw fuel on the fire?

They already got my money for the Z10 and all the apps I buy on PlayBook, but I can say with certainty that their handling of this situation will factor in to whether or not I buy another BlackBerry phone when it is time to upgrade.

Posted via CB10

Yes, just watch all the people 'Keep Moving.'

I feel suckered, honestly. Still love my Z10, but it's no tablet, and I fell for the hype (what there was) on the PlayBook, Flash-enabled, super-QNX this, testing ground for BB10, "We will", and all that. And anyone who thinks nobody outside of CrackBerry every heard of or expected BB10 on PlayBook should watch a certain CNBC video. Oh, but that's so in the past. Memories are so short these days, what, there have been tons of new tablets since then, PlayBook is so yesterday, who even remembers that piece of ***...

They pulled the old bait-and-switch, and I fell for it. Plain and simple. People can defend Thorsten and the company all they want.

Not helping the stockholders right now one bit either. Oh, but let's wait a few more quarters before we see the benefit of all their wise decisions now. "Soon"--there's that word again.

There are many Peoples arround the World who are very Sad about this Situation, BlackBerry have no Respect to us PlayBook Users, always BlackBerry lying about BlackBerry 10 to bring it to the PlayBook and the Bridge is the next thing who not work with BB10. I think all BlackBerry Communitys over the World must stay together and give BlackBerry a sign, WE HAVE BOUGHT there Playbook and now we feel us ripped from BlackBerry. BlackBerry must do somthing for us!!!!

I think it is overstating things to say there are many people, that was the whole problem in the first place, almost nobody bought one and those that did mostly got them after they were practically being given away.

People weren't buying the BlackBerry PlayBook because their marketing campaign(s) was/were non-existent. This tablet remains superior from a hardware and operating system level, but on the application level including run-time libraries BlackBerry could have delivered the core of BlackBerry OS 10 by simply updating the libraries. On my Ubuntu Linux running notebook computer I have the Unity UI yet can install applications compiled against KDE and/or GNOME without affecting the existing system.

The playbook resulted me getting a Bold and later a Z10. It's call generating business. Now the process is reverse, no OS update means no future BB devices for me.

What??????? A lot of us bought for full price more or less the same price of an iPad2. We just wanted to support BlackBerry!

I had a feeling from the minute it released the 1GB of RAM wasn't gonna be enough and prob should have had known BB10 wouldn't be possible because it would probabley put the PB to a near stand still knowing how sluggish it is already. I was initially pissed like hell because of all the false promises but now I'm over it. What makes me mad is that they won't make a replacement. I loved the way my PB connected and interacted with my phone. No other tablet can do that, now all I have is paperweight!

1GB RAM with dual core processor is a lot! BB10 is bad it requires more RAM because thats how poorly it was built!

I "sold" more than a dozen PlayBooks to non-techy friends in 2012. At the time, prices for the tablets were dropping like stones. I also hosted an orientation session for them to familiarize them with the device and its OS. I them at the time that BB10 would be coming to the Playbook. Now that was before any bb10 devices were for sale.

I'm a little embarrassed that BlackBerry is not following through with its commitment. Having said that, all the people in my circle still use their Playbooks and I have not heard one word from any of them about BlackBerry's decision. The general feeling I get is that they are still getting value for their money and that is that. So at least in my circle, I don't have to eat crow. Having said that I know that's not necessarily the way it is for everyone.

Posted via CB10

Give me a fully functioning Bridge between PB and a BB10 phone. Without that, I will not even bother to look at the Z10 or BB ever again. This is from someone that wasn't even pissed off at RIM as a day one Storm 1 (9530) owner.

P.S. I would love to use the PB as a DLNA server but that is another thing that didn't happen...

Hey, I got four playbooks for $129 a piece so quite frankly I don't expect too much other than what I've already got. It's served us very well and still does even if it doesn't have BB10. The specs still rival iPad mini & older iPads and many other currently available tablets. As a business person I don't expect BB to invest money to update a device they lost money on, it just doesn't make sense when they are trying to focus resources on new devices that will drive future sales.

I have 5 that I paid $699 (64 GB), $499 (32 GB), $299 (32 GB), and two others for $199 (16 GB) each. One of the 32 GB PlayBooks had a "blank screen" issue but I replaced it. I just resent the statements that there is no market for the PlayBook, when it didn't have native email, calendar, contacts to start off and no BBM. PlayBook OS 2.0 came with those native PIMs but still no BBM. Also RIM's future was a huge question mark, so buyers were told to beware.The PlayBook also got very, very few marketing dollars. Finally, BlackBerry didn't know how to sell developers on writing apps for the PlayBook - that took some time. Great product, poor execution.

I agree with you on much of this but the tech industry is littered with devices that were abandoned, leaving owners in the breach ie. HP touchpad. At least in this case they are not dumping it entirely. If they release BBM for iOS and Android I would hope they could at least have a version for the PlayBook, however it may only be available on 3G/4G devices. If they released BB10 for the PlayBook and it got the usual negative reviews they always get from all of the iReviewers it would just do further damage to the brand.

Strictly looking at playbook as a 2 year old device within the company, it makes business sense to drop any further development. Unfortunately, this devices are tie to end users who also own other BB products. That's one bad PR after another, not doing anything certainly will affect future sales.

What we need is bug fixes, performance fixes and BBM! BBM alone would extend the life and usefulness of the PlayBook all on its own!
We also need to know there is a PlayBook 2.0 coming around the corner running BB10 that we can all buy into. I want one of those, even if I like my existing PlayBook. However, with no updates coming, my PlayBook is being used less and less, especially since my Z10 can do so much. Even so, the Z10 will never be a replacement for the PlayBook. With only a small screen and 16 GB of RAM, the Z10 can only hold so many apps and games. Many of the great games are over 500 MB and some are well over 1 GB. BlackBerry needs a functional tablet that also does BBM!

I currently don't use my Playbook for much other than sideloading Android apps, music, and the browser.

My suggestions on the Playbook.
-Update the Android runtime.. I play words with friends (when it works) along with using other apps.
-Rid us of the terrible Air keyboard.
-Update the browser.. It doesn't have to be as fast as the Z10s.. Just get rid of the lag and checker boarding.
-Access to the BB10 marketplace (In some form or fashion)
-And finally... Bring back our Blackberry Bridge features! <-- Can't stress that enough..

EDIT: Also, any type of bug fixes to the os are important as well.

I think this comment clearly covers the updates I would want to see. Browser, keyboard, updated runtime, and any bug fixes.

I'll add the dame thing that I add to every one of these lists.

-Let me keep the dang screen on!

I use it to navigate via bridge, but the good navi apps are sideloaded, and they dont have the ability to keep the screen on, and they all lose their GPS fix when the PB goes into standly.

I purchased the 64GB WiFi Playbook late in 2011. It was on sale but certainly not a huge discount. The 4G version was released in August of 2012, the 3G+ version came out in November of 2012. By announcing that the PlayBook would receive no further significant upgrades in July of 2013, in essence an end-of-life state, BlackBerry has essentially stopped support of a device that could be less than a year old for some buyers. They may very well be still paying for their purchase on contract for another year or two. That is completely and totally unacceptable.

The browser needs updated to something that doesn't like checkers. The keyboard needs updated to something that reacts when one starts typing. Cascades needs to be added so that the meager number of BB10 apps coming out will run on it. The Android engine needs to be updated so it can run new Android apps. BBM needs to be added BEFORE it comes out on iPhone and Android (understatement of year). If I were to chose just one of those, I would chose the Android engine. Give me that and I'll continue to load Android apps that allow my tablet to continue a useful life.

In the meantime, BlackBerry has lost all credibility with me. On the positive side, it happened prior to the two year anniversary of my 9900 and my next phone upgrade. Companies will only learn that treating customers with disdain has consequences if those customers react by no longer purchasing from such companies. BlackBerry has put itself in that category with me. As a long time BlackBerry user and promoter, I am no longer recommending them to anyone, and I will not be opening my wallet to BlackBerry. I will continue to use my PlayBook for the foreseeable future, as I paid a fair bit for it, but I see no further incentive to stay in the BlackBerry environment because of it.

Ditto! It's basically a $800 toy since none of the top apps out there are available for the platform. I got an Asus Android tablet that I use now while the PlayBook sits on the desk, pretty much useless at this point. I won't be going back to BB.

I have a pb and I honestly never seen it coming. When they first said BlackBerry 10 would come to the pb the first thing that came in my mind was how are they going to do that with weaker hardware. Its the right decision but they shouldve never said it will come to the pb in the first place.

Posted via CB10

Weak hardware? what is weak hardware in PlayBook? 1GB RAM and Dual core processor is considered weak hardware? I rather consider BB10 as a weak Software!

I understand why they did this and agree with the decision. My problem is do *I* invest again and end up with another dropped product. Plus, they are at the low end of the developer eco-system. The next phone I buy is not a phone decision but a mobile-computing platform decision. Blackberry investment, in the short term, means less applications. Until they can become dominate player. So I struggle to invest in their eco-system again. When I bought my first tablet, I had no problem getting a Playbook. When I ready for my next phone, I hope things will have gotten better for them. How they handle this Playbook situation moving forward will greatly effect my mobile-computing platform decision.

It certainly makes one think how well are they going to support Z10 and Q10? How confident am I to recommend BB devices to other people?

Without knowing development and cost implications, what if BB gave PlayBook owners Skype!

I think the PlayBook decision carried remnants of BB's peak periods of disarray. I just wish they would tell people how BB software is being used. Everybody talks about BB falling behind in the spec wars and apps while BB's biggest strength is it's platform. It's like pitting a dragster against an F1 car on a F1 track. The market focuses on the rumble of a big motor and doesn't know about BB 10 level of sophistication and use cases. When I tell iPhone owners about QNX/BB 10 they stare at me slack jawed. They just don't know.

Skype rely on outside developer. Let's stay within say BBM. I like to hear the excuse on this one why BBM is not coming to playbook. It's like Apple telling ipod touch users they can't have I message.

Nice idea as now the PB has seemingly almost been totally disowned I would prefer a Q10 to my Z10 and don't fancy paying for one outright.

Some form of an update to the PB is warranted. If BlackBerry really cares, it will get the people what they want or something close to it.

A Little Bit of Something is Better than a Whole Lot of Nothing.

Posted via CB10

It may get bugfixes or security patches, but there just isn't any real benefit to BB to put too many resources into more extensive updates for a dwindling amount of active pb users, most people will get over it eventually and the minority that won't are unlikely to be appeased by whatever is presented as they will always be able to find something else that they think should be included.

As a Playbook and Z10 owner, and a long time BB supporter, I would like to know...

If QNX has the potential to be the great mobile OS it is talked up to be, why is it so resource intensive?And, why are BB10 and Playbook OS so vastly incompatible? Shouldn't moving from device to device be more seamless both for the OS and for apps?

Because BlackBerry did a poor job in creating BB10, too much of bloatwares made BB10 a bloated OS. Again PB would still be able to handle BB10 very well. 1GB RAM is a lot, a lot! with a dual core processor. It was pure business decision to abandon PB. BBRY is assuming they can fool the LOYAL users!

I really want to know what their tablet direction is or isn't going to be because I don't know if I should buy something new or wait it out.

"Ideally, it feels like doing something to upgrade the PlayBook OS, even a little, would go along away."

For me, this is it in a nutshell. BB10 will be a poor experience on the existing hardware -- I get it. But there is still SO much that can be improved upon on the existing platform and it can still be a viable alternative to iPad and the various flavors of Android tabs. Even in its aging state, the PlayBook is still the only tab I prefer to own and use. Show me the love.

What a waste of the huge potential for best tablet in the market. I think this is one of the reason many of us are not willing to just let it die.

Give me one valid reason why BB10 will be a poor experience on the existing PB's hardware? Whats so special about BB10 which requires 2GB RAM????

I've already moved on from my 64GB PlayBook and BB Bold 9810 to Android with a Nexus and Nexus 7 WIFI+3G. While I'd appreciate some tweaks to PBOS such as say the keyboard and browser to start, Bridge for you BB10 phone users would be a nice touch as well as BBM. I am disappointed with Blackberry and am not ever returning to the BB platform. First used a RIM 950 in 1998 to the Bold 9000 and 9700 to the Torch 9810. I appreciate everyone's support with Blackberry by buying the Z10/Q10/Q5 and the upcoming A10 but at this point I'm done with BB.

>>Thorsten Heins made a commitment to no longer deliver any sub par BlackBerry products to market.

WOW - That is some comment. He has certainly not kept his promise if you look at the specs of the A10.

Sub par processor, sub par screen ( not 1080 ), and most likely will be priced in the same $$$ as the high end android devices that have all of the bells and whistles. In my humble opinion I don't think TH can trusted any longer.

It was great for the company to rid themselves of the two clones prior and have TH take over, but it looks like they are going back to their old ways.

Maybe ( here is a radical idea ) they listen, just once to their loyal user base.


If you never knew the specs and operated a Z10 and a S4 side by side, you would have no idea one was a quad core and one was a dual core. Specs mean squat except to people who think they mean something.

Fixing the PlayBook bridge would make me happy. Perhaps BlackBerry does not want to spend money on PB, but another way to look at it is to consider it as an expenditure that makes BB10 better.

The PB is 3 years old, its considered vintage now. I'm okay with BB abandoning the tablet market all together. I just hope to see them learn from their mistakes and apply it to their future endeavors. Most importantly Don't Announce Anything Until Its Ready To Launch!!!!!

The PlayBook was released in April of 2011. It is two years and three months old. The PlayBook 4G LTE came out in August of 2012. It is eleven months old. The PlayBook 3G+ was released in the UK in November of 2012. It is nine months old.

Okay I rounded up a bit, but we all knew when purchasing the PB that all tech devices roughly have a 1 year shelf life. The fact that we got PB OS 2.0 was a miracle. Its sad to say this but apps is what is single handedly killing off BlackBerry. Thats what happened to the PB and its whats happening to BB10.

Tech products have a one year shelf life assuming they are not durable goods. Not everyone walks out and chucks their tablet because it became old if it just works. I have plenty of old, read 6+ yrs, PCs sitting around that run W7.

I was specifically speaking on tablets and smartphones. I'm not saying that every device is useless after 12 months of use, I'm just saying there is a new and improved version that comes along around 12 months later making the old one almost obsolete. i.e iOS devices, Galaxy devices etc.

At the same time there was nothing positive during the lifetime of the PB that indicated it too would be a device that would last for 6+ years. The PB was a "BlackBerry" tablet that launched with a retail price tag equal to the iPad and didn't even have simple e-mail capabilities. I mean WTH. That was just a recipe for failure, I'm actually surprised the PB is still a relevant topic on this site.

"we all knew when purchasing the PB that all tech devices roughly have a 1 year shelf life."

Everyone on a 2+ year contract will disagree. Anyone who doesnt drop $1k on a new PC every year will disagree. Everyone who doesn't buy a new TV every year will disagree.

Planned obsolescence is not functional obsolescence...

So what your saying is that tech companies don't release new and improved versions of their products every year?? Specifically speaking about mobile products(tablets and cell phones)????

No, what I'm saying is that a device doesn't automatically become useless after 365 days.

Especially if, as in the PBs case, there ISN'T a replacement.

This isn't Apple we're talking about here. This is BB circa 2012 we're talking about. We all just need to be glad that BB10 exist and its on the market.

Why are we giving BB the pass and call it a miracle that they actually update their tablet. Other company does that. My Ipod touch is more than 4 years still get software updates.

Your comparing BlackBerry to Apple now.

And its a miracle because nobody outside of the crackberry community purchased a PB. So there was really no need for them ever update any of the PB OS, it all ended up being a completely waste of time and valuable energy for BB. We can just hope that BB takes what they learned from this failure and apply it to everything else that they do.

What PB OS2.0 is a miracle? by what ways? why are you setting low standards and calling even a basic update as miracle? PB OS2.0 should have been the default 1.0 when it was released!

Its not that I have low standards for BB its just that I'm very aware of what BB is capable of right now. BB is not Apple or Samsung. The potential is there yes but BB keeps doing things thats within their power that keeps proving otherwise.

I was one of the few that paid $699 for my 64GB PlayBook. I was going to return it but was encouraged to keep it because it was only going to get better. I got enjoyment out of it mostly as a camera and video recorder. I also used it as my Bible and church lesson study.

When I got my Z10, I pretty much stopped using my PlayBook as it way out preformed the PlayBook. The final nail was with the news that OS10 wouldn't be coming to the PlayBook. I can't remember the last time I turned the PlayBook on.

As a sidenote, I spent so much time trying to get my Z10 to be an Android device (trying to sideload all the apps I really use and need....without success) and the promiss of BBM coming to Android, I gave up on the Z10 and bought a Nexus 4. Still waiting.

I am happy with my two playbooks as they are. My wife now uses a samdung tablet instead. I have bb10 akready and think blackberry needs to fix the BlackBerry 10 bugs as soon as possible. I would loze my apps if o went to bb10. It woukd be a diwngrade for me.

Posted via CB10

Overall I'm OK with my 3 PlayBooks. I will only expect updates for OS as bug fixes and optimizations to current OS, the keyboard more like on BB10, browser updates, BB-Bridge integration with BB10 (full integration) as OS7 have or better. That's all I ask.

Posted via CB10

@crackberrykevin. Ok I get it, the PB will not receive BB10, but would you please ask Thorsten to bring back the fully functional Bridge. The PB is still a Great Device, but it would be better if we could bridge it to our phones, it's a treat when the two devices are communicating. Thanks.

Posted via CB10

I would so love to see what a spec'd out BlackBerry 10 tablet could do power computing wise. Give me 4gigs of ram and a quad core processor and build some showcase apps that take advantage of all that power. Give original Playbook owners a price break off to sweeten the upgrade and I am first in line. Unless you've got something better for us in the pipeline in which case I can wait....

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

playbook is an expensive paper weight. Will be eager to grab that new Nexus 7 from google. get the best of both worlds.

People say that they should focus on future products but they just released another os7 device! So why should the PlayBook not receive a little love to its current os......I spent a lot of money on the two playbooks that I have, just saying,.......and I love my z10. BlackBerry seems to make terrible decisions at times and unfortunately I think they'll pay for it in the end. I hate to say that but I can see it coming. I know quite a few PlayBook owners that are very upset about this ordeal.

Posted via CB10

Then release a new version of the PlayBook (please name it something else)... As much as I want Bridge functionality back, and would love to see BBM Groups added. It is an aging tablet and a "shiny" new tablet from BlackBerry with BBOS10 seems like an easier task than constantly updating the current PlayBook.

Please keep in mind I LOVE my PlayBook, but reality is setting in and it makes me sad. :(

I bought Z10 because I thought I can bridge it with my PlayBook. Yes take back my Z10 and give me a full refund. I will happily move on.

"The loyal PlayBook user base, which is also a loyal BlackBerry 10 user base, needs some BlackBerry love, one way or another."

That is the important statement. BlackBerry by now needs to realize they need to keep their user base.

Even I have been a fan of the BB10 technology, a shareholder and a bb10 developer. I still remember being the early adopter with my 32GB playbook, and doing some advertisements...

But this event really leaves me sour. I have started looking at WP8 as an alternative, because I am starting to see the company formally known as RIM emerge... (less transparencies, half *** decisions etc).

But I do agree with Kevin, you need to focus towards the future devices. Just don't shaft your customer base in the process. You don't have us locked in for anything right now...

I have read some recent articles that Microsoft is going to start from scratch again for an OS for their phones as they transition from 8 to 9. There is some question of whether current and pending WP8 phones will simply be orphaned when that happens. That has happened to users in the past in earlier versions of WP.

I'd be interested to see some of those articles. 8.1 is just suppose to be built on top of 8. There working more towards the integration piece now but WP8 seems to be were they need to be.

I remember when they went to WP8 and left WP7 in the cold. That was frustrating to hear. Sad fact is no matter what provider you'll get shafted at some point. I think WP7 to WP8 was more in response to the firing of Steve Sinofsky.

Shame the poll was not avaliable on the Z10 app as I would have loved to contribute!

Was really excited when the PlayBook was announced! I bought two at fill price! Now only use mine to surf the web as the browser on the ipad is even more frustrating to use than on the PlayBook!

I was so annoyed with Blackberry's PR silence on the future of the PlayBook that I started a twitter campaign on Crackberry to get an answer! All I wanted to know was whether to wait for BB10 or to go out, buy an ipad and move on! A week later the earnings call came and the bad news was dropped!

I feel deceived by Thor! I was at the developers conference, I heard them preach: Z10 first, then BB10 on PlayBook! All they wanted was for devs to write apps for BB10. Once it launched they ported the PB apps to BB10 for the devs and dropped the news it's dead!

I have now moved on. Once my Z10 contract is up for renewal I will go to the dark side and become an isheep! Sad, I know but I cannot afford to trust this company. I spent too much time and money on them.

Love Crackberry and what you do here! Let's keep up the pressure and maybe get a new browser on the PlayBook cos that's all I use it for now!

Posted via CB10

I still like and prefer BlackBerry over the others out there. As I commented in my poll though, I'm done being an early adopter.
I feel that had there been proper marketing and support for the OS it was designed for, the PlayBook would have been more widely accepted.

In the present day, with the impact of the web and forums dedicated to their product, I don't understand why a company, any company, would allow so much negative publicity to continue. Without at least trying to do something to help make amends. Sites like these are the ever important "word of mouth advertising" that can be more effective than million dollar ads. Unless it has been decided that all of it is acceptable collateral damage.

I'll continue to use my two PlayBooks just as I have in the past. And importantly, continue to support the developers that have elected to continue to support the PlayBook with apps I can use. This is the only way now we will keep it alive unless surprised otherwise.

Posted via CB10

PlayBook is dead ... welcome iPad Mini!
At least Thor, shame on you and bring Bridge and Skype to PlayBook.

Well here's the thing!!! Then why doesn't BlackBerry put out a up to par NEW BlackBerry playbook going forward with BlackBerry os 10!?

It's not rocket science!!!

Posted via CB10

No it's not, but they won't because BlackBerry doesn't do anything without hiring a circular firing squad.

LOL :) You are funny. hahahahha That will never happen. I wish it would and they should send us PlayBook early adopters a $100 coupon.

Why are you guys talking about updates when Alex Saunders has already said definitively that there aren't going to be any?

+1. No point requesting for Bridge or 2.3 updates. PB development is buried deeply. Thor is clever. He will sell the company and walk with 30% shares plus profits. Whats the point of being loyal?

my household has 3 playbooks. I'm sad. two were bought day one, and more than $700. now i'm sadder.

i'd like a trade-in for a new BB 10 device of my choosing (and bet a dollar that'll be A10!)

this proves that BlackBerry products are unworthy. I wasted $700+ for this piece of shit product. I thought it had so much potential.

I never expected bb10 on the PlayBook due to the 1G limitation. However I do expect some os updates every now and then for the existing PlayBooks os! PLEASE!!!!!

Posted via CB10

PlayBook needs a 3.0 update. I harbour no good will to BlackBerry thanks to their complete mismanagement of BlackBerry 10 and the PlayBook but a huge update will definitely go a long way.

Posted via CB10

I bought one when it first came out and I used it like mad, but lately I have not had time or will to use it (I am on the computer at work all damn day, I hate computers when I get home lol). I use it on trips and whatnot, so I use it on occasion. My sister uses hers daily, she doesn't care about BB10, she just wants an updates in regards to bug fixes.

I am sorry to say it: a dog may bite me once, but never twice. Nevertheless, BBRY's first bite was the Playbook and now, the second bite was the Q10. Doubtless a remarkable phone with many improvements that I love, but also many other things that are missing and were present in the Bold 9900. I don't think I will ever purchase any "new" Blackberry product right from the start, but will wait several months until a) it gets "finished" and b) the final price is settled.

@Kevin & @My BlackBerry Homies....

It's not easy to say this, but unless BlackBerry really gets their ass in gear I may be an Android user sooner or later.

BlackBerry phones need a Tablet to compliment them that is what is expected from the consumer, BlackBerry ignoring this will not help them in the long run. If they still distant 3rd by the time my contract rolls around and they have no Tablet in the mix, I can't see a reason to stay with them.

The problem with BlackBerry is the things they do well are so few compared to the things they lack. They seemingly have NO Public Relations at all, there is a non-stop drum beat of bad news coming from BlackBerry every week, meanwhile Android and Apple keep chugging on with the lion share of developers all but in love with the systems.

Android compatibility seemed like a great idea from the on-set, but now its just given Developers a way to cash in on BlackBerry users without actually addressing the needs of the users or the platform.

BlackBerry is still living in the past with the specifications they come up with. The A10 is nice, but not as nice as other huge phones and some of the specs are sub-par compared to the competition. The thing is everyone in the marketplace knows BlackBerry doesn't have apps, so the only way you are going to get peoples attention is via specs. BlackBerry needs to exceed the compeition. If they don't do it soon, I don't see them getting an opportunity to later. If they want to considered a player you have to act like a player, show some moxy, BlackBerry seems to be 100% reactionary now. It's like hey these Apple and Androids ate into our marketshare, here is our version of Apple and Android, you know with less specs and apps and a higher price!

Where is the value in BlackBerry now? It's a nice OS I will grant you that, but the overall package they have to offer isn't all that substantial when compared to the competition.

OH and we were promised 6 new devices this year, but 2 of them are BB7 phones -- GTFO. Way to handle expectations BlackBerry. You couldn't tell us months ago that you were considering releasing new BB7 phones? No one cares about BB7 in America where you are loosing marketshare by the second.

40% of ~4200 + another 40% with a "somewhat affected goodwell" is pretty much I would say! I would say it tends to be the majority of Playbook users not very happy with the decision!

Thanks Kevin for finally putting out these results. Your silence on this topic also didn't felt to supportive from the PB team either - so thanks for shring this numbers and thoughts! My main problem with most of your argumentation is still that I do not believe 100% in the official excuse because a striped down OS still not runable on a 2GB Ram device is just talking nonsense! Why is this repeated over and over again? If that would be really true, it is a very bad "THE KING HAS NO CLOTHES" moment for BB10! My guess is that they could have released a striiped down version but decided against...Looking at the BB10 on PB videos I do not see such a lag. They probably saw it would be still a way to go to finich BB10 feature-wise for tablets and decided to not go it anylonger --> Because they also have no future tablet plans! Otherwise the costs in optimising BB10 would have benefited all future phones + future tablets! It would have paid back!

Now there are so many possibilities to make the people happy expecting BB10. The range goes from bringing an 2.3 and a 2.3 update adressing the annoyances. They could port some of the most wanted futures from BB10 (like DLNA, Browser, FileExplorer, Bridge, ...) hey also could have made an unoffical BETA program for users absolutely wanting BB10. They could have released a light version just for the BETA users...

They just decided against all this - and probably quite early already (end of March)! For this behaviour BBRY will pay the price if they do not react quickly! My new phone already is from another brand...they just make too many stupid mistakes lately!

I bought the Playbook with the anticipation that I would be able to bridge it with a new BB10 device whenever it got released. I didn't have a BlackBerry phone and still don't but I liked the idea of using the bridge to access the internet via the phone without tethering charges.

The bridge has mostly been disabled now. We can still bridge to the internet but I would still like the Playbook to have more working potential with my phone IF I get one. BB has dampened that desire a bit. I think most people here would be happy if, at minimum, the bridge functions are restored for BB10 devices.

I understand and I am Ok with no BB10 for the playbook but BlackBerry should at least fix the issues with the current OS on the playbook.

Posted via CB10

Personally I gave my PlayBook away. Just dont need it anymore with the Z10. Outdated apps like Facebook and Twitter are shameful. I'm loyal BlackBerry but I'm never buying a tablet from them again. Never quite fulfilled all my needs. Was more of a browser than anything else.

Posted via my BATBerry Z10

Just make the movies and music I bought on my playbook accessible through BBW for my Z10. Bought a few movies and several albums on the PB and really do not feel like screwing around with the movies to get them on the Z. Stop the fragmentation.

Just confirms my belief that the management doesnt know what the heck it is doing ... they have screwed up the BB10 launch and now screwed a lot of loyal fans ... lets see what comes next.

At least unlock the bootloader so we can try some new things ourselves
Who knows, maybe someone will come up with something to help out.

I'm happy to see the results from the polls, nice to see some of the numbers.

I'm pretty much over the whole no OS10 thing, granted it would have been nice to have a watered down version, even if it's extremely watered down version. What has happened, happened and from this point we will have to move on, be it with BB or one of the competitors.

What I'm not not fine with is this; despite knowing there's still bugs and issues then been around since the release of the PB, they decided to not do minor/major updates and bug fixes, even it if just to fix the bridge so PB can link up with the 10 series phone would be welcomed. I'll admit, I don't really know much about businesses or the cost of upgrades and fixes, but if I were to EOL a product, I'd like that product to be nearly 'perfect'. Either that or pull an HP, completely unlock and say use whatever you want @ own risk, no further supports is happening.

A credit towards Playbook apps is practically worthless right now! There are only a handful (20-30, if you include games) worth purchasing, and with the platform dead in the water they're all starting to get discounted by 50% anyway.

We must press Blackberry to keep a semblance of the promise they made to 2.5 million Playbook owners and update the platform, if not with BB10, then with simple runtime and other updates which would cost them practically nothing to implement. The proposed changes posted below would take very little development effort (with the exception of Bridge for BB10), and would meet 99.9% of our needs as Playbook owners and loyal, long term Blackberry customers.

1) Adobe Air 3.5 with Stage3D (runtime update)
2) Android 4.2 (runtime update)
3) Flash (runtime update)
4) BBM (native!) & Skype (Android port)
5) Browser bug fixes/updates with text reflow
6) Cascades (they just have to import the libraries to PBOS)
7) USB-OTG (all they have to do is turn it on; the code is already in PlaybookOS!)
8) DLNA/Miracast (import DLNA stack to PBOS, or allow outgoing UDP packages from 3rd party apps)
9) Power stand-by timeout increased to > 5 minutes (a 2 hour programming fix?)
10) Improved audio/video codec support
11) Manual option for IMAP Folder Mapping
12) Webkit SDK (runtime update)
13) Bridge functionality for BB10

Read more and contribute to the effort in the CB Forums - Playbook Community Action Thread:

Nice list. I totally agree.

My PlayBook still gets used every day, along with my Z10. I really miss the Bridge functionality from my 9700. Even though it has already been announced that no update is in the works, it really would go far with the current user base if they did bring some of the items on this list to the PlayBook.

Right now, if they brought out a new tablet, I wouldn't buy it. I'd be too concerned that it would be left for dead without any real support. I really want them to do well, but the lack of aggressiveness so far feels like they don't want the company to succeed. BlackBerry needs to give me a much better reason for spending any more money on their products.

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Bridge and Browser...don't need a credit, just a throw us the two items that happen to share the initials of the company :)

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The early adopters of the PlayBook are the ones that BlackBerry needs to focus on. People that got in at $200 or less, sorry but you got your deal. They know who the early adopters were based on when the devices were activated, and should be able to tell who is still using the device. Early adopters need the olive branch extended and a large gesture of good faith made by BlackBerry. I paid $699 for the PlayBook. I considered it a kind of partnership with BlackBerry: I buy a device with a small ecosystem being told it was the new platform of the upcoming phones and give BlackBerry some sales in a time of relatively week offerings giving them a fielded device to work with and get devs on board, and BlackBerry make improvements they said they would. It was very tough watching the rapid minor updates of the first month or two go to only a couple major updates (2.0 then 2.1), then seeing people being able to purchase the device for half no long into the life cycle. Then came word from them that they were focusing on BB10 and would fix all the issues they hadn't been fixing on TabletOS. Well we know how that turned out.

The way they handled the situation from start to finish has probably doomed any future BlackBerry tablets in the near future, and likely why Thorstein proclaimed that tablets would be dead soon, he just didn't qualify that by saying BlackBerry Tablets only. I had hoped that BlackBerry had learned from the mistakes of the past, but they seem to repeat them over and over and over.

While what you said does make some sense, but isn't it asking to create even more dissension among the BB users on here? Granted, a lot of us didn't blow $800+ on the playbook and accessories, but that doesn't mean we aren't in the same boat.

So right. I bought the tablet and Z10 on the very first day for full price. Look BlackBerry what you have done for being loyal!

At least give us Skype for Playbook and some of the other top Android/IOS apps! You don't want to give us BB10 fine then do something else that makes up for failing to deliver on a promise!

I don't mind the PlayBook's current PB2.0 OS, but at the very least commit that you will continue to support PlayBook’s current OS by way of updates. Or at least release one last major update (PS3.0) with continued support for various smaller updates. In the major update, add BBM, faster browser, bridge feature for BB10 phones etc.
BlackBerry made a major mistake in releasing such negative news via a perceived negative Q1 2014 press release. Who decided to do such a thing? BAD MOVE.
There is approx: 2.5M+ PlayBook’s in the wild, don’t let us hang.

<i>CEO Thorsten Heins made a commitment to no longer deliver any sub par BlackBerry products to market.</i>

????? What about the Z10 and Q10? Flackberry is constantly bombarded with both software and hardware complaints.

There will always be issues with new mobile platforms. Even Apple's iOS6 at the time when it was released, there was massive complaints about it. But it got better fast with minor bug fixes and updates. The same will be true for BlackBerry 10. The 10.1 update resolved many issues and added new features. The 10.2 update will further make BB10 awesome.

BlackBerry's issue is they need to perform GLOBAL UPDATES and not leaving it to the super slow carriers. In this respect, I have no idea what they are thinking. They should use the PlayBook model and do global updates. That was a powerful strength for the PlayBook.

Kevin, you look damn good in phosphorous-glow green. Maybe instead of growing out your hair you can go for the glow next time there is a promise uttered by Thorsten "Read My Lips" Heins.

I will try to read through the replies to this post but "BB10 Light" is technically NOT the same as "PlayBook 2.2". Starting with BB10 and trying to chisel away functionality until it would run on the PlayBook hardware is one "computer sciencey" way to do it, but to start with the existing functional PlayBook 2.1 code and ADDING functionality to it? WHAT WHAT WHAT WAS DONE UNDER THAT APPROACH? WHAT? I still hear / see NOTHING on this "approach": attempt, successes, failures,obstacles... this continues to... aggravate me.

"I know we said we'd make a car that could float... Well, we took the Queen Mary and tried to attach wheels on it, but we still couldn't make a boat into a car that was safe to drive on the road. No, we didn't try taking a Kia Rio and strapping pontoons onto it to see if we could make a safe car into a boat... what's your point?"

Since this article is title "CrackBerry Report Card", I'd give BlackBerry an F.

This is a company that has built a reputation of missed dates, botched launches, and unfulfilled promises. The outrage is not just because of the abandonment of hardware that just two years ago was "ahead of it's time", but because this same company that so many of us loved, under new leadership and with a new name acted in the exact same manner as the old one!

Look at all the bad will this has caused, forums full of angry users, many of them the most faithful, seething not just at the betrayal, but at the arrogance of just walking away from a product and its users. It might be different if it was a device you could load your own OS on, but it's locked by a company that refuses to update it. Even HP stepped up to the plate and allowed users to unlock the bootloader.

Personally I still can't believe the claim that PlayBook device specs are such a limitation. I'm starting to think this has been in the plans for some time, and maybe the promise of BB10 was a way to sell off the rest of the PB inventory. If PB was really going to get BB10, then we'd have see mention in the Cascades docs or UI guidelines about supporting 1024x600 and tablets. It was never there. Some people around here seem to act like 1GB of RAM isn't enough, I boot up my Windows 7 desktop with antivirus and a browser and I'm still not at 1GB of RAM!! This is an embedded device running a launcher and the hub! But it doesn't matter if it wasn't technically possible or if it was business decision, the end result is a large number of disenfranchised users, many of them decision makers and influencers who are going to remember this and avoid future BB products.

For me it's such a shame after BB had actually made good progress building relationships with developers (I'm one) and had actually produced a pretty nice mobile operating system. Will I continue to update my PlayBook app? Why bother. I haven't picked up my PlayBook in months now. I put my SIM back in my iPhone and use an Android tablet.

Thorsten might think BB doesn't need a tablet strategy, but he's outnumbered by three much larger competitors that seem to disagree. When future MBAs look a the BlackBerry case study, this decision, amongst many other shameful ones, will definitely stand out.

As you have mentioned, the hardware of PlayBook is still great. If BB10 can't run on a dual core processor and 1GB RAM then there seriously something wrong with the OS. It was pure business decision not to support PB. Why should we support this company when they don't care its user base?

It may seem superficial but I just want bridge functionality back. I know that's not everyone's need but it fits mine.
I really miss kicking back in the evening, glass of wine in hand and having my PlayBook by my side whilst my phone sits on charge somewhere where I don't need it.

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As old as the PB is, I'm accepting that it's now an obsolete product. I'd like to see the fixes already mentioned, but old is old. That BB won't be bringing an upgraded tablet to market is enough for me say goodbye when my phone dies. The bridge function is what convinced me to buy a PB and without that I see no reason to buy a BB product again and I'll continue to use my PB until it dies. They had a lot of things right with this product. Too bad they won't build on that. I

Amazon Prime on Playbook just ROCKS! If you just use it as a second screen or with HDMI out to your HDTV (with Bridge remote control via Q10/Z10) that is worth the price it is now alone...I think I will buy a few more before they sell out.

Blackberry is the company who has a reputation for missed release dates so the Playbook BB10 cancellation is no surprise and something I actually expected when Kevin made an article claiming Playbook was to slow for BB10.

It certainly would be nice to have BB10. For me it was not getting BB10 which mattered. I wanted to have access to all the apps the Z10 has to offer. I use my Playbook daily for business and still have a great time with it. Its a shame the Playbook is obsolete.

Blackberry did lead us all to believe we'd be getting BB10 and now we're not. I think a fair consolation for us would be to have some sort of upgrade or watered down BB10 so we can get all those BB10 apps we lost out on. How about it Mr. Heins?

Doing this would do 2 things:

1: Alleviate all the hard feelings from many Playbook owners so they may want to have future Blackberry purchases.

2: This ''good faith upgrade'' would boost the interest in Blackberry and make headlines, and subsequently boost Blackberry stock. Additionally the profit Blackberry would enjoy from this good faith upgrade would offset the initial cost the upgrade.

Something to think about Blackberry.

True, I am sure Kevin knew about this when he made that article. It was a pure business decision to abandon the PlayBook. No software company will underestimate the hardware requirements! BB killed PB to make way for A10. GREEDY!!!!!!!!!

Of course Kevin knew. Kevin is an employee and is instructed what to do by Mr Heins. That's not really the issue here. The issue here is where do we go from here? I'd like to see Blackberry give us a watered down version of BB10 so we can access all those BB10 apps. Playbook has sufficient hardware, and to say otherwise is an obvious outright lie. Now the issue is to develop the software to do it. This company sorely needs to do a goodwill gesture to offset all the cancellations and disappointments of countless customers.